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17. 19.

We all have our pictures taken and free:e in the proce••. Silence does not reign supreme in M ount Vernon H all . '"Th e o ccupant • arc n o tifi ed th -tt silence is gol den."" Spud Carter proves to be a gay young blade. Better watch out g1 rl •. h e" • lJ llllC th e <htc k! Olin Elliott delivers an oration on the Lib ra ry steps. So co ntrar y to h1 • u•ua l c u •t o m we wond er! ? T wo scats broken 111 a rush to chapel du e to rumo r ~ ahout ann o un (e m ent of a va .: at 10n. Kindergarten version o f th e "Star o f the East" " in chapel. Christmas Carols-Community singing. Christmas Vacat io n bcg 111 ~. All aw ay t o celch r.t tc on mother's cook in g once more. JANUARY

3. 4.

Everybod y back again , and so an x1ous to a~s umc t he o ld burden. '"What did ' HE" give you for Chr i s tma ~ ?"· "\Vhat a goo d lo oking •carf!"" " I ~ •mpl y didn't rest a minute!"" (The above arc th e remark s hea rd when f ncnd ~ exchan ge \"ac.t · tion talk.)


Community singing.

6. A fe eble attempt to get back into the harn e<s again. 7. Piano solo by Professor H olch in chapel. 8. Mustaches and shin gles adorn th e camp us. 9. Violin solo by Professor Jind ra in chapel. 10. Some dorm girls clean ho use. Isn't that s urprisin g? And some boys do n 't. 12. Girls" and Men's Clubs meet . 13. Grande's mustache disappears. Did J uliet?- ?? 14. Miss T aylo r reads for us in cha pel. 15. Professor Delzell has a new tic. Some k nockout. 16. L. C. Oberlies of Lincoln gives us an address in ch apel. 19. High School girls" Glee Club entertains us, directed b y Ma ry M cVa y . 21. High School orchestra shows its talent. 23. No school, en d of semester. R eg istration . 26. Some new students arrive. Now for some run ' 27. Fresh : "Will you please tell me where the freshm en go"!' ' "Soph: "The same place the fre shwomen go. I suppose." Everybody lau gh . 28. Mark Crandall plays a cornet solo. More! More! 30.

Th e footba ll sweaters are presen ted to our ch ampio n s. be th e first girl to appear in one?

Prett y neat.

Wun der w h o wi ll


2. 3. 4. 6. 8. 11.

13. 1 ).

Some cold at mosphere. Several studcs t ake th e skid s. O ld Maids of M ount Vernon h old a gossip session. Th e boys have all th e new girls catalogu ed already . We are given an ast ronomical lecture. Some need n o in struction s upon th e ste ll a r wonders. \Ve are entertained by a violin q uartet. Jew beco mes in spired. Oh. how it snowed! O rner Sper ry fail s to appr eciate th e beauty o f the storm . S'pose he has a date? Edward Matejovsky gives us a pat riotic address. "That is a very good p o int. M r. Matejovsky. a very good point." Philos meet. The library building rocks and to tters unde r the pressu re with in . Red Carpenter goes to church .

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Profile for Peru State College Library

1925 - The Peruvian  

1925 yearbook for Peru State College, Peru, Nebraska

1925 - The Peruvian  

1925 yearbook for Peru State College, Peru, Nebraska