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Topics Control and monitoring PSI network control technology for Enexis


PSI presents new solutions Oldenburger Gastage 2009


Optimised energy portfolio E-Energy: intelligent energy system of the future


Factory handover in St. Petersburg Energy control system for the northwest region of Russia

4 Enexis Headquarter in Rosmalen

Energy data management Fit for the liberalised gas market with caplog-x


PSI integrates malaysian inControl 6

Energy trading system for electricity and gas Salzburg AG uses PSImarket as core system


Significant interest from the press and media PSI among the stock market's favourites for the year


Further increase in orders received PSI group shows further growth in first half of the year

Control and monitoring

PSI network control technology for Enexis

Expansion of export structures Tech group

Source: Enexis


The Dutch distribution network operator Enexis has ordered a network control system from PSI to monitor and control their entire network. Enexis, headquartered in Rosmalen, is the Netherlands’ largest distribution network operator. The company services a good third of the country’s inhabitants in an area consisting of the provinces of Groningen, Drenthe, Ovejissel, NoordBrabant and Limburg. Enexis is responsible for the construction, maintenance and monitoring and control of distribution networks. Until now, Enexis has managed the northern sector of their high-voltage network from the Zwolle site using a SCADA

system, which is being replaced due to its age. They also operate the northern medium-voltage network from Zwolle with the aid of paper plans. The southern grid is operated from Weert using the existing control system and paper plans. The task is to implement the management of the entire network through a single, new network control system with SCADA and DMS functions. The existing sites, Zwolle and Weert, as well as their corresponding back-up sites, will remain in â–ş Page 3

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2 Editorial

Newsticker +++ PSI Acquires Simon Group as New Customer – Successful international medium-sized company decides in favour of PSIpenta +++ PSI Receives Order from International Logistics Service Provider Reiner Bohnen – Warehouse management system for contract logistics in the beverages industry +++ PSI Successfully Integrates Railway Car Logistics at Swiss Steel – PSImetals production management system optimizes railway car demand and disposition +++ PSI Obtains Logistics Service Provider as New Strategic Customer – Warehouse management system PSIwms for HUETTEMANN +++ PSI Solidifies Leading Market Position with Additional Order for Steel Plant Control System – Peiner Träger decides in favor of production management system PSImetals +++ PSI awarded Contract for Transportation Control System for SKF – implementation of a transportation control system for controlling and monitoring the internal transportation between the SKF plants +++ PSI Receives Order for Operational Control System in Bavaria for Public Transportation – Control technology and passenger information for Veolia subsidiary MoveOn +++

Dear Readers PSI celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. PSI control systems have been managing complex networks for energy suppliers for 35 of those years and thus make an important contribution to the supply of electricity, oil, gas, heat and water. Comprehensive solutions for planning, trade, sales and distribution in the liberalised energy market round off the portfolio. Since the mid-seventies, PSI has established itself as a provider of network control systems for major German and international energy providers. As the global demand for energy rises dramatically, reliability, security of supply and energy efficiency are becoming increasingly critical issues. Investing in existing and new infrastructures and in software solutions for process optimisation allows suppliers to guarantee the conservative, economical long-term use of resources and secures their ability to compete. By consistently developing our products, expanding our export structures and investing significant time and cash in pioneering research and development projects, PSI will continue to support its customers by implementing leading solutions. Find out more about some of our current projects in the new issue of the “energy manager”. We hope you enjoy reading it.

Publisher Publisher PSI AG Dircksenstraße 42-44 10178 Berlin (Mitte) Germany Phone: +49 30 2801-0 Fax: +49 30 2801-1000

Armin Stein CEO, PSI AG

Dr. Harald Schrimpf CEO, PSI AG

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Oldenburger Gastage 2009

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operation. The complexity of the task is increased by the fact that in the course of the project Enexis will have to surrender its high-voltage networks to the Dutch TSO (Tennet). The project will be implemented in three phases. In the first step the SCADA system in Zwolle will be replaced by PSIcontrol with ICCP coupling to Tennet. The Tase-2 protocol serves as the basis for the ICCP coupling. In the second phase the complete SCADA and DMS functionality will be implemented for the Zwolle site. The third phase is the inclusion of the Weert site. Enexis will use the new system to support its core processes, such as control, monitoring, fault clearance and reporting. Enexis’ overriding objective is to further automate the medium-voltage networks and consequently minimise faults in the network. The Enexis-wide program for the automation of the medium-voltage networks puts into practice the company’s strategic guidelines for the management of these networks. The key aspects the program addresses are the increasingly decentralised generation of energy, which results in considerable fluctuations when fed into the network, and improving fault reporting. To ensure that the new control system is used optimally, it will be largely integrated into the existing geographic information system (GIS) and the ERP system from SAP. To do this, the company has selected the web-services based Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) software by Tibco. EAI forms the integration level in the service-oriented architecture (SOA) concept which is the primary focus of the new IT architecture at Enexis. The common information model (CIM) ensures the seamless exchange of data between the systems. The reason Enexis chose PSIcontrol is its superior system 1/2009 ∙ energy manager

Signing the contract

architecture which differs dramatically from classical client-server solutions due to parallel processing on independent computers. This substantially increases availability and performance and allows the system to be distributed over a number of sites without large bandwidths connecting them. Enexis now views the system as a platform within the company, and is already

Source: Enexis

thinking about using the same system to manage the low-voltage and gas networks, rather than developing separate systems for these networks.

