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To Our Outgoing Executive Board


& CONGRATULATIONS To Our Incoming Executive Board President: Brian McDonald VP of Administration: Diana Ridgeway VP of Human Resources: Daniel Borne VP of Finance: Madison Johns VP of Marketing: Sara Foley VP of Professional Development: Will Ziegert VP of Public Relations: Morgan Burnell

Directors Advertising and Promotions: Maggie Cavanaugh Market Research: Matt Carey Sales: Connor Moreton Community Service: Anne Marie Rice Recruitment: Maggie Nowakowski New Members: Maggie Sullivan Member Retention: Charlie Burkhead Interchapter Communications: Carmen Perez Technology: Gaby Meissner




Soon after getting back to Oxford this fall, Gamma Gamma got together for a pickup softball game.


SALES SALES SALES This past semester, Gamma Gamma has found a renewed dedication to highlighting the sales industry and offering opportunities to learn more and get involved.


BRINGING SALES TO MIAMI By Olivia Hamernik Without a sales major in the Farmer School of Business, it is difficult for Miami University students to gain exposure to the sales world without an internship. Back in 2017, a team of Pi Sigma Epsilon members successfully planned Miami’s first sales competition and modeled it after the Pro-Am Selling Competition from our national conventions. The team reached out to sponsoring companies and gathered just under twenty participants. As Director of Sales for this term, I wanted to garner even more support for our chapter’s second year of hosting this competition. The 2018 MU Sales Competition is a wonderful opportunity

for participants to gain sales experience, prepare for interviews, and step out of their comfort zones. No prior sales experience is required, and the event is free and open to all majors. There is a networking event for all participants and sponsors to interact in a casual setting at the end of the competition. Representatives from each company serve as both judges and buyers. My team and I began reaching out to potential sponsors at the start of the summer with a revenue goal of $3,500. Alongside my team of four very talented and hardworking individuals - Connor Moreton, Maggie Cavanaugh, Joey

Stefanko and Alec White, we have brought in over $7,500 in revenue, more than doubling our goal, and 11 company sponsors. We have 58 participants signed up with over a week to go, and we are looking forward to meeting all of them at our Info Night prior to the competition. I owe our success to our strong team dynamic. Serving as the Director of Sales has been the most impactful leadership role that I have held in my professional and personal career, and I am honored to have been able to represent the chapter.


E&J GALLO SALES COMP By Mitali Kulkarni Senior Amogg Damodhar and I had the opportunity to attend E&J Gallo’s Marketing and Sales competition in Missouri this past fall! It was a great experience getting to work together and forming a PSE powerhouse team. A week before the competition, they released the prompt to us and we had 7 days to research, ideate, and create a presentation deck. We worked really hard to create a presentation we were super proud of that earned us 2nd place in the marketing competition against 6 other schools. As this was Miami University’s first time competing, we were extremely happy with the results. Our charge dealt with Dark Horse, one of E&J’s products, and how to increase sales during the holiday season. Our


three-pronged tactic tackled not only the Dark Horse wine bottle portfolio, but also their newly released cans and champagne. All six teams pitched their marketing presentations on Day 1 of the 2 day event in Missouri. Later, judges narrowed it down to the top 3 teams. These teams were then given a prompt 20 minutes prior to presenting- leaving extremely limited amounts of time to research and create a deck to present. Luckily, we have gotten experience through Project 360’s in PSE and were able to work under pressure in order to deliver a 10 minute presentation on our innovative ideas. That night there was an award ceremony where we had the opportunity to network with Gallo executives and enjoy a nice dinner. There, they announced that we had won second

place, which was accompanied with a generous prize of $800! Day 2 of the competition included a sales challenge that was evaluated on an individual basis. Once again, PSE proved to be an asset this day, as we both have had experience participating in Pro-Am competitions in the past. We ended our day alongside our competitors playing bowling, laser tag, and enjoying chips & queso. We are both really happy we took this opportunity presented to us by our faculty advisor Pat Lindsay, and hope to see another team formed for next year’s competition!

