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May4, 1979

announcements Board Honors Young raises· st"f:ldent fees ~~ editorials by Beth Propst With mixed emotions I approached .my typewriter for the final issue of the Ped. School is finally - already (?) almost over and I can say that this semester has been quite an experience for me. With high hopes and aspirations for the .Ped I began serving my time as editor. Only at times did it feel like I was serving a sentence. Some of the plans - I'd made never did show up on print-no ones fault but mine. But many of them did and with each issue I became a perh11ps bit wiser and less inhibited. I at least got to see my accomplishments and am proud to have been able to.serve my fellow students, facult.v ~nd administration. Granted, as I look back down the road I see many things I would have changed. and done differently. I made mistakes and missed some things that I should not have, and I apologize for those. Yet, through it all I learned alot of valuable information and would not have traded places with anyone. Experience is· definitely the best teacher.

There are many people I would like to thank for all. of t~ir support and guidance. First, and very important thanks to Kent Propst, Becki Young and Mark Johnson. How you put up with all of my ranting and raving I'll never kn~w. Kent, with five years -of journalistic experience was a .. valuable source of advice, both negative and positive. Thanks also to my staff and my advisor Everett Browning. They were ari excellent group to work with. And lo the staff of the Nebraska City News-Press, r am very grateful for your patience and dedicatio:1. Chuck Johnson, Pat Osbon and Ivan Beaumont, thank you for your support. An invaluable staff member who, deserves recognition my photographer Mick Osbon. He -did a. great .job using much of his own time to help out. Finally, I thank you, my readers for your words of advice, comments and criticisms. At least I knew you'd picked up .a copy when

I saw them blowing across campus, in garbage cans and on the floor. <I tend to think of it this way: I kept soine maintenance man from going hungry!) . . It's finally over. Or is it? Congratulations to my successor, Ms.. Debbie Moore. Good luck, and see you in the funnies!

Peru State College ;;emor Wayne Young was honored by the Nebraska State College Board at its recent meeting held at Kearney. Young, a business administration major, was cited for his work as a student representative on the Nebraska State College Board. Young will graduate this spring at Peru State and plans to pursue a Master's Degree from Northwest Missouri State University at Maryville.

In other Board action student fees at Peru Stat~ College have been raised from $10 to $15. The added funds will be used to help support events sponsored by the Peru State Colleg~ student senate. / Two Peru State instructors als.o received promotions which were approved by the Board.. Richard Gulizia assistant professor of psychology was promoted to associate professor rank. An~ Tom Fiktzgerald, ass1stan t professor of Young is the son of Mr and physical education was. also Mrs Herbert L. Young promoted to associate Humboldt, Nebraska.professor.

Students attend

Chadron Conference

Several Peru individu including two PSC stud atteni:!ed the .regional ference of Phi Alpha Th the national histo fraternity, at Chadron St College last month. _ Peru State Phi Alp Theta members She Biere and Mary Wen along with sponsors Dr. Mrs Schottenhamel, Harold Biere . and M Richard Wendie attend this conference. Miss Biere presented paper written by Mr Dona Vanderford on "Sitting and Mr.s Wendel prese her article on the "Ameri Agricultural _Movemen . Other points of interest at conference included an 0 house at the "Museum of t Fur Trade" and tours The Spring Week tee shirts historic Chadron and Fo are selling, but there are Robinson. ~till.a lot available. If anyone Several worthwhile sto is :nterested in buying a were taken on the trip Sprmg tee shirt, they are Front Street and Boot Hill urged to get in first with Tina Ogallala, William (Buff Gault <S.B.S), any Circle K Bill) Cody's ranch in N member or Patti George in Platte, Lake McCona her office from 11:00 _ 12 :oo. and Halsey National Forest;

Activities to change•

1980 Spring Week According to Patti George Spring Week didn't turn out as everyone had expected. None of the students showed Dear Editor; up for any of the activities. We would like to take this The best turn-out was the car opportunity to .extend a big relay race and only three thank you to Michael Bone of people showed up for that Peru. · according to Ms.George. Michael is the young man -"I don't know if it .was the who was in charge of keeping timing. of the activities, or the snack machines Iull. lhe activities .themselves, Many times he came out to that caused such . a small the complex. more than once a day to check the machines. turn-out. Maybe it was a We wouldlike to thank him combination of both. Next very much for his hard work year we are ~oing to have a and dedication. whole new. list of activities. Yours truly, We'.re going to revamp Residents of spring week. "Ms George Clayburn-Mathews Hall said." ·



