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all assets and accounts. Pursuant real time actionable intelligence vastly improves visibility and SecOps productivity whilst reducing latency and mitigating the risk of threat. RevBits helps protect and secure an organisations BCIAs which in turn significantly reduces the RoT and improves the cyber security posture.

3) Identify the ‘Threats’ to these BCIAs IT-based threats target anything from the individual to the Critical National Infrastructure. The cyber criminals will exploit any vulnerabilities in the network, people, and processes (attack surface), to gain access to these BCIAs. Phishing has been the most predominant form of attack, often precursive to credential harvesting and ransomware. This typically: via ‘People,’ exploiting their lack of cyber awareness and the prevalent intentional/unintentional ‘human error’ ; via ‘VPN,’ attaining privileged access via a third-party link, e.g., ‘supply chain’ or more recently remote/ hybrid workers. Supply Chain ransomware attacks hitting the news recently include Kaseya ransomware attack, the Colonial Pipeline breach and SolarWinds; exploiting the Covid catalysed ‘digital transformation’ programmes and comparative lack of security measures, policy, and process in place for remote/hybrid workers.

RevBits Email Security. There is an acceptance in the market that leading SEGs have an email ‘miss rate’ of over 24 per cent - little wonder perhaps that the vast quantity of support issues revolves around phishing. To combat this, RevBits Email security solution uses patented endpoint algorithmic analysis to detect and block those sophisticated complex phishing and page impersonation attacks which typically bypass the incumbent SEG gateway solutions. Additionally, email authentication automates workflows and reliably deploys standard email protocols that authenticate out-bound emails. DKIM, DMARC and SPF policy settings are automated to prevent email and domain spoofing, removing the complexity and difficulty of enabling such capability. RevBits Email Security offers a highly effective second layer of defence. T&A. To address the other half of the phishing issue – human error –Users are directed to leading NCSC certified computerbased cyber-awareness training. In addition, RevBits will imminently launch a complete and comprehensive phish simulator awareness training solution ‘SAT,’ which will mimic likely attack paths and techniques and provide advanced reporting capability.

4) Identify appropriate IT and IG controls to mitigate and remediate the ‘risk of threat’ against identified BCIA vulnerabilities. Cyber security capabilities of identification, detection and response place any organisation in a perpetual state of ‘Disaster/ Recovery’ (D/R). This is an inevitability in a world where it is universally accepted that a cyber attack is not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when.’ It is important that the balance between IT and IG should continue to be manifest throughout the recovery phase to help ongoing and predictive protection through for example lessons learned, raised staff awareness, simulation exercises and an appropriate governance framework. Visibility is King. Increasingly, organisations are trying to leverage unified security platforms to help rationalise their heterogeneous environment of multi-vendor solutions and distributed users. Improved visibility and BCIA identification are precursive to securing your estate. RevBits CIP/XDR provides a 360-degree view, proactively protecting business assets through the automation and integration of RevBits security modules. These detect, lure, alert, respond and intelligently analyse multi-layered security data across the security stack. CIP/XDR is integrated into all major SIEM products and has the capability to scan an organisation’s environment (on-prem and cloud) to identify

Special offer In order to help improve visibility and asset identification….RevBits will provide CIP/XDR with the purchase of any RevBits solution or combination of solutions, at no additional charge. The health sector would immediately benefit from the following: To combat sophisticated Phishing, Spearphishing, Page Impersonations and address cyber security awareness:

To combat ransomware, unknown malware, SQL injection, zero-day exploits, man-inthe-middle, fileless and other attacks: RevBits Endpoint Security/EDR conducts a threephased analysis on new executables and includes the most comprehensive robust EDR solution on the market. RevBits behavioural analysis integrates with the ‘MITRE Attack Framework’ within our intelligence engine. Patented technology includes unique anti-rootkit threat detection, prevention, and removal capabilities to enable visibility and operation at the kernel level, blocking all unauthorised signed or unsigned drivers. Independent ICSA results reveal 99.8% detection rate and ZERO false positives T&A. Users are directed to online NCSC certified cyber-awareness training.

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2) Identify the ‘Vulnerabilities’ of these BCIAs A vulnerability as described by NIST: … a weakness in an information system, system security procedures, internal controls, or implementation that can be exploited or triggered by a threat source … Weaknesses or Gaps to these BCIAs need to be identified in order that the appropriate IG and IT controls may be employed to mitigate and remediate these. Good cyber security measures should ensure that the right people, have access to the right information at the right time – conversely preventing the wrong people from accessing such information anytime! BCIA vulnerabilities may include anything from unauthorised access, denial of service, unpatched systems through to poor cyber awareness of staff and a vendor crowded environment being rendered invisible through its complexity.

RevBits extensive range of capability, greater visibility and actionable intelligence means that RevBits solutions are directly aligned to the specific threat to help ensure BCIAs are secured, protected and RoT-free. L RevBits officially launched last year. Since, many awards have been attained for innovation and efficacy, including recognition as the Top Cybersecurity Solution Provider in 2021 by CIO Applications; multiple best in class awards across the product range from the Cyber Defence Magazine (CDM) and named Winner of the Coveted Global InfoSec Awards during RSA Conference 2021. RevBits are members of Forbes Technical Council and techUK. Recent articles featured in Cyber Exchange Spotlight and CRN channel web’s Q&A article, articulate the whys and the wherefores of RevBits approach to the UK and Ireland. RevBits is ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials certified. For further information please contact Kristina Holland, Vice President Sales for UK & Ireland kristina. or visit RevBits Homepage.

To combat third party access vulnerabilities e.g., supply chain and remote worker plus address ‘Training’ requirements: RevBits ZTN enables granular access to specific BCIAs and applications, identifying, isolating, and monitoring remote network connections in real-time. Moving the network perimeter to the endpoint RevBits Zero Trust Network (ZTN) helps isolate and protect your internal BCIAs without the necessity of implementing complicated network segmentation. RevBits ZTN focuses on protecting resources by ‘trusting no one’ by default, whether inside or outside the network. The ease of implementing a zero-trust architecture has never been so simple. T&A. Users are directed to online NCSC certified training which may include a range of courses from Information Asset Owner; Procurement; Hybrid Awareness Training through to CISO and Board Room training.

Kristina Holland, vice president sales, UK & Ireland, RevBits