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Roku Xfinity App Xfinity stream app is developed by Comcast and supports to Roku device, Samsung smart TVs and other Partner Devices. Which are good news for Roku device users and its most-watched channel on Roku TV? If you have Comcast Xfinity account so you easily watch the channel on Roku. This app delivers live broadcast channels, linear cable channels, cloud recordings and video on demand. For this, you don’t have any need to rent an Xfinity TV Box from Comcast.

Activate Xfinity Stream app on Roku Steps of Roku Xfinity App activation: ●

First, you install the XFINITY Stream Beta channel for Roku then follow the installation instructions here.

On your device Open the “XFINITY Stream Beta” channel.Now launch the channel app and select Get Started to continue.

Just tap the OK button on your Roku remote process is a start.

Now you will receive the Xfinity activation code on the screen.

Go to by computer or mobile device, and type in the 6 digit code displayed on your Roku.

continue.. ●

Now complete the Sign in the process and Enter your Xfinity username and password, then click Sign In. Wait until the XFINITY login page will load.

If you don’t have an account create it,

Type the code you see.

After that enter a mobile number.

After the process, you will receive a Success! The message, notifying you that your Roku device screen will update shortly.

Now read the terms and conditions, and select option related to accept the terms and continue. If you choose No, so you will back to the 1st step of the activation process.

Key Features of Xfinity App Roku ●

Search tab:By this, you can easily search your favorite programs such as Movies, TV shows and a lot more

Browse tab: You can to browse the live programs and also choose the category that suits your interest

Instant Replay button: You can replay and watch the videos any time by the use of Use the Instant Replay button

Use of left and right directional Pad to rewind and fast forward the videos

Channel option: By name or code you can find the channel as you want.

Change and Select channel: You can change the channel and make the selections easily by the mini menu.

Xfinity Stream Beta App on Roku The “XFINITY Stream Beta” channel works on these Roku devices: ●

Roku TV (5XXX, 6XXX: Models within the 5000 and 6000 range)

Streaming Stick (3800, 3600)

Streaming Stick (3810)

Roku 3 (4200, 4230)

Express (3900, 3700)

Express+ (3910, 3710)

Roku 2 (4210)

Premiere (4620)

Premiere+ (4630)

Ultra (4660, 4640)

Roku 4 (4400)

Navigating the Xfinity Stream Beta App on Roku Navigate the menu to view the options such as search, Live TV, Browse, Saved, settings. After completing the process of Activation Navigating the Xfinity Stream App on Roku. Main Menu Once you complete the activation process of Roku Xfinity App you have reached the main menu then some option will be shown which is listed below: ●



Live TV



Get started with the Xfinity Instant TV Roku Xfinity Instant TV is just like a cable TV streaming service which provides the live TV from broadcast and popular cable networks on your computer, tablet, smartphone or Roku Streaming Player. What You’ll Need ●

Xfinity Instant TV

Xfinity compatible equipment such as cable modem or Wireless Gateway

A compatible computer or device with a browser installed

Username and password Of your Xfinity account

Anyone can access Xfinity Instant TV from your devices, download the Xfinity Stream app onto those devices. Select your device and download its various platform which is listed below:

Roku devices:Download from the Roku Channel Store. Android devices:Download from the Google Play Store. Apple devices:Download from the Apple App Store. After downloading the app on your device, start the process of using Xfinity Instant TV on Roku via

Tips to Resolve Comcast Roku Problems Check the following devices ●

TV & Roku

Ensure the correct HDMI input is selected on your TV set for your Roku device.

Check all cables are secured and plugged in and your devices powered on.

Roku remote

Use a fresh set of batteries.

Remove obstacles between of remote and TV that may be blocking the line of sight.

Roku Device ●

Update a system of a Roku by going to the Roku; main menu > Settings > System > System Update

Be sure your device is one of the supported Roku models.

XFINITY Stream Beta Channel for Roku Issues: ● Cannot stream content ● Channel streaming interruption ● Cannot log in to Roku account ● A stream is freezing or jumping in and out ● Cannot authorize Roku with university credentials Solutions: ● Go to the XFINITY Stream beta account and Sign out & sign back. ● Strong network connection is required to check your connection & ensure your Roku device is connected to your campus network. ● Contact your campus help desk for issues with Wifi or network and with your campus username & password. ● Reset your username and/or password. ● go to Settings > Network and Update or Setup a new connection on your Roku device power cycle your Roku. ● If problems are related to unable to stream on your mobile device or web browser check all perspective. ● After that submit a request to XOC support team. In the request include the Version or build number of your XFINITY Stream channel app by going to Settings > About.

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