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The January 2021 Gardens Gate Port St. Lucie Botanical Gardens

The Gardens Through The Eyes Of Dennis Plant


Happy New Year from the Garden Center Garden Center, Pavilion & Gift Shop Hours: Thursday, Friday & Saturday 10am - 1pm Sunday 12pm - 3pm


13 Succulents That Can Propagate From Cuttings


Art Show in The Gardens


2410 SE Westmoreland Boulevard Port St. Lucie, FL 34952 Phone: 772.337.1959 Fax: 772.237.5952 Core Volunteers: 772.302.4393 E-mail: Web:

Garden Center, Pavilion & Gift Shop Hours: Thursday - Saturday 10:00am - 1:00pm Sunday 12:00pm - 3:00pm Gardens Hours: 8:00am- 5:30pm 7-days a week PETS ARE NOT PERMITTED IN THE GARDENS Suggested Donations: Adults $5 • Students $2 Children 12 & Under Welcome Free for FPSLBG Members and Active Military with family (IDs required)

Mission Statement... Friends’ mission is to create and maintain a beautiful, serene sanctuary in the center of Port St. Lucie that is environmentally sound and naturally diverse and to provide educational, cultural and recreational opportunities for all who visit.

Officers & Directors... President: Vice President: Secretary: Treasurer: Directors:

Heather Furnari Jeff Chambers Mary Petrone Brenda Gustafson John Erickson Dale Johnson Laura Mehr Judy Nash-Wade Michelle Peterson Tim Sutton Beth Willard

Standing Committee Chairs... Election Committee:

Stephanie Alessandrini-Giarraffa Brenda Gustafson Laura Mehr Brenda Gustafson

Finance Committee: Gift Shop Committee: Horticulture Committee: Membership & Volunteer Committee: Judy Nash-Wade Resource Development Committee: Heather Furnari Strategic Planning Committee: Michelle Peterson

Newsletter... Editor & Design:

Mark Barnes

The Gardens is managed and operated by Friends of the Port St. Lucie Botanical Gardens, Inc., a non-profit 501(c)(3) public charity organization, that was founded to help support the daily operations of The Gardens. Friends volunteers provide hands-on daily oversight of the facility, including staffing to handle the many visitors year round. Please consider becoming a member of Friends. Friends' is a 100% volunteer organization. In all cases, donations are deductible to the extent allowed by law.


Dear Friends, Again, this month the “Friends” wants to thank each and every volunteer who has kept the gardens an oasis during this time. The gardens became solace and hope to many this past year. We have seen people who just needed to get out for a breath of fresh air and let nature sooth them. We have had guests who have started a garden and have come to us for plants and advice. We’ve had guests getting married in the different garden rooms and guests who’ve chosen to celebrate the life of someone special. We have had school classes come to study out in the garden as well as home schooled children with their moms/dads. My favorites are the families who are spending time together by strolling through the gardens, spotting our resident gopher tortoises and finding that flower or plant that intrigues them. The gardens are truly a place for everyone. Again, volunteers create and maintain this oasis and we need them and you to stay involved and know how much it’s appreciated not just by the “Friends” but by all the visitors who come. With the new year, we now see a light out of this as we proceed with our due diligence. Public events are starting up with all precautions in place to make for a safe and enjoyable time. Keep your eye on the schedule, and on social media for updates. We look forward to more visitors and growth to the gardens in 2021. New garden areas are in the planning and we can’t wait for you to see them. So, come by for a visit or volunteer some time. Your support is key.

Heather Furnari President


What’s Going on at the Port St. Lucie Botanical Gardens in


H o u r s : T h u r s d a y, Fr i d a y & S at u r d a y 10:00am - 1:00pm & Sunday 12pm - 3pm 5


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(above) New seating area. Lucie loves the company.

Garden Volunte Eric & Sherry Catalin Laura Mehr, K Shore & Laura Brady

(left) New Bamboo Display just completed. Thanks to Designer, Laura Brady, and builders, Merv Yearwood & Gene Kovacs New Project in the works. Art Palette for the Art Show. 8

Horticulture Chair’s, Laura Mehr & Brenda Gustafson w/Don rushing to our next new project!

KC’s Corner –Created by KC Shore and built with the assistance of Jeremy Shore

n eers,


Thank you to all of our Garden Center Volunteers for the fantastic job accomplished during this year of Covid. We have added lots of new displays and seating areas. We couldn’t have done it without your talents and dedication.! Brenda & Laura

KC &

Our Lead Propagator, Amy Kutzler. She is Super!





The Gardens The Gardens need donations of the following items in mint to good condition. • • • • • •

1-Gallon Plastic Pots Clay pots Ceramic Planters Yard Art Copy Paper Plants to Propagate

• • • •

Home Improvements Gift Cards Spray Nozzles TLC Garden Tools Volunteers New Members


Rio Lindo Club making garden stepping stones

(Left) Heather Furnari, President and Jeff Chambers, VP sharing space in the Secret Garden during a meeting. More seating to come.

Art Palette getting ready for the Art Show. Come and see the unveiling at our 2nd Annual Art Show January 2nd & 3rd.

Sun Grove Montessori School visiting the Gardens as part of a on-going Horticulture learning experience.

