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March 2022 Newsletter

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These Three Remain In 1967 The Beatles released a song titled “All You Need is Love.” For those of you who haven’t heard, the Beatles are an English rock band that formed in 1960 in Liverpool. Many regard the Beatles as the single most influential rock band of all time. Perhaps I can agree with them on the idea that all we need is love. After all, doesn’t the Bible tell us that God is Love? “Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God. Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love” (1 John 4:7-8). If God is love and love is all we need, then I guess we all have a cause for concern, because it seems like the world we are living in is running out of love. When the disciples asked Jesus what our world would be like in the end, he said, “lawlessness will be increased, the love of many will grow cold” (Matthew 24:14). When reading this verse I can’t help but think that it seems to be very accurately describing the world we are living in right now. On December 12, 2019 the first several cases of Covid19 were discovered and things haven’t been the same since. As if the last several years haven’t already been hard, we are now seeing Russia invading Ukraine. Wars and rumors of wars, natural disasters and a pandemic are all bad things but what is even scarier is a world full of people who are growing colder and more apathetic every day. This leads me to ask a question. What is causing lawlessness to increase? Why are the hearts of so many growing cold? Where is the love? Perhaps the Beatles were right, perhaps its true that all we need is love. But I want to suggest that the song they wrote was missing two things that we need in order for true love to exist. The two things missing in this hit song are faith and hope. The Bible tells us that three things will be present in God’s people who are alive when Jesus comes. “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love” (1 Corinthians 13:13). Sadly, the world’s version of love isn’t truly love at all. While many claim that love can exist without faith, it simply isn’t true. If we look closely at the world’s version of love which claims to exist without faith or the hope we find in Jesus, it is easy to see that it isn’t real love at all. Popular culture and music paint a picture of what the world’s version of love looks like. The world’s definition of love isn’t love at all, but instead it is actually sin and selfishness all dressed up in a disguise. All too often people say that they love others when they really only care about people who have something they want. We see this sad reality playing out in relationships all the time. One moment people claim to love each other and the next they can’t even think of one nice thing to say about each other. So what can we do about the problem we are facing? What can we do to solve our world’s problem with lawlessness that is leading to our current shortage of love? I think the answer is simple. We need to be willing to preach the gospel message that John the Baptist and Jesus both preached. The message was simple. Repent and be baptized with water for the remission of sin. Repentance and baptism prepare the way for a second baptism. Continued on next pg.

Pastor Farr’s letter continued….

John the Baptist said, “I baptize you with water for repentance, but he who is coming after me is mightier than I, whose sandals I am not worthy to carry. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire” (Matthew 3:11). You might be asking, “how does repenting and being baptized with water and the Spirit solve the problem?” In order to answer this question we need to understand that to repent means to turn. We must turn away from the worlds version of love which is actually selfishness in disguise and look instead to God. God is love, not the worldly version but the everlasting, unconditional authentic love we all need. Yes, repenting and turning to Jesus restores our Faith in God and prepares the way for the second baptism we need, the baptism of the Holy Spirit. The baptism of the Holy Spirit accomplishes several things for us. It gives us peace. It writes the law of God on our hearts and minds. It opens our minds to understand the Word of God and it also connects this knowledge to our hearts. Lastly, understanding God’s Word gives us Hope. And so, repentance, turning to Jesus, restores our Faith. The Baptism of the Holy Spirit opens our hearts and minds to a true understanding of God’s Word which restores our Hope. Perhaps you can already see where I am going with this but let me make it clear. Where there is Faith and Hope, there is Love. Not worldly love, but God’s Love. I know many of us our feeling discouraged. Many of us believe that we are entering the time of trouble. Many of us believe Jesus is coming soon. Sadly the hardships we are all facing are testing our faith and causing many to lose hope. Please allow me to make a few suggestions. First, join me in repenting, let’s turn to Jesus and ask Him to restore our Faith in Him. Second, join me in opening God’s Word daily. Pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit as you read and ask God to show you the promises that can give you Hope. Lastly, let’s ask God to fill all of us with His everlasting, unconditional Love. The Bible has warned us about the time of trouble. It has warned us that in the end times lawlessness will abound and that the hearts of many will grow cold. However, scripture has also promised us that right up to the very end three things will remain. These three things are Faith, Hope and Love and the greatest of these is Love. Yes, what the world needs right now is Love. The kind of Love that is made possible by the Faith we have in Jesus and the Hope that Faith in Him brings us. May God bless and keep all of you faithful to the very end as we preach the gospel of His Kingdom into all the World as a witness to all the nations. Even so, come soon Lord. Come soon. Amen Love Sincerely Pastor Stephen William Farr