AT&T SALES COMP By Blake Cortez Being a marketing and sales fraternity, we at PSE are exposed to these fields through different competitions and conferences held through different PSE National events. Since Miami does not have its own sales curriculum, our chapter has found new ways to ensure that we are being exposed to the world of sales that is not only engaging but educational as well. In order to do so, we have looked to experiences outside of Miami to grow our sales knowledge. This past October, senior Lauren Boyd and I had the incredible opportunity of participating in the first annual AT&T Sales Competition, held at their headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Lauren and myself were placed on a team with four other high caliber FSB students and together, we travelled to Dallas to present our ideas and findings to solve AT&T business solutions. Our PSE advisors, Pat Lindsay and Don Norris both played a role in coaching our team during the competition.

While in Dallas, we got a tour of AT&T headquarters where we had the opportunity to connect with different employees in the company and got to network with Miami alumni. A highlight of the trip is when we visited AT&T stadium home of the Dallas Cowboys NFL team. At the stadium, we got to go on the field, explore the stadium, and reaffirm that Lauren is by far the better athlete. We even went TopGolf, where we danced, ate tacos, and hilariously failed at hitting the ball off the tee. One of the most enriching part of the whole experience was networking with other sales students, in fact we were able to connect with PSE students from other chapters. The actual competition lasted 30 minutes, but we spent hours preparing the weeks leading up to the competition. Huddled in a cramped study room at AT&T headquarters, we practiced our pitch over and over until we all felt confident in the presentation we created. We competed against 11 other schools in the finals, and

while we didn’t place in the top three, this experience helped shape our view on sales and the education we have received thus far. Our biggest takeaway from the competition is that everything is a sale. Whether you are going in for a job interview, or your first-time role after graduation is in sales, every conversation you have is a sale. You are selling people on a product, service, idea and even yourself. This mindset helped fuel our participation during the competition in order to relate more directly with our client in the competition. Overall, this sales competition was a highlight to our senior year, as we were able to travel to Dallas, build connections with other Miami students, and have an unforgettable weekend away from Oxford. For anyone who is interested in sales, we encourage you to find sales competitions, just like this, to expand your skill set and make a tangible impact in the business world.


Pittsburgh Regionals


SPEAKERS COMPETITION By Sara Foley Public speaking has always been a passion of mine. I love each and every time I get to compete under the Gamma Gamma name with the speaker’s competition at regionals and national conventions. The speech at regionals 2018 was an impromptu speech and with given 30 minutes of prep time. I always gain to make my speeches

interactive and this time was no different. I took the audience on a story along with me as they did motions as went about a cross country race together. At the end, the audience was laughing and smiling and that is when I know my passion was shared with the room.


Butterfield F




MEMBER Spotlight 16

WILL ZIEGERT Being abroad is unlike any experience I could have ever imagined. Being abroad was the greatest challenge I have yet to face in my life, yet meanwhile, at the very same time, it was one of my greatest successes I think as well; even if my bank account wouldn’t agree. Being thousands of miles away from the places and people I consider most important to me, yet within mere miles of constant and winding adventure all around me. PSE is one of those places and people that I considered very near and dear to my heart for all it has done for me. I knew going abroad was a challenge in and of itself, but what proved being most difficult was not being in my busy routine of what usually fills my schedule at Miami. Instead, my brain now focused on what flights and trains we take to get to these small towns in Italy, or if this Dutch woman at the grocery store really understood what I was asking for. Going abroad was a gamble primarily because I knew I wanted to run for an exec position within PSE. Running for an exec position is already hard enough given the talent and drive PSE already attains and acquires from our driven members, and I knew it was going to be eons harder with me away from the hustle and bustle that categorizes our semesters within PSE. I constantly thought to myself how much I wanted to give back to a chapter that gave so much to me, yet how I was an ocean away from people who hadn’t even met me yet, let alone feel confident in my abilities to take on the role of Vice President of Professional Development. I wanted to enjoy all of the life and experience that happened all around me, but I also wanted to land the role that played such a large impact on me in my experience within PSE. Professional development sounds boring when you type it on a computer, and some members may even argue it is boring in real life, but truth be told, professional development encompasses all of what our members look and hope to do when their time at