Welcome Center Volunteers—Valerie Davis-Bailey and Founding Member Eleanor Epler.


Visitors enjoying lunch in the gardens.

The Dixon Family enjoying our kid-sized venue

The Castillo Family taking a break!

Donation from Richard Ohweiler

Dale Galiano speaking at the Gardens for the Rio Lindo Club

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OOPS! Our new mulch and soil bins exploded with too much mulch!

Gardens visitors Renee Miles and Crystal Dow enjoying the new Lucie's Lounge in the Garden Center

Sammy the Alligator sunning along the pond shores!

Can you name this duck strolling along the gardens pond?


We are currently booking Wedding Ceremonies and Events for 75 guests and under inside our Pavilion and up to 100 in our outside venues. These dates are being booked fast. Email Heather at NOW to reserve your date! As we are in changing times, we will be evolving along with them due to the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID-19 Protocol recommendations are in place and required for ALL events. A floor plan with social distancing and signed COVID-19 Addendum is required to book your event. Thank You.



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In celebration of our Ten-Year Anniversary, The Friends of the Port St. Lucie Botanical Gardens, Inc., is offering a Special Ten-Year Individual Membership to the first 100 Individuals to sign up. The “Ten-Year Anniversary Membership� is available for $250.00 per person and makes the perfect gift for those on your Holiday gift giving list. We now have two (2) payment options. We offer a one time payment option of $250, or you can select our subscription plan and pay $50 monthly over a 5 month period.

This offer will expire on March 31, 2021 (extended) or when all 100 Special Memberships have been sold, whichever comes first. Additionally, all Ten-Year Memberships will expire on January 1, 2031 regardless of current membership expiration date.

A Special Membership Dedication Plaque with the names of all Ten-Year Special Members will be created and displayed in the lobby of the Botanical Gardens. Get Yours Today by CLICKING


In all cases, donations are deductible to the extent allowed by law. Friends is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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13 Succulents That Can Propagate From Cuttings If you love succulents, and you want to grow more at home, it is easy! In this article we explain how to get them free from the mother plant. What varieties do you have? Check them out with us to see what you can grow from cuttings.

#1 Kalanchoe

Plants from the kalanchoe family are the best succulents to grow from cuttings. You can propagate kalanchoes from leaves easily. Please me sure not to propagate the ‘Mother of a Million’ Kalanchoe as it is invasive.

#2 Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is the most popular houseplant with many medicinal properties. Apart from several benefits, it’s drought-tolerant and low maintenance, thriving on neglect. You can propagate aloe vera from its leaves. You can also plant it from a stem cutting as well if the plant has matured enough with a woody stem.

#3 Echeveria

To plant more echeveria, start with a leaf-cutting by just placing the leaf onto the soil, and the root will emerge in a few weeks, along with new leaves.

#4 Haworthia

This houseplant is an attractive small succulent, also known as the zebra cactus. It features rosettes of plumped green leaves, with white bands. To propagate it, pluck off a healthy leaf from the stem and lay on a well-draining soil and it will grow.

#5 Burro’s Tail

Burro’s tail produces long, hanging stems, it is one of the most beautiful houseplants. Propagate it by cutting the stems and allow them to heal for 5-6 days. Plant it in a pot filled with a succulent mix. It is one of the best succulents to propagate from cuttings on this list.

#6 Crown of Thorns

You can grow this succulent indoors or outdoors, as it can survive well in droughts. It can be easily propagated from cuttings in the spring.

#7 Jade Plant

Crassula ovata is popularly known as a lucky plant and can purify the air indoors. To propagate the plant from cuttings, choose a healthy 3-4 inches long stem and allow it to dry until it calluses over and then push the leaf or stem into succulent soil.

#8 Sedum

Sedums are also a good succulent to grow from cuttings. To propagate, pluck off a 6-inch long cutting from the tip of the plant and stick the bottom half into the soil.

#9 Wax Plant

Known for its stunning star-shaped, wax-like white flowers and leathery leaves, Hoya is a popular houseplant. You can propagate it from stem cutting in spring or summer by snipping off a healthy 4 -5 inches long stem with 2-4 leaves and roots, placing the stem that has roots into succulent soil, 24

then put the container in indirect sunlight.

#10 Aptenia

Also known as the baby sun rose, Aptenia forms red or magenta-purple flowers from spring to fall. You can propagate aptenia by cutting 3-5 inches long stem from a healthy plant, and allow it to heal for 2-3 days in a dry place, then plant it in a potting mix.

#11 Aeonium

ThĂ­s plant can be many colors with its colorful leaves in red, cream, and chartreuse shades. It features thick spoon-like, puffy leaves in a rosette pattern. You can propagate this succulent from 3-4 inches stem cutting any time of the year. As with the others, let the leaf end callus and then place on soil.

#12 String of Pearls

Strings of pearls is a perfect trailing houseplant producing beautiful rounded, bead-like small leaves and white fragrant flowers. You can propagate strings of pearls from stem cuttings.

#13 String of Bananas

Strings of banana produce small white, yellow, or lavender colored flowers and banana-shaped leaves all year round. Stem cuttings from a healthy plant can be easily propagated.


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