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FIRST YEAR EXPERIENCE First Year Experience (FYE) within University Housing & Residence Life promotes strong learning environments and academic communities, which in turn support academic success and retention. FYE aids urban and social transitions, encourages the development of a healthy lifestyle, and provides resources and programs to promote student growth.

academic communities Students who live in one of our six living learning communities will be living amongst peers with similar interests while completing their freshman inquiry class requirement. Students in these living learning communities have increased access to their faculty who engage with them outside of class. Each living learning community is also staffed by a Learning Community Assistant who attends class and serves as in-hall academic support for the community, ultimately leading students to a successful academic year. design




This course examines how designers, both virtual and real, engage with problems facing communities and act to solve them by developing creative and innovative solutions. portland O

This course examines what connects people to their places including social, cultural, spiritual, economic and political environments. Special emphasis on the city of Portland.

work of art


This course examines the world through the lens of the work of art. Through writing, collaboration, and community projects, students will explore what art does, where art resides, and how art communicates.



This course examines the possibilities in maintaining a sustainable relationship between human communities and the natural world.

race & social justice


This course examines social and cultural awareness and understanding, engaging in social and cultural dialogue, and student development as well-rounded, informed citizens of a global community. health , happiness , & human rights


This course examines the nature and state of healthy individuals and populations in their various environments. Specific emphasis will be given to social determinants of health and the intersections between health, communities, and human rights.

themed communities Themed communities are designed to bring together residents with similar interests. There is no freshman inquiry course registration requirement on these floors, though most freshmen will take freshman inquiry. viking B


Viking Floors are for first-year students who have a variety of interests and want to experience the breadth of what PSU and Portland have to offer.

B broadway



The STEM Floor gives residents the opportunity to build a community focused on fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

O ondine

*Freshman Inquiry is part of PSU’s University Studies graduation requirements. For more information please visit

FIRST YEAR EXPERIENCE ROOM OPTIONS Broadway, Ondine, & Stephen Epler studio : broadway Includes private kitchenette, mini fridge, and bathroom (shower only). Furnished. 305 sq. ft. furnished double :

furnished single :

$2355 / TERM • $785 / MONTH

$3560 / TERM • $1187 / MONTH

studio : ondine Includes a bathroom (shower only) . Furnished. 295 sq. ft. furnished double :

furnished single :

$1840 / TERM • $613 / MONTH

$2830 / TERM • $943 / MONTH

URBAN HONORS housing studio : stephen epler Includes private kitchen with mini fridge and bathroom (shower only). 290 sq. ft. furnished double :

$2195 / TERM • $732 / MONTH *Rates are subject to change. Please visit for updates.

HELP WheN YOU NEED IT University Success is an in-hall academic support center for students living in University Housing & Residence Life.



services include :

• Computer work station with free printing

• Academic coaching

• Study lounge with a cozy couch and round tables

• Success Series to help support your academic life

• Classroom space for group study and presentation practice

• Academic incentives, including the 3.0 Club and Study Bucks

• Writing support, academic career advising, and counseling

Location: Ondine 207

Housing & Residence Life Portland State University 625 SW Jackson Street, Suite 210 Portland, OR 97201

Non-Profit Org US Postage PAID Portland Oregon Permit No. 770

[Name] [Address] [City] [State] [Zip]

DINING first year meal plan options meal plan

meals @ victors / wk .

dining dollars

cost / term

All Access



$1, 426

The 15




The 10








*All first year students are required to register for a meal plan.

why live on campus ?

First Year students who live on campus perform better in the classroom. They have higher GPA’s, greater retention, and graduate at a faster pace than peers who live off campus.

How to Apply Complete Your PSU Admission Application First, apply for admission to PSU. You must be admitted to apply for housing. Tour Your Options If you can, visit us and take a tour of our halls. We offer tours of our FYE buildings, Broadway and Ondine, Monday - Friday at 1:30pm. If you can’t make it to campus, no problem, we have virtual tours online. Have A Roommate In Mind? Great! You’re a step ahead! Both of you need to make sure you indicate one another on your application and you must both select the same community. If you don’t have a roommate, no problem! Complete the roommate profile (about yourself) at the end of your Housing Contract and we will match you with someone who has a similar living style. Submit Your Contract...On Time The sooner, the better! Apply by May 1 for priority housing! A $50 Contract Fee + $150 Advance Payment, secures your spot! Accept Your Assignment Assignment notifications begin in May. Be sure to check your email daily and accept your assignment.

PSU First Year Housing Options 2018-2019  
PSU First Year Housing Options 2018-2019