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I’ll Bet You Didn’t Know That … By: Ethan Watson  The first Thanksgiving Feast was three days long.  The first Thanksgiving had some foods that we don’t associate with Thanksgiving today: rabbit, chicken, lobster, beans, and onions were part of the first Thanksgiving.  Although the Mayflower left from Plymouth, England on its voyage to America, the Pilgrims did not name Plymouth Rock (where the Mayflower landed) after Plymouth, England. It was a total coincidence that they landed at a place that was already named Plymouth.  Squanto ( who served as an interpreter for the Native Americans and the settlers) actually used his power of knowing how to speak English to frighten his tribe members into doing what he said by telling them he would tell the Pilgrims to “release the plague” if they disobeyed him.  During a meal, children in Plymouth Colony could not sit down or talk. They had to serve their parents during the meal, and they ate after the adults were finished.  In the year 1939, store managers asked Franklin Roosevelt to move Thanksgiving Day to the third Thursday in November (Thanksgiving is traditionally on the fourth Thursday in November) so people had more days of holiday shopping. Roosevelt moved Thanksgiving, but most Americans still celebrated it on the original date. Two years later, Mr. President realized what a mistake he had made and moved Thanksgiving back to its original position on our calendars.  After the Mayflower returned from America, it went to France for trading. Later, the Mayflower was sold as scrap material.  The Pilgrims didn’t use forks. They had knives and spoons, but used their hands instead of forks.

 There were originally two boats that sailed for America; the Speedwell began to leak and the boats returned to shore. Unfortunately, the Speedwell was not in any shape to sail again, so the passengers of the Speedwell boarded the Mayflower.  The day we currently celebrate Thanksgiving was NOT the date of the first Thanksgiving. The first Thanksgiving took place between September 21st and November 11th.

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Sources List “The Old Farmer’s Almanac for Kids: Volume Four” by many different contributors copyrighted in 2011 by Yankee Publishing Inc. in Dublin, New Hampshire

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