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Whole Body Vibration And How It Was Formulated Whole body vibration consists of standing or sitting on a platform that transmits vibrations throughout the body. It may seem to be too easy or far too simple to do much for the different systems in your body, but using this method of vibration therapy can actually improve your health and enhance your life. Platforms that provide oscillating vibrations can be found in many health and fitness centers, including those offering rehabilitative or therapeutic services, and they can even be purchased for use at home. This technology was originally developed as a means to enhance both muscle mass and bone density, and numerous additional benefits have been reported and proven to be true by scientific testing. Balance is one of the first things that will greatly improve when you start using whole body vibration. Your body has to compensate for the movement of the oscillating foundation, and your brain has to send acceptable messages to your muscles in a rapid fashion to keep you from falling over. The platform vibrates at a rate of up to 50 times each minute, causing your brain and body to react quickly to keep you in balance. Those with balance concerns due to disease or injury can benefit from using an oscillating platform. When you stand on a platform which offers oscillating vibrations, the vibrations move up your legs and throughout your entire body. In order to maintain the balance, the muscles would have to contract and relax automatically. Much like the way that walking uses muscles on one side at a time, these types of oscillating movements encourage the muscles to contract on one side of the body at a time. With the alternate vibrations, each side of the body can increase in muscle mass through effective usage of these muscles. Also, there are a wide array of positions you can try with a vibrating platform, enabling you to work muscles throughout your body. When muscles contract, the bones are moved as the tendons joining the muscles to bone are moved. Bone density is increased after a while resulting in stronger bones which would be not as likely to break. For anyone with conditions that minimize mobility, it may be difficult to participate in weight-bearing exercises that improve bone strength. Standing on an oscillating platform in the home is significantly easier than engaging in other, more physically demanding forms of exercise. This is in particular important for elderly individuals, whose bone density has usually reduced with age and are concerned with the loss of independence that can occur due to brittle bones. Beyond the physical benefits, there are other rewards to using an oscillating platform. As with all exercise, endorphins that make you feel happy or exhilarated are released, in addition to the pleasure chemical dopamine. Using an oscillating platform on a regular basis can increase natural serotonin levels, which leads to better sleep, increased energy, clearer thinking, a healthy appetite, and a general feeling of happiness. Furthermore, levels of the stress hormone cortisol, responsible for increased inflammation and difficulty sleeping, are reduced with normal exercise. This form of exercise is also low-impact, which means it doesn't result in the same form of strain or probable injury as high-impact exercises, such as running. Because of this, it may be a perfect form of exercise for those with joint problems or issues with chronic pain. Combined with a nutritious diet as well as other good lifestyle choices, whole body vibration can help you get healthy and stay healthy.

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Whole Body Vibration And How It Was Formulated Experience the multiple benefits of whole body vibration therapy, from a lowering of depression symptoms to an improvement in endurance. For even more details on VibraTrim, view them at their web site,

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Whole Body Vibration And How It Was Formulated