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Beijing Summer!   China Internship ! CAUPD 2013! ! Rebecca Hamilton, BS, MURP!

CAUPD Buildings, Haidian District!

Countryside Planning  Department   •  Prepare  presenta*ons  on  Oregon  rural   planning     •  Provide  a  Western  perspec*ve   •  Converse  with  the  Chinese  interns     •  Research  topics  in  housing,  land  use,  and   transporta*on   •  Explore  

Transporta*on Systems  Study   •  Examine  systems  at  the  sta*on  and  system   levels   •  Iden*fy  features  that  make  systems  easy  to   use   •  Iden*fy  features  that  could  be  added  to   improve  efficiency  and  user  experience   •  “If  the  laowai  can  figure  it  out…”  

Cars are #1 and every flat surface is a parking lot. !

Pedestrian environments can be challenging at times‌!

‌and sometimes they leave much to be desired‌!

…but there were many beautiful concepts as well.!

Bus system: Could be better.! •  No online system map
 ! •  Incomplete signage
 ! •  Not intuitive for foreigners or newcomers.
 ! •  More BRT!!

Subway system: croweded at times‌.!

…but world-class.!

Bike share: Let’s hope Portland’s system turns out better. !

High Speed Rail Network: the best in the world. !

Assignment: Take a trip to Tianjin by train, then try to get around the city. !

Everything was easy, on time, and connected to everything else.!

China’s HSR lets you live in Tianjin and commute to Beijing.!

What is there for an intern to do after work?!

Visit historical sites around Beijing‌!

Discover new fruit.!

Attend Beijing’s first TEDx conference.!

Explore the night markets.!

Visit the parks.!

Witness the new age of architecture.!

Planning Lessons from China!

Quality of life for older adults!

The economics of urbanization.!

The speed of development.!

This is the modern world.!

Collision of the new and old.!

What’s lost in the scramble to build?

Is the development a bubble waiting to pop?!

The pollution is real.!

But we have to acknowledge the desire for economic development.!

The Chinese have a genius for designing public spaces.!

Possible to find solitude in a city of 20 million.!

There’s always room for dancing.!

If you make beautiful public spaces ‌!

Music and art can be a part of everyday life.!

Thank you  for  your  time.  Take  care!  

Sincere thanks  to:     •  •  •  •  • 

Drs. Yiping  Fang  and  Connie  Ozawa   PSU-­‐China  Innovations  in  Urbanization  program   Institute  for  Sustainable  Solutions   Staff  and  Interns  of  CAUPD   All  Chinese  friends  and  strangers  who  helped  me  along  this  summer  

Rh psu china pres[smallpdf com]  
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