► Information Roland Schuhr Phone: +49 30 2801-1573 E-mail:

PSI presents new solutions

Oldenburger Gastage 2009 PSI will be presenting extended energy management solutions PSImarket and GAPS at this year’s Oldenburger Gastage from 1 to 3 December in Oldenburg, Germany. One focus will be on the release planning for GAPS which, amongst other things, allows for graphical presentation of the model, optimisation on a daily basis and a mixed integral optimisation in the area of the topology editor.

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Optimised energy portfolio

E-Energy: intelligent energy system of the future The PSI subsidiary PSI Büsing and Buchwald is one of the winners of the “E-Energy – ICT-based Energy Systems of the Future” competition sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology. This research project, which was subsidized with a grant of around 2€ 1 million, saw PSI cooperate with other partners to develop the basis for a new, integrated information and control system for the energy industry. The primary objective of the PSI sub-project is cross-portfolio optimisation and control of the production of renewable and conventional sources, transport and distribution to the point of consumption. The PSI sub-project Smart Portfolio Management provides economic optimisation and intelligent control of integrated production and consumption

portfolios. This includes the generation of renewable energy as well as the option of load impacting with price signals, amongst other things, right up to the households. The basis for this is the research and prognosis of the independency of sales from automatically processed price signals and improved prognoses for generation from renewable energy sources. The transactions, control measures and interventions necessary for innovative, dynamic price rates for price-sensitive consumers will become transparent with a flexible billing and reporting system allowing the part-

ners involved to invoice one another. A comprehensive basis for the resultant data and information has been established, allowing for additional related new products and services such as an information and advice portal. Some advantages derived from the project are the improved planning of the use of renewable energy sources, economic successes from the subsequent greater optimisation which takes various price levels into consideration and a stronger customer bonding as a result of new rates and services. ► Information Sarai Kölle Phone: +49 5105 5212-62 E-mail:

Factory handover in St. Petersburg

Energy control system for the northwest region of Russia In September 2008, the Russian joint venture OOO PSI Energo, specialising in energy control technology, was contracted by the JSC Federal Grid Company of the United Energy System (JSC FGC UES/Russian: OAO FSK EES) to deliver a new control system for the high-voltage network for the Northwest Region. The system went into operation in December, just three months after the contract was signed. The Northwest Region

is one of a total of eight network regions controlled by FSK EES and covers northern Russia from St. Petersburg up to the

Finnish border in the Urals. FSK EES operates the Russian national electrical transportation grid with a total of 120,000 km of cable. The company’s plants are located in 73 regions of the Russian Federation, covering an area of 13.6 million square kilometres with about 140 million inhabitants. PSI Energo is a joint venture of PSI AG and the ru-Net Limited with about 70 employees concentrating on control technology solutions for the transportation and distribution of electrical energy. ► Information

Grand factory handover

Source: PSI Energo

Dr.-Ing. Sergej Plachotny Phone: +49 6021 366-345 E-mail:

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energy manager

5 Energy data management

Fit for the liberalised gas market with caplog-x caplog-x GmbH is a new company for energy data management in the liberalised gas market. The company’s shareholders are VNG-Erdgascommerz GmbH, trac-x GmbH and PSI AG. caplog-x GmbH has started operations as an independent company on 1 January 2009. The company’s predecessor was the caplog-x brand, through which VNG Verbundnetz Gas AG has been providing measurement data transfer services since 2007. Caplog-x provides gas market participants with access to the entire information chain, from data collection to data processing. This covers all the gas-specific processes from the calibrated transmission of measurements, to the energy

verse kinds of messages, obtain measurement values promptly and calculate the status of the balancing group. The use of open interfaces and available standards simplifies the system’s integration in the existing corporate system

“The founding of caplog-x GmbH with the involvement of strong partners allows us to act independently in the energy market,” explains Dr. Peter Stoll, Managing Director of caplog-x GmbH. “Thus, we are able to guarantee the highest possible market neutrality.” of supplementary services are available, including measurement services (e.g. auditing, remote monitoring), 24-hour support and a range of visualisation options through information portals.

