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May 7, 2011

Beauty and the Beast a Cherished Memory By Clare O’Rourke


ended up being.

Working on and performing the play was an incredible experience. We began to work on it in early January and continued working hard until we put the show on for everyone in three performances on April 13 and 14.

Emily McGuire was Belle, the unique, misunderstood girl who didn’t want to fit in, but wanted to be happy. M a t t h e w H o s k i n g played Gaston, the selfish and conceited villain. Noah Richard Photo by Mrs. O’Rourke was the Beast, the hero and Belle’s love The 8th grade classes take a bow after their production of the musical, i n t e r e s t . which included sets designed by the students. Every memveyed the necessary effort It will be one of the ber of the class of 2011 had to put on a truly applause- most cherished memories a role in the fantastic pro- worthy show! we have made here at St. duction. No matter the size Agnes School. of the role, everyone con-

s everyone knows, the end of the year is rapidly approaching. For the 8th grade, this means graduation. It also means the 8th grade musical has been performed! This year’s play was Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

It was a major time commitment for not only each character, but for our teachers, and for Mrs. Hosking and Mrs. McDermott. Without each of them, the show would not have been the success that it

INSIDE News, pages 1 & 3-4 Editorial, page 2 Features, pages 5-7, 1012 Magazine, pages 8 & 9 Sports, pages 13-16 PUZZLE By Will Dolan

Find all of the eggs and UNSCRAMBLE the message!

Spread Your Good News Online By Jeff Spada


ecently, I had time to interview Mrs. Michelle Blake who is on the marketing committee for Saint Agnes School. I asked her the following questions. JS: What is the PR button? MB: The Public Relations button helps the public see what the students at Saint Agnes are doing at school

and what they have accomplished.

MB: Every time we get a new article it is reviewed and updated.

JS: How does the public access it?

JS: If I want to show the public something I did, how do I do it?

MB: There is a button on the school website to access it, Share your latest news. JS: How often is it revised?

MB: First, access the button, send an email with your information and photos. Mrs. Macassey and I will read it and update it to the website.




The Church Goes Green By Madeline DelVescovo


arth Day occurred on April 22nd. People planted trees, turned off the lights, and biked to work to help the environment. And the environment could use some help these days. All the global warming and pollution is having a large negative impact on our Earth. The Church is doing its part to help nature by saving and using green energy. In Toronto, St. Gabriel’s became the first parish in Canada to have LEED Gold certification. The U.S. Green Building Council website states, “LEED is an internationally recognized green building certification system, providing third-party verification that a building or community was designed and built using strategies aimed at improving … energy savings, water efficiency … and stewardship of resources and sensitivity to their impacts.” St. Gabriel’s qualifies for this by having solar heating, underground parking, and a living green wall. The

underground parking takes up less space and leaves more room for trees and plants. The living green wall has plants and other vegetation growing on it. Another parish in Canada, Holy Family Catholic Church, recently was able to integrate solar cells into their stained glass windows. And of course the Vatican is participating in the green efforts. The roof of the Paul VI auditorium is covered in solar panels to help reduce the amount of oil and electricity used. There is a new project underway, too. The Vatican plans to build a 740 acre field of solar panels outside of a small Italian town, Santa Maria di Galeria. It’s a massive scale project, costing $660 million (U.S.). The project will produce enough energy for 40,000 households. Not all of it will be used in Vatican City, which has 900 residents. Some excess will be sold to the Italian government. The massive project is expected to be finished by 2014. The Church has given the color of Ordinary Time a whole new meaning!

Save the Sweating World! By Luke Ercole


lobal warming is occurring! Global warming is when the earth’s atmospheric temperature goes up and might be caused by the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect is when the temperature increases because the sun’s heat and light are trapped in the earth’s atmosphere. It is the cause for glaciers around the world shrinking. Also, the amount of sea ice in the Arctic Ocean has decreased. People around the world are doing things to try to stop global warming such as not wasting electricity. Instead, they are going outside. People are also recycling, to lessen

the amount of trash burned. People also should watch what they buy. Hairspray and deodorant are now made to have less of an impact on the atmosphere. Even you can do these things. The government has made a law called the Clean Air Act so that there is less pollution. The law is making companies change their products to decrease global warming. Global warming is making people disabled, very sick, and sometimes they can die. Let’s work together to save the Earth from global warming, but just not on Earth Day, but every day.