Miami comes to an end. You play the middle man between one’s dreams and how they accomplish the necessary skills to attain them; I wanted in on that chance to change somebody’s life. I’ll fast forward the time clock for you and let you know that I am now in the messy middle of planning events, speakers, and member workshops for our professional development within the chapter. I did it. I did what I thought I couldn’t do, and I now am in that primal role of being the piece that moves in our members lives. I look back a lot on what my semester abroad looked like and the tools I developed that I equate with my ability to land my exec position. The first one the pops into my head is the idea of taking risks and owning the consequences of the choices we make. Going abroad was a huge risk for me, not only financially, but mentally. However, as I get older and older, I realize I need to own the choices I make, good and bad. Being abroad taught me that it is okay to not be okay and that things fall apart, and that by me running for an exec position proved in and of itself I cared for PSE and wanted to give back to it. Regardless if I won, I would have tried and I would have taken a risk, and as students and young adults, we need learning experiences and risks to sharpen our toolbox that helps us move on with life. Being abroad was hard for me, I won’t sugar coat it. I experienced my lowest lows and highest highs, however, I now have an experience of a lifetime that I truly believe has prepared me to show up and take risks. PSE offers the environment to take risks, and without those people, I wouldn’t have mustered the confidence to FaceTime our chapter at 2AM Netherlands time and run for my position. To quote my roommate I lived with when I was abroad, “We really stop living when we reach the point in our lives where we refuse to learn more and be willing to change.”


ALUMNI Spotlight

ROBB CARLSON Interview conducted by Junior Junho Moon What year were you in PSE? Fall 2001-2005 What was your favorite PSE event that you went to? Gamma Gamma event: I’ll go with either the first Decades Party - we accounted for not being able to do New Years Eve with our own version, and in doing so left a permanent dip in the floor of our living room from the weight of the crowd - or the first Beer Olympics, which is likely the least offensive of the ones you still probably can’t print! PSE event (as a student): I’ll take the easy answer and say Nationals 2005 in Miami (the other one), where my class completed our sweep and became the first group since the 70s to win Lew four straight years! PSE event (as an alum): Even easier answer - Nationals 2012, in Indianapolis, where not only did I have the chance to present Dr. Don with his Honorary Lifetime Membership Award, and get to help Gamma Gamma win Lew yet again in my one year as Alumni Advisor (hi Maggie!), but that’s also where I was given the tremendous honor of being sworn in as the next Pi Sigma Epsilon National Council President in front of an audience that included my family and some of my closest PSE friends, who traveled in specially for the occasion! Favorite memory from PSE? The 2005 “And the Lewis F. Gordon Top Gold Chapter is...” moment is really hard to beat, but for something not from Convention itself, I was “lucky” enough to get to design our Annual Reports for four solid years, and there are plenty of fun moments to think back on from the latenight/all-night editing sessions...and then there was that one time we definitely got a guy fired from the Tri-County Kinko’s.

What are some of the valuable skills that you developed because of PSE, and how have you applied them in your post-grad life? I’ve said this a lot, but I think one of the best things PSE taught me was that you really can separate personal from professional, and that there is a “good” way to challenge others in a business setting. To some, our reputation as Exec in 2005 was “you guys fight, a lot”, and while there was definitely some truth to that, we were much stronger as a result because we’d all recognized that our individual goals were still just to make the chapter as strong as possible. I see that play out often in my professional life - my teams will typically come up with a number of ways to solve problems, and by encouraging debate in a healthy way, we regularly wind up in a better end state than we would have had people stayed quiet and not raised their concerns. What are you up to now? Please feel free to brag about yourself! After graduating, I started my career with Accenture, and wound up in Chicago after a brief detour through Cleveland. I’m now a Sr. Manager in our Data Management & Analytics practice, and am nearing the end of my 14th year with the company! I’ve also stayed very active with PSE as an alum, currently sitting on both our National Council and the Board of Trustees for the PSE National Educational Foundation, having served as a Past PSE National President, a chair of the National Scholarship Program, and, working alongside Maggie Byrne (GG ‘12), am currently in my 10th total year as chair of the National Awards Program!


FAMILY WEEKEND Jacob Glaser, Director of Member Retention

After years of speculation, Gamma Gamma finally followed through and hosted its first ever Family Weekend. The chapter provided an opportunity for members to host their families and show them what PSE is all about. Activities included a cookout and bar rental on Friday night, followed by a charity brunch and silent auction at Crossroads Outpost on Saturday morning, and hanging out uptown in the afternoon. Brunch was a tremendous success as Community Service Director, Amy Auble, spearheaded the silent auction. A good time was had by all at Gamma Gamma’s inaugural Family weekend and we’re all excited to see how the event grows under the tutelage of incoming Director of Retention, Charlie Burkhead.



