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Edgar Meyer, and Joshua Redman. He has received many important awards in India, most recently the Pannalal Ghosh Puraskar in 2013. He has taken part in many prominent festivals, including WOMAD in Athens and the Festival of St.-Denis in Paris, and was invited to conclude the 24-hour live BBC Radio broadcast celebrating Queen Elizabeth’s Silver Jubilee. His special gift is the ability to preserve the purity and intensity of the flute in the midst of many instruments. The Bansuri, the bamboo Indian flute, is a magical instrument that is so ancient it is part of the mythology of many cultures; Krishna, Kokopelli, and Pan all played it. Rakesh is a worthy successor!

fraSer fIfIeld, flUTe/PIPeS One of the more distinctive pipers in Scotland, Fraser is an uncommonly wide-ranging multi-instrumentalist, performing on various pipes, whistles, the soprano saxophone, Bulgarian Kaval, and occasionally on percussion. Perhaps that variety is why, as Jazzwise put it, he is “an outstanding product of the Scottish jazz-folk scene who at one moment can blow a low whistle like Charlie Parker steaming his way through ‘Ko-Ko’ and at the next knock out an air on a sax like a Highland traditionalist.” He’s released five albums of original music on his own Tanar label, has been commissioned by a wide range of festivals, the Scottish Arts Council, and the BBC, and performed from the U.S. to Azerbaijan with groups like Capercaillie and Afro-Celt Sound System, among many others.


JeaN-mIChel VeIlloN, flUTe Though Celtic culture is associated with Scotland and Ireland, the region of France known as Brittany is Celtic as well. Jean-Michel Veillon was first a dancer and then a bombard (old type of double-reed oboe, typical of Brittany) player in his teens before moving on to the transverse wooden flute. His first influences were Irish, but he soon created distinct articulation techniques that reflected his Breton heritage. After years of touring the U.S. with groups like Kornog, Pennou Skoulm, Den, and Barzaz, he has become renowned for introducing the wooden flute into Breton folk music. In the words of the Welsh/British folk magazine Taplas, “If you have any interest in the flute, folk or otherwise, Jean-Michel Veillon’s recordings are, like Matt Molloy’s, indispensable.” GaNeSh raJaGoPalaN, VIolIN Violin entered Indian music perhaps 200 years ago, and in that time few have become more distinguished than Ganesh Rajagopalan. In the Indian tradition, he began his studies young, and was performing by the age of seven. He became famous in a duo with his brother Kumaresh, but has played extensively with a who’s who of Indian musicians over the years. He has worked with many greats, from Zakir Hussain to the Oscar-winning Bollywood music director A.R. Rahman to the legendary John McLaughlin.

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