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In Gratitude


T is with a feeling of mingled rejoicing and regret that we bring this volum路!, together with twelve months of planning and toiling, to a close. For, although our work has been a pleasure and an inspiration, it has meant sacrifice, not o nl y to us, but to the student body. Truly, the publication of the College Annml !'~presents possibly the biggest undertaking among all the student activities. Yet, whu will say that the reward is not worth the effort路~ So we take this opportunity of extending our thanks and our kindest person t! regards to all who have given us their support in the task of assembling and publishing this volume. W e wish especially to express our gratitude to the following: M r. L. A . Hines, of the Art.:raft Engraving Company, for the personal interest which he has shown in m;tking this a better P er11vian; Prof. E. C. Beck, for his many helpf11l suggestio ns: Mr. Peterson, for his exquisite photographic work: and Jacob N orth and Company for their valuable services in printing. These, and others whom lack of space w ill no t permit us to mention, have made our burden a little ligh ter and our undertaking more successful. Fo r nur reality, it is ward in the mo re as the

fello w-students "vhosc hearty support has helped to make this book 1 our sincere hope that th>::y will find, even as we will find, an ample resatisfaction which it affords. This reward will be augmented more aml hand of Kismet leads us nearer and nearer to our fa te. For, "When we are old and worn with years, we'll read This record of our youth, the day, the place; And we will suit our memory to our need, And long- forgott~n name to faded face. Sadness will come to us who fail to trace The Jrcams we dreamed so certain to succeed; Times later generation will erase The dreamer and the doer and the deed. Then let us sec these tranqui l hills agai n; Fruit-laden trees, the lighted homeward street; Let us not seck our former years in vain ; Let us find youth unspoiled and living sweetFor us, once more, the splendor and the pain Thinking the old earth trembles at our feet."

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Profile for Peru State College Library

1925 - The Peruvian  

1925 yearbook for Peru State College, Peru, Nebraska

1925 - The Peruvian  

1925 yearbook for Peru State College, Peru, Nebraska