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13 YEARS A TARGET: THE STORY OF “TARGET X” PROLOGUE THE TALE BEGINS 13 YEARS AGO IN 2001, SOUTH ST. LOUIS,AND ON A STREETCALLED HUMPHREY IN THE TOWER GROVE AREA. Every aspect of this entire tale will be told in 13 parts, but it is the contents of this tale that many will find unbelievable. Well, maybe not so much, in the light of recent revelations on the domestic spying of American citizens. This tale, all very, very true, unfortunately, has literally been 14 years in the making.”Target X”is a man of color, an educated man, who at times has felt like Solomon Northrup, in that an educated man of color who has not only been responsible as a citizen, but also a hard worker, starting to work in the city of St. Louis at 16 years of age at the Stouffer’s Rooftop Restaurant, suddenly (as Target X finds out thru a private investigator in

2003 after 2 years of harassment and spying) finds himself targeted in Maplewood, MO (and in 2007-2013 in Richmond Heights,MO) just because he was a man of color. Academically excelling as well, the number one question that Target X has been asking himself since the whole gang stalking thing started in 2001, all the while Target X educated himself. Target X was told that family members and friends had been thoroughly interrogated about him, THEN told to explicitly not let Target X know about any of this. These same friends and relatives who were sworn by so called “government officials” to not tell Target X this could not let something like this remain secret, even among themselves.

One fatal flaw in that government “no tell”concept, according to Target X: these people were STILL his family and friends. Target X was born and raised in St. Louis. Target X has hood gangsters and policemen in his family, ghetto folk and lawyers. And to think, someone would come into Target X’s HOME and not expect him to be told? After years of education and investigation, Target X had decided that all the dots could be connected on the gang stalking program in St. Louis appropriately called “THE PROGRAM”, how and why it was started (from a so called St. Louis custom), and how, with the help of ol’ John Ashcroft and the Patriot Act, is now on steroids thanks to American tax money. You know, the shit that they take from ALL of us every paycheck?

St. Louis colleges (and one VERY PRESTIGIOUS UNIVERSITY),cops ,firemen, cable people, building inspectors and managers (forcing Target X to move numerous times around St. Louis City and County),librarians, bank tellers), even, suspects Target X, his own doctors. So much so, that Target X knew that tangible proof of this pattern of organized harassment and surveillance had to be found to even validate his own sanity. Read how Target X gets that proof straight from the horse’s mouth in 2007, and then gets it confirmed in print in 2008.Read how a book (who he thinks was placed there on purpose) captured his attention exiting the University City Library in 2007, and how ANOTHER book placed where he could see it at the Richmond Heights Memorial Library in2008 led to this article piece as well as the “Top Secret America” project conducted by The Washington post that gives great details into how and why a thing called “The Program” in St. Louis not only exits, but the far deeper and more insidious purposes of this American Stasifrom THE WASHINGTON POST. This would all help X formulate and relate theWHO, WHAT,WHERE, WHEN, HOW and WHYof St. Louis’s “THE PROGRAM’and his 13 year ordeal with it. READ ALL ABOUT IT IN THE UPCOMING “BULLDOG DEMOCRAT”.


CHAPTER ONE: “2001” KIM AND JUAN NEAL, ACCORDING TO “TARGET X” are the two individuals who start the chronicle of “X”’s involvement with ‘THE PROGRAM” a St. Louis based illegal harassment and surveillance operation aimed at innocent St. Louis for nefarious reasons, and allegedly, as this series progresses, is funded by tax payer dollars thru The Patriot Act.

THE CHRONICLES OF “TARGET X”: 2001-2014 Branscombe Apartments, 5370 Pershing Ave, St Louis, MO is where the harassment and sick surveillance of “Target X” began, after the 911 attacks in 2001. According to “X”, the meeting of the Neal’s, described by X as “these ”sick, twisted motherfuckers that were fucked at birth” would set off a series of events that would unfold like a Pandora’s box from hell for the next 13 years while X lived in St. Louis. X said that he initially met Kim Neal, a 27 year old student of color at UMSL at

thru a DJ friend of his he had worked with. The DJ friend warned X that the bitch was seriously fucked up, as well as family but the initial meetings with the woman gave X the sense that , although Neal’s life was extremely fucked up, she herself was a good person just unblessed with circumstance and family. According to X:” biggest misjudgment in my life with this lowdown bitch.”

