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Amazon's Kindle Reader is a wireless reading device that is exclusively distributed by the said website. This device allows its users to download and read a variety of e-reading materials such as eBooks, magazines, blogs, and electronic newspapers. Owners can literally bring their entire library wherever they go. Avid readers and consumers are intrigued and impressed by what this little gadget's potential. With all the great features you have heard about this device, the appeal that it has on avid readers is actually not that surprising. Features such as the enhanced E-Ink Pearl Display Technology, the bigger internal memory that can hold up to 3,500 eBooks, and the impressively slimmer design, are all enticing. But are you really familiar with the device and know it inside and out? Most Kindle owners don't. The latest Kindle has a lot of hidden features and cool shortcuts that actually makes it more than just a simple eBook reader. The Kindle's menu button, for example, is not just for accessing the menu list. When you press it, you can see the current time displayed on the top-center of the screen. If you press the menu button while on the home screen, you will also be able to see the remaining free memory of your electronic book reader displayed on the top-left of the display screen, expressed in megabytes. The Amazon Kindle Reader also has functional shortcuts while the user is reading an eBook. Some Kindle owners may not know this, but if you press the "Right Arrow" key on the reader's directional pad, you will be taken to the start of the next chapter of the book you are currently reading. Pressing the "Left Arrow" key will take you to the start of the previous chapter. If you want to add a bookmark, just press "Alt + B", and a bookmark will be placed on the spot where the cursor is located. If you wish to use the "text-to-speech" feature, there is a shortcut for that too. While you are enjoying you're newly purchased eBook from Amazon's online bookstore, just press the "Shift + Sym" buttons and the program will start reading from where the cursor is currently resting. If you want turn off the application, just press the same key combination again. If you feel like listening to some music while you read, simply press "Alt + Spacebar" and the built-in mp3 player will turn on. For many Kindle owners, having a better insight on this amazing electronic book reader makes the overall experience a bit more satisfying and fun. The two hidden games that come with this new Kindle will surely surprise many Kindle owners. Just by pressing "Shift + Alt + M" will open "Minesweeper", and the "GoMoku" game can only be accessing through "Minesweeper" by pressing "G". Knowing all these Kindle secrets will certainly give you an edge over you friends and fellow Kindle owners.

The Kindle Reader was the preeminent e-Reader. With the Electronic Book Reader [] Amazon has become king. Find out why.

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==== ==== Need a great deal on the Kindle Reader, check this out ==== ====

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