2021 Single-Use Glove Catalog

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PARTNER WITH PSG Reseller Opportunities Available

Performance Safety Group leads the industry in delivering a highly diversified collection of premium single-use gloves designed to maintain safety and hygiene standards in the healthcare, laboratory, industrial and foodservice industries. If you are a professional, manufacturer’s representative, agency or distributor interested in promoting our disposable glove portfolio, we want to hear from you. Our goal is to partner with experienced, multiple-line strategic distributors currently servicing a given territory, market or for specific accounts that sell several compatible safety items. Ideally, those candidates can increase their profit and leverage their time by incorporating our extensive portfolio into their sales presentations. This opportunity allows our partners to form new business relationships and to expand existing clients into new markets.

DISPOSABLE GLOVES - $9B INDUSTRY The global disposable gloves market is expected to grow from nearly USD $9 billion in 2018 to USD $17 billion in 2025 at a remarkable compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.20% during projection duration from 2019-2025. The heightened risk of chronic diseases across the world and increasing awareness of hygiene among healthcare providers and patients is driving the market for medical grade exam gloves, which make up nearly 80% in total volume consumption. Disposable gloves prevent contamination and some of the most commonly used health safety products in the medical field. Non-medical or industrial grade disposable gloves used in industries such as food, automotive and manufacturing atone for the remaining 20%. North America is the leading regional market for disposable gloves and accounted for over 40% share in worldwide consumption in 2018. The growing application in various industries due to mounting liabilities and consciousness about health, the disposable gloves market is expected to register notable growth in the near future.

RESELLER / PARTNERSHIP ADVANTAGES Our belief is that the easiest person to sell something to is an existing customer! In an increasingly competitive market building a relationship with the right vendor isn't just important…it's everything. At PSG, we're committed to helping you sell more successfully, grow your market presence, strengthen your differentiation and expand your business. We strategically select partners based on the industries served and geographic location. And, while we do not have exclusivity agreements with any of our resellers, PSG does make an effort to avoid territorial overlap of our distributors. Single-Use gloves are essential to countless businesses, such as restaurants, medical facilities and manufacturing plants, that depend on these products for their day-to-day needs. They provide the perfect complementary product that guarantees frequent reorders, excellent margins and increased profit. Our reseller program helps distributors like you succeed by offering the resources, tools and support you need to build your pipeline, close deals and take advantage of new opportunities. With little to no startup cost, low minimum orders and an already established customer base that most likely already purchase disposable gloves, PSG has the perfect supplementary product to help drive new revenue.

INDUSTRIES PSG has identified over fifty of the leading industries that we are confident relate to your current, established customer base. If your agency or business is currently selling in any of the markets listed on page 70, odds are they are an ideal candidate.

RESELLER DIVERSITY We recognize the importance of diversity in today’s multicultural environment and strive to create and maintain sustainable, mutually-beneficial, relationships with small and diverse resellers. Not only do these partnerships help fulfill the supplier diversity initiatives and set-aside contracting requirements, but also proudly contribute to a positive socio-economic impact. PSGgloves.com 39