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Fifth Grade Visits Shrine By Zane Monroe


to him after smelling roses in her home and hearing a whisper to visit Padre Pio.

n Wed., April 6, both 5th grade classes went to the Padre Pio shrine in Barto, PA. At the shrine there is a chapel that was built to look like the one Padre Pio was a priest at in Italy. Our guide told us an amazing story of a couple that took two photos of a statue of Mary they had given to the shrine. When they developed the photos, one was just of the statue and the other was the statue appearing to be life -like. We got to view both of the photos. We then went to another chapel where they had the glove Padre Pio wore to cover the wounds on his hand. The wounds that he had were called the stigmata, which is the wounds of Jesus when he was crucified on the cross. Next, our guide

took us to a smaller building that had a museum and a gift shop. We toured the museum first and saw replicas of where Padre Pio was born and his bedroom where he died. Then we saw replicas of the car he used to drive and of him in his coffin. We then watched a movie about two miracles that are attributed to Padre Pio. The first was of him healing a very ill little girl whose mother had brought her

The second miracle was healing a teenager who had been seriously injured in a car accident. The boy saw a man in his room at night, and was healed by the next morning. After seeing a picture of Padre Pio, the boy said it was he who had been in his room that night. Padre Pio was no longer alive at this time. After the movie we had lunch. Then, after lunch, we went to the gift shop where everyone had fun choosing something to remind them of their Padre Pio visit. Visiting Padre Pio’s Shrine was a very memorable field trip.

Padre Pio: A Saint’s Path By Alison Gore


adre Pio was an amazing man and saint who was born in 1887. He became a priest and would stay in the confessional for 10-12 hours. He performed several astonishing miracles. One was that a young girl was about to die due to bladder disease. The doctors removed her bladder but couldn’t do anything else to save her. The family prayed to St. Pio, and the next day she had a bladder! Other stories are of his stigmata. It was terrible in his feet and one day people saw him floating in the middle of Mass! Pio said the angels were carrying him. Another story says he was at two places at once! A friend of his was very sick in the hospital, and Pio really wanted to be there for him. Pio was scheduled to prepare a Mass at the same time. So he was at both places at once. His famous saying is “Pray, hope, and don’t worry!”. He died in 1968 and was canonized in 2002.




Three Reading Olympics Teams Win 1st Honors By Luke Ercole


very year, there is a Reading Olympics. Now, you may ask, what is Reading Olympics? Reading Olympics is an activity where some 4th graders, some 5th graders, some 6th graders, and some 7th graders read up to 45 books and write 10 question cards. Then they go to a “Reading Olympics” where they answer questions on the books as a team. There are three rounds with 20 questions each with one point awarded for every correct answer. This was St. Agnes’s third year for elementary students and first year for middle school students. In the Reading Olympics, to receive a white ribbon you need 0-39 points, to get a red ribbon you need 40-49 points, and for a blue ribbon you need 50-60 points. Fourth



grades’ Reading Olympics was on April 13th. The 4th grade’s name was the “Spine Breakers.” They were Caribbean Blue. The captain was Rebecca Richard. The co-captain was Luke Ercole. There were 14 other participants: Erin Byrd, Annelise Daly, Miguel Fuentes, Julia Hirs, Maura Taylor, Liam Cooney, Madilyn Cahill, Peter Dolan, Robert Guldi, Samantha Jones, Natalie Ryder, and Katherine Chevalier. The 5th grade’s team color was also Caribbean Blue. They were called the “Rapid Readers”. The captain was Frank Byrd. The co-captain was Brian Zoretic. There were 13 other participants: Dan Redmond, Jonathan Schiltz, Garrett Reilly, Elizabeth Delor, Pat Keegan, Abby Grabill, Abby Hug, Ali Brown, Will Dolan, Lainey Timberman, and Nick Fanelli. The results were:

blue ribbons for both the 4th and the 5th grades! The 4th grade answered 53 correct out of 60 questions. The 5th grade answered 62 correct out of 60 (they got 2 bonus points). The 6th and 7th grades are on one Photo by Mrs. Shepperd team. Their Reading Olympics was on Here are the winning 4th grade April 28th. The color Spine Breakers! is Kelly Green, and they are the “Book Bust- Sapone, Gabriel Sanabria, ers.” The captain is Cosette Madeli ne DelVesco vo, Vincent. The co-captain is Maggie Dolan, Maddie Rebecca Leppert. The other Grabill, and Emily Delor. 6th graders are: Noah Do- Since the middle grade lan, Matt Ryder, MacKayla team is one team, the book Gonsalves, Alex Ball, and list is split up. They also Luke Arizin. came home with blue ribThe 7th graders are: Jamie Natale, Kristen

bons. Congratulations!