It’s not always what we don’t know that gets in our way; sometimes it’s what we think we know that keeps us from learning. (Dr. Steve Maraboli) Doing things the same old way is often not beneficial! Shake things up a bit, try different techniques for studying the bible. How can we really expect life to change and get better when we don’t make any changes and we just do things the same way we’ve always done. I think that’s crazy, but hey that’s just my opinion! I have read the bible through several times and if I’m being honest, I have gotten very little meaningful information out of it. Maybe I’m just not very bright, I don’t know. But I finally realized that perhaps it was time to try something new.

So, I have been doing Pastor Farr’s Bible in a Year Challenge! I’ve committed myself to it, besides it’s the least I can do for Jesus, devote some real time to His Word! I admit, I have not done it perfectly everyday, I have fallen behind, but I refuse to give up! I have learned more in my first two months of bible study this year with this challenge than I ever have in my life. I have done the reading each day, but the bible thoughts that Pastor has posted each day from his Instagram videos have really brought it all home for me. I don’t watch them live because that does not work for my schedule and because I am behind, but it doesn’t matter. I’m finally spending quality time in His word and I can see and feel the Holy Spirit working in me each and every time I do. It’s been so liberating! I just needed to do my bible study differently! In this case, seeking help from Pastor’s bible insights have given me the extra understanding that I so badly needed. So, don’t be afraid to shake up the routine a bit! If you just give it a try and have an open mind you might be pleasantly surprised! Prayerfully submitted by Sandra Easley Page 2

Pendleton Adventist Church Newsletter, March 2022

UPCOMING EVENTS IN March Women’s Ministries Meetings March 7 will be our next Women’s Ministry meeting at the Fireside Room at the Pendleton Adventist Church, 6:30pm. Lead by Marci McMurphy. There will also be a flower arrangement class. April 4 guest speaker in the Fireside room, more details to come!

Pendleton Christian School Events for March: School Ski Trips: Pendleton Christian School will be going to Anthony Lakes Ski Resort for their annual ski lessons and adventure. Please feel free to contact Ms. Whidden and find out how to join in on the fun. They will be going the first two Thursdays in March, weather permitting! (March 3rd & 10th) Ms. Whidden 971-361-2136 Chili Feed and Auction:

Chili Cook-Off and Dessert Auction

The annual Chili Feed and Auction is taking place on March 5, 2022 at 6pm at Pendleton Christian School. Please come and support the school’s efforts to raise money for a new sign! Your help and support is greatly appreciated!

Hot prizes available for the best vegetarian chili and salsa! Spring Break: March 21-25th

Pathfinder Event for March: 4:45 Mini Concert /Vespers (Redeemed Singers!) 5:45 *Donation Dinner (Spaghetti, gluten free option) 6:30 Show begins

(free admission)

*Donations will help cover costs for dinner and raise funds for Pathfinder Events

*Please contact Danielle Clayville to sign up to share a talent at the talent show!!!

