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Track Squad ERU i grad ually develo pin g a repu tatio n o ~ the cind ers and the intc rc~t and cnthusias1~1 dem onstrated th os year os proo f that track os h ere to sta y . The squa t! has hccn h and o· capped on account of the track bein g in poor shape thi; spring . The squad of t we n t y· live men who reported included three letter men. Edic. who has received much favor able com · mcn t from coaches who have seen him in action. won the IOO·yard da sh at Ta rkio in I 0 seco nds flat. H e is a member of th e relay team . runs the 220. high jumps and broad jumps. and thro'v~ the javelin and puts the ~hot. H e was easily the high poi nt man of la st year' s dual meet w ith Tarkio. \Veimer tied for first place in the pole vault with T arkio both yea rs . He puts the shot. throws the discus an d javelin. broad jumps, runs the 220. low hurdles and is a membe r of the relay team. Captain Buising is the other letter man back . Madden is r u nning th e quarter and half mile. run s the hurdles. and pole vaults. M at thews is hack at the hurdles and Whitten is again hurling the discus. Conkle is running the 220 and is improving with the d iscus.


Of the new men. Carter and Z orn arc running the I 00 in I 0 .4 a nd arc hoth mcrnhe rs o f the relay team. Gwinn is another man who is showing up well in the dashes. Scl k is lead in g in the broad jump and crowd ing the leaders in the high jump anti pole vault. In the distance events Heywood is leading in the half mil e. Warman h olds the record for the mile with Cowell a close second. Pratt. Delzell. and Carpenter arc some o f t he o t ho.:r distance men. Considering that most of th e work this season h as been done wi t h o ut a t ra·~ k and that it takes time to build up a strong track syuad. Peru is d oin g exceed ingly well. This se~ so n Peru has wo n a telegraphic meet w ith York 11 0 ·3 0 . At the Kansas Rela y,;. the team. composed of Edie, Z orn , Carter and Madden, tuuk th ird place in th e fas t sectio n <> f

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1925 - The Peruvian  

1925 yearbook for Peru State College, Peru, Nebraska

1925 - The Peruvian  

1925 yearbook for Peru State College, Peru, Nebraska