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Business Information for Local and Central Government


The UK public sector represents the single largest market in the UK Are you in the business for your share of this vast market?

This year, government spending will reach £690 billion - 46 per cent of projected GDP Reform in local and central government continues to create opportunities. With over 60 million people now living in the UK, the government will spend an incredible £690 billion on servicing their needs.

Despite these spending increases, the constant development of business processes, people skills and technology is enabling the public sector to deliver on its promise of efficiency gains. The procurement role in government has been central to this.

n Local Government spending will increase to an estimated £188bn as decision making responsibilities for education, security and transport are devolved. Three year settlements now give local authorities the freedom to plan ahead and provide more flexible resources on housing, transport schemes and support to businesses.

Quality, sustainability and value for money are now scrutinised, as procurement hubs and buying consortia are using their collective spending power to secure better, longer term deals. This, in turn, will pass on economies of scale to suppliers and can allow them to plan for sustained growth. Through these successful partnerships, it has been demonstrated that the private sector can continue to offer better value for money in many areas of service provision.

n £74 billion is currently spent on outsourced services with organisations in the private sector, and over the next four years, estimates suggest that this market will reach over £100bn - over 6 per cent of UK GDP. n Increases in central and local government spending on security and environmental initiatives provide more opportunities for the private sector to share its expertise and create circular economies, and more opportunities for citizens to get directly involved in managing and shaping how local services are delivered.

Government Business magazine, and its accompanying website at, helps government specifiers and buyers find out about the latest goods and services, the latest business methods and the latest procurement practices that combine to help deliver efficiency gains while better serving citizens and increasing opportunities for all.

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Published since 1998 by Public Sector Information, the glossy A4 bi-monthly is a market leading publication for government professionals, exposure through Government Business Magazine can provide opportunities to accelerate the growth of your business by putting you in front of those who buy and getting the best return on your advertising spend.

Government Business provides opportunities to accelerate the growth of your business Circulation data

86% 58% 61% 53%

of readers identify the products and services required by their respective departments have responsibility for budgets in excess of ÂŁ300,000 of decision makers rate business to business publications like GB well ahead of their second choice

are involved in approving capital spend

Source : GB Readership Survey, April 2008

GB assists those whose function is to source goods and services on behalf of the public sector. With a total circulation of 10,345, it is the leading monthly magazine for public sector buyers as it responds rapidly to changes in government policy. This is reflected in content that is highly relevant and up-to-date. Unlike more niche oriented publishers, Government Business reaches the complete decision making team - chief executives, program managers, heads of department and procurement personnel. Magazines are distributed on a courtesy basis by name and designation, which allows specific targetting dependent of the exact content of each issue. This policy ensures that our advertisers are seen in the right place at the right time by the right people. We also publish a number of supplements and special publications that are distributed along with Government Business, and to specially selected readers. This helps to balance reader demand for quality led editorial whilst offering targeted advertising platforms for businesses. Government Business also covers exhibitions, conferences and events that are of particular interest to public sector buyers. Your business presence at this event can be enhanced by inclusion in our previews, which are distributed prior to the event and available free of charge to visitors. As local authorities and central government departments are also responsible for organising many seminars, public events, conferences etc., the magazine and website both contain regular features on destinations and venues in the UK.

Companies that have successfully and regularly used the GB brand include: n Toshiba Tec n Assaabloy n Eurovia n Fortnum & Mason n OKI n Shell Petrol n British Psychological Society n Rezidor Hotel Group n Visit Scotland n Siemens n Consilium

Target your market with the Government Business Database The GB database contains approximately 24,500 names, job titles, organisation names, postal addresses and contact details of key department heads within the Public Sector. This information forms the base from which Government Business is distributed and is updated regularly.

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The job titles and responsibilities range from the Chief Executive and Finance Director, through IT Managers, Heads of Personnel and Human Resources, Facilities Managers, Procurement Managers/Officers, Marketing Managers, Health and Safety Officers, Heads of Environmental Waste and Recycling, Telecommunications Managers, Architects, Specifiers and many more. The organisations within which they work include Central Government and Local Authorities through to Executive Agencies (MOD, Government Procurement Services, Environment Agency, Highways Agency etc.), the Privatised Utilities, Emergency Services and top Housing Associations. The database has been used by many private and public sector organisations to target potential buyers using direct mail and telemarketing. As most successful advertising campaigns adopt a mixed media approach, combined with a series of advertisements in Government Business, and internet exposure on, the GB database allows organisations to use any mixture of methods they choose to reach their audience.

For more information on our databases please call 020 8532 0055

Editorial content is delivered through an ongoing programme of research by our editorial team who write and commission bespoke articles BUSINESS INFOR


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Maintenance, Energy, Building, Waste Management, Housing, IT.

n BEST VALUE Incorporating the latest in Procurement Policy, Service Level

n PUBLIC SECTOR EVENTS Exhibitions and conferences of interest to public sector procurement executives, including Public Sector Expo, LGA, FM Expo, Projectworld… and many more.

n RECYCLING AND WASTE MANAGEMENT Strategy, minimisation, what is new in the market, review of events.

n HOUSING Affordable housing now and in the future. n URBAN REGENERATION Regular updates on work plans and projects being undertaken across the country.

n MARKET RESEARCH With public policy increasingly governed by the entromed

public consultation, we keep readers up to date on developments within the industry.

n INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY All the latest developments in public sector IT







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conference and meetings business. Every issue looks at the venues, products and services available to event organisors.



by Man j Kalar,

n SECURITY CCTV, Access Control, Manned Guarding, Terminal Security, Biometrics etc. n CONFERENCES & EVENTS As the public sector place aproximately 30% of all UK



Agreements & Contracts/Tenders.











Money Matters

n FACILITIES/PROJECT MANAGEMENT Incorporating Security, Grounds tbusines

vernm www.go


t Transpor

Employment Legislation, Recruitment Policies.




n HUMAN RESOURCES Including Management Issues, Health & Safety,




High priority is given to ensure each issue contains essential ‘need to know’ information. Topical contributions are regularly carried from Government Ministers, Public Sector Analysts, Conference Speakers and Industry Experts on a wide range of subjects that are of specific interest to public sector executives. Regular features include:

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Th part of the co of the consultati sh tic Volume 19.2 | GOVE as s cra cts tie ed pe mo ori lud Ps as RNMENT BUSINESS de pri inc various MAGAZINE w that LE they are ION because ects the DfT’s vie influential role’ 19 considered E 45 SOCIAT d MAGAZIN MENT ASciation (LGA) It also rej ve a ‘central an SINESS so GOVERN ns MENT BU should ha LOCAL Government As k its pla | GOVERN hin l .2 ca ret 19 Lo to e e Th Volum the DfT prise Partnership on g llin ter is ca l En 38 Loca to fund


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Volume 19.

1 | GOVE










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GB Media Pack 2016  
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