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Magazine PARENTING SPECIAL NEEDS Magazine is a fresh and effective vehicle that fills a need and provides vital information that reaches the special needs community. In addition, we are a FREE, bi-monthly, online publication. We cover all the ages and stages of guiding children/individuals with special needs.

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• FREE bimonthly magazine. Why FREE? It allows the special needs community to spend money on your product or service. Parenitng Special Needs Magazine is the first Free Magazine dedicated to the “Special Needs”. I know first hand, becoming a parent of a special needs child has changed my life forever, and in ways I never thought possible. My special needs child has taught me many lessons and I believe made me a better person. Our Mission is to create change through understanding by sharing information and uniting the Special Needs Community. Working together towards a goal of tolerance, acceptance and a limitless life for all individuals with different abilities. ~ Chantai Snellgrove Founder, Parenting Special Needs Magazine

• We cover all of the Disabilities. • We empower parents, caregivers, teachers & friends of special needs individuals by providing resources, information and inspiration. • You will make a difference in people’s lives. • It makes sense to advertise directly to those who have a real need for your product or services. We see this as a win-win situation. It brings more business to your business while helping the special needs community. Join our mission to help create change through understanding and to unite the “world wide” special needs community.

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90% of digital readers are “very satisfied” or “satisfied” with their digital magazine.

Digital Readers Take Action. Over 91% of all digital edition readers take one or more actions when reading advertisements or articles.

92% of digital edition readers read their issue within a week and over 52% read it immediately or the same day.

61% of digital readers have read 3 or 4 of the last four issues, similar to the rate for an “average” print reader.

The “Big 3” Reasons for Reading Digital. Environmental friendliness, ease of saving, and convenience of searching. Results across age group, gender and occupation show similar satisfaction and preferences.

Reading multiple articles per issue is the norm for digital magazine readers, similar to a print magazine.

April-May 2009 conducted by Texterity, Inc. Methodology and results certified by BPA Worldwide with support from Mediamark Research & Intelligence

Dedicated to

BRAVO on such an awesome magazine! It makes me very excited--both as a writer/author AND as a mom of special needs children--to see a wonderful publication like yours.

“Special Needs”

~ Chynna L. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Parenting Magazine

PSN READERSHIP PROFILE Our readers are well-educated, consumer oriented parents who put the needs of their children and family first. • • • • • • •

68% of our readers are college educated women between the ages of 25 and 65 with buying power for their family. 91% of readers find Parenting Special Needs helpful 60% of our readers are married. 70% of our readers have an annual income of over $55,000. 56% have children age 5 and up. Average 2 children per household. 73% have discovered a New Product or Resources through Parenting Special Needs Magazine. 64% use the advertisements in Parenting Special Needs to make purchasing decisions.

Source: PSN 2009 Survey

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EVERY ISSUE OF PSN EDITORIAL SHARES… “REAL LIFE” profiles: Sharing their stories, life lessons to make a difference

Health and fitness: Being healthy role models for your kids through nutrition and fitness fun Education & IEP Help: Information and advice to help your

child in school

Relationship Rescue: Child development and family

relationships. Experts answer your questions and give solid advice

Products, Books, Toys, CDs, Games: Check it out; new and useful products your family can use

Ages & Stages: Everything you need to know from early I read about Top Soccer for the first time in the Parenting Special Needs magazine. I want to thank you for making me aware of an opportunity that has blessed us with countless smiles! You see, my daughter, Lindsey, has always wanted to play soccer, so when I heard they were having signups for Top Soccer in our area, I rushed to sign her up, but was nervous that even this may be be too overwhelming, and she would not participate. Today, though, my fears of this were replaced with excitement and happiness, as I watched my daughter give me the thumbs up sign at practice after she scored two goals!

intervention, school years, vocational training, college, work and social life

Did you Know? Information and Resources to help navigate

your course

TIP’s: to simplify your life from Supermarket $avings to therapy Disability Awareness, What is it?: Highlighting various

disorders to raise awareness

editorial subject to change without notice.

~Jennie Lyon

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Circulation & Distribution DISTRIBUTION:

We are viewed world-wide with a minimum of 70,000 copies of PARENTING SPECIAL NEEDS MAGAZINE currently delivered.

EVENTS PARENTING SPECIAL NEEDS MAGAZINE targets parents, grandparents, caregivers and teachers with distribution at conferences, expos and other special events attractive to the special needs parent.


DID YOU KNOW... Of the 69.6 million families in the United States, more than 20 million have at least one family member with a disability. It is estimated that 10.2 million children in the United States have special health care needs.

Copies of PARENTING SPECIAL NEEDS MAGAZINE are distributed as a value-add through selected marketing partners and retailers, as well as through PSN Partners for PSN Parents. This program provides targeted distribution to membership-based organizations that share Parenting Special Needs Magazine’s mission of serving the special needs families. In addition, our content is distributed to over a million readers world-wide through our “Partner Publication” agreements that we have established in target market areas. Parenting Special Needs Magazines is proud that the following organizations have joined with us to support our mission to unite the special needs community in our PSN Partners for PSN Parents initiative . (Not all partners are shown)

Don’t Miss An Opportunity! Place Your Ad Today! CALL Judy Jaszcz Sales and Marketing Tel: 772-342-7678

Photo by Charise Augustine Photography

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PSN Advertising Rates

Affordable advertising opportunities for any budget.


