Alisa Weilerstein, cello & Inon Barnatan, piano

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Alisa Weilerstein, cello & Inon Barnatan, piano Thursday, April 8, 2021



ALISA WEILERSTEIN, CELLO INON BARNATAN, PIANO PROGRAM Cello Sonata No. 2 Ludwig van BEETHOVEN (1770 -1827) in G minor, Op. 5, No. 2 Adagio sostenuto ed espressivo Allegro molto più tosto presto Rondo. Allegro

Cello Sonata No. 3 in A major, Op. 69 Allegro ma non tanto Allegro molto Adagio cantabile – Allegro vivace

Cello Sonata No. 5 in D major, Op. 102, No. 2 Allegro con brio Adagio con molto sentimento dʼaffetto Allegro

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The Philharmonic Society dedicates tonight’s performance to THE COMMITTEES OF THE PHILHARMONIC SOCIETY

The Philharmonic Society’s 2020-21 season is made possible through the generous support of Donna L. Kendall and the Donna L. Kendall Foundation Anonymous Howard and Judith Jelinek The Segerstrom Foundation


Beethoven’s two cello sonatas of Op. 5 share many characteristics. Each begins with an introductory adagio leading into a sonataform allegro and ends with a rondo finale. But if the first of the set, in F major, is distinctly ‘Mozartean’ in inspiration, the second in G minor, is more than a little ‘Handelian,’ and understandably so. Both were written in 1796 at the court of King Friedrich Wilhelm II in Berlin, where a production of Handel’s Judas Maccabaeus was on offer at the Berlin Singakademie in the same year that Beethoven visited. King Friedrich Wilhelm was a charter member of the Handel fan club, having introduced George Frederick’s oratorios to the Prussian capital. And he was more than a passable cellist, to boot, having been taught while still a princeling-in-short-pants by the virtuoso court cellist Jean-Pierre Duport (1741-1818) for whom the Op. 5 sonatas were written. What more attractive model to take for a sonata to be performed with Duport in front of the King himself? What Beethoven admired most in Handel was his ability to evoke an emotion, or construct an entire dramatic scene, out of the merest scrap of a motive, such as the three-note descending phrase that occurs so often in Judas Maccabaeus. Angus Watson finds that this motive structures much of the melodic material in Beethoven’s G minor sonata, as well. But more telling still is Beethoven’s pervasive use of dotted and double-dotted rhythms in the sonata’s opening Adagio sostenuto ed espressivo, in clear imitation of the French overture (also in G minor) that begins Handel’s oratorio. Despite its mere two movements, there is nothing small-scale about this sonata. Beethoven’s austere and pathos-filled Adagio, dominated by a descending scale pattern and marked by many dramatic pauses, is just one of the ways in which Beethoven adds structural heft to his sonata. The exposition of the immediately following sonata-form movement virtually overflows

ABOUT THE PROGRAM with melodic ideas: there are two in its first theme group and two in its second, while the development section erupts with an intensity of emotion and virtuosity of piano writing that hint at Beethoven’s mature ‘heroic’ style. Capping off the first movement is a coda in which Beethoven lets his instrumentalists mull over what they have just played for the last time before the movement ends, grimly and grudgingly, with a stiffly Baroque tierce de Picardie in G major.

solo entry in the piano and the same follow-up phrase in the cello (ending in a short cadenza). Moreover, the sonata’s second theme is a mirror image of the first, simply inverting its rising interval to a pair of falling intervals with the same rhythmic imprint. While minor-mode turbulence intervenes from time to time, notably in the operatic outpourings of the development section, the piano and cello remain like best buddies in a road movie, always on the same page, never fighting with each other.

After all that heavy drama, Beethoven serves up a good-natured rondo finale with a sturdy opening refrain tune of small range that manages to thump and twinkle in turn. With a repetitive structure playfully phrased in alternating fragments of forte and piano, it drums its way into your head to become the most memorable melody of the movement. The intervening episodes, and even the refrain theme itself are continually developed and varied—sometimes cast in the minor mode, sometimes with the instruments chasing each other in canon—as if in a sonata movement. This finale simply overflows with rhythmic vitality, due to a near-constant chatter of rapid passagework on the part of both piano and cello.

