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1!;igl1 §rqnnl Atqlrtirn FOOTBALL The season of 192 1 proved to b a highly s uccessful on e for Peru High . Although on ly two games were played, the general sports m a nlik e a nd winning abi lity of th e tea m appea'ed to a ll , a nd w e had th e s upport of both th e col lege and th e town speo pll' 111 our first f ootball season . , The Pl at~smouth ga m e wa s ea s y, but at Neb r as k a C ity the boys were forced to r~t forth t hell' bes t efforts to win, the final score being 14 to 7 · be :rh e team loses Delze'l, Brund son, Can a nd Brow n , but with t h e . m en who will ,· b~ck, kd by Capta:n Bath, Coach Step h e n son s h oul d be abl e to t urn o ut a n ot h e r \\ mnm g tea m f or Peru Hi g h . BASKETBALL \Vith six letter men back and any amount of n e w mat fo' t· ial, Coac h Stephe n so n had n_o troubl e in selecting a winn in g basketba ll team. After th e u s ual pre limin ary pract~ce, t hese m en were picked for the t ea m : D elze ll (Capta in), Carr, Bl'und son, Co nkl e , Cowell , Parriot a nd W il son. . Humbo'dt was defeated in th e fir s t g·ame and Aubul'n, Syrac u se, Pawnee, Falls CJ t~ , a nd Seward met w ith the same fat e. Hiawatha, Kansas. s urpri sed u s by winning then·w· ga m e, an d Sh enandoah, Iowa, was ab le t o wm · by a sma I1 marg m. · 1 ~h on Y two defeats , our team was eas ily r ecognized as amo n g the best a nd wa s 1 Paced m cla ss B in the state tou r nament. The boys were greatlv hand icanred by the s ize of the fl oor and after a hard fight, I ost th fi • • ,. · e r st ga me to Seward . With rea l basketba ll star~ a s Wil son Conkl e Parriot a nd Cowell, Peru High h as a rJght to · ·· · ' ' expect t he ch ampions hip of her class in 192 3.

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1922 - The Peruvian  

1922 yearbook for Peru State College, Peru, Nebraska

1922 - The Peruvian  

1922 yearbook for Peru State College, Peru, Nebraska