...Our Readers’ Favorite Books By Luke Ercole I interviewed some 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th graders on their favorite Reading Olympic books. The results were:

When You Reach Me………………………………….4 39 Clues: The Maze of Bones……………………….1 Joey Pigza Loses Control……………………………1 Frindle…………………………………………………1 Mrs.Frisby and the Rats of Nimh………………. 1 Loch……………………………………….1 Al Capone Does My Shirts…………….1 City of Ember…………………………...1

Photo by Mrs. Shepperd The 5th grade Rapid Readers pose with their blue ribbons.

Stormbreaker…………………………..1 Found……………………………………1





Japan Still Recovering from Tragedy By Jamie Natale and Cosette Vincent


n March 11, a 9.0 magnitude earthquake hit Japan; the plates moving caused a tsunami to hit the island. Numerous people say that the earthquake was survivable, but the tsunami was unbelievably terrible; it was a killer. Approximately 8,000 people have been killed, and about 12,000 are missing. Japan has nuclear plants and those were actually af-

fected and that is also what the country is worried about now. Radiation from the nuclear plants will kill people in the future. Many people are comparing this event to World War II because it was a terrible tragedy that killed many people and in both situations radiation has been involved. Several countries are sending aid to the Japanese people, including the U.S. We continue to pray for Japan and its people.

On 3/11/11 A now notorious day, Took the lives of many. The ground shook And so did the lives of the Japanese. It brought along with it this ferocious wave, Full of terror and screams. This Blasted into Japan. It slammed the coast Of this island of peace. Disaster after disaster came for them, And all hope has burst. This will affect The lives and love in the future For their descendants yet to come. It reminds us of the terrors In world war 2. What else is in store? Only God knows. We will pray for the many Who lost their lives, And for those whose loved ones Have been taken away.

Adios, Sister Mimi By Owen Downing


id you know that Sister Mimi is leaving Saint Agnes? She is leaving August 5th and is going to Montenegro, which is 45 minutes east of Lima, Peru. Peru is in South America. The last time that Sister Mimi was in South America was 12 years ago. Even though we are sad that she is leaving, she is leaving to do good work in Saint Rose Parish in Peru to help teachers with religion classes. Sister Mimi will also prepare children to receive the sacraments and will work in a school for poor children. All the families of the school children and the parish will be helped by Sister Mimi’s work. Some interesting background on Sister Mimi is that she has been a Sister for 43 years and has been at Saint Agnes for 7 years. One of her most memorable moments here at Saint Agnes was celebrating Las Posadas, which is a Mexican Christmas tradition that takes place nine days before Christmas. Another memorable moment for Sister Mimi was teaching English to many immigrants. She loved being a bridge between the different cultures in our parish. Lastly, Sister Mimi said that she loved working with Monsignor Perez and Sister Martha. She also loved having such a great big building to work in like TPH. In her office in TPH, she always tried to make it welcoming and beautiful for people. We all miss you here at Saint Agnes, Sister Mimi. We wish you luck on your new adventure!




Brownie Troop 469 Delivers DVDs

The Sweet Taste of Victory

By Mrs. Jenifer Nevins


ave you visited the Emergency Room at Chester County Hospital lately?

If so, you may have noticed that you are now able to watch a DVD while you wait to been seen by a doctor. This is in part thanks to St. Agnes School’s 2nd grade Brownie Troop, otherwise known as STAG Troop 469.

Eighth grader Victoria Norton won the Creative Research Award at the Chester County Research Competition on Thursday, March 3, for her science project “Flexible Chocolate, is it possible?” All of the 8th grade projects were displayed in the classrooms during the open house that kicked off Catholic Schools Week.

R ANSWERS to Mystery Student & Teacher

Mystery Student: Kate McAssey

On March 11, several members of Troop 469 along with their Co- Leaders, Maria Knight and Jenifer Nevins, delivered the DVDs to Kathy Stocker, who is in charge of Volunteer Services at Chester County Hospital. Amelia DiLiberto said that she was happy to help all the kids that come to the ER. “They will no longer be bored and they will have something to watch and keep them busy while they wait." The girls were very excited about delivering the DVDS and were so glad that they could help their community! So, the next time you have to go to the Emergency Room at Chester County Hospital and are asked if you want to watch a movie while you wait, think of STAG Troop 469!

