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meet a millennial

Gavin McHenry is a 17-year-old boy who is in

his senior year of high school in Blue Springs, MO. When he isn’t busy with homework, attending hockey practice, or jamming to music with his Beat headphones, you can typically find him chillin’ with Skylar and Pete. The boys typically watch humorous movies such as Ted or Step Brothers, or you can find them on Instagram ‘straight flexin’ doing mischievous shenanigans in their backyard or on bus trips. Gavin’s Iphone is full of apps allowing him to connect with his friends and family at all times. He can also get instant updates about his fantasy football team, which is the app he uses most. The gang typically goes to BDubs if they are going to eat out, but will settle for fast food whenever somebody suggests they are hungry, which could be at any moment of the day.

Hadley Brenner is a 21-year-old junior at the

University of Wisconsin. She is very busy with her biology major and is also involved in her sorority on campus. When she isn’t working as a waitress at the local sports grill, she is amped-up at tailgating for her favorite badger football team. She loves to study at Starbucks and is a member of their rewards program. She likes to study in coffee shops because that is where her friends go and she’s never sure who might walk in and give her a little study break, as if constantly checking her Twitter feed isn’t enough of a break already. Hadley is a big advocate to cancer awareness and is on a committee for Relay for Life that takes place every April at UW. She has dedicated her time to do this because she had a friend’s mom pass away from lung cancer and she feels a need to contribute to something bigger than normal everyday activities.

what do we gotta do to catch their attention? 1. Use ads that demonstrate scenarios and situations millennials find relatable and amusing 2. Use suggestive and selective language to correspond with visuals to bring humor to our ads in simple ways 3. tie in a cause that sparks interest and initiative

Target Market  

I developed the content on the millennial audience based on the descriptions developed by our group.

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