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==== ==== Loose That Belly Fat Now ==== ====

Belly fat. Yes, this is a major problem area for many people. What can you do about it? Are you destined to just live with it? If you want to learn how to loose belly fat, then there are certain fundamentals you must follow. Burning fat is a science. If you do things a certain way, you will get predictable results every time. Here are some methods for burning belly fat that have stood the test of time: 1. Do Cardio On An Empty Stomach When you do cardio exercise, typically your body is burning your stored up food (carbs) as a fuel source. It may feel like you're getting a good workout, but it does nothing for fat loss. When you do cardio on an empty stomach, you body switches to burning fat as the main fuel source. Now you're getting somewhere! This simple, but very powerful method is overlooked by many people. 2. Eat 5-6 Small Meals Per Day You've probaly heard this one before. That's because there is logic behind it. Eating frequent small meals keeps your metabolism burning in high gear. When you skip meals or starve yourself, your body goes into "survial mode" and reacts by slowing down your metabolism and storing fat. Bottom line: This may seems counter-intuitive, but you must eat more often if you want to learn how to loose belly fat. 3. Resistance Training More muscle equals a faster resting metabolism. This means your body is burning fat at a faster rate 24 hours per day... even while you sleep. Resistance training also stimulates the production of natural "youth" hormones. 4. Follow The Advice & Eating Habits Of Natural Bodybuilders Natural bodybuilders and fitness models rely on their bodies to make a living. It makes sense that they are only going to use the very best methods for burning belly fat and getting fit. Follow in the footsteps of people who really know what they are doing. Don't fall for the hype of the latest "miracle diet, quick fix or any other nonsense. If you're serious about learning how to loose belly fat, then follow these basics. They have been proven to work for thousands of people just like you. The good news is you don't have to starve yourself or live in the gym to get great results.

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==== ==== Loose That Belly Fat Now ==== ====

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