The 2nd movement scherzo sets out to see how much fun can be had with syncopation. At first peeking out and then hiding behind the pillars of each bar’s first beat, the two instruments find themselves dancing cheek-to-cheek (in 6ths) in the Trio’s two contrasting episodes.

BEETHOVEN: CELLO SONATA NO. 3 IN A MAJOR, OP. 69 Beethoven may have made his name in music history for his restless moods and Dionysian fury but there is another side to him that his A major Sonata Op. 69 represents well. This is the Apollonian, classical-era Beethoven, the Beethoven content to live—for the space of four movements at least—in a Mozartean world of balance and equilibrium: between formal sections, between instrumental entries, and between the motivic units used to construct each phrase. The opening theme of his first movement, for example, presented in the solo cello in the manner of a fugue subject, is symmetrically balanced around its opening note, the home note of A major. This solo entry of the cello and its follow-up phrase in the piano (ending in a short cadenza) is then succeeded by a

The 3rd movement Adagio cantabile has puzzled many performers. Its extraordinary brevity, a mere 18 bars, barely gives Beethoven time to stretch out his lyrical limbs...and then it’s over. Glenn Gould has suggested a reason for this, a reason rooted in Beethoven’s emerging fascination with continuous form: It’s almost as if he wanted to write on one plane and one plane only, that of an allegro mood from beginning to make things all of a piece. Nonetheless, Beethoven’s last movement takes off with a merry twinkle in its eye and a bustling accompaniment of steady 8th notes in the piano to keep every toe in the hall tapping in time. The opening theme of this sonata-form movement is derived from the first movement’s opening theme. Simply bursting with good humor and bonhomie, this movement manages to be both cute and coy by turns while constantly radiating a sunniness of disposition that even the mock-worry of its development section cannot efface. BEETHOVEN: CELLO SONATA NO. 5 IN D MAJOR, OP. 102, NO. 2 Beethoven’s last cello sonata presents us with a more traditional layout of three movements, widely contrasting both in compositional style and in mood. A brisk 3

ABOUT THE PROGRAM and confident sonata-form first movement is succeeded by a deeply lyrical slow movement, and the sonata ends with a fugue. The perky fanfares that open the work—four 16th notes and a big leap—prepare us for surprises but the cello immediately strikes a more conciliatory lyrical tone and the entire exposition proceeds in spurts, alternating between forthright bravado strutting cheek by jowl at close quarters with less aggressive melodic impulses. A development section is where you expect a composer to mix things up a bit but this movement’s development section is actually where you start to feel for the first time the sweep of long phrases governed by an overarching harmonic unfolding in place of the expositions’ stop-and-go pattern of delivery. This new ‘can’t we all just get along’ mood continues into a recapitulation where the gaps are filled in and the pulse remains more continuous. The harmonic wanderings of the coda promise mystery, but then—like an adult amusing a child by hiding his face behind his hands only to spring out gleefully into full view—Beethoven steers the movement at the last moment to a resolute cadence in the home key. What follows is the only real traditional slow movement in all the cello sonatas, a place where the cello gets to display its lyrical gifts in a pool of light at center stage. The movement’s solemnly paced melody of even 8th notes, with a pause at the end of each phrase, suggests a chorale tune, but the comparison is undercut by the oddly ‘limping’ dotted-rhythm accompaniment it soon receives from the piano. There is something ‘not quite right’ about this deep lyricism, with its eerie unisons and with melodic turns that are more worrying than graceful. Relief arrives in a middle section in the major mode that restores a happier tone to the proceedings. When the opening section returns, however, the gravity of its ominous message is reinforced by low-register rumblings in the piano, and its ‘limping tic’ has only got worse. The last movement begins with a simple rising scale presented in turn by the cello and the piano, a musical gesture reminiscent of how a magician innocently shows you both sides of a silk handkerchief from which he is going to 4

miraculously pull a flapping pigeon or a bouquet of flowers. The magic trick here is that this cheerful little melodic fragment, which comes as such a break from all the eye-brow-knitting seriousness of the slow movement, is soon revealed to be the start of a right proper, ‘learned’, fugue subject. It’s as if you had just witnessed a circus clown pulling off his multi- coloured uniform to reveal a diplomat’s tie-and-tails outfit, complete with dangling medals, underneath. This fugue subject is metrically a bit ‘off’ in the way that it weakens the first beat of the bar, giving it ample forward momentum but without a regular rhythmic patterning. It is a theme both dainty and merry, at the same time. The merriment gets a bit crowded after a while, though, like too many people crammed into a Volkswagen, and the counterpoint gets quite gritty, leading to a traffic jam of strettos in contrary motion. When the dust settles, a less jumpy, more serene counter subject in long note values arrives at the door to lead everyone into a concluding section vibrating with trills to celebrate the newfound spirit of contrapuntal amity with which the work ends.


