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Dribbling Classic 808 grooves warming up the tubes Embedded MP3 music track

Dribblin’ This for ya Winter Bliss Dribblin’ a much needed bliss, no tricks Wafting the smell out to fill the spaces

This is 808_Bliss Click to listen

From Psiplex with the Psibase Labz GarageBand Alienoidz Check out more original music, poetry and articles About staying creative in complexity. Get more Psiplex in your diet at the blog.

The Psiplex Blog

Dribbling Classic 808 grooves warming up the tubes

So, What’is this all About? Psiplex, the blog, loves the original Roland Rhythm Composer, better known as the Roland TR-808 or ‘808’. Used on countless music recordings since the early 80-’s, the 808 has a distinct sound and presence. The sound clip is just a tribute to its legendary status and groove. Psiplex the blog charts the author's battle with cancer. As a graphic artist, electronic musician, and chunk of consciousness, the author discusses the creative impulse, awareness, awakening and the true Self and life issues.

The Psiplex Blog

Dribblin Out Bliss TR808  

This embedded MP# music clip of the famed Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer is a tribute to its legacy in the musc industry. Havng fun and shari...