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School Journey Quiz

School Year 2012 - 2013

Where did we stop before arriving to the house?

To La Panadella

Who “punished” the bags?

Quim did.

Which boys dressed as girls on Wednesday night?

Marc and Abel.

He was looking for one of his sneakers or trainers.

What was Uri looking for desperately?

What is the name of the disco in Montardit de Baix?

Rock Dur

What is the song that made us follow Uri in the disco?

It’s Follow the Leader

Whose birthday was it on 7th June?

It was Arnau’s birthday !

What is the real name of Gran Nord village?


Because Abel had a football match.

Why did we stop at Molins de Rey?

Who slept most in the bus?

Irene did.

School Journey Quiz June 2013

Wishing you the Best !!!


A Quiz on Year 6 Students School Journey to Sort.

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