ALISA WEILERSTEIN, CELLO Alisa Weilerstein is one of the foremost cellists of our time. Since making her professional and Carnegie Hall debuts in her early teens, she has been in high demand as a solo recitalist, chamber musician and concerto soloist with leading orchestras worldwide. She was recognized with a MacArthur Fellowship in 2011.An authority on Bach’s music for unaccompanied cello, Weilerstein recently released a best-selling recording of his solo suites on the Pentatone label, streamed them in her innovative #36DaysOfBach project, and deconstructed his beloved G-major prelude in a video, viewed almost1.5million times. Her discography also includes charttopping albums and the winner of BBC Music’s “Recording of the Year” award. As Artistic Partner of the Trondheim Soloists, she regularly tours and records with the Norwegian orchestra. She is an ardent champion of contemporary music, and has premiered and championed important new works by composers including


Pascal Dusapin, Osvaldo Golijov and Matthias Pintscher. Other career milestones include a performance at the White House for President and Mrs. Obama. Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at nine years old, Weilerstein is a staunch advocate for the T1D community. She lives with her husband, Venezuelan conductor Rafael Payare, and their young child. For more information, visit INON BARNATAN, PIANO “One of the most admired pianists of his generation” (New York Times), Inon Barnatan is celebrated for his poetic sensibility, musical intelligence and consummate artistry. He inaugurated his tenure as Music Director of California’s La Jolla Music Society Summerfest in 2019. Barnatan is a regular soloist with many of the world’s foremost orchestras and conductors. He recently served for three seasons as the inaugural Artist-inAssociation of the New York Philharmonic and recreated Beethoven’s legendary 1808 concert with the Cincinnati Symphony. The recipient of an Avery Fisher Career Grant and Lincoln Center’s Martin E. Segal Award, Barnatan is also a sought-after

recitalist and chamber musician. He recently made his solo recital debut at Carnegie’s Zankel Hall and reunited with frequent cello partner Alisa Weilerstein. Passionate about contemporary music, he has commissioned and performed works by many living composers, premiering pieces by Thomas Adès, Sebastian Currier, Avner Dorman, Alan Fletcher, Joseph Hallman, Alasdair Nicolson, Andrew Norman and Matthias Pintscher. This season he released Beethoven’s complete piano concertos, recorded with Alan Gilbert and Academy of St Martin in the Fields on Pentatone. Barnatan’s acclaimed discography also includes; Rachmaninov & Chopin: Cello Sonatas, recorded with Weilerstein for Decca Classics, and Darknesse Visible, named one of the New York Times’s “Best of 2012.” For more information, visit www.inonbarnatan. com.


THE COMMITTEES It is with great pleasure and much gratitude that tonight the Philharmonic Society of Orange County recognizes and honors the leaders and members of The Committees for their extraordinary efforts in fostering knowledge and appreciation of the arts

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*PLEASE NOTE: All 2021 concerts will have virtual viewing options. In-person opportunities will be announced on a concert by concert basis.

APRIL PINCHAS ZUKERMAN, VIOLIN WITH AMANDA FORSYTH, CELLO AND SHAI WOSNER, PIANO Wednesday, April 21, 2021, 7pm PDT Renée and Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall* BEETHOVEN: Variations on ‘Ich bin der Schneider Kakadu’, Op 121a (“Kakadu Variations”) MOZART: Violin Sonata No. 21 in E minor, K. 304 FAURÉ: Élégie, Op. 24 BRAHMS: Scherzo in C minor from the F.A.E. Sonata (“Sonatensatz”) BRAHMS: Piano Trio No. 2 in C major, Op. 87

JEAN-YVES THIBAUDET, PIANO Friday, April 23, 2021, 7pm
PDT Renée and Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall* DEBUSSY: Préludes Books 1 and 2


