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FALL 2023



New Palm Springs International Film Society Chairman of the Board Nachhattar Singh Chandi is ready for his close-up.




Chamber CEO Nona Watson and Chamber President Dax Davis

3 1 Your Measure J Tax Dollars at Work / Update on Indian Canyon Drive

Introducing New Palm Springs International Film Society Chairman Nachhattar Singh Chandi.

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Daniel Vaillancourt

Photographer David A. Lee shoots Palm Springs International Film Society Chairman Nachhattar Singh Chandi in Theatre One of The Palm Springs Cultural Center at the Historic Camelot Theatre on the morning of August 15, 2023.

Daniel Vaillancourt


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Think Local: Movie Theatres


Right in the Hart of Palm Springs


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A Message From City Manager Scott Stiles


Fall Winter Festivities / 12 New Pickleball Courts


A Chat With New Palm Springs Fire Chief Paul Alvarado


Nurturing Youth and Strengthening Communities


PSILOVEYOU | Fall 2023

FALL 2023



New Palm Springs International Film Society Chairman of the Board Nachhattar Singh Chandi is ready for his close-up.

| ON THE COVER: “I’m more excited than nervous,” says new Palm Springs International Film Society Chairman Nachhattar Singh Chandi about his important role. “Because when nerves happen, that doesn’t help. I’m very excited!” See story by Daniel Vaillancourt on page 10.

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Dax Davis

Chamber President I am consistently amazed by the year-over-year surge in foot and vehicle traffic that envelops not only Downtown Palm Springs but also extends along Sunrise Way, traverses Vista Chino, and blankets our vibrant city. What was once categorized as a simple “season” has evolved into a simple range of calendar months denoting heightened activity, replacing the nondescript terms “high-season” and “low-season” in the lexicon of our local business community. The secret is out: Palm Springs has transcended its seasonal roots. We proudly declare that our city is open for business — and bustling — all year round! And prepare yourselves, for we are about to get even busier. Consider this: Last October, Palm Springs International Airport welcomed 1,176 flights delivering 126,798 visitors to our valley. November saw even greater numbers: 1,571 flights and 159,108 visitors. What does that mean? Well, it means a lot of things, but I like to think of it this way: Every night, while we are peacefully sleeping, thousands of people from all corners of the United States and around the world are embarking on a journey to the picturesque paradise of Palm Springs. And every autumn morning, as we wake up to the same breathtaking sunrise that has become a cherished part of our daily lives, we are also witnessing the beginning of a daily influx of approximately 4,600 visitors. Many of these travelers haven’t beheld the radiant sun against a cerulean blue, unclouded sky in weeks, or perhaps even longer. They arrive eager to immerse themselves in the beauty of the Coachella Valley. So, tonight, as you lay down your head and drift into the realm of dreams, remember that many people have willingly sacrificed their night’s rest (or a significant portion of it) to navigate baggage through airport terminals near and far, all for the opportunity to experience what we are fortunate enough to enjoy almost every day of the year: the brilliant, buoyant sun suspended in an endless expanse of clear, azure sky, and the profound sense of well-being it imparts. The secret is out — and that’s a good thing for all of us!

Mark Davidson

Sleep well, Dax Davis Director of Sales and Programming Alpha Media – Palm Springs