And remember, talent comes in many different forms from art, crafts, magic, dance, karate, singing, instruments, comedy, story telling and more! Maybe you can shoot laser beams from your eyes, we’d love to have you share your talents with us!!! Contact Danielle 541-975-4546

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Pendleton Adventist Church Newsletter, March 2022

Family Feature …The Quaile Family!! Born: Siblings: Father: Mother:

Janna Bennett Bremerton WA 1st of 4 Engineering Professor (Fred) Mother (JaneAnn)

Leonard Quaile Cortland NY 8th of 9 Dairy Farmer/ Carpenter (Robert) Mother (Mary)

On August 18, 1975, we met at the Adventist Book Center in Hawaii going as volunteer student missionaries to Palau, Micronesia—Janna from Walla Walla College to teach elementary school in Koror and Leonard from Atlantic Union College to do building and maintenance at the Academy on a neighboring

Leonard returned to AUC to complete a bachelor’s degree in elementary education. Janna went back to WWC to complete a 4-year nursing degree. Leonard moved to Veneta, Oregon after graduation and married Janna after one year of teaching at Countryside SDA School. Nathan and Jannetta were born during the six years living in Veneta. The family moved to New York, near Leonard’s parents, in 1984 to await a call back to Micronesia. In 1988 they moved to Pohnpei where Leonard was principal of Pohnpei SDA School for six years. Marianne and Leanna were born in Pohnpei. In 1994 the family moved to Ronan MT, in 2000 to Pendleton OR, in 2006 to Bismarck ND, in 2013 to GuamMicronesia and in 2019 back to Pendleton OR. There are stories enough to write books on the experience working in education, raising a family, and sharing our lives together over the years. God has been so good to us and we have been very blessed with our fellow workers, Pathfinders, church families, students and especially our children and four (#5 is on the way) grandchildren. Submitted by Leonard Quaile

Your Pendleton and Pilot Rock church families are extremely grateful to have you as a part of our family! Thank you so much for all you do, we really appreciate you! Leonard is currently serving as a Pendleton Church Elder and on the Church Board, Janna currently plays the piano for church service once a month. Both of them also help to teach sabbath school for primary and adult on occasion! Thank you and bless your hearts! Sincerely, Your Church Family Page 4

Pendleton Adventist Church Newsletter, March 2022

Treasurer’s Corner

Stewards Think Differently Than Owners 1. Stewards are Grateful and Content I can be content with what I have if I accept that God picked it out for me (Philippians 4:12, 18). If I resent what others have, or demean what I have, I’m not a faithful steward. Sometimes we complain about our material things by calling them “junk.” But if God owns everything, then what we call “junk” is actually His junk. He gave it to us. Can God trust us to appreciate our 15-year old car, generic food and second hand clothing? It’s really the same issue for the poor as the very wealthy. Gratitude is an attitude stewardship issue. There is always an upgrade. (Remember Neiman Marcus.) Stewardship means we are peace with the fact that I’m not someone else. I’m me and God lovingly has given me the skills and the job and the money I need for right now. God assigns everything in life. It’s really submission to God when we are content with our job, our income and all our material things. Understanding that we just manage what God chooses to give us also sets the foundation of another key financial issue for a Christian: 2. Stewards Give Willingly God asks for a “tithe” so we can express that He owns it all and that we trust Him to provide our needs (Malachi 3:10-11). Only when we come to grips with the fact that we are stewards, not owners, does giving come willingly. I know of companies with Christian owners who tithe from their profits. If you or I worked in the business office of that company and were asked to write the tithing checks for the owner, it really wouldn’t bother us to do it. After all, it’s not our money. We are just doing what the boss asked us to do. Plus, it really doesn’t affect my paycheck anyhow. I know that the boss is also going to pay me.

If I really believe that God is the owner and I am a steward of my money, then that’s how I should feel about my giving also. He determines my flow of income and what I should be “paid.” I only have to be faithful to allocate it the way He wants. And if He wants a 10 th or any other percentage, that’s not a problem. He’s the owner. Giving God a percentage is the foundational way we express that we accept the fact that we are stewards and He’s the owner. While we sacrifice emotionally – letting go of ownership – at the same time we enter a new emotional freedom called trust. We can Offering Schedule March rest knowing that God will supply the rest that we need. Lastly, thinking like managers instead of owners also enables us to really enjoy what God gives us materially.

