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Bridge keeper house Msc2.1 The first assignment of the project “van Gezel to Meester” by Elise van Dooren and Luc Willekens. This assignment was to create a bridge keeper house.

The concept The orriginal assignment was to change the existing bridge keeper house, but my concept allowed for a change in plans. The concept was “to the bridge and on the bridge” connecting people. So i did not only design a bridge keeper house, I made a coffeehouse where all people who pass by can have a moment of relaxation and socialisation. The entire design is a composition of the same basic element which is strentched in multiple directions or cut.. The different shapes in different materials create this composition in which many people can get together. Those who enter from the bridge, those who enter from underneath the bridge and those who come from the water in their boats. Around this design many small art pieces at stretegic places draw the attention to this building.

Jan-Willem van der Male 02-02-2010

Bridge Keeper House  

02-02-2010 TU Delft

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