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Mooji Before I AM

Selected book quotes 2 Arunachala Press Š 2008 Mooji

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'Before I Am' is a book of satsang dialogues with Mooji, which points unwaveringly to the core message that "we are not our mind, nor personality, but the non-dual being - already perfect, whole and blissfully content." arunachala press Š 2008 Mooji

LifeSeries As long as you are invested in the world of something-ness, of another trip, another book, another angle to view life, your vision is shaped and influenced by the conditioned mind.

P. 47

LifeSeries The mind tricks you easily with promise because you are eager to co-operate with its suggestions. True insight springs from emptiness. P. 47

LifeSeries Remain as the ever present Awareness. To know and understand mind is to transcend mind. P. 49

LifeSeries Only recognize that whatever manifests in consciousness is a playful and superficial expression and not a definition of what you are. P. 50

LifeSeries You can have a life called ‘Spiritual’, but still you may live in ignorance. Who Are You? This is the most auspicious question that can present itself. Don’t walk away from it. P. 51

LifeSeries It is our mistaken identification with the rootthought, the “I� thought, that allows other thoughts tenancy in our being. P. 53

LifeSeries When, eventually the seedthought that is the ego is strained out, pure seeing remains. Self is the sole seer. P. 54

LifeSeries You don’t have to do anything whatsoever. The cooking is happening underneath somehow. Whatever needs o happen is happening by itself. Just look.

P. 62

LifeSeries Everything is just now. Your existence is just now. Just timeless Now. All the rest is just a dream due to conditioning and memory. P. 63

LifeSeries The mind is ever-seeking new lands to explore in the search for satisfaction, picking up new burdens along the way. Restless for change, hungry for adventure, it misses its one real refuge — the Self from which it arises. P. 82

LifeSeries But you are that which remains unaltered by all that comes and goes. P. 20

All beings, graced with the urge to simply be, respond to Truth.

Before I Am

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LifeSeries #4 from Psiplex continues the quotations from the previous series, this time offering more from Mooji and his book 'Before I Am".

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