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interior design entrance


booths tall tables

modern millennials hang-out


tall bar w/ stools

recycling center!

dri con nks, n dim apk ent ins , toppings bar s

short tables w/ chairs

funcional family outting




modern millennials hang-out




si erti v d ea

funcional family outting taller tables are more trendy and appeal more to millennials.

shorter tables are more practical and appeal more to families and seniors.

multipule fun-shaped or colorful light fixtures will present an enviroment that is modern and clean. it will also brighten the atmosphere. the booths should be nutral and multi-generational. Everyone is intrigued by fancy booths.

one central unit to light this section. It makes it feel more homey.

recycling center

by promoting an option for recycing, more people are willing to participate. this is an opportuntiy to tie in our marketing in-store. It is also an opportunity to run in-store advertising that interacts with the consumers and shapes their expirence.

Taco John's Interior Layout  
Taco John's Interior Layout  

I designed a remodeling layout plan that should be implemented for all Taco John's restaurants. I also take credit for the recycling efforts...