Projects FALL 2018


PANDY COTTON CANDY Kevin Hansbauer, Project Manager The objective of the Pandy Cotton Candy branding project was to create a logo and marketing template deliverables for the launch of a cotton candy catering business. The team was faced with the challenge of creating a brand personality for their social media while designing genderneutral marketing materials that emphasized fun. In order to gain a better understanding of the candy industry, a survey was sent out over social media that aimed to define the target market and determine consumer candy consumption behaviors. Competitor analyses were constructed that focused on similar candy companies in the Cincinnati area to determine social media presence, product assortment, and pricing. Morgan Burnell worked with Trish Elam, the founder, to design a logo prior to the start of the project. Once the logo and the research were completed, a color scheme was established that focused on being both fun and gender inclusive.

With the color scheme, the design team was then able to begin revamping the Pandy social media presence. According to survey data, consumers use Instagram and Facebook on a daily basis. The determined target markets were the baby boomer generation, parents, and millennials. Consumers were looking for candy for indulgence, new flavors, and low sugar options. Social media platforms would also focus on general brand awareness, upcoming events, and the overall experience of Pandy Cotton Candy. Stock images were purchased and edited to match the website, photos were edited from the AWE event, and Instagram icons and a Facebook banner were designed. On top of digital marketing materials, the Pandy team created printable business cards and fliers to be passed out at events. The slogan “Sweet Like Pandy� was implemented for future T-Shirts and advertising materials. A product label was also designed to match the employer preference.

Project Team Morgan Burnell, Anika Nelson, Lily Thaler, Kevin Hansbauer


IGS ENERGY Evan Helchen, Project Manager PSE was contracted by IGS Energy to conduct Quality Assurance testing on their new website. The project started with an introductory phone call to our contacts at IGS Energy. IGS energy had three main goals when it came to the project to identify site usability problems, identify potential bugs and errors, and ensure positive user experience across multiple browsers and devices. Over the next week, each team member was responsible for performing five hours of testing on the website on their own time. IGS had specific instructions for testing their website. This included looking at pages on new site, navigation, links, ability to find information, clarity of information, readability, image rendering, and ability to interpret graphics. Each person was given a persona to act

as while they went through the website. A few members were small businesses who already had an account and had to look at how to pay and manage their accounts. A few members were residential members on the website looking to create accounts or manage their energy consumptions. A few members were potential employees looking for a job. Each persona tested on as many devices as they had available to them to test all different versions of the website. Suggestions were completed by every team member who completed testing. As the week went on, all members were able to add to this feedback section. The team even noticed items that changed throughout the week based on the feedback the team gave.

Project Team Sara Foley, Daniel Chen, Allyson Heitger, Brian McDonald, Chris Glaser, Charlie Burkhead, Hoa Nguyen, Madison LeMay, Alyssa Kuelthau, Evan Helchen


ADDME Maggie Nowakowski, Project Manager AddMe has worked with application creation in the past and has interest in expanding to other industries including learning management systems (LMS). Currently they have developed a software that utilizes QR scanning abilities to connect people on social media. The app gives individuals a QR code that, once scanned, pulls up their social media accounts. Then the individual scanning the code can like, follow, or friend this new acquaintance and stay connect with them. AddMe hopes to utilize QR technology in the academic sector. Through this project, they looked to gain insights about the current LMS industry, the legal restraints for LMS applications, normal systems stakeholders use for attendance taking, and an estimate of an average price for an LMS application. We conducted both primary and secondary research for this project. First, the team looked at different companies in the learning management industry. This research

allowed the team to learn more about competitors in the learning management industry, and develop a SWOT analysis for AddMe’s proposed application. Additionally, the team looked at different laws like FERPA, PPRA, and COPPA, and the ways that they would apply to AddMe. FERPA and PPRA have a larger effect on AddMe, since most individuals using the app would be over the age of eighteen. AddMe would need to create terms and services which communicate that they are a third-party representative, and therefore aren’t responsible for questions being asked through their application, and also that they are unable to disclose any of the information that is entered. Overall, this approach was meant to help develop an action plan for entering the learning management industry for AddMe. The team also conducted a series of in-person interviews with professors and administrators for primary research.