Photo by Mrs. Norton

Mystery Teacher: Mrs. Charney

As part of their Brownie Quest journey this year, Troop 469 was asked to brainstorm ways that they could help their community. Emma Leppert, Amelia DiLiberto and Amanda Heil presented their idea of collecting DVDs for the hospital so children had something to do while they waited to be seen by a doctor. Henlee Nevins said, “I’ve had to wait in the Emergency Room and it can be pretty boring just sitting and waiting so, I like the idea of donating DVDs to the hospital.” The troop was able to collect close to 85 G and PG rated DVDS. Emma Leppert said, "I felt that I did a good deed. It is nice to help children in a hospital. It was great that everyone helped out.” Meghan Meyer said, "I'm just happy that I donated as much movies as possible and it was so fun I want to do it again every year. There are people that are getting stitches or something and don't have anything to do so they deserve movies."




Mystery Student By Erin Byrd


id you ever wonder if someone in another classroom has the same interests as you? Well, here are a few clues about a mystery student. She enjoys decorating cakes and dancing. Her favorite color is purple. She has two pets, a fish and a dog, and her favorite animals are dogs. Her favorite vacation spot is Avalon, NJ. Her role model is Ryan Howard. Photo from the internet

She wants to be a professional dancer or a veterinarian.

If you have these interests you’d be a great friend for the Mystery Student. Who do you think she is? Answer on page 6

P Congratulations to Laura Lynn Cottrel and the STAG Players on a moving performance of A Thousand Cranes! From the Glasser Family

Reading to Race: The Iditarod Project By Brian Zoretic


n March, 5th grade was learning about the Iditarod. The Iditarod is a sled dog race in Alaska. The race begins in Willow and the finishes in Nome. The mushers and their dogs have to cross tundra, mountains, and frozen rivers. The official distance of the Iditarod is 1,049 miles, because Alaska is the 49th state. The Iditarod memorializes a catastrophe in Nome. In 1925, thousands of people were dying from a diphtheria epidemic. The only medicine that could help them was a serum, which was running low in the town

of Nome. Then dog sleds came and did a relay from town to town, trading the serum from Anchorage. The town of Nome was saved by the dogs! The Iditarod has been a tradition since then. For more information about the Iditarod, go to http:// The 5th grade did the Iditaread. We each raced mushers to Nome by reading books. We kept track of the number of pages we read and went from station to station. Six pages of a book would equal one mile. We tried to beat our mushers to Nome.




Staff Picks

Animated G & PG Movies Voted Top 10 in 2010

By Gianna Dolan


ere are some of the staff’s favorite entertainment, divided up by grade

level. Grade

Book Series


Magic Treehouse


Percy Jackson


Hunger Games


Video Game

Tangled Wii Party

Despicable Me

Mario Kart

Just Dance 2

E A Prayer for Mr. Miller

By Brian Zoretic

1) Incredibles 2) Finding Nemo 3) The Lion King 4) The Shrek The Third, Shrek the Second and Shrek 5) Aladdin 6) Monsters, Inc. 7) Beauty and the Beast 8) Toy Story 2, Toy Story 9) Cars 10) Little Mermaid I have watched all of these movies and I think they are great! These were voted on online at http:// Check it out to see for yourself!

Easter Candy Favorites By Vayda Monroe I polled Ms. Nager’s 4th grade class plus two students in Mrs. Eross’s 4th grade class about their favorite Easter candy. The choices were: Peeps, jelly beans, chocolate bunny, or peanut butter eggs. The chocolate bunny was the clear favorite. I hope you all got one for Easter!

By Erin Byrd

12 10

Dear God, Please bless Mr. Miller, his family, and all those who knew and loved him. He will always remain in our minds and hearts. We ask this through Christ our Lord.

Number of Students

8 6 4 2


0 peeps

jelly beans

chocolate bunny

peanut butter egg




Easter Coloring Contest Results Announced K through 3rd grades By Bella Dotson All of the entries for the Easter Bunny Drawing Contest were great! Unfortunately, there can only be one winner. We have selected Gabby Scarantino’s Easter Bunny drawing as the winner. Gabby is a kindergartener in Mrs. Mayer’s class. Her picture showed a lot of creativity and effort! Great job, Gabby! And good job to everyone who entered the contest! All of us at the Scoop wish everyone a very happy Easter Season.

