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The Student Government Association of Hillside High School Cordially Presents

The Coronation of Mister & Miss Hillside 2016

Sunday, the Fifteenth of January Two Thousand Seventeen Four o’clock in the Afternoon Hillside High School Theatre 3727 Fayetteville Street Durham, NC 27707

Welcome To st

“A 21 Century Renaissance: Harlem, Hillside, History�

Featuring Mister Hillside 2016 Zakee Simmons & Miss Hillside 2016 Kayla Boone

Hillside’s Renaissance (Source: Hillside History Book # 2) “Hillside has come a long way since it first existed as a small grade school in the 1880’s. The educational goals which its founders set at that early date have, in the opinion of many, been realized in Hillside High School today. Between 1887 and 1896, Whitted School changed location at least three times due to fire Whitted School became Hillside Park High School when the location was changed to Umstead Street. The location of the school changed one more time to Concord Street in 1950. By that time it arrived at its latest home, Hillside Park had become Hillside High School.

Harlem’s Renaissance It was the name given to the cultural, social, and artistic explosion that took place in Harlem between the end of World War I and the middle of the 1930s. During this period Harlem was a cultural center, drawing black writers, artists, musicians, photographers, poets, and scholars. Its essence was summed up by critic and teacher Alain Locke in 1926 when he declared that through art, “Negro life is seizing its first chances for group expression and self determination During the time, it was known as the "New Negro Movement," named after the 1925 anthology by Alain Locke. The Movement also included the new AfricanAmerican cultural expressions across the urban areas in the Northeast and Midwest United States affected by the African-American Great Migration,[1] of which Harlem was the largest. The Harlem Renaissance was considered to be a rebirth of African-American arts.[2] Though it was centered in the Harlem neighborhood of the borough of Manhattan in New York City, many francophone black writers from African and Caribbean colonies who lived in Paris were also influenced by the Harlem Renaissance

Greetings from the Principal January 15, 2017 Greetings Hillside High School: On behalf of the faculty, staff, and administration, it gives me pleasure to be able to welcome you to the coronation of our 2016-17 Mr. and Miss Hillside High School. I am elated that your schedule permitted your attendance for such a festive event. As the principal, I congratulate Kayla Boone and Zakee Simmons on capturing the high sought after title of Mr. and Miss Hillside High. Both Zakee and Kayla have worked tremendously hard to earn their respective titles and have demonstrated their commitment to Hillside’s creed over the past three years. They exemplify what it means to S.W.A.R.M. in and outside of school. Again, thank you for celebrating the crowning of two amazing students and we strongly encourage you to continue to support our beloved Hillside High School. SWARMing with Pride,

William Logan, Ph.D., Principal

About Mister Hillside 2016

Zakee Simmons Zakee Simmons is the son of LaTida Adams and Antonio Simmons, and the brother of Miss Brylliant Adams (Miss Hillside 2011). He loves God, music, playing sports, working with children and traveling with my family. Zakee is full of energy, love, FAITH and charm. He enjoys reading and watching documentaries about influential people that were great leaders. They inspired him to continue to be a leader. In 2014, Zakee continued the legacy started by his grandfather started in 1977, by being crowned Mr. Sophomore. Zakee is a student of the Business and Finance Academy at Hillside High School. Last school year he was honored to be the bank manager. BFA taught Zakee how to

be a successful entrepreneur. He is the owner of Young Music Ent “DJ SOLO”. Zakee participates in different community events where he can offer his DJ services. He loves giving back to his community. “I love Hillside. I am delighted to run for Mr. Hillside. I know I can make a difference as the school ambassador and will represent my school with pride and dignity” Zakee says. Zakee has participated in several extra curricula activities at Hillside which has helped him to build his leadership and interpersonal skills. He is a part of the Hillside High School varsity football team, Future Business Leaders of America, Upward Bound Program, and serves as secretary for Kappa League. Zakee attends World Overcomers Christian Church where he is a member of the praise and worship team and 12 Deep Mentoring Discipleship Program.

About Miss Hillside 2016

Kayla Boone Kayla DeAnna Boone was born April 15, 1999 to Pam TillmanBoone and Diaz Boone in Chapel Hill, NC. Kayla is a senior at Hillside High School in the International Baccalaureate Program and strives for excellence in all that she does. She currently serves as Head Dean of Theta Phi Delta Community Service Organization, is a varsity cheerleader and won Miss Junior (20152016). Kayla is a faithful member of Mt. Level Missionary Baptist Church and serves as Youth Choir President. She is also a member of the Dance Ministry; Vice President of the Gavel Club (public speaking

organization) and serves on various programs as needed throughout the church. Kayla volunteers as often as she can with UNC TV Telethon, cleaning up parks and entertaining children. She was the recipient of the Mayor’s Award for volunteering for over 100 hours during the summer in 2010 and 2011. This summer Kayla had the honor of volunteering for a week at the Camp Carefree, a camp for children with Sickle Cell Disease which she said was an AWESOME experience! Kayla’s true passion is helping people. She truly believes that God has allowed us to prosper and move forward in life so that we can reach back and help those that are in need.