Back Cover Inside Front or Back Cover

Ad SIze Full Page

2 Page Spread 2/3 Page

SPECIAL OPPORTUNITIES AVAILABLE Our sales representative will be happy to discuss all of our sponsorship possibilities. • EVERYDAY HEROES






Open Rate









$3000 $1475 $825

1/2 Page

1/3 Vertical


1/4 Page*






$745 $455

Ad SIze


Open Rate


1/6 1/12

Button Ad:











Top right panel

Top middle right panel

Navigational bar, left panel











$435 $325

Inline rectangle:




Inline square:








1/2 spread



Open Rate $1850


When you advertse with Parenting Special Needs Magazine, we make sure your advertising dollars go farther. Purchasing a premium or full page ad guarantees a web ad and a lisitng in our PSN Blue Pages Directory.

Photo by Sarah Cook of Cookwire Photography

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Advertising Specs & Options

Select either Bleed or Non-Bleed diemensions. If you select Bleed, keep all important content 1/4 inch from trim.



2 Page Spread

8.375”w X 10.875”h 16.75”w X 10.875”h

7.625”w X 10.125”h

16.75”w X 5.25”h

15.25”w X 5.25”h

Full Page

2/3 Page

1/2 Spread

1/2 Vertical

1/2 Horizontal 1/3 Vertical 1/4 page

NON-BLEED 15.25”w X 10.125”h

4.875”w X 10.875”h

4.5”w X 10.125”h

4”w X 10.875”h

3.625”w X 10.125”h

2.75”w X 10.125”h

2.375”w X 10.125”h

8.375”w X 5.25”h

7.625”w X 4.875”h


3.625”w X 5”h


The perfect place to advertise for small independent companies that have a product or service for the special needs community.

1/4 Vertical 1/4 Horizintal 1/6 Vertical 1/6 Horizontal 1/12

7”w x 2.4375”h 7.625”w x 2.4375”h 2.4375”w x 4.625”h 5”w x 2.25”h 2.4375”w x 2.25”h


Inline square: Top right panel Inline rectangle: Top middle right panel Button Ad: Navigational bar, left panel

SIZE IN PIXELS 300 X 250 300 X 90 120 x 90


Parenting Special Needs Magazine is produced on a bimonthly schedule. Each issue will be posted live between the 5th and 8th of the month. Insertion order due: 10th of the month for next month’s issue Artwork due: 15th of the month for next month’s issue

PRODUCTION GUIDELINES We require all ad materials be submitted in a digital format. Supplied materials that do not comply with the following specifications will be corrected and advertiser billed for the required production. Accepted Formats: InDesign for Macintosh with associated graphic files and fonts, Tiff or PDF (preferred) also .swf and .fla files. No SWF created in SWISH, only Flash. No html files. Links can be embedded. Please specify on insertion order. Ad Sizes: Spread files should be set up as two single facing pages. All ads must be created to exact size specifications on the rate card, or will incur charges for resizing or returned for modification. Fonts: All native format files must be accompanied by the screen and printer fonts used in those files. Black type on white background should be defined as 100% black only. Photos and Graphics: Image Resolution - 300 DPI. Minimum resolution of 200 DPI. CMYK Colorspace - Use a CMYK Colorspace. (PDFs with RGB Colorspaces are not acceptable.) Multi-media: Please see next page. Shipping instructions: Please e-mail ad material to if the file size is under 10 MB. For larger files, email your sales rep for FTP instructions. Please contact us at 772-532-4423 with any questions.

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PSN Market Place

ACCOMMODATING ANY BUDGET The perfect place to advertise for small independent companies that have a product or service for the special needs community.

PSN Market Place Sample Page:


Best Resource Serving the Special Needs Community

1/6 PG Marketplace Ad

1/12 PG Marketplace Ad

1/4 PG Marketplace Ad

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Magazine (Your company name or logo here)


Special Sponsorship Opportunities Available This exclusive sponsorship/advertising opportunity is available. Our sales representative will be happy to discuss possibilities. Your company can proudly be the sponsor of this section of our website and magazine. “Everyday Heroes” is anyone that has made a difference or impact in a child’s life. Included within the picture is an original song aptly named “Everyday Heroes” that plays as readers learn more about these special people. Anyone can nominate a hero. PSN Features one hero per issue.

Great EXPOSURE & ADVERTISING opportunity for any company. Ask our sales representative for rates. To advertise please e-mail



PSN Blue Pages

REFERENCE GUIDE FOR READERS Parenting Special Needs Magazine classified resource directory (called the “PSN Blue Pages”), is located in the back of Parenting Special Needs Magazine and acts as a reference guide for all readers. It gives contact information and a brief description of any company. For less than $40 dollars a month, your company’s details will be listed under the relevant heading for a year (six issues) of Parenting Special Needs Magazine.

