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Mooji Before I AM

Selected book quotes 32 Arunachala Press Š 2008 Mooji

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'Before I Am' is a book of satsang dialogues with Mooji, which points unwaveringly to the core message that "we are not our mind, nor personality, but the non-dual being - already perfect, whole and blissfully content." arunachala press Š 2008 Mooji

LifeSeries Don’t touch this ‘me’, it’s just a word, it’s a concept. Look. Don’t think. Be still. Observe.

P. 93

LifeSeries Don’t get rooted in ego, break off from this ‘I-me’ sense by constantly recognizing it as a phenomenon appearing in the space of your self, the unchanging reality.

P. 97

LifeSeries What arises as ‘I’ here inside this body? Is it tangible? If so, to whom? Find this out. The very attempt to catch hold of it breaks its spell and thus leaves you as pure awareness. P. 97

LifeSeries In letting go, letting be, there is peace, silence and clarity that arise from complete abandonment. Let life be. P. 101

LifeSeries It is the beingness itself which lets go of the sense of being a person....when released of the spell of the illusory ego occurs...lightness and joy prevail.

P. 102

LifeSeries Somehow, out of nowhere, unexpectedly — Grace appears and removes the dirt from your eyes and a thorn from your heart! P. 103

LifeSeries God is beyond all. God is pure consciousness unknowable by the mind shining within all as the sense ‘I am’.

P. 108

LifeSeries All that may be said is that what I am must be more subtle and earlier than even the sense ‘I am’, the intuitive sense of subjective existence, for the ‘I am’ is also perceived.

P. 110

LifeSeries Therefore what I truly am, what is, must be the subtlest principle. This principle must be the only constant, for all ‘other’ is what comes and goes and is witnessed inside the unchanging. P. 110

LifeSeries Observe and gradually you will come to see that all existence is occurring in empty awareness. P. 113

LifeSeries Like this, you realize that perception, activity, dreaming, everything happens as natural expression of the Beingness in manifestation. P. 113

Be empty. Be emptiness, this is the secret.

A gentle opening appears and a fresh flowing begins — a flow of Grace.

Before I Am

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LifeSeries #5 from Psiplex explores more of the quotations Mooji and his book 'Before I Am". Origianl electronic music track 'M5' accompani...

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