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Health Business magazine provides a unique bridge between organisations that run the NHS - and those that supply them

Investment in the NHS THE NHS – SUSTAINED INVESTMENT Investment in the NHS is constant. The underpinning strategies of the Government’s NHS reform are intended to deliver significant increases in NHS capacity, and cover three main areas: Physical Facilities, the Workforce and Information Management and Technology. As the NHS is providing more care than ever before, it is becoming increasingly complex and specialised, often involving teams working across a number of locations and organisations. The NHS is therefore changing the way it works, with the Government’s vision of a patient led NHS reflected in recent updates to the ten year reform plan. As the NHS broadens the amount of services it provides, an increasing level of involvement from the independent sector is inevitable if waiting list reductions and patient choice targets are to be met. The demands created by this increase in services offer those organisations that supply the NHS and independent hospitals sector unrivalled opportunities. PROCUREMENT IN PRACTICE - LOCAL SERVICES FOR LOCAL NEEDS Effective commissioning and procurement will depend on the relationship between the new Clinical Commissioning Groups and the hospitals which treat patients. Sharing high quality information effectively between teams and organisations will become an important part in providing safer, higher quality, patient-led care. Practice Based Commissioning will give more purchasing power and autonomy at a local level, as every hospital will have an indicative budget to pull services into the community where they are most convenient for patients and provide better value for money.

WORKFORCE - THE LARGEST IN EUROPE The NHS employs over 1.3 million people in over 10,000 practices, trusts and PCTs. The investment in HR, training, hospital support staff and agencies has reached record levels, with training investment alone already costing £4 billion per year. Effective HR practices, with a strong emphasis on organisational development, are critical to successful working across the NHS and social care. INFORMATION MANAGEMENT AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY The scrapping of the National Programme for IT has opened the way for Private Sector companies to deal direct with NHS Trusts and PCT’s etc who are now able to source products and services that meet their individual needs - an ideal opportunity for companies to gain new business. THE BUILDINGS Hospital buildings require a range of services to keep them running smoothly and safely, such as security, grounds maintenance, cleaning staff and materials, hospital equipment, infection control products, catering, etc. Health Business magazine covers the plethora of products and servicves that supply the modern NHS.

Health Business provides coverage to the complete range of organisations that run the NHS BUSI


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Health Business is the sure way to the decision makers. No wasted circulation.

HEALTH BUSINESS, published bi-monthly, occupies a unique position – it is ideally placed to promote private sector products and services directly to the people within the Health Service that make purchasing decisions. Health Business Magazine is distributed by Name and Job title to Clinical Commissioning Groups, NHS Trusts, Ambulance Trusts, Foundation Hospitals, Strategic Health Authorities, Government Departments and Independent Hospitals /Clinics. With coverage to the complete range of organisations that run the NHS, and by providing informative and authoritative articles on the wide range of topics in healthcare management, Health Business offers organisations that supply this vast market an ideal platform to promote their products and services.

REGULAR CONTRIBUTIONS from government ministers, industry analysts, NHS professionals and those with an insight into healthcare provision provide the reader with a wealth of topical reference material on the wide range of topics and practices that those working in NHS management and procurement need to be kept abreast of. Health Business features provide practical, applied management information that is specific to healthcare settings. Fiscal management, marketing, information technology, human resources, facilities management, security, IT and communications technology are all featured, as well as featuring the latest products available to the healthcare market.

The Health Business website is the perfect online complement to Health Business magazine and provides advertisers with real mixed media impact HEALTH BUSINESS MAGAZINE is supported by its sister website at, which serves the business end of the public sector IT market. The platform acts as an instant, readily accessible bridge between the health service and private sector companies wishing to service their requirements. The site provides: News and Features - Regularly updated news and features that are directly relevant to the target audience. Product Profiles - A searchable online database that classifies advertisers’ products they supply or manufacture. Hundreds of organisations are classified under various headings, which compliment regular HB sections such as: Information technology, security, facilities management, infection control and procurement. The magazine’s highly regarded Products & Services section is offered free to selected advertisers and features 200 words of copy plus a logo or photograph.

Product Features & Case Studies This facility allows advertisers to detail new products and services and provide an overview of contracts they have won or completed. Advertisers are encouraged to supply up to 800 words of copy and an image or logo. This is the ideal location to do a little flag waving. Display Advertising - The website can incorporate Button advertisements, skyscrapers, banners and most online formats. Combine this with display advertising in HB magazine for a real mixed media impact. Special web campaigns - Special web campaigns can be devised that link graphic panels into specific editorial content to ensure that site visitors can get detailed information about the products and services of advertisers at the click of button. Rates for bespoke web advertising packages on application.

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The Health Business website provides an instant way to reach key health sector personnel The Health Business website has been live since 2001, providing regularly updated news, features and case studies that inform readers of the latest advancements in the NHS and healthcare sectors. The site has over 2,500 registered users and generates over 60,000 page impressions per month. PACKAGE DETAILS - The packages listed opposite include an 800 word company profile that details the services of the advertiser, and includes full contact details/hyperlink/ directory inclusion. Company profiles are positioned to appear on appropriate sections related to the business nature of the advertiser. For your advertisements to appear on the front page of the site, there is a premium of £500 per month. COPY TYPES - Flash, gif or jpg. If hosted on our servers, file sizes must not exceed 300KB. CUSTOM CODE - Custom code, such as provided by web advertising services such as Doubleclick, is accepted only after testing. Examples must be supplied three days prior to the commencement of the campaign.

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