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Creative Brief. tj style. Objective goals:

1. Increase restaurant sales for millennials by 3 percent 2. Produce content that generates awareness for millennials

What ever


it is- You NEED it

TJ Style is an attitude. It can be sexy. It can be modern. It is essentially your decision on what you want it to be. It’s that “gotta have it” sensation you get after a workout and you’re dead tired – but you don’t care… the work is done and you need a reward! It’s the craving that longs for satisfaction after a long day, when calories don’t count and you just want to indulge. Whatever your it might be- Taco John’s has it. They have it waiting for you to wrap your fingers around the soft tortilla of that mouth-watering burrito or freshly fried potato olés® that taste like tiny pots of gold.

crave it. tj style.

bite it. tj style. envy it. tj style. talk it. tj style.

Our campaign is based around three solid reasons: 1. Millennials want to be distinguished individuals 2. Millennials seek to help 3. Millennials expect it on demand

initiate it.The attention grabber

We are going to drawl in the millennial market with humourous situations and scenarios from their every day life. They will build connections to our ads with feelings or memories they recount when these scenarios happend in their life. Our ads will be up-front and un-sugarcoated. With our proposed campaign we will get them eager to share their experience of our eye-catching, witty ads.

Believe it. the cause counts

We are proposing that Taco John’s joins the sustainability movement. Promoting recycling within the stores and offering a recycling station for consumers to dispose of packaging properly and it will coincide with our targeted audience’s beliefs. Millennials are driven to satisfy their wants and needs and will remain loyal to brands providing products that do just that. We also plan to reduce our overall use of packaging and increase the use of recycled fiber in all paper packaging.

Demand it. this instance Millennials are on the move. They decide what they want the moment they want it. We are going to give them the fulfillment of their cravings through our products. Our campaign will bring awareness to them and come to their mind when they are in desparate need of quick satisfaction.

Main Idea- Taco John's Millennial Campaign  

This is the main idea of our Taco Johns millennial campaign. I designed the template and wrote the copy. We worked as a team to develop th...

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