Project Team Alyssa Kuelthau, Jonny Gutierrez, Camille Eckelman, Nguyen bui, Maggie Nowakowski


NEW MEMBER PROJECT: P&G Michael Parker, Team Lead PSE was very excited to work with industry leader Procter & Gamble for the second year in a row for our New Member Project. This fall, our members were tasked with the challenge of increasing P&G product sales through the lens of Drug Store E-Commerce, with each team being assigned a different brand. As the first project that many of our new members have done before, they all started with industry research,


gaining an understanding of consumer product goods, the e-commerce space, current trends, and marketing strategies. Teams conducted primary research with surveys, in depth interviews and focus groups. Our members were so excited to work with such an incredible client and partner with P&G, especially getting the opportunity to present at their global headquarters in Cincinnati, OH. One new member stated, “We

had the chance to work as a team, combining our different talents to create an idea that would further influence a Fortune 50 Company. This project made me realize how much college students can influence real world problems.� This was an amazing learning opportunity for everyone involved and help our members start out their time with Gamma Gamma on the best foot possible!

FALL SERVICE Amy Auble, Director of Community Service Service Retreat


the entire year! In addition to the service retreat and TOSS, our For the first time ever, Gamma This fall, Anne Marie Rice and chapter also volunteered for Junior Gamma members went on a her team conducted our annual weekend service retreat! We campus-wide cornhole tournament, Achievement, in which students taught global business practices traveled to Hocking Hills State TOSS. The proceeds of the event in the Talawanda School District. Park and stayed in a cabin. When are donated to CancerFree KIDS, We also helped to facilitate a 5k, we arrived, we wrote letters to a nonprofit that aims to fund active soldiers in the military. On pediatric cancer research. Students conducted four bake sales, and Saturday morning we volunteered were invited to attend the event and two charity fundraiser dinners. This semester, we had our first for Habitat for Humanity, helping play corn hole, eat food, buy raffle ever family weekend in which to build their local headquarters tickets, and support a good cause. we hosted a fundraiser brunch. branch. Upon completion of this More than 55 teams registered Attendees of the brunch could bid headquarters, they will be able to to compete. The winners of the on silent auction baskets. The event build and fix homes in the area! event received a large trophy and raised over $1,000! Additionally, We had some time to hike in at 100 boneless wings! Additionally, we conducted our first service Hocking Hills before completing a the event was sponsored by over project with Jessy’s Toy Box for brainstorming session about how 14 different businesses. This year, new members. Jessy’s Toybox is to raise more money for our annual TOSS raised over $5,000, more an organization that collects new service event, TOSS. After dinner, than any other year. toys and fundraises for toys to give we baked cookies for a bake sale All Other Community Service to children in the hospital. The on Monday that would be donated Busines new members raised over $1,000 to Cincinnati Public Schools. through the course of the semester. In the fall semester PSE members Altogether, the weekend served as Altogether, it was a great year for a great bonding event and Gamma completed more than 400 service community service! Gamma members were able to help hours and raised $7,900 for charity totalling over $10,800 for the community!



ABOUT THE THE GAMMA GAMMA ABOUT GAMMA GAZETTE GAZETTE GAMMA This is the second issue of the newly revived Gamma Gamma Gazette. This magazine will be realeased biannualy to keep all who are interested in the loop about what we’ve been up to the previous semester. We will focus on the projects we’ve been working on, we’ll highlight some of our outstanding members, we’ll let you know how we’re performing at our regional and national conventions, and we’ll give you some insight on what our alumni are up to. We are very excited to reintroduce The Gamma Gamma Gazette to the people who care about this chapter, and we cannot wait to continue to show you how far we have come!

If there is anything you would like to see in the next Gazette issue, or if you have any alumni updates you’d like featured, please email We’d love to hear from you! - Molly Schwalm, Vice President of Public Relations


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Gamma Gamma Gazette Fall 2018 Issue  

Gamma Gamma Gazette Fall 2018 Issue  

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