2021 Laguna Beach Music Festival ITS BRILLIANCE ALMOST FRIGHTENED ME Festival Artistic Director: Conrad Tao, piano Saturday, May 15, 2021, 7pm PDT Irvine Barclay Theatre* Laurence CRANE: Prelude No. 1
 BERG: “Traumgekrönt” from Seven Early Songs
 SCHUBERT: “Gretchen am spinnrade” (Gretchen at the Spinning Wheel) Eric WUBBELS: gretchen am spinnrade
 Ruth Crawford SEEGER: String Quartet
 BEETHOVEN: String Quartet No. 16, Op. 135

2021 Laguna Beach Music Festival CHANGE THIS THREAD ON WHICH WE MOVE Festival Artistic Director: Conrad Tao, piano Sunday, May 16, 2021, 3pm PDT Irvine Barclay Theatre* Caroline SHAW: Entr’acte (Westerlies arrangement) DEBUSSY: Violin Sonata in G minor
 GESUALDO: selected Madrigals
 Other works to be announced.

2021 Laguna Beach Music Festival COUNTERPOINT
 Festival Artistic Director: Conrad Tao, piano Caleb Teicher, dancer
 Friday, May 14, 2021, 7pm PDT Irvine Barclay Theatre* Duo program with music by Bach, Gershwin, etc. 11

UPCOMING EVENTS JUNE AUGUSTIN HADELICH, VIOLIN AND ORION WEISS, PIANO Monday, June 14, 2021, 7pm PDT Renée and Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall* BEETHOVEN: Violin Sonata No. 4 in A minor, Op. 23 DEBUSSY: Sonata in G minor, L. 140
 COLL: Hyperlude No. 5 for Solo Violin
 YSAŸE: Sonata No. 6 in E major for Solo Violin BRAHMS: Sonata No. 2 in A major, Op. 100 DEBUSSY: L’isle joyeuse, L. 106 ADAMS: Road Movies

RENÉE FLEMING, SOPRANO Thursday, June 17, 2021, 7pm PDT Renée and Henry Segerstrom oncert Hall* In a rescheduled performance from the previous season, four-time Grammy winner and legendary soprano Renée Fleming appears in a program of beloved songs and arias.

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Ms. Arlene Holtzman Jean and Shingchi Hsu Dr. and Mrs. Kevin Ivey Ms. Sumie Jossi Kari Kerr Dr. Nancy L. Kidder Barbara Klein Lauren Klein Ms. Barbara Macgillivray Katharine Mallin Dr. Lani Martin and Mr. Dave Martin Elizabeth Morse Music 4 Kids

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Niedringhaus Dr. and Mrs. Eliezer Nussbaum Mr. and Mrs. Michael Pinto Ms. Janet Portolan and Ms. Lois Powers Mr. and Mrs. John Prange Mr. and Mrs. Tom Rapport Les Redpath Richard and Diane Reynolds Christa Schar Carol Schwab Ms. Barbara Sentell

Ms. Diane Stovall Robert A. and Sandra E. Teitsworth Mr. and Mrs. Scott Theodorson Dr. and Mrs. Harvey S. Triebwasser Sally Westrom Dag Wilkinson and Caroline Beeson Ivy Yan Joanne Yoon Katharine and Robert Young Anonymous

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Greenwood Elizabeth F. Hayward and Robert M. Carmichael Ms. Elizabeth Jones Cheryl Hill Oakes Orange County Community Foundation The Robert J. and Doreen D. Marshall Fund Mr. Patrick Paddon Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Phillips Chris Quilter

SILVER BATON ($1,200+) Dr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Abbott Dr. Donald Abrahm David and Frances Nitta Barnes Ada and Berislav Bosnjak Charitable Fund Dr. and Mrs. David Casey Mrs. Linda Lipman Cassuto Dr. and Mrs. Shigeru Chino Mr. and Mrs. Stewart A. Clark Mr. and Mrs. Robert Clemmer Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Los Angeles Dr. Frank A. D’Accone

CONCERTO ($600+) Janet Lee Aengst Mr. and Mrs. Nicolaos Alexopoulos Kevin and Roan Alombro Brien Amspoker and Ellen Breitman Eric S. Blum Mr. James Carter Mrs. V. de Reynal Mr. and Mrs. David Erikson Mrs. John Felder Ms. Barbara Hamkalo Mr. and Mrs. Jon Hartmann Dr. Daniel E. Haspert and Mr. Gerard Curtin