Above: Gabby Scarantino’s picture of the Easter Bunny delivering candy, done in crayon. Left: Brigid Dolan’s picture of the cross at Golgotha.

4th through 8th grades By Abby Hug Congratulations to 6th grader Brigid Dolan for winning the Easter picture contest! She has won a $15 iTunes gift card. Her picture was the best, but all the others were great, too. Thank you all for entering the contest!

Comic Strip by John Glasser


Comic Strip by Charlie Blake




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First Grade Zoo Day Fun!

Guess Which Teacher By Cosette Vincent Her hair is dark brown. She has 61 children. The picture above is of some of the 1st graders enjoying one of the stations at their Zoo Day. To the left, they color at another station. --Photos and captions by Brigid Dolan

Her favorite professional sport team is the Phillies. Her favorite sport is swimming Her favorite place to eat out is Limoncello

S Answer on page 6



Tech Corner:

iPad 2 debuts By Nick Fanelli



he new i-Pad by Apple is called the i-Pad 2. Some features are:

8.8 mm thick (33% thinner than the original i-Pad) 1.3 lbs. 9.7 LCD touch screen Front and rear camera ( was not in the original i-Pad) Speaker and Microphone 2.1 Bluetooth HDMI to TV Compass and Accelerometer Pricing 16GB WiFi and 3G- $629 64GB WiFi and 3G- $829

Droid Incredible By Nick Fanelli


otorola has made a new phone. It is called the Droid Incredible. It is sold by Verizon. Some features are:

Up to 24 GB The camera has 8 MP The talk time is up to 5.2 hours It has multitasking and voice commands It has 149 standby time 4.6 pounds Built-in GPS $199

In Control: Xbox versus Wii versus PS3 By Charlie Blake


oday, people would most likely have one of these three consoles in their house: Xbox, Wii, and Play Station 3. I am going to compare the ups and downs of the three consoles. First off, I am going to talk about the Nintendo Wii. The Wii is a great console, the games are fun, according to my little brother George, and the Wii has Netflix, which is a program to watch movies instantly through your game console for about five bucks a month. The Wii may be fun, but don’t let the games fool you. The graphics are sim-

ple compared to the other systems’ graphics. For example, it does not have HD. Next, I am going to talk about the PS3 or Play Station 3. Many people agree that the PS3 is the best system ever. The PS3 can play Blue Ray movies, the online gaming is incredible, and the graphics are A+. Last, but not least, I am going to talk about the XBox 360. If the PS3 is the best, XBox is a close second (in my opinion, Xbox is the

best). The XBox has many of the same qualities as the PS3: online gaming and graphics are the same as the PS3’s, but all of you PS3 gamers out there are probably saying PS3’s graphics are better. The

Xbox, however, plays normal DVDs instead of Blue Ray, and like the Wii, Xbox has avatar characters. In addition, the Xbox controller is more comfortable than the PS3 controller.

Features Playstation Hacked

CYO at Penn Relays

By Seamus Breslin


ony’s gaming network had been offline for six days (as of April 28). This is because anonymous hackers raided the Playstation Network (PSN) and stole names, birth dates, and possibly the credit card numbers and the security code. The hackers took these things from 77 million people who have a PSN account. Sony’s spokesman said that the company has a “clear path” to restore “some services within a week.” but they’re still unsure and do not know who the hackers are.

Photo by Mr. Berkman Sony refused to say what evidence they found about the people who attacked the PSN. They are scared that the hackers might do more damage. They said that this attack is the worst in history. It continues to be a threat to many PSN users , and it is also making the gamers who use it very frustrated. Students in the 7th grade who have PS3s (Playstation 3) are only some of the users who are annoyed and angry about it. Sony employees are trying to get back on track with the regular online gaming. They hope to fix the problem soon.

CYO track raced in the Penn Relays on April 26th. The event was held at Franklin Field.