Neal and her brother Juan, who at the time was a part of the Army Reserve, were children of a very alcoholic mother (if alcoholism can be measured in degrees).Neal’s mother as always drunk, and mean as hell. This as how Neal and her two brothers grew up. The Neal’s, according to how X relates it, were a family of alcoholics from a larger prominent African American family in the St. Louis area known for hair care products. Only problem was, the Neal’s father and mother were stone cold alcoholics. The alcoholism was so severe that physical traits could be seen in both the Neals, as well as the second brother, who was literally kept locked in the basement of the home that Kim Neal purchased with grant money from her time at UMSL. Juan Neal’s skull was very flattened in the back, causing his head to appear to be more egg shaped than the normal rounded head. The shape of his head is a classic symptom of a mother who was an alcoholic and drank thru uturo. The disease is known as FETAL ALCHOHOL SYNDROME, and is quite prevalent in communities of color, especially Native American communities in America. The disease is

heavily downplayed by the medical profession, thanks to decades of lobbying by the Alcohol; industry. Kim Neal would exhibit signs of in-uteri damage by alcohol consumption by occasionally and involuntarily, her eyes would roll completely back in her head, giving her a “zombie look”. This would happen to her without her seemingly knowing it was happening, at times during conversations or watching a movie. The most unfortunate FAS damage was to the Neal’s third brother. X gave his name for the article, but decided not to mention it further in this article. As X puts it: “it would be like kicking a dying dog”. The third brother exhibited all the signs of FAS except the physical damage. He had l extreme learning disabilities, and suffered extremely severe depression. He would spend days in the basement where he slept with a small color television and old school transistor radio. According to X:”the sick motherfuckers Kim and Juan would always joke about their brother that their mother should have made (the brother) “keep riding that short bus.”Remarks like these, as well as Kim bragging about the criminal activity in the military of Juan and his Army friends that slowly made X despise the very air that they breathed. But, according to X” it was a train wreck that he couldn’t stop watching.” To hear the two “normal” Neal siblings speak of their FAS damaged brother, every family and friend took the brother in, but was dismayed and quite put off by the severity of the FAS damage to brother in which they would kick him out.

This finally ended with FAS damaged brother return to living in the basement while the alcoholic mother lived on the front floor of the house, with Neal and her son and two full grown dogs living on the second and top floor. “Target X’ knew that the condition of the house as compared to the other houses on the block shown something was definitely not right with the Neal household. But the extent of just how fucked up Kim and Juan Neal would turn out to be was coming. Kim Neal had a series of affairs with Arab men in the neighborhood she grew up in, which was THE TOWER GROVE AREA. She wanted to be treated ‘differently” as, according to X, she would literally go on rants on how fucked up black men treated her since she was the age of 16. According to X: ”She had gone so far as to marry a Nigerian, who, on the night of her marriage to this guy, she went and fucked one of her old boyfriends.” X would have this confirmed a few years later on actually finding out he KNEW the ex boyfriend, who had told him exactly what Kim Neal had told X when the ex boyfriend went on a rant on how fucked up black women were. This fueled Kim Neal’s desire to find some race of men who did not treat their women shitty.Well, according to what X tells what was related to him by Neal, the Arabs treated her exactly as she presented herself to the Arabs: as a gold digger. “Numerous” sexual liaisons” was how she stated to X that she had with various Arab men in St. Louis during the eighties.(According to X, Neal never revealed just how many Arab men she slept with).

“After they initially treated Neal like a whore, which Neal reciprocated by gold digging all of them, she developed a fanatical hatred toward Arab men”, said X.”They fucked her, then apparently she decided that they (the Arab guys in her Tower Grove neighborhood) were spawns of Satan.” According to X, she STILL professed strong sexual attraction toward Arab men

(X stated that this was classical bi-polar shit) until


“That’s when the crazy bitch became hawkish to the point of being fanatical,” said X. ”I had to leave that bitch COMPLETELY alone for a full year after 911.That bitch went out and bought the biggest American flag, and I don’t know how she got that motherfucker up on the awning of her porch, but a year later, when I decided out of sheer boredom to fuck with the crazy bitch again , it was displayed proudly on her street. Only problem was (this was 2002) NOBODY ELSE HAD FLAGS OUT.” X thought long and hard on that shit , because it made the bitch look REALLY crazy. X decided to see just how fast that crazy train went. This would prove to be the biggest mistake of his life for the next 13 years in St. Louis, Mo.

NEXT: THE CHRONICLES OF “TARGET X”: GANG STALKING IN ST. LOUIS, MO CHAPTER 2: “2002” Read how Neal is recruited directly into the very first stages of operations by Homeland Security in St. Louis in setting up local ‘watch dog” groups looking for domestic terrorism, only for all the wrong reasons, and how she relates to X how Juan Neal and Army friends would begin to make illegal profits thru government clearances granted by the Patriot Act .X’s harassment starts full swing thru his association with the Neals.

13 years a target prologue and first chapter1  
13 years a target prologue and first chapter1