DONORS SONATA ($300+) Richard Alexander Arts Orange County Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Bauer Marianne and Frank Beaz Dr. Ruth Benca Richard Bigelow Ms. Michelle Brenner Mr. Scott Brinkerhoff Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Buccella Mr. and Mrs. Tyke Camaras Mary E. Chelius Mr. and Mrs. Wil Chong Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Collier Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Compton Peter Conlon and Deborah Shaw Susan and Kevin Daly Reuben H. Fleet Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Glenn Fowler Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gibson Dr. Alan L. Goldin Dr. and Mrs. Mark W. Gow Bonnie and William S. Hall Terry Hanna Mr. and Mrs. Howard C. Hay Christian Heffelman The Bryant Henry Family Mrs. Marlene Hewitt

Ms. Grace Holdaway Barbara and Don Howland Eric Jao Elizabeth M. and Donald P. Johnson Albert C. Johnston III Dr. Burton L. Karson Patty Kiraly Dr. and Mrs. William P. Klein Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Kriz Dr. and Mrs. Gary Lawrence Dr. and Mrs. Craig Leonard Elsie M. Little Kevin and Iryna Kwan Loucks Louise and John Ludutsky Ms. Bethany Mendenhall Dr. Kevin O’Grady and Mrs. Nella Webster O’Grady Cathy Olinger Mr. and Mrs. Gus Ordonez Coralie Prince Mrs. Margaret Richley Peter Ridley Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ringwalt Dr. Stephen Rochford Dr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Romansky

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Rosenblum Mr. Kenneth Rudolf Mrs. Merilyn Sandahl Suzanne Sandmeyer and Wes Hatfield Mr. Paul A. Schmidhauser and Ms. Cindy R. Hughes Hon. and Mrs. James Selna Dr. James Shelburne Sharon Silcock Ms. Dorothy J. Solinger Dr. Agnes Szekeres David and Lois Tingler Tisbest Philanthropy Edie Tonkon Marjorie Tussing Cory Winter Victor Wu Mr. and Mrs. Robert Yates Ms. Daren Zumberge

HONORARY LIFE MEMBERS Frieda Belinfante in memoriam

Douglas T. Burch, Jr. in memoriam

Jane K. Grier John M. Rau

List current as of January 29, 2021 The Philharmonic Society deeply appreciates the support of its sponsors and donors, and makes every effort to ensure accurate and appropriate recognition. Contact the Development Department at (949) 553-2422, ext. 233, to make us aware of any error or omission in the foregoing list.


DONORS DONORS TO THE PHILHARMONIC FORWARD CAMPAIGN The Philharmonic Society’s campaign is the first of its kind in the organization’s history. It will grow the Society’s endowment—providing greater opportunities for the presentation of the world’s leading orchestras and other musical performances while expanding our educational and community outreach—and also establish a current needs fund for organizational sustainability and flexibility. We are proud to recognize those who are helping secure the Society’s future with a gift to the Philharmonic Forward Campaign. We are grateful for their support, which will help fuel the Society’s growth and provide a legacy of incomparable music and superb music education programs in perpetuity.

$1,000,000+ Mr. James J. Brophy Donna L. Kendall and the Donna L. Kendall Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sebring Anonymous

$500,000+ Richard Cullen and Robert Finnerty James and Judy Freimuth

$250,000+ The Davisson Family Fund for Youth Music Education Margaret M. Gates—In memory of family Mr. and Mrs. Milton S. Grier, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Douglas H. Smith

$100,000+ Pete and Sabra Bordas David and Suzanne Chonette Karen and Don Evarts Milli and Jim Hill Marlene and Chris Nielsen Richard and Deborah Polonsky Diane and Michael Stephens Anonymous

$50,000+ Mr. Douglas T. Burch, Jr.* Dr. and Mrs. Richard D. Campbell Erika E. Faust* Mrs. Joanne C. Fernbach Joan Halvajian Elaine and Carl Neuss Marcia Kay Radelet Mr. and Mrs. Philip E. Ridout Ms. Dea Stanuszek Dr. Daniel and Jeule Stein

$25,000+ Mr. William P. Conlin* and Mrs. Laila Conlin Mr. and Mrs. Donald French Mr. and Mrs. Peter Fuerbringer Mr. and Mrs. Noel Hamilton Dr. and Mrs. Chase Roh

