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The Fund for Music The Philharmonic Society of Orange County gratefully acknowledges the following donors for their generous support of the Fund for Music during the past twelve months. These contributions make up the difference between the income generated from ticket sales and the actual cost of bringing the world’s finest orchestras, soloists and chamber ensembles to Orange County and inspiring more than 160,000 K-12 students each year with quality music programs. Gifts range from $60 to more than $100,000, and each member of the Philharmonic Society plays a valuable role in furthering the mission of this organization. Honorary Series and Concert Sponsors ($50,000+) Anonymous 60th Anniversary Challenge Grant Donor Disneyland Resort Catherine and James Emmi Colburn Foundation Mr. Sam B. Ersan Donna L. Kendall Foundation Barbara Roberts Mrs. Michelle Rohé Segerstrom Center for the Arts The Segerstrom Foundation The Committees of the Philharmonic Society Chairman’s Circle ($25,000+) The Crean Foundation Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Milton S. Grier, Jr. Joan Halvajian Dr. and Mrs. Howard Jelinek Phillip N. and Mary A. Lyons National Endowment for the Arts Sandy and Harold Price Shanbrom Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Douglas H. Smith New Work & Special Project Sponsors Karen and Don Evarts Joan Halvajian Edward Halvajian Trust Phillip N. and Mary A. Lyons Anonymous (1)

Youth Education Program Sponsors City of Aliso Viejo American Business Bank Anaheim Band Instruments, Part of the Music and Arts Center Family City of Mission Viejo The Crean Foundation Disneyland Resorts Jane Deming Fund Macy’s Music Performance Trust Fund Orange County Musicians’ Association, Local 7 Pacific Life Foundation Target U.S. Bank / Mr. Stephen Amendt Wells Fargo

President’s Club ($10,000+) Mr. Wylie A. Aitken Mr. and Mrs. James Alexiou Ms. Elizabeth An and Mr. Gordon Clune of AnQi Bistro Eleanor and Jim Anderson Sabra and Peter Bordas Mr. Douglas T. Burch, Jr. Mr. Gary Capata Mr. Warren G. Coy Mary and Patrick Dirk/Troy Group Mr. and Mrs. James A. Driscoll Mr. and Mrs. Donald P. Evarts Mrs. Joanne Fernbach First American Trust Kimberly Dwan Bernatz The William Gillespie Foundation Margaret M. Gates–In memory of Lawrence Gates Maralou and Jerry M. Harrington Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Hull Dr. Burton L. Karson Mr. David H. Koontz and Mr. James Brophy Joann Leatherby and Dr. Greg Bates Macy’s Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Mastrangelo Mrs. Michael McNalley Mikimoto Isidore C. and Penny W. Myers Foundation Endowment Fund Jewish Community Foundation of Orange County Elaine and Carl Neuss Pacific Life Foundation Mr. and Mrs. William F. Podlich Deborah and Richard Polonsky Dr. and Mrs. Chase Roh Mr. and Mrs. David Rosenberg Schumann|Rosenberg LLP Ms. Dea Stanuszek Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Stein Mr. and Mrs. David Troob U.S. Bank / Mr. Stephen Amendt Wells Fargo Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Noel Hamilton Platinum Baton ($6,000+) Dr. and Mrs. Richard D. Campbell Ms. Injoa Kim Orange County Community Foundation/Jane Deming Fund Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Teitsworth

Golden Baton ($3,000+) American Business Bank Linda M. Beimfohr Dr. and Mrs. Shigeru Chino Suzanne and David Chonette Mr. and Mrs. William P. Conlin Mrs. William L. Cook Richard Cullen and Robert Finnerty Mr. and Mrs. Roger Davisson Frome Family Foundation Elizabeth F. Hayward and Robert M. Carmichael Ms. Sigrid Hecht Milli and Jim Hill Drs. Siret and Jaak Jurison Helen and Fritz Lin Regina and John Mangum Mr. and Mrs. William McCormick

Drs. Armine and Vahe Meghrouni Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Nadler Dr. Susan Powers Marcia Kay and Ron Radelet The Orange County Register Mr. and Mrs. James Reynolds Mrs. Howard Roop Lih Ping and Chin-Shun Shih Dr. Steven Sorenson Mr. and Mrs. John Stahr Dr. and Mrs. Fritz C. Westerhout Bobbitt and Bill Williams