March Madness ABCs

NHL 1st Round Update

By Michael Hayes


By Noah Dolan


s the Conference semi-finals for the Stanley Cup Playoffs draws near, there has been a few surprises. In the West the #1 seed Vancouver Canucks where up 3-0 before dropping 3 in a row to the Chicago Blackhawks, the defending champions. In the all California matchup the San Jose have a 3-2 series lead over the LA Kings. Also in the west the Detroit Red Wings keep the winning tradition alive by sweeping the Coyotes. In the final series in the West the Nashville Predators move on to round 2, defeating the Ducks 4 games to 2. In the East, the Boston Bruins have a 3-2 series lead over Montreal. In the only series that is over, the Capitals beat out the NY Rangers 4 games to 1 series win. Even without stars, Sidney Crosby and Eugene Malkin, the Pittsburgh Penguins have a 3-2 series lead. And finally, the home team, the Philadelphia Flyers and the Sabers are locked in a battle going into game seven. That’s a wrap up of the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoff’s.

he 2011 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, more familiarly known as “March Madness” or the “Big Dance”, lived up to its “Madness” moniker. I tried to recap the highlights for you below from A to Z:


: “Arizona” knocks out the No. 1 seed Duke Blue Devils

: The “Butler” did it – Again! 2 finals in 2 years

: A litter of “Cats” made the field: Villanova, Arizona, Kansas State and Kentucky : “Defeats”! All the No. 1 seeds failed to make the Final 4

: “Eleven”. A record 11 teams from the Big East made the tournament

: “Fredette”. As in “Jimmer”. Need I say more!

: “Gonzaga”. The slipper didn’t fit as the perennial Cinderella lost early : “Houston”, the site of the final 4 set an attendance record with 145,747 fans

all4one sportswear


: “Indiana St”. In the tournament 32 years after Larry Bird took them to the finals “Jimmer”, the J :NCAA player of the year. He is so good he gets 2 spots on the list

Kevin Meehan President Ph 888.283.5252 / fx 888.509.1965

19 Dowlin Forge Road Exton, PA


: “Kemba” Walker, the MVP of the tournament


: “Lowest Seeds” ever to make the Final 4 in the same year, #11 VCU and #8 Butler : “Morehead State”, the only 13th seed to win shocks No. 4 seed Louisville : “Nike” shoes were worn by 52 of the 68 teams in the tournament

: “Ohio State”, the overall No. 1 team in the tournament only won 2 games : “Penn State vs. Temple”. The game that divided Pennsylvania, and Al Golden The team from the “Queen’s” Q :City, Cincinnati, hadn’t danced since 2005


: “Richmond”, the only 12-5 seed upset winner.

: The “Saints” were dancing, with St. John’s and St. Peter’s in the tournament : “Tennessee”. Lost by 30 in the first round game and then fired its coach : “UConn” won its 3rd National Championship

: “VCU”, from the First 4 to the Final 4

: The “West” Region. UConn has come out of the West in all 3 of its championships : “Xavier”. Failed to reach the Sweet 16 for the first time in 3 years : Mouphtaou “Yarou”, Villanova’s forward speaks five languages

: The “Zips” from Akron University save “Z” day by getting a 15 seed



Varsity Softball Prays & Plays By: Maggie Dolan


eamwork, hustle, strategy. The game of softball requires all three of these aspects, plus friendship among everyone on the team.

Photo courtesy of the Liberis The Saint Agnes Lacrosse team poses for a picture at Bradford Avenue.

This year’s Varsity team, coached by Mr. Charley Swope and Mr. Matt Grabill, is made up of 6th and 7th graders who all hope to be successful in playoffs this season.

Meet CYO Varsity Lacrosse By Emma Liberi


acrosse season has started for the St. Agnes varsity girls’ team! Considering it’s only the second year of St. Agnes girls’ lacrosse, there has been a great turnout of girls. It is made up of girls not only from St. Agnes but also from surrounding parishes. The coaches are Mrs. Pugliese, Mr. Liberi, and Jess (who is attending grad school). We practice and have our home games at the Bradford field. We had our first game April 7th playing St. Joe’s of Downingtown. We lost, but we kept our heads up. Our team plays well together, and we play hard, but we’re also having a lot of fun! I asked our head coach, Mrs. Pugliese, a few questions: EL: How many days a week do you run practice? MP: We run practice two to three times a week. EL: How many games do you have a season? MP: We have about eight games this

season and a tournament. EL: Did you play lacrosse yourself? If so when and what school? MP: I did play lacrosse in high school because it was not introduced until my freshman year. I played for Springfield in Delaware County. EL: How many years have you been coaching lacrosse? MP: I have been coaching lacrosse for about four or five years. EL: What three things would you feel that would be important to help a lacrosse player improve? MP: The best thing a lacrosse player can do is practice, practice, practice and practice some more!! Whether you are in the backyard with your friends or throwing a ball against the wall, practice is the most important thing. You also need to be conditioned like in all sports. The third thing would be to have fun. If you have fun at what you do you always will succeed. I hope you all come out to see a game and cheer us on!