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Mastrangelo Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Michel Charles Mosmann Carl Neisser Joan Rehnborg Dr. and Mrs. Henry Sobel Dr. and Mrs. Julio Taleisnik Marti and Walter Unger Gayle Widyolar, M.D. Sandi Wright-Cordes U.S. Bank Anonymous

Up to $24,999 Eleanor* and Jim Anderson John W. Benecke *Deceased Mr. and Mrs. Jim Burra Ana and Ron Dufault Hung Fan and Michael Feldman First American Trust Kimberly Dwan Bernatz Mr. John D. Flemming and Mr. Mark Powell Duke Funderburke Carolyn and John Garrett Karin Easter Gurwell Maralou and Jerry M. Harrington Mrs. Alice E. Hood Huntington Harbour Philharmonic Committee Marina Windjammer Group Judith and Kevin Ivey Ms. Lula Belle Jenkins Doris and Jim Kollias Mrs. Elizabeth C. Kramer Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Madracki

LEAVE A LEGACY Estate gifts allow our long-time subscribers and donors to leave an enduring legacy that helps ensure the long-term financial strength of the Philharmonic Society of Orange County. Please consider including us in your will, as either a percentage of your estate or a fixed amount. Doing so will support our commitment of presenting world-class programming and music education that enriches the cultural life of Orange County for generations to come. For more information, please contact 949.553.2422, ext. 233, or email


DONORS LEGACY CIRCLE MEMBERS Mr. and Mrs. James Alexiou Dr. and Mrs. Julio Aljure Diane and John Chimo Arnold Estate of Edra E. Brophy* Mr. James J. Brophy Mr. Douglas T. Burch, Jr.* Mr. William P. Conlin* and Mrs. Laila Conlin Pamela Courtial* Mr. Warren G. Coy Richard Cullen and Robert Finnerty Mr. Ben Dolson* Camille and Eric Durand Trust* Karen and Don Evarts Erika E. Faust* James and Judy Freimuth Ms. Carol Frobish*

The William Gillespie Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Milton S. Grier, Jr. Mr. Edward Halvajian* Ms. Joan Halvajian Ms. Marie Hiebsch* Mr. and Mrs. James R. Hill Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Hull Mr. Leonard Jaffe Judith and Howard Jelinek Dr. Burton L. Karson Donna L. Kendall Hank and Bonnie Landsberg Mrs. Carla Liggett Dr. William Lycette Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Michel Mr. and Mrs. Bart Morrow Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Nadler Eva Cebulski Olivier

Mrs. Frank M. Posch* Marcia Kay Radelet Marjorie Rawlins* Mrs. Ladislaw Reday* Elaine M. Redfield* Mr. Richard M. Reinsch* Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Salyer Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sebring Mr. H. Russell Smith* Ms. Dea Stanuszek Diane and Michael Stephens Vas Nunes Family Trust* Betty M. Williams* Anonymous

*Deceased Bold type indicates gifts of $50,000 or more. Please call the Philharmonic Society Development Department if you have included either the Philharmonic Society or the separate Philharmonic Foundation in your will or trust so that we may honor you as a member of the Legacy Circle. For more information, call (949) 553-2422, ext. 233, or visit: and click on Planned Giving.

ESTERHAZY PATRONS The Philharmonic Society is proud to recognize our dedicated patrons who have made a multi-year Esterhazy Patron pledge. We are grateful for their support, which has been largely responsible for enabling us to present the world’s most acclaimed symphony orchestras, chamber ensembles and soloists. Mr. and Mrs. James Alexiou Mr. and Mrs. Darrel Anderson A. Gary Anderson Family Foundation Mr. Gary N. Babick Ms. Tricia Babick Mrs. Alan Beimfohr Mr. and Mrs. John Carson Cheng Family Foundation Mrs. William P. Conlin Mr. Warren G. Coy Marjorie and Roger Davisson Mr. and Mrs. Jack Delman The Dirk Family Dr. and Mrs. Christopher Duma Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Emery Catherine Emmi Sam and Lyndie Ersan

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Freedland Margaret M. Gates—In memory of family Mr. William J. Gillespie Mr. and Mrs. Milton S. Grier, Jr. Maralou and Jerry M. Harrington Dr. and Mrs. Howard J. Jelinek Mr. and Mrs. Mark Chapin Johnson Drs. Siret and Jaak Jurison Donna L. Kendall Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Venelin Khristov Mr. and Mrs. Roger Kirwan Capt. Steve Lutz and Shala Shashani Lutz Professor Robert and Dr. Adeline Yen Mah

