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ToNy ByrNe, GUITar

Charlie McKerron was born in London and spent time in Africa before his family returned to his father’s homeland of Scotland when he was five. By the age of 12 he was winning fiddle competitions, and after completing school he came to prominence as a member of Capercaillie, a traditional Celtic band from the Argyll area of Western Scotland. It began in a purely acoustic vein, but over the years achieved considerable fame by experimenting with various elements of fusion— funk bass, synthesizers, and the like. Charlie has also achieved acclaim for his ability to write new songs— “Bulgarian Red,” for instance—that have been adopted as part of the Scottish folk canon.

A Dubliner, Tony has focused on traditional Irish music since leaving college in 1999, so his work with Matt Molloy and Lunasa will not be surprising. But he’s also crossed into somewhat different territory to play with Led Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones, the American dobro master Jerry Douglas, banjo king Bela Fleck, and the classical violinist Nicola Benedetti—quite a span! In addition to college teaching credentials in Dublin, he has worked with the Galway Arts Festival and has been a cast member of the award-winning play Trad, which has toured to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival as well as Australia.

PaTSy reId, fIddle Patsy Reid is undoubtedly the most in-demand traditional fiddle player in Scotland. Just as she was finishing college (a 1st Class Honours degree from Strathclyde University), she co-founded Breabach, which was nominated as the best Folk Band by the BBC Radio 2 at its 2011 Folk Awards. Soon after, she began working with various groups, including the celebrated Northumbrian piper Kathryn Tickell, Dougie Maclean and Kylie Minogue, and in the studio with a passel of projects. At the 2012 Olympic Festival, she fell in with Zakir Hussain, and since then has visited India four times, collaborating with various South Asian musicians. Her percussive chopping style will be a prominent part of the tour.

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CharlIe mCKerroN, fIddle

JohN Joe Kelly, BodhraN England’s The Guardian said of John Joe that he was “...surely the greatest living Bodhran player” alive, which pretty much covers it. He is certainly one of the most sought-after bodhran players on the folk music scene today. He is a member of Rook and the Mike McGoldrick Band, among others. Although a stalwart of the traditional scene, he is constantly expanding the boundaries of what one can get out a simple drum. In recent years he has been involved in many world music collaborations, with musicians varying from Tim O’Brien and Kate Rusby to Don Tyminski, and now Zakir Hussain.


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