Thank you so much for the important information you share in your magazine, as well as the mission to make a positive difference in the world!

This opportunity is available to educational consultants, psychologists, educational diagnosticians, health care providers, academic therapists, tutors, speech language therapists, occupational therapists, coaches, advocates, and attorneys for children with disabilities, special education schools, learning centers, treatment programs, parent groups, respite care, community centers, grassroots organizations, government programs and all other companies, which may wish to use this method in addition to their normal annual advertising campaigns. If you would like to be listed in the PSN Blue Pages directory, just contact our sales representative for order forms and rates.


PSN BLUE PAGES Therapists (oT/PT/SPeeCh) Therapy Services Center



CAroLiNA rehABiLiTATioN SPeCiALiSTS, iNC. 1025 Brevard Road, Suite 10 Asheville, NC 28806 TEL: (828) 670-8056 FAX: 828) 670-8057 et Email: info@carolinarehab.n Web: atric We are a group of licensed pedi speech language pathologists, ical occupational therapists, phys early therapists, and ITFS-certified We interventionists in Western NC. ares, serve children in homes, dayc and other community settings.

qBS, iNC. PO Box 6221 United States TEL: 866-429-9211 FAX: 508-429-9212 om Web: www.qbscompanies.c Now, Helping Your Family Be Safe has Quality Behavioral Solutions ilies, developed Safety-Care for Fam a training program for family ders members and other stakehol working with behaviorally home challenging individuals in a or home-like setting.

ATTorNey’S dANieL m. AJeLLo, eSq. 1550 Richmond Ave., Ste 201 Staten Island, NY 10314 Tel: (718) 494-3800 Fax: (718) 494-3824 Email: GETFAPE@AOL.COM /

LiNdAmood-BeLL LeArNiNg CeNTer D 2864 Dauphin Street, Suite Mobile, AL 36606 TEL: (251) 473-6808; Fax: (251) 473-6807 (fax) Email: om Web: www.LindamoodBell.c er Internationally-renowned lead in educational instruction and itive research, offers sensory-cogn and issues surrounding language literacy development, including rthe symptoms of dyslexia, hype and lexia, attention-deficit disorder, autism.

BLoSSom moNTeSSori SChooL for The deAf 14088 Icot Blvd. Clearwater, FL 33760 TEL: (727) 539-7879; Fax: (727) 539-7627 Email: g rengwall@blossomschool.or g Web: www.blossomschool.or eduri tesso Mon ides prov Blossom ired, cation for deaf, hearing impa and children of deaf adults from well pre-K through 8th grade, as as a limited number of hearing students.

Psychologist NANCy CASoN, PSy.d., CLiNiCAL PSyChoLogiST Clinical Psychologist 4155 E. Jewell Ave, Suite 1005 Denver, CO 80222 TEL: (303) 935-5307 Email:

ABA ACAdemy 8950 Dr ML King Street N, ultaTer CeN iC euT Assessment, therapy and cons rAP AvoN The sed To advertise please e-mail Suite 170 Licen , ages with all an Attorney of ls am I idua LLC indiv N, for dre tion ChiL for nt, Saint Petersburg, FL 33702 Teacher,and special needs pare autism spectrum disorders. Tel:(727) 576-7600; eet, Suite D reas of Special



MULTI-MEDIAL SPECS VIDEO/AUDIO: Video must be uploaded in FLV video format. Audio must be uploaded in MP3 audio format.


* Please supply animation as Flash 6. Any ActionScript in Flash files must be written in version 2.0. You must supply both .swf and .fla files. * Make sure there is no white space around the edge of the Flash animation. Use a transparent background to define the correct area of the animation. * Set the Flash file to a frame rate of 30 fps. * For animations that shouldn’t loop, please “action script” it as such. * Any action script used in the animations cannot use the root reference. It must instead use parent references. * If you wish links to be tracked via BlueToad’s statistics package, there should be no links in the animations we are given. We will create the links so they can be tracked. * There is no file size limit on animations, but for loading purposes, the files should be as small as possible. * Images should be set to lossless compression instead of photo compression. * The size of vector-based animations will be variable based on the uploaded PDF. They will retain the same pixel width as the original. Zoom factor 1 = 960px wide. Zoom factor 2 = 1100 px wide. Zoom factor 3 = 1225 px wide. Nonstandard pages can have smaller widths within the publication. To get the dimensions of a specific page, go into the Replace Page dialog in the setup app for that particular page. That is how you can find out what size the SWF needs to be. * Any user-interactive elements (e.g., buttons) must use the following two functions to disable and then re-enable the container SWF’s control over interactions:

1. _root.overButton(); (to deactivate the container SWF’s control over viewer events) 2. _root.outButton(); (to reactivate the container SWF’s control over viewer events) For example: btn_mc.onRollOver = function(){ _root.overButton(); …} btn_mc.onRollOut = function(){ _root.outButton(); …} stop();

Multi-media insertions charges are $175 per insertion

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Parenting Special Needs Magazine Mediakit  

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