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Dastgah, and sometimes even within a Gusheh, is varied. The Dastgah and its constituent Gushehs provide a framework for creative improvisation and composition. The Radif includes more than four hundred Gushehs. The number of Gushehs in a Dastgah vary between fifteen and forty or more. Traditionally a performer may choose some six to ten gushehs in one performance. In comparison to Hindustani music, where modulation does not occur, changing modes is feasible within the boundary of a Dastgah. The Raga forms the backbone of Indian classical music. A Raga is a melodic structure with a basic scale of seven notes with 5 basic accidentals and up to 22 microtonal forms. Every Raga must have at least five notes and can have up to twelve. Ragas using the same basic scale may be differentiated by different vadi (dominant note) and samavadi (subdominant note) which are emphasized in the develpment of the Raga. Melodic ornamentation is complex and essential, and also employs microtonal fluctuations on selected pitches. Hundreds of Ragas exist today, sometimes in different forms and different traditions (gharanas).

Both Indian and Persian classical music are characterized by microtonal and monophonic structure and dependence on improvisation. In each of these traditions, a master musician is capable of using a primary melodic form as a base for improvising. There are many factors involved in a musician's understanding of and approach to his music. Each musician's schooling (the Indian gharana and Iranian maktab), personal style, technical ability and vision has great impact on his approach to developing his musical ideas. This makes every performance, even of the same Raga or Dastgah, exciting, fresh and unpredictable each time it is performed. aBoUt tHe artists Ghazal Ensemble Ghazal, formed in 1997 by Kayhan Kalhor and Shujaat Husain Khan, has been touring the world ever since. Their first recording, “Lost Songs of the Silk Road,� won critical acclaim as a unique recording, bringing together two Eastern classical traditions that had not performed together before. The artists’ first

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Nowruz Celebration Program  

Nowruz Celebration Program  

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