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DVD REVIEW:”FAST AND FURIOUS 6” Directed by Justin Lin  Neal H. Moritz  Vin Diesel Produced by  Clayton Townsend Written by Chris Morgan Characters Based on by Gary Scott Thompson  Vin Diesel  Paul Walker Starring  Dwayne Johnson

by Phil Seahorn WHEN HOLLYWOOD MAKES MAGIC, it’s makes the movie going experience an experience, and well worth the cheddar, time, and idiots on cell phones required to sit thru a movie in a movie theatre today in the U.S. That is the case with the latest in the “FAST AND FURIOUS” franchise. This has to be the best action movie I have ever seen. This movie out “Die Hard’s” the

“Die Hard” franchise, and that’s saying a helluva lot about the quality of this installment and movies in general today in 2014. The opening scene with the cars racing along a road that seems to have been built on the very side of a mountain range is incredible. It looks to be CGI, which is exactly one of the amazing things about this movie: this is the first movie that I have seen that you really CAN’T tell what is CGI and what are actual stunt drivers on real roads. The scenes are excellent, the cars are fast, and the this movie has EVERY conceivable situation that a car would find itself in if it were raced and recklessly destroyed. Cars get exploded, shot up, thrown thru the air, made to do tricks; stunt driving like I have never seen in a flick about fast cars before, and this flick even has race cars going up against a giant cargo 747 ( the best scene in the movie). The photography is extraordinary, with scenes from Spain and other European countries shot almost like paintings. The action sequences are just as balanced as the acting scenes, which are cut and edited PRECISLEY, where serious drama has to be placed in movie that doesn’t make these scenes seem like “breaks” in between action sequences. The fights and action scenes are choreographed to a fine point: interaction between actors and cars and exploding shit is off the hook .Whoever cut this motherfucker is a master storyteller when it comes to editing and telling a story in a movie. And Vin Diesel and Paul Walker. What can I say about a duo of cats that represent an ensemble of the first, truly multi-ethnic cast of actors that really exemplifies the movie audiences in the seats of the movie theaters and Red Box users around the U.S.

I have to say that this a truly “American “ movie, with a multi ethnic cast and fast cars that actually mesh into a franchise that we may very well see “Fast and Furious 13 or 14”. THE SEAHORN MOVIEMETER: “A+” for the best action and adventure DVD representing the movie crowd of the 21st century in America I have seen so far.