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The Fund for Music

Daniel Alfred Wachs with Linda and Dennis England

Jeanette Knobbe, Jane Grier and Louis Knobbe

Margaret Gates, Noel Hamilton and Sharon McNalley

Dan and Jeule Stein

Etude ($150+) Roan, and Kevin Alombro Ms. Tomi J. Baker Mr. Hugo Ballesteros Mrs. Bonnie Barrington Mrs. Yolande Bati Mr. and Mrs. Ronald G. Bender Mr. Richard Bigelow Mr. and Mrs. R. Blatterman Mr. and Mrs. Walter Boice Ms. Suzanne Boras Mr. and Mrs. Donald Brantley Dr. and Mrs. John Brown Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Brown Ms. Christine B. Browne Mrs. Evelyn Brownstone Mrs. Sherry Bullock Corinne and Dan Burkhartsmeier Mrs. Judith Burns Mrs. Renate Collison Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Compton Mr. and Mrs. Julian Coronado Ms. Fran Cyrus Susan and Kevin Daly Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence Danto Ms. V. de Reynal Mr. and Mrs. Frank Delsandro Mr. and Mrs. Peter G. Dolbee Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Grant Duncan Ms. Linda Eastman Mr. and Mrs. Frank Edelstein Ms. Patricia Ellis Mr. and Mrs. Dennis C. England Mr. Karl Fletcher Dr. and Mrs. Glenn Fowler


Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Frank Mr. and Mrs. James French Evette and Dennis Glauber Mrs. Hildegard A. Gray Mr. and Mrs. Wesley D. Hacker Helen and James Hagen Alpha and Walt Hahn Mrs. Ingrid Harris Mr. and Mrs. Jerry D. Hawthorne Mrs. Susie Hecht Mr. and Mrs. Zachary J. Heinrichs Mr. James Herbold Mrs. Marlene Hewitt Ms. Patricia Hicks Mr. and Mrs. Graham Hoad Mr. Thomas Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Tom Johnson Ms. LaDonna Kienitz Dr. and Mrs. Yutaka Kikkawa Halim Kim and Lawrence Lee Mr. and Mrs. John Kincaid Varla E. N. and Curtis A. Knauss Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Kriz Peggy and Alex Maradudin Ms. Kay Mckenzie Ms. Bethany Mendenhall Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Michel Dr. Maria Minon Ms. Victoria Mortensen Ms. Jacklyn Murphy-Harper Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Niedringhaus Stephanie and Mark Nielsen Dr. Kevin O’Grady and Mrs. Nella Webster O’Grady Mary and Lee Olsen

Ms. Mary L. Osterhout Linda and Bill Owen Mr. Robert Parker Mr. and Mrs. Barry Paull Ms. Joan S. Petty Mrs. Pat Peyton Mr. and Mrs. Warren Pfeifer Mrs. Polina Pustylnik Barbara and Bud Quist Mrs. Joan B. Rehnborg Kitty and Chip Reveal Mr. and Mrs. Mel Richley Dr. and Mrs. Peter T. Ridley Mrs. Louise Ringwalt Mrs. Marjorie Ringwalt Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Rosenblum Mrs. Merilyn Sandahl Mr. Hans Scharer Ms. Suzanne Schaumburg Mrs. Marlene Schell Mr. Paul A. Schmidhauser and Ms. Cindy R. Hughes Mr. and Mrs. Jack Schoellerman Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Segal Dr. and Mrs. Martin Serbin Dixie M. Shaw Mrs. Nick Shubin Surfas Orange County Inc. Ms. Sharon Silcock Ms. Dorothy J. Solinger Drs. Ilene and Gerald Spear Mr. and Mrs. John Store Ms. Diane Stovall Barbara and Bill Thibault Mrs. Carol Jane Tice

Lois and David Tingler Mitzi and Yutaka Tonai Shuching Tung Mrs. Louise Upham Dr. Mark Van Houten Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey W. Virden Mr. and Mrs. Ralph C. Wallace Dr. Pat Weber Mr. and Mrs. James K. Williams Dr. Charles Wolff and Mrs. Karen Wolff Nancy and Kenneth Wybel Davis Mr. and Mrs. Robert Yates Evelyn Zohlen and Mark Prenderdast Honorary Life Members Frieda Belinfante John M. Rau

List current as of March 19, 2015 The Philharmonic Society deeply appreciates the support of its sponsors and donors, and makes every effort to ensure accurate and appropriate recognition. Please contact the Development Department at (949) 553-2422, ext. 233 to make us aware of any error or omission in the foregoing list.

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Dido and Aeneas Program  

Dido and Aeneas Program  

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