Mar. 14 Local Church Budget Mar. 11 World Budget Mar. 18 Local Church Budget

Excerpt from Biblical Financial Stewardship Part 5 Mar. 25 UCC Advance Page 5

Pendleton Adventist Church Newsletter, March 2022

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Pendleton Adventist Church Newsletter, March 2022

His name is Tom. His name is Tom. He has wild hair, wears a T-shirt with holes in it, jeans and flip flops. This was literally his wardrobe for his four years of high school. He is brilliant, kinda odd in his worldview and perspective, but he is very, very bright. He became a Christian during his junior year of high school when a fellow student shared her faith with him. Across the street from the high school campus is a modern, conservative and active church. They work hard to develop ministries to the students, but that process is constantly changing and a challenge. One day, Tom decides to go visit the church. He walks in with no shoes, jeans, his T-shirt and wild hair. The service has just started, so Tom starts down an aisle looking for a seat. The church is pretty full, and Tom doesn't want to invade anyone's territory. As he makes his way up the aisle, people are looking a bit uncomfortable, but no one says anything. Tom gets closer and closer to the front, and rather than bother anyone he just squats down on the carpet in front of the first row of chairs and makes himself comfortable. Because this is so out of the norm, people who see Tom sitting up front on the floor become uncomfortable. About the time Tom gets settled in, the Pastor realizes that one of the Deacons who is sitting toward the back of the auditorium has gotten up from his seat and is making his way toward the front, and specifically toward Tom. He's a godly man, very dignified and respected, wearing a suit and tie as he walks with his cane, his silver hair neatly combed and his Bible under his arm. You can't blame him for what he is about to do. How can you expect a man of his age and of his background to understand some barefoot teenage kid with long hair, blue jeans and a T-shirt who has walked in and thinks it is somehow acceptable to just sit on the floor in front of everyone? It takes what seems like a long time for the Deacon to reach the front where Tom is seated. The church is completely silent except for the whispers in the congregation. All eyes are focused on the front. Everyone is glad this one senior adult Deacon has taken matters into his own hands. Even the Pastor is frozen in the moment with mixed emotions and thoughts running through his mind and heart. Then suddenly, God showed up. When this elderly Deacon gets to where Tom is seated, he ever slowly and carefully kneels down beside Tom, then lays his cane and his Bible on the floor and sits down to worship beside Tom so he won't be sitting alone. Everyone chokes up with emotion. The Deacon doesn't say a word, he just gently reaches out his hand to shake Tom’s. In that moment, although nothing is said, much is communicated. When the Pastor is able to speak, he simply says, "What I am about to preach, you will never remember. What you have just seen, you will never forget." Submitted by Jim Robinson Perhaps we could all take a page from this Deacon’s book!!!

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Pendleton Adventist Church Newsletter, March 2022

2022 Sun


Pendleton & Pilot Rock Adventist Church Tue









5 Pilot Rock– 9:30AM Farr

Pathfinders 6:30PM



Women’s Ministry 6:30PM, Fireside Room! (Flower Arrangement class)





Arise/ Parenting dinner 5:30pm Meeting 6:30pm


5:46 PM Sunset



Pathfinders 6:30PM

PCS School Board Meeting 7pm

5:55 PM Sunset





Arise/ Parenting dinner 5:30pm Meeting 6:30pm



Elder Meeting– 5:30PM Church Board– 6:30PM Pathfinders 6:30PM

Arise/ Parenting dinner 5:30pm Meeting 6:30pm



Chili Feed & Dessert Auction 6PM PCS 12 Pendleton— 9:30 AM Guest Pilot Rock–11AM Guest

