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Living on campus at Penn State Greater Allegheny makes you part of a close-knit community where you can form strong relationships with fellow students, faculty, and staff. And you’ll enjoy the benefits of close proximity to classes, recreational areas, dining services, and on-campus parking.


Penn State Living

Penn State Greater Allegheny offers an appealing blend of suburban life and big city excitement. Penn State’s academic reputation attracts students from across the state and beyond.

As an on-campus resident, you can easily take advantage of nearby recreational areas, such as the athletic fields, fitness center, and tennis, basketball, and sand volleyball courts. Penn State Greater Allegheny is proud to offer seven varsity sports as well as intramural and club sports programs. The fitness center offers free weights, various workout machines, a sauna, and locker rooms. The cultural center offers a study room, art gallery, and multipurpose room. The campus also boasts more than 25 clubs and organizations, such as student government, the Outdoor Club, and the Black Student Union. Plus the campus area often features dances, movies, guest speakers, and other events. There are also numerous employment opportunities available on campus for students. Imagine—all of this, right in your on-campus neighborhood.

• Only 15 miles from Pittsburgh • 2 1/2 hours from Penn State University Park Where to find us: Penn State Greater Allegheny Housing and Food Services 4050 University Drive McKeesport, PA 15132-7698

Living Environment

“It feels like family...”

The Housing, Food Services, and Residence Life staff is committed to providing you with an environment that is safe, secure, comfortable, and conducive to academic success. We understand the college experience should foster personal and social development as well. With that in mind, we promote a concept of community in which each student is responsible for respecting their neighbors’ rights. Within this framework, the student’s right to choose his or her own lifestyle is supported. On-campus residents live in McKeesport Hall, which overlooks the rest of campus and is close to the Wunderly Gymnasium and the Fitness and Cultural Center. The three-story coed building offers a safe, comfortable living environment that features laundry facilities, study lounges, and controlled access to the building. For your convenience, Penn State offers many standard features in the residence areas. Below is a list of common room amenities, along with other important on-campus information.

When Ashia Mack moved from California to begin her Penn State career, she quickly discovered the various benefits that come with living on campus. “I like getting to talk to people,” Ashia says. “We have movie nights and there’s always fun things going on in the evening. We’ve had karaoke nights. Everyone socializes together.” Ashia, who is majoring in English, has had a colorful range of memorable social experiences made possible by living on campus such as bonfires, water balloon fights, campus-wide hide-and-seek games, and art activities. The sense of community Ashia feels from

Room Amenities

living in the dorms is a huge benefit. “I just really

• Expanded cable television service

like the social aspect,” Ashia says. “It feels like

• High-speed internet connections and WiFi

family up in the dorms.” The constant opportunities to build friendships

• Secure keyless entry

and make memories while living on campus are

• Microwave/refrigerator unit

only complemented by other benefits that appeal

• Extra-long twin bed, chest of drawers, desk, and chair

to students. Ashia says living on campus makes

• Free parking

simple. “We don’t have to spend a lot of money or

grocery shopping and mealtime inexpensive and drive anywhere,” she says. “Everything is really convenient.”

McKeesport Hall is routinely inspected and complies with safety regulations. The building is equipped with a modern fire safety system, including sprinklers. Penn State prohibits smoking in classrooms, administrative buildings, eating establishments, sports facilities, and residence areas.

Shuttle Service Students at Penn State Greater Allegheny have access to a shuttle seven days a week. On weekdays, the van travels to the McKeesport Transportation Service at 541 Lysle Boulevard, McKeesport where students can pick up a bus to other locations. It also stops at Olympia, Oak Park, and Rainbow Shopping Centers. On the weekends, students can take the shuttle to go have some fun off campus, to AMC Theatre in the Waterfront, the Heinz History Center, Monroeville Mall, and the Cheesecake Factory on the South Side.

Assistance for Individuals with Disabilities

Special Living Options A Quiet Conscious Community Special Living Option (SLO) has been designed to fit the needs of students

Housing accommodations are available if you require

who requested additional quiet hours in the residence

special assistance. Contact the Housing and Food


Services Office at 412-675-9100 to discuss the available options.

Students living in the new SLO, located on the third floor of McKeesport Hall will complete a Community

Residence Hall Safety and Security

Living Agreement during a house meeting early in

McKeesport Hall has full-time, live-in professional

for all members of the community. Residents will

staff responsible for ensuring a safe, secure, and comfortable living environment. University Police officers are also available to address specific security concerns. The residence hall is locked 24 hours a day, and you must swipe your Penn State id+ Card to gain entry. Room doors are equipped with a card reader and keypad. A closed-circuit camera system is installed at entrance doors as well.

the fall semester. The agreement will be a mutually decided upon set of noise regulations and quiet hours meant to create a caring and supportive environment promise to abide by the Community Living Agreement, holding themselves and their guests accountable.

Campus Meal Plan

Dining On Campus

The Housing Contract features the convenience of the

Penn State Greater Allegheny features Café Metro,

Campus Meal Plan. Dining dollars are deposited into

a full-scale food court, conveniently located in

a declining balance account and are accessed by the

the Student Community Center. Café Metro offers

Penn State id+ Card. Simply present your id+ card to

an extensive menu, including grilled specialties,

the cashier and the purchase amount will be deducted

pasta, soups and sandwiches, hearty entrées, and

from the account.

pizza, as well as gluten-free and vegetarian options.

The meal plan has two components— base cost and dining dollars. The base cost covers all non-food costs for operating food services, such as labor, supplies, maintenance, and utilities. Dining dollars are used to

Convenience store items and snacks are also available. Throughout the semester, Café Metro provides special themed meals, as well as upscale menu items.

make purchases at on-campus food service facilities.