Maddie Grabill, third baseman and pitcher, explains that before every game, the team prays together. The mission of all CYO sports, not only softball, is to encourage fair play and good sportsmanship, along with practicing our faith, and this is shown well on this team. Attending several games this season, I have observed all of the players of the Stags helping each other, and keeping their heads held high. Whether a game is a big win or a hard fought loss, each girl on the team makes sure that not one of her friends feels bad. They have a lot of fun together, and learn through all experiences they have.





Coed CYO Track Season Heats Up By Haley Reid


he weather is warming up and that means track season has started! The track team started training in March at Stetson Middle School and is getting ready for upcoming track meets. The first four meets are practice meets that give the members of the track team a chance to try any events they want. There are short distance races, which include 100, 200, and 400 meters. The long distance events include the 800 and 1600 meters. There are also relays, which include the 4x100 and the 4x800 and field events such as the long jump, high jump, and shot put.

The different age groups are sub-novice or peewees, novice, minor, and cadette. This allows students from kindergarten through 8th grade to join and participate in the track program The team is lucky to have Mr. Carl Berkman as head coach. He has been coaching for a total of 10 years and for four years as head coach. When asked what his favorite part of coaching is, he said, “Seeing the athletes working hard, gaining confidence and improving themselves by the end of the season.” Mr. Berkman also “believes this level should be fun and I want the ath-

Photo by Mrs. Wolfe

letes to be successful at the high school level.” In his calm, cool manner he inspires the entire track team to perform better and encourages everyone to try new things. Mr. Dave Richard and Mr. Jerry DiBello are the assistant coaches of the track team. Mr. Richard can always be found standing infield cheering on the participants and giving them pointers on their form as they run their races. Mr. DiBello is always there with encouraging words and an upbeat attitude. All of the coaches encourage the team to always try their best.

When asked what their favorite part of track is, 8th grader Christy Snook and 2nd grader Grace Weaver say their favorite race is the 200 meters. First grader Grace O’Neill says, “I like the long jump and freeze tag.” Ella McGrory, who is in 1st grade, stated that her favorite part is “the stretching.” Raine Talley, an 8th grader, says, “I like being outside and getting exercise.” Second grader Caelen Reid says, “I like running in the races.” Looks like the track team has a great season ahead of them. Good luck to all of the runners!

See page 13 for a photo from the Penn Relays

CYO JV Baseball Is On a Roll By Frank Byrd


Billy Wolfe sizes up the next pitch at a recent CYO game. As of April 29th, they are 0-2, but they haven’t played many games due to weather or they would have a better record.


ave you ever played baseball? Well, it’s a very hard, grueling sport that few can excel at, but the JV baseball team seems to play it with ease. Here is their roster: Frank Byrd, Matthew Caliendo, Patrick Dever, Noah Dolan, Joey Dougherty, Jake Dunleavy, Luke Hirschmann, Andrew Howe, John Kozinski, Alex MacLachlan, Danny Meyer, Garrett Reilly, Tha dde us Rob uck, Justin Titchenell, Cameron Van Hoorebeke, Nick Wierman, and Billy Wolfe. They are

all very talented. The team is coached by Mr. Dunleavy and Mr. Wolfe. Mr. Meyer occasionally helps out. They’re all fair and have great coaching abilities. Right fielder Andrew Howe is in 5th grade. He has been playing since he was 5 and started with T-ball. His favorite thing about playing CYO baseball is playing with his classmates. Shortstop Billy Wolfe is in 6th grade. He also started playing when he was 5 and is in his eighth year. His favorite thing about

CYO baseball is playing with his friends and being able to represent his school. He also plays centerfield and pitcher, but likes shortstop the most because he likes to play infield. Shortstop Danny Meyer has been playing since he was 8. His favorite thing about CYO baseball is hitting the ball and playing with his friends. He is also a pitcher and sometimes plays third base. He likes shortstop because “you’re always in the game.” The team is very good and will do well this year. Good luck!


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