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My name is : Javier Rojas Rodríguez I´m 40 years old I´m from Girón My neighbourhood is Arenales ... My address is Street ? number ??-?? My birthday is on december

My favorite animal is White Lion

My favorite sport is mountain biking

My favorite color is all colors

My favorite song is mi generaci贸n

Mi generaci贸n


My favorite food is fast food

My favorite drink is natural juices

My favorite fruit is watermelon

My hobby is travel

My phone number is 691‌...

My mobile number is 316 870 78...

My profession is Psychologist

this is a day in my life

I wake up at 5:00 on clock

get up at 5:10

Later, I go to the bathroom and take a shower

then, Dry my body , Take out my clothes.

Later, I go to the bathroom and Brush my teeth .

I take my son to school.

get home

I open my business


Eat dinner

pick up my child

pray and sleep

Thank you

Good bye

Hoja de vida en ingles 2  
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