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What is the “big picture” you might ask? How did it get there and who is to be credited with all of the work? Who’s influence, effort, and support was taken into account down to mere presence and interpretation of the piece? The answer is: it’s


Because of your support, your ideas and your impact on someone’s daily life, YOU have inspired the existence of art. As a member of this community, we need your support and effort to preserve something special within South Dakota’s culture. All of the pieces at the Art Museum were made possible by you and for you as a community.

So don’t miss out on this opportunity to see the big picture - be part of it.

TARGET AUDIENCE: The museum is a place for all to enjoy. Our “be part of it” tagline will enlighten people to see the true value within the walls of the museum. These people include: Donors (anyone who has given in the past or present) • They bring financial support to the museum; allow for it’s existence. • Many donors bring a personal connection with the Art exhibited. • They genuinely care and respect the Art Museum’s presence in South Dakota. Students (k-college) • They don’t take advantage of broaden their cultural expectation; respect for the Arts • They’re reluctant to connect with the community outside of events; no initiavte (junior high - college students). • Younger children are able to develop ideas outside of adult thinking; they see things in a different way (kindergarden - elementary). Visitors (new to Brookings, new to the Art Museum) • Visitors are interested in making their time worth while; they want to see/do new things. • Communitiy members want their voices to be heard without being singled out. • Many people want to feel like they are a part of something.


We are implementing our See the Big Picture campaign through the promotion and creation of a community art project. This month-long event allows individuals to unite their unique thoughts on topics related to local and national issues. Though this wall they are able to let opinions come out through works of all sorts of art. As a result of the wall, they’ll feel as they have contributed to something bigger than just another ‘event’. We want people to feel like they are a part of the museum’s exhibit. Every person’s contribution will become what the South Dakota Art Museum truly stands for. We can see now that every idea and effort put in is essential to the museum as a whole. be part of.



For everyone who comes in to elaborate and execute ideas - reward them. Allow their art to be framed on the wall just as the pieces they were inspiration by. Have them show their art to the world by tweeting it to all their friends using the #seethebigpicture hashtag. This is also an excellent way for the art museum to gain publicity in the commnity with no cost involved!

Lisa Kudrow I loved being able to express my thoughts openly! @SDArtMuseum #seethebigpicture pic.twitter. com/2857039QjHD98 Matt LeBlanc The art here is so cool! Contributed a piece myself! @ SDArtMuseum #seethebigpicture OFjiej4kd92


See for yourself what the art museum has to offer! These posters will attract multipule audiences with their contrast of colors. The eye catches the colors and grasps the idea quickly. These posters will be placed in local business’ all around the state.

The content of the tv ad is designed to bring pieces of the art together, symbolizing how we as a community should come together. If we see the big picture, we know that just as every piece to every work of art is important, so is every person involved with the art museum. We plan to buy spots during the evening news programs in order to gain awareness from visitors and some possible donors. We also want to run this promotion at basketball events for every college or university in South Dakota. It is an ad that is different from most shown at the baskeball events, and that is the reason why it will catch people’s attention. We are seeking out crowds that are different from people whom have already established an interested in the art museum. Consideration from families attending the basketball games is a benefit to the art museum becuase we already know they are willing to take their children to different places and events. Students can become aware of the opportunities within their community that they can explore and view as inexpensive entertainment.


Through the use of traditional radio and Pandora, we can target people who live in South Dakota. This is a great way to reach a broad audience. Our ad sounds different when compared to most radio ads; it entices its’ listeners to come to Brookings to see what the art museum as to offer. We will engage their attention by calling for their participation in the community art project. We want our target audience to feel obligated to expand in their culture and do things that are outside of their normal comfort zone. Possible stations to advertising on Local:

Rapid City Area: · KBHU FM 89.1 – Black Hills State University (Spearfish) · KYSD FM 90.7 – Public Radio (Spearfish) · KOUT FM 98.7 – Kat County · KIQK FM 104.1 – Country Kick 104 · KZLK FM 106.3 – AC/Variety/Mix – Max FM Sioux Falls Area: · KCSD FM/HD 90.9 – Public Radio · KCFS FM 94.5 – University of Sioux Falls · KAUR FM 89.1 – Public Radio Brookings Area: · KESD FM 88.3 – Public Radio · KSDJ FM 90.7 – South Dakota State University · KBRK FM 93.7 – AC/Variety/Mix Aberdeen Area: · KBFO FM 106.7 – Contemporary Hits Vermillion Area: · KAOR FM 91.1 – University of South Dakota · KUSD FM/HD 89.7 Public Radio Watertown Area: · KJSD 90.3– Public Radio ·

KSDR FM 92.9- Country

Radio Ad:

Female voice 1: Can you see it? Innocent voice, ***picture woman pointing in distance

Female voice 2: See what? Questioning sarcastic tone; doubtful something is there

Female voice 1: All the effort, support, and time? Concerned; finds it hard to believe she can’t see it Female voice 2: All the effort, support and time for what? very questioning tone Female voice 1: All the effort, support and time invested in the Art Museum! sounding like she’s stating the obvious

Female voice 2: Well no, of course I can’t seeeee…(trails off) Feeling of unimportance; judging tone >>Interjecting female voice 2

Female voice 1: Well then, you need to become part of it. Satisfied voice; confidence and making a point

Male Voice 1: See the big picture – Come visit the South Dakota Art Museum today and contribute to our community art project. This is a free event for all ages! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to better our state. See the Big Picture; be part of it. Spoken in a concerned and confident tone. Encouraging people to come in to pay their respect to the museum.

Female Voice 3: for more information go to

spoken quickly and quietly. ***querky music builds in the background throughout the entire ad. Music Trails off during ending information line


To promote being a part of the South Dakota Art Museum, another tactic we will use is email marketing. WIth email, we are able to send news to so many people for free. When targeting our specific categories, we will email all the universities to ask them to email our idea to all of their students. We will also target specific art organizations, clubs, or chapters within the state, such as the AAF and AIGA, to join our efforts and support the museum. To attract community members, we will target emails to the bigger industries within the state of South Dakota. They typically have weekly newsletters with community announcements where we could place our poster advertisement. We will also see if they are willing to send a company wide email regarding the community art project. For our donors, we will use the list already generated by the museum.

Don’t miss out on the fun! Come in today and show us your creative minds! For more information visit our webiste: Hope to see you soon,

South Dakota Art Museum  

This is our campaign for the South Dakota Art Museum. I was responsible for writing the content for our groups brand strategy.