Source: caplog-x

caplog-x at the E-world 2009 in Essen

data processing, to the contract management to the invoicing. Decentralised station-data is collected and provided in standard or customized formats through a comprehensive measurement and communication infrastructure. To operate effectively, businesses need to control di1/2009 ∙ energy manager

landscape and enables cross-corporate communication processes. Contractual data serve as the basis for the commercial use of contracts and subsequent invoicing. The measurement data are contractually prepared using the caplog-x module VDM. A number

► Information Dr. Martin Bürgel Phone: +49 30 2801-1504 E-mail: W. Christian Lies Phone: +49 341 443-1454 E-mail:

energy manager


Expansion of export structures

PSI integrates malaysian inControl Tech group As further step in the strategy “Grow East!” PSI AG has acquired 100 percent of the shares of inControl Tech Sdn Bhd, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. inControl Tech is a company specialised in control systems and automation technology for energy suppliers, infrastruc-

ture and industry. With more than 120 employees and subsidiaries in Thailand, Bahrain and India, the fast growing com-

pany expects sales of at least 15 million Euros in 2009. PSI and inControl Tech have acquired and successfully completed a number of major projects totaling in the doubledigit millions over the last five years. With the acquisition, PSI will have direct access to the growing markets in Southeast Asia, India and the Middle East. inControl Tech already employs 25 experts trained in PSI technologies. PSI gets access to low cost engineering and manufacturing capacity. This will allow PSI to tap into a larger pool of highly skilled engineers in the region, thus giving PSI opportunity to lower cost in services and equipments. The management of PSI and inControl Tech see huge potential in the target markets for fast and profitable growth of the business. ► Information

Source: inControl Tech

Headquarter in Kuala Lumpur

Karsten Pierschke Phone: +49 30 2801-2727 E-mail:

Energy trading system for electricity and gas

Salzburg AG uses PSImarket as core system PSI has been awarded by the Austrian utility Salzburg AG with providing the energy trading system PSImarket for the sectors electricity and gas. As the core system, PSImarket provides a basis for growth for Salzburg AG’s energy trading which, along with electricity and gas, supports other products for trading such as coal, oil, emissions and certificates. PSImarket contains a central energy trading and risk management (ETRM core system) including an invoicing system. The Salzburg AG decided in favour of the PSI system as a result of the combi-

nation of a technically convincing product and a distributed market orientation by Salzburg AG. The Salzburg AG operates an extensive trading business with energy and energy-

related goods (emissions, certificates) and has further expanded this business in the past few years. With this order PSI once again asserted itself over strong international competitors in the growth market for energy trading systems. ► Information Elke Domeyer Phone: +49 5105 5212-60 E-mail:

1/2009 ∙ energy manager

energy manager

7 Significant interest from the press and media

PSI among the stock market's favourites for the year PSI is among the stock-market favourites in the year it celebrates its 40th anniversary. The PSI share has gained 150 % since the turn of the year and has left all comparison indices far behind. The company's longterm strategic alignment in particular, along with the good results of the first two quarters have PSI at the centre of attention both in the press and in the public eye. PSI solutions for rationalising production and logistics processes increase efficiency and lead to a fast return on investment, particularly in times of economic difficulty. Energy management solutions from PSI help providers and network operators to remain successful in an energy market characterised by ever increasing complexity. This is confirmed not only by the development of PSI share but also by

PSI share development in comparison to the DAX (green) and TecDAX (blue)

economic journalists as reflected in positive articles published in 2009 in media such as the Frankfurter Allgemeinen Zeitung, Börsenzeitung, Financial Times Deutschland, Capital and even in Ger-

Source: PSI AG

man television's news program ARD Tagesschau. The commentators are all in agreement: PSI solutions face a bright future also after the company's 40th year.

Further increase in orders received

PSI group shows further growth in first half of the year The PSI group has increased its operating result in the first half of the year in 2009 by 30 % to 3.5 million Euros in comparison to the same period during the previous year. The group result improved by 36 % to 2.6 million Euros and group sales increased by 13 % to 65.3 million Euros. The volume of new orders increased by 9 percent to 85 million Euros and the volume order backlog increased by 21 percent to 119 million Euros. The repeated increase of new orders was primarily in the segments Production Management and Infrastructure Management. PSI witnessed strong demand in Germany for solutions for rationalisation and improvement of the energy efficiency. 1/2009 ∙ energy manager

Major orders in the Energy Management segment and a continued high demand for solutions for Production and Infrastructure Management are expected in exports in the second half of the year. The current forecast for the operating earnings (EBIT) will therefore be in-

creased by 15 percent from 7.5 to more than 8.5 million Euros. The management will decide about a further increase of the forecast in the third quarter or upon the conclusion of strategically important major contracts. The number of employees increased at 30 June 2009 with the acquisitions and targeted new hires to 1,256. ► Information Karsten Pierschke Phone: +49 30 2801-2727 E-mail:

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PSI Aktiengesellschaft fĂźr Produkte und Systeme der Informationstechnologie DircksenstraĂ&#x;e 42-44 10178 Berlin (Mitte) Germany Phone: +49 30 2801-0 Fax: +49 30 2801-1000

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