Silver Baton ($1,200+) Hope Aldrich and Michael Jeffers Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Allen Dr. and Mrs. Jerry P. Andes John W. Benecke The Boeing Company Mr. and Mrs. John C. Carson Dr. and Mrs. David Casey Mrs. Linda Lipman Cassuto Elizabeth and Ming Chang Mr. and Mrs. Stewart A. Clark Ms. Carol Dalton Mr. and Mrs. Jack Delman Mr. and Mrs. Neil Donavan Mr. and Mrs. Roger Duplessis Sandra M. French and Donald B. French Mr. and Mrs. Gudelio Friedstadt JoAnn and Peter Fuerbringer Mr. and Mrs. Philip Gold Mr. and Mrs. Carl Greenwood Bonnie and William S. Hall Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Hall Dr. Renee Harwick Mr. Charles Hill Carole and Joseph Innes Dr. and Mrs. Tae S. Kim Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Knobbe Mr. Clark Leonard Mr. and Mrs. Albert A. LoSchiavo Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mangum Mr. and Mrs. Orville L. Marlett Millstream Fund City of Mission Viejo Mr. Patrick Paddon Dr. William Pedler Dr. and Mrs. Paul Qaqundah Mr. and Mrs. Walter Rados Mary Rence Mr. and Mrs. Philip Ridout Dagmar and Walter Rios Ms. Jennie Robinson Eva and Fred Schneider Mr. Dickson Shafer – In memory of Lois Shafer Dr. Emmanuel Sharef Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence S. Spitz Richard and Elizabeth Steele Fund Diane and Michael Stephens Dr. and Mrs. David Stephenson Target Ms. Judy Tschetter Dr. Nancy E. Van Deusen Gayle Widyolar and David Scott Chava and Ted Wortrich Concerto ($600+) Dr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Abbott Dr. Donald Abrahm

Janet Lee Aengst Ms. Catherine Anne Bradley Peter Conlon and Deborah Shaw Mr. Frank A. D’Accone Mr. and Mrs. Neil Fitzpatrick Mr. and Mrs. Philip Friedel Mrs. Susie Gallagher Dr. Anna Gonosova Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gordon Wanda Gwozdziowski Dr. and Mrs. Richard C. Harano Dr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Ivey Barbara Kilponen Mrs. David Lang Hillary and Michael Moers Mr. Carl Neisser The Pimco Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Rankin Elizabeth Reinhold Carol Schwab Mr. and Mrs. David Seigle Ellen and Vasily I. Semeniuta Dr. and Mrs. Henry Sobel Dr. and Mrs. Julio Taleisnik Chantel and Andrew Uchida

Sonata ($300+) Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Alexopoulos David Barnes and Frances Nitta Barnes Mr. Scott Brinkerhoff Mr. and Mrs. Tykye Camaras Mary E. Chelius Mrs. Judith W. Creely Kathy and Michael Dogali Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin R. Du Mr. and Mrs. David J. Erikson Mr. and Mrs. C.W. Fisher Mr. Arthur A. Forcier Mr. William Gilbert Stevan Gromet Terry Hanna Mr. and Mrs. Howard C. Hay Mr. and Mrs. Dan Horgan Barbara and Don Howland Carol C. Hurst Elizabeth M. and Donald P. Johnson Mr. Woon Ki Jung Dr. Nancy L. Kidder Dr. and Mrs. William P. Klein Dr. and Mrs. C. Ronald Koons Prof. and Mrs. John Koshak Dr. and Mrs. Craig Leonard Twyla Matsumoto Mr. Richard Messenger Lauren and Richard Packard Mr. and Mrs. Lyman Porter Ms. Karyn Rashoff Marjorie and Stephen Richards Dr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Romansky Mr. Kenneth Sanson Christel and Juergen Schar Mr. Justus Schlichting Carol Schwab Dr. and Mrs. Martin Serbin Mr. and Dr. Ernesto Spiehler Mr. and Mrs. James Spring Dr. Agnes Szekeres Jennifer Tice Mrs. Janice Wallace Ms. Cynthia Wolcott


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