Metro Express, also located in the Student Community

All menu items have a cash price that includes both

Center, offers favorites like Starbucks® coffee, Tazo®

the food costs and the base cost of operation. Since

tea, pastries, and tempting desserts. Students and

meal plan members pay this base cost up front, on

visitors can check out our menus at

campus dining purchases are significantly discounted with each visit. Meal plan members receive 65 percent off the cash price of prepared food purchases. For certain items, such as prepackaged vendor items, no discount is given.

Level Options The meal plan offers three level options, with varying dining dollar amounts available to purchase meals. Meal plan levels can be adjusted until seven days before the end of the semester by visiting, or funds can be added online by visiting or with cash/ check/ MasterCard/Visa at the cashier station in any Penn State Food Service operation.

Benefits of the Campus Meal Plan • Access to the account at any dining facility operated by Penn State Housing and Food Services • Easy, cash-free spending with the id+ Card • 65 percent discount for members

Getting the Plan The Commuter Meal Plan can be purchased at and charged directly to your Bursar Account. The plan can be added to your semester bill only until your bill is generated by the Bursar. Fall bills are prepared beginning in mid-July and spring bills in early November. Refer to for more information regarding your bill.

Missed a Due Date? Penn State Commuter Meal Plan The Commuter Meal Plan is designed specifically for students who live off campus. All the delicious food and healthy choices your residence hall friends enjoy can be yours too.

Here’s how it works: • Two levels to choose from • Charge it to your Bursar Account • 10 percent discount on Food Services prepared items at on-campus locations • Accessed conveniently with your Penn State id+ Card • Available for the fall and spring semesters

LionCash+ shares the same benefits as the Commuter Meal Plan. It can be used for both on- and off-campus purchases. Visit lioncash for more information.

LionCash+ LionCash+ is an online, prepaid flexible spending

rate. LionCash+ is accepted on campus at the Penn

account accessed with the Penn State id+ Card.

State Bookstore, The CafĂŠ Metro, and Metro Express

Just deposit money into your account and enjoy

as well as at other Penn State campuses and select

the convenience of making cash-free purchases

off-campus merchants. To learn more and view the

at participating locations. LionCash+ is also the

complete list of participating merchants, visit

method used to pay for on-campus laundry. Funds

can be added at any time, and family and friends can make deposits at

Special Delivery

LionCash+ also complements the Campus Meal

A perfect surprise for any occasion, Housing and

Plan. If you run out of dining dollars, on-campus

Food Services offer the Special Delivery program,

dining registers will automatically default to your

allowing parents and family members to purchase

LionCash+ account. If there are enough to cover

treats such as decorated cakes, fruit baskets, pizza,

the purchase, funds will be withdrawn from the

and more for their special Penn State student.

LionCash+ account and processed at the meal plan

Available online at

The Housing Process First-year students accept their offer of admission

level or add housing preferences (building, roommate,

by logging on to MyPennState using their Friends of

etc.), log on to eLiving using your FPS account. You

Penn State (FPS) account. You’ll be able to see if on-

can change your preferences until May 15.

campus housing is available at that time. If housing is available, you must accept the offer of admission and pay a $230 non-refundable general deposit fee as well as a $100 non-refundable housing reservation fee, for a total of $330. Then you must agree to the Terms, Conditions, and Regulations of

Please note, housing fills quickly — even though you have until May 1 to accept the offer of admission, housing can be full by late winter. Unfortunately, we’re not able to accommodate all students who want to live on campus.

the Housing Contract and the housing and financial

If housing is full when you accept your offer of

statements. After completing those steps, you’ll

admission, you have other options. These may include

have successfully accepted your offer of admission

adding your name to the Waitlist (although adding

and the Housing Contract. A confirmation email will

your name does not guarantee an offer will be made),

be sent to the address on file.

seeking off-campus housing, or changing to another

The Campus Meal Plan will automatically be defaulted to level three; to modify the meal plan

Penn State campus that still has housing available.


Penn State Living Contact Information Housing and Food Services

Penn State Greater

Allegheny 4050 University Drive McKeesport PA 15132-7698 412-675-9100 Penn State Greater Allegheny

Admissions & Student Aid 412-675-9010

Student Affairs psuGA@ 412-675-9163 Academic Affairs 412-675-9140 Bursar 412-675-9090 Division of Undergraduate Studies 412-675-9070

Registrar 412-675-9172 eLiving LionPATH Friends of Penn State (access account information)

Penn State Housing and Food Services is a caring organization, providing quality food, housing, and customer service while supporting the University’s mission. This publication is available in alternative media on request. The Pennsylvania State University is committed to the policy that all persons shall have equal access to programs, facilities, admission, and employment without regard to personal characteristics not related to ability, performance, or qualifications as determined by University policy or by state and federal authorities. It is the policy of the University to maintain an academic and work environment free of discrimination, including harassment. The Pennsylvania State University prohibits discrimination and harassment against any person because of age, ancestry, color, disability or handicap, national origin, race, religious creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, or veteran status. Discrimination or harassment against faculty, staff, or students will not be tolerated at The Pennsylvania State University. Direct all inquiries regarding the discrimination policy to the Affirmative Action Director,The Pennsylvania State University, 328 Boucke Building, University Park, PA 16802-5901;Tel 814-865-4700/V, 814-863-1150/TTY. U. Ed. Aux 16-97

Housing Infromation: Penn State Greater Allegheny  

Information about living on campus at Penn State Greater Allegheny.

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