Mrs. Michael McNalley Drs. Vahe and Armine Meghrouni Mrs. Michael D. Nadler Elaine and Carl Neuss Mr. Thomas Nielsen Milena and Milan Panic Helen Reinsch Barbara Roberts Mrs. Michelle Rohé Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Salyer Elizabeth Segerstrom Mr. and Mrs. Douglas H. Smith Mrs. Eugenia D. Thompson Mrs. Elaine Weinberg Mr. and Mrs. George Wentworth Bobbitt and Bill Williams Anonymous


BOARD OF DIRECTORS OFFICERS Donna L. Kendall Chairman, CEO John Flemming Vice Chairman

Sabra Bordas Vice Chairman

Kimberly Dwan Bernatz Immediate Past Chairman

Stephen Amendt Secretary/Treasurer

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE John W. Benecke Development

JoAnn Fuerbringer Orange County Youth Symphony

Elaine P. Neuss Artistic and Marketing

Sabra Bordas Nominating

Jane K. Grier Member at Large

Douglas H. Smith Foundation

Hung Fan Laguna Beach Music Festival

Jean Felder President, The Committees

Jim Brophy

Margaret M. Gates

David Troob

Gary Capata

Wesley Kruse

Kim Weddon

Joanne C. Fernbach

Barbara Roberts

Kathryn Wopschall


ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF MARKETING AND PUBLIC RELATIONS Jean Hsu Chief Operating Officer / Vice President of Communications Marie Songco-Torres Senior Marketing & Public Relations Manager Jennifer Niedringhaus Marketing & Public Relations Associate

DEVELOPMENT Halim Kim Senior Director of Development Kevin Kwan Loucks Director of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships Katie Lockie Development Coordinator

ARTISTIC OPERATIONS Kathy Smith Piano Technician

FINANCE Roan Alombro Vice President of Finance Jessica Cho Finance Associate / HR Administrator

PATRON SERVICES Jonathan Mariott Director of Patron Services Angelica Nicolas Marketing & Patron Services Associate Randy Polevoi Musical Concierge

ORANGE COUNTY YOUTH SYMPHONY Johannes Müller Stosch Music Director & Conductor Cathy Olinger General Manager & OCYSE Conductor Danielle Culhane Operations & Personnel Manager


Sarah Little Vice President of Education & Community Engagement Heather Cromleigh Director of Volunteer & Education Services / Board Liaison

Moni Simeonov Coordinator of Strings Mathieu Girardet Coordinator of Winds Tristan Chilvers Assistant Manager & Librarian


THE PHILHARMONIC SOCIETY OF ORANGE COUNTY ABOUT US Founded in 1954 as Orange County’s first music organization, the Philharmonic Society of Orange County presents national and international performances of the highest quality and provides dynamic and innovative music education programs for individuals of all ages to enhance the lives of Orange County audiences through music. For more than 65 years the Philharmonic Society has evolved and grown with the county’s changing landscape, presenting artists and orchestras who set the standard for artistic achievement from Itzhak Perlman, Gustavo Dudamel, Yo-Yo Ma, and Renée Fleming to the Berlin Philharmonic, Vienna Philharmonic, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and many others. In addition, the Philharmonic Society celebrates multi-disciplinary performances under its Eclectic Orange brand and embraces music from a wide range of countries with its World Music performances. Its celebrated family concerts introduce children to classical music with creative and inspiring performances, instilling music appreciation for future generations.

The Philharmonic Society’s nationally recognized Youth Music Education Programs, offered free of charge, engage more than 100,000 students annually through curriculum-based music education programs that aim to inspire, expand imaginations, and encourage learning at all levels. These programs are made possible by the Committees of the Philharmonic Society comprised of 700 volunteer members who provide more than 90,000 hours of in-kind service each year.

As a key youth program, the exceptional Orange County Youth Symphony and String Ensemble provide top-tier training to the area’s most talented young musicians through multi-level ensemble instruction, leadership training, touring opportunities, challenging professional repertoire, and performances in world-class venues. The Philharmonic Society also promotes life-long learning by connecting with colleges and universities to conduct masterclasses and workshops and providing pre-concert lectures to introduce audiences to program selections.