Arise/ Parenting dinner 5:30pm Meeting 6:30pm

Pathfinders 6:30PM


Pendleton— 11AM Farr


Pendleton– 11AM Farr - Baptism Pilot Rock— 11AM Guest

*Pathfinder Talent Show 7:05 PM Sunset 6:30PM PCS




No School Martin Luther King Jr. Day



Pathfinders 6:30PM

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Arise/ Parenting dinner 5:30pm Meeting 6:30pm

Pendleton— 11AM Farr- Baptism & Potluck

7:14 PM Sunset

P. Rock—11AM Guest

*March 19 Pathfinder Talent Show


PCS Spring Break—21st25th

4:45pm Vespers Mini Concert 5:45pm Dinner 6:30pm Show

Pendleton Adventist Church Newsletter, March 2022

How’s Your Poop? (Yep, I just said that!) Health & Wellness

Most people might think that poop is a taboo topic, something that we just pretend never happens. But to quote a famous children’s book “everybody poops.” Unfortunately, most people probably don’t realize that your poop can say a lot about you. Not just how often you poop but the quality of it as well.

If you aren’t sure what I mean by quality of your stool, look up the Bristol Stool Chart. This will give you an idea of where you fall and where the ideal is. Now if you might be wondering, “why does this matter?”, let me tell you. Your poop is an indicator of your intestinal health, which is an indicator of your health. We know food feeds us, but it also feeds something else, actually of a lot of something elses. Your microbiome is made up of tons of bacteria that help digest the food you eat. Different kinds of bacteria eat different kinds of food, so what you eat really impacts your microbiome diversity, or lack thereof. Also, the medication you take can impact your microbiome (think antibiotics), usually for the worst. So now that you know that what you eat impacts your gut bacteria, you might be wondering what your gut bacteria does. The good bacteria eat the food we ingest and create short-chain fatty acids (SCFA). Normally fatty acid might not sound like a good thing to have but let’s look a little closer. These SCFA do a lot of wonderful things in our body, like suppress bad bacteria such as E.coli and Salmonella. They also suppress the inflammatory microbes, repair leaky gut, increase colonic motility and decrease visceral hypersensitivity. Oh and it can address dysbiosis, the release of bacterial endotoxins and inhibit the three most powerful inflammatory signals in the body. Wait I’m not done, SCFAs also eliminate cells that could turn into cancer, produce microbes that improve blood sugar regulation, impact cholesterol formation and suppresses fat accumulation. Oh, you thought I was done, nope. SCFAs also impact your TMAO producing microbes which impacts you heart health, interferes with the formation of amyloid plaque associated with Alzheimer’s disease and there is evidence to support management of ADHD. One could say SCFAs play a big role in our health. So it would make sense that we would want to do what we can to increase the bacteria that creates these. The good news is that it’s really simple, all you have to do is eat fiber. That’s right, that thing that we all thought was just to help us poop or make us feel full is actually a powerhouse when it comes to our health. The fiber we eat turns into the most amazing SCFAs that heal us. It’s as simple as eating your fiber and a variety of it. If you are like me, this is great because I love fruits and veggies, I start each day with oatmeal and tacos are amazing. But if you like your food processed and refined, you might be missing out on your fiber. Fiber is only made in plants, so if it’s not a plant it won’t have fiber. The average American only gets 15 of the recommended 25 grams of fiber a day. However, that recommendation might also be on the low side. In a culture that is so consumed with getting enough protein, what they should be worried about is getting enough fiber. It turns out that fiber does more than just help you poop, it heals you. The next time you go to the bathroom, get your Bristol Stool Chart and check your poop. What is it telling you, do you need more fiber? As you decide to go down the road paved in fiber, add it into your diet slowly to allow your microbiome time to grow in population, so that your body can process it without digestive issues. Increase the diversity of fiber by trying a new plant each week. With these simple steps, you could start to see better poop and better health! Submitted by Erin Bartsch Page 9

Pendleton Adventist Church Newsletter, March 2022

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