Music to highlight Fine Arts Events H~~c:\u Jguides

Two music events in early Hall will serve as a healt14 Camp May highlight the fine arts center adjacent to the ne~ Crite activities this Spring at Peru sports .center . current!~" Aides" State College. under construction. Ai. pointa Student music conductors proceeds went to the Majo · verbal gained practical e~perience Hall Drive. . qualiti during a concert featuring On Sunday, May 6, th appea the Peru State College Wind Peru State College Alum ticipar Ensemble on Wednesday, Band will present a conce activiti May 2 at 8:00 p.rn. in the at 5:00 p.m. in the Colleg~ Wi College Audi.torium. The Auditorium. Over 5~ functi sii.Jent conductors .will be members will be on hand fod hosts conducting at the concert. the May 6 .performancd comm The music performance was un.der the direction of Dr. G~·' "Due activities would -be also a benefit for the Majors Wilson. The concert is fr may "~~nomically unfeasible Hall Fund Drive at Peru and .open to the genera ten ne because of. decreased State. When renovated, the public. student participation, b u t . - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - . . , . . . "we need to figure out a way to have something for students left in Peru on weekends to do." George said she would spend much of the summer break eth Propst ........ , ......... , ...... , ..... Managing Editor w.orking on the weekend activities problem. Mick Osbon ......... , ... : .............. , , .... Photographer esi Kline ..... , ...................................... Artist· ent Propst .................................. Sports Editor uck Mittan .. ,. ........................... Feature Editor

Last Show Successful. Participation Needed "She Stoops to Conquer", a seventeenth century comedy, was performed in the college auditorium April 25 through April 28. Presented by the Peru Players, .this English comedy written by Oliver Goldsmith, marked their last show of this year. The cast included 19 PSC students and were selected on a tryout basis last month.

The show was directed by Dr. Charles Harper. Joe Waters, sophomore from Bellevue, was the assistant director and stage manager as well asappearing on stage in two minor roles. The elaborate set was. the cumulative.effort of the cast and production crew and took.six weeks to complete. The costumes were designed by Dr. R-0yal Eckert.

Spring Fever Cure? Spring fever is a notorious tempter of students to cut classes and enjoy warm spring weather under. the "thousand oaks." At least one PSC instructor, however, thinks he has a possible cure for this dread "disease." Several weeks ago, journalism instructor Everett Browning had advanced journalism students write "gel well" notes for two absent· classmates. Ac:cr1rdir.g lo one student in c!:.'.ss, the notes exsympathy ._for lhe suident and the hope thal he

or she would "recover" sufficiently to attend the next class session. The "cure". was .initially only 50 percent successful, Browning said, because only one of the two absent students returned to class after receiving the notes. A second set of notes, however, finally prompted the remaining reluctant student to return to class, Browning said: the notes included a mock obituary about the truant student and a dramatized expose of the class's attempt to lure the student to class.

to insure. Activities PSC Residence Life Director Dave Eaton would like to see more activities programmed for · weekends next fall, but says it may be impossible due to low student participation in such activities. One way - to discourage PSC's "suitcase college" image, ~aton- said, is. to schedule dances, .movies, and. ·oth!fr activities .on weekends rather than during the week. But to justify -the expense of such activities they .must be scheduled during. the week, when the majority of students are on campus, he said. Patti George, coordinator . of student activities, said she has tentative plans for some weekend activities during the 1979-80 school year, .but that she is especially concerned with programming more informally organized activities for students who can't leave Peru on weekends. According. to Georg.e, extensive weekend

The Pedagogian



Step! Openings for a drum arold Benson ................................. News Edito major and solo twirler in the Peru State College Bobcat verettBrowning .................................. Advisor Marching Band have .been eth Propst. .......................... Advertising Manager announced by Dr. David M. 'fhe Pedagogian is the sounding board of Peru State Edris, director of bands at College and is printed 10 times a semester bv PSC Peru State. students. All letters to the editor should be· typed The openings for the '79 [double-spaced and less than 300 words] and mailed to marching season . are for P.O. Box 120, Peru State College, Peru, Nebraska students with previous high school experience. !ll....~~""""""""""""""""""""""""'"""'"""""""'""""""""'"""''"""""""'"""'wniill

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1978-1979 Peru Pedagogian - issues 1-15  

1978-1979 newspaper issues 1-15 for Peru State College, Peru, Nebraska

1978-1979 Peru Pedagogian - issues 1-15  

1978-1979 newspaper issues 1-15 for Peru State College, Peru, Nebraska