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Theodyssey Legacy Fund

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest f we do not give up. Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, specially to those who belong to the family

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The Theodyssey Curriculum Project

An introduction You may be familiar with the ninemonth Theodyssey spiritual formation material. It has steadily evolved and filled-out over the years, proving to be a trustworthy roadmap to new life in Christ for a few thousand people. We are getting ready to go to print with this vital project. We describe the style as “St. Francis of Assisi meets Scion automobile.” It’s kind of “ancient/future,” or “modern/monastic.” This work will be fundamental to discipling the next generation of 20-somethings, and a catalyst for authentic spiritual renewal and growth throughout the church. This is the story of our journey.


Our beginning In 2005, the Theodyssey Board of Directors explored what it would take to disciple the next generation and to bring whole-life discipleship to a seeker-focused church. We knew that it would take the right tools, so we prayerfully committed to print the Theodyssey curriculum. Having a professionally produced set of books would enable us to distribute a life-changing curriculum for Christian spiritual development through the Theodyssey website, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Christian book distributors and other online retailers, to the millions of young (and older) adults looking for a pathway to knowing God. We have had offers from two major Christian publishers to print the material in its entirety. However, given the limitations imposed upon the work and the relatively small financial return, we have decided to publish it on our own. A lot of work, but we have the right team to do it.


The road we’ve traveled In late 2006, a designer named Paul Hamill got us started on the initial designs for the new curriculum. His creativity and vision was reflected in the review copy of Conversation One: Desire, which was completed in spring 2007. This review copy was distributed along with a survey form to about 100 individuals nationwide. This included people with expertise in psychology, organizational development, teaching, professional training, publishing, theology, ministry, leadership, and spiritual formation. Our review team spanned three generations across sixty years. The feedback was overwhelmingly enthusiastic, while at the same time, calling our attention to several issues that needed to be refined or reworked. It was great to receive confirmation that we were on the right track. In 2007 we realized we needed more design resources than we had available. We contracted with Cheryl Isaacson to take the material, address the issues raised by our evaluators, and to now design a professional work in spiritual formation targeted at the next generation.


Where we stand today Five of the ten Conversations have been published, and are currently being sold online. They’re already being used in Theodyssey tracks from Portland, OR to Auckland, New Zealand. We’re halfway there. What got us this far were the many generous gifts made by Legacy Fund partners– made up of supporters, participants, staff members, alumni, and friends– all of whom are passionate about life changing spiritual transformation. We’re now raising funds to complete the design and printing of the five remaining Conversations.

Why Theodyssey matters Here’s one of the many stories people have to share about the difference Theodyssey has made in their lives this past year. It’s from “Matthew,” a 22-year-old young man who was so full of self-hatred that he could only mumble because he couldn’t bear the sound of his own voice. I learned about hell when I was a kid. My heart had so much blackness in it I came to believe I was meant for hell. My parents divorced when I was ten and I never saw or heard from my dad again. I thought my dad left because something was wrong with me. I came to Theodyssey the first night with a buzz. Alcohol has helped me cope since I was 15. I thought you were a fake and full of [expletive deleted]. After class you asked me a risky question. You said, “ You look empty. How’s that working for you?” I was so stunned I didn’t know what to say.

And then one night it turned out to be my night. You pressed in when I gave a flip answer, and started carving away my defenses, and before I could run, I was left there in tears. The last time I cried was the night my dad left. Not everything in my life is different. But you say it takes 3-4 years to develop a new way of being. I’m cool with that. For the first time, I know Jesus is real, and that I matter to him. I’m changing. Thanks. Reaching people like “Matthew” is what our Conversations are all about.

But somebody noticed me. It made me want to come back. All of the journaling, the questions in the material, the retreat, and the prayer times gave me confidence God was real.


Why the new curriculum is essential Name a Christian church that is engaging 20-somethings in the process of biblical, whole life transformation? Name a curriculum that engages the next generation Christ-follower in biblical, whole life spiritual formation? No response? You’re not alone. Yet, the future of the church is the next generation.

That’s why Theodyssey is for such a time as this. The Theodyssey workbooks were designed to create an honest conversation about Christian spirituality by exploring ten different themes. Each one is broken up into small, easily digested pieces with meaningful visuals and plenty of space for the reader to jot down their personal reflections along the journey. The curriculum consists of ten books called Conversations, including topics such as: Desire, Father, Architexture, Godwalking, Excavation, Sexuality, Navigate, Contend, Morph, and Belong. It has been highly effective at facilitating whole life, Christian spiritual transformation. We designed the curriculum to be self-directed, making it easy to use either in small groups or on ones own. We’re also redesigning our website to provide a support network online, so both participants and leaders can journey together the process of spiritual growth.


What your contribution means Picture a vibrant curriculum that creates an interactive place to have a conversation about spiritual life. Ten engaging workbooks that provide a year of in-depth study and direction, translated into Mandarin, Spanish, Hindi, Tagalog, German and more!

The gift that continues to give

  The new curriculum will help provide a revenue stream that will support our goal of discipling the next generation, and to train up the leaders at all levels to make this possible. Our short-term goal of 200 trained spiritual directors is within reach during the next several years. Think of the influence this group can have for Christ!

That’s the future of Theodyssey, and today you can decide to be a significant partner in reaching it. Join us in this extraordinary opportunity to bring the next generation of leaders worldwide into a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ. If you’re interested in partnering with us to complete this exciting cucciculum project, please return the enclosed response card with your gift. Gifts may also be made in honor or in memoriam of a loved one. All contributions are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law (see your tax professional concerning your own situation). Theodyssey Group is a registered 501(c)3 Non-profit organization operating under Federal Tax I.D. #20-2693286.


Theodyssey Group PMB 165 117 Bernal Road, #70 San Jose, CA 95119 (408) 226-5590

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