Mister & Miss Hillside Coronation 2016 Theme: “A 21st Century Renaissance: Harlem, Hillside, History� Masters of Ceremony: Mr. Austin Hogan, Mister John Batey, & Miss Elaijah Gibbs-Jones The Welcome and The Occasion

The Processional Presentation of Clubs and Organizations Court Tribute Presentation of Mister and Miss Hillside Court

Presentation of Mister and Miss Hillside 2016-2017 Mister Zakee Simmons ~ Miss Kayla Boone

Dance Tributes

The Coronation Ceremony (Crowning of Mister & Miss Hillside 2016) Performance by Chorus Members Special Thanks & Closing Remarks Mister Hillside Zakee Simmons ~ Miss Hillside Kayla Boone Student Government Advisor ~ Ms. Nelda Caddell Principal- Dr. William T. Logan, III

The Recessional (A Light Reception Will Follow in the Main Lobby.)

The 2016-2017 Hillside High School Coronation Participants 2016 -2017 Mister Hillside Mister Zakee Simmons 2016-2017 Miss Hillside Miss Kayla Boone 2016-2017 Mister and Miss Hillside Court Mister Hillside Court Miss Hillside Court Mister Kamari Norman Miss Nya Melvin Mister Dyriec Johnson Miss Jada Hatchett Mister Olisaemeka Udemadu Miss Kaleayah Minor 2016-2017 Homecoming Court Mister Jeaven Curry Mister Deion Via Mister David Madzivanyika Mister Brian Harrison

King & Queen Junior Sophomore Freshman

Miss Elexis Walden Miss Kayla Beasley Miss Mareya Sanders Miss Niyah Reaves

2015-2016 Mister and Miss Hillside Mister Ahmad Richardson & Miss Imani Hawley SGA Representatives Senior Class President Miss Elaijah Gibbs-Jones escorted by Student Body President Mister John Batey, Jr. SGA Vice President Miss Adora Harris escorted by SGA Representative Mister Israel Hinton Senior Class Vice President Miss Mya Reid escorted by Senior Class Representative Mister Richard Cherry SGA Secretary Miss Jasmine Woody escorted by Junior Class President Mister Michael McGirt

The 2016-2017 Hillside High School Coronation Participants Cont’d Dance Company Miss Nina Kerr escorted by Mister Ashton Farrar Drama Department Miss Daniella Ochman escorted by Mister Nasjah Batts FBLA Miss Xitalli Mendez escorted by Mister Caleb Owens JROTC Miss Sheridan Taylor escorted by Mister Altyriek Cummings Ladies of Kappa League & the Kappa Leadership Development League Miss Taylor Redfearn escorted by Mister Jaylon Sterverson Lambda Zeta Chi & Chi Omega Lambda Miss Brittany Brown escorted by Mister Deion Williams Theta Phi Delta & Theta Phi Psi Miss Alexandra Simpson escorted by Mister Kinique Walters

The 2016-2017 Hillside High School Coronation Participants Cont’d 2016-2017 Student Government Association (Thank you for providing technical support!)

SGA Council  John Batey Jr.  Adora Harris  Reginald Brunson  Jasmine Woody  Richard Cherry  Alexandra Simpson  Jiana Brown Senior Council  Elaijah Gibbs-Jones  Mya Reid  Lauryn Hill  Nina Kerr  Daniel George  Sa’Mone Melvin Junior Council  Michael McGirt  Gabrielle Ryan  Kayla Beasley  Bailey McCray  M’Kaylah Hockaday  Isreal Hinton  Yamira Lymore  Ashlan Bowdry  Israel Hinton

Sophomore Council  Jalen McKoy  Ray Harrison  Mia Simpson  Tierra Sims  Krystalynn Johnson  Victoria Watson  David Madzivanyika  Kollin Brown  Emani Eaglin Freshman Council  Ashleigh Weeks  Taylor Ashley  Nakai Anderson  Asia Marable  Aliyah Marable  Gabrielle Laws  Jalyn Hall  Brian Harrison Honorary Members  Zakee Simmons  Kayla Boone

Expressions of Gratitude Greetings Hornet Family, We give honor and thanks to God for the great things that he has done! We extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to our dedicated parents, family, friends, and student body for their support in our pursuit of attaining Mister and Miss Hillside. Without you, it would be impossible to serve Hillside to the best of our ability. To our esteemed principal, Dr. William Logan, Ms. Nelda Caddell, Ms. Keshetta Henderson, Mr. Austin Hogan, Ms. Kim Battle, Ms. Valencia Libscomb, Mr. Wendell Tabb, Mr. Earl Williams and to the Coronation Committee, thank you for sticking with us and making this vision come to existence. Additional thanks to Mrs. Stacey Ramos with Tina B’s Treats, Chabella Brame with The People’s Choice Salon, Kia Melvin, Bernard’s Formal Wear, Dimitri Hale, Miss Camia Hunt and KC Photography for your support. To the Hillside Dance Company, Clubs, Organizations, Alumni and production crew, thank you. To our wonderful friends on the Mister and Miss Hillside Coronation Court, WE LOVE YOU! Your 2016-2017 Mister and Miss Hillside, Zakee Simmons and Kayla Boone

Hhs coronation 2016 program final  
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