Nona Watson Chamber CEO

A Star-Studded Performance: The Palm Springs Chamber of Commerce’s Leading Role in Our Community Dear residents and business partners: I am thrilled to address you as the CEO of the Palm Springs Chamber of Commerce and to share with you the incredible journey we’ve embarked upon together. Our city has always been known for its dazzling charm, vibrant culture, and picturesque landscapes. As we navigate through the ever-evolving dynamics of the business world, I am proud to say that the Palm Springs Chamber plays a starring role in shaping the present and future of our remarkable community. Just like the stars that grace our desert skies — or the red carpet and stage of the upcoming Palm Springs International Film Festival awards gala — our Chamber illuminates the path to growth and prosperity for our local businesses. We’ve always believed in the power of unity, collaboration, and innovation. These core principles have been the driving force behind our initiatives that connect entrepreneurs, startups, established businesses, and community leaders. Through our networking events, workshops, and seminars, we’ve fostered an environment where businesses not only thrive but also forge lasting relationships. These connections are the building blocks of a resilient business ecosystem that uplifts everyone, from the smallest burgeoning businesses to the most time-honored enterprises. Our dedication to economic development has resulted in countless success stories that shine as brightly as our sun-soaked city and those celluloid luminaries, past and present, that were — and still are — attracted to our magnetic desert’s pulse. We’ve supported local entrepreneurs in realizing their dreams, enabled businesses to adapt and flourish in a rapidly changing landscape, and championed initiatives that promote sustainability and responsible growth. By providing resources, guidance, and a platform for collaboration, our Chamber — your Chamber — has become a catalyst for progress. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all of you who have been a part of this incredible adventure. Whether you’re a longstanding partner or a new member of our community, your contribution is invaluable, and together, we will continue to write the script of Palm Springs’ success. A success story in which we are all co-stars! Here’s to a future filled with shared accomplishments, boundless opportunities, and a community that gleams as brilliantly as the orbs in the desert night’s sky. Nona Watson Palm Springs Chamber of Commerce CEO PSILOVEYOU | Fall 2023


Heir Apparent Wildly accomplished local entrepreneur Nachhattar Singh Chandi takes his new role as Palm Springs International Film Society chairman in stride, readying both its 2024 film festival and glittery film awards gala. BY DANIEL VAILLANCOURT


David A. Lee

hen Palm Springs International Film Society Immediate Past Chairman of the Board Harold Matzner elected to abdicate earlier this year after more than three decades at the helm, he had but one handpicked successor in mind: brilliant Indio-based business magnate Nachhattar Singh Chandi.


Palm Springs International Film Society Chairman Nachhattar Singh Chandi in Theatre One of The Palm Springs Cultural Center at the Historic Camelot Theatre on the morning of August 15, 2023.

PSILOVEYOU | Fall 2023

Now, because we will surely be hearing this VIP’s name abundantly in the next few years, let’s start off by getting its pronunciation right. Phonetically, it’s nah-shah-TUR sing tchan-DEE (like the cha cha cha dance meets a sandy beach). But if you’re lucky enough to be counted among his friends, you can just call him Chandi.

“Many people ask me, ‘Why did you get picked?’” the affable Chandi reveals with a chuckle as we sit in the opulent boardroom of his Chandi Group USA’s elegantly appointed Spectrum Street headquarters in Indio. “And I say, ‘I don’t know, but I’m here!’” “Mr. Chandi is a very successful man who knows how to win in life,” says Matzner when asked why this particular gentleman — whom he has known for almost a decade, but who had served as a Film Society board member for only six months when the appointment was made — was clearly the chosen one. “He will be very successful as chairman of the film festival. He is perfect for it.”

Certainly, Chandi’s track record as a colossally successful, self-made individual more than speaks for itself. It’s a rags-toriches tale worthy of any Hollywood or Bollywood cinematic classic.

Immigrating to the U.S. (specifically, to the Coachella Valley) at the age of 20 in 1991 to seek his fortune (if not fame) under the palm trees, Chandi was robbed at knifepoint and stabbed within his first month here. Though he sustained serious injuries that still inhibit certain hand movements to this day, he remained undeterred. “I’m a very positive person,” he confesses today. “I take everything in a positive direction. Never negative.” He can say that again! Choosing to pump gas at White’s Black Gold Gasoline in Indio as his first job stateside, Chandi — who only spoke Punjabi, Hindi, and Sanskrit upon arrival, but who has since taught himself perfect English and Spanish — purchased that service station just three years later. Long story very short, he parlayed that early feat into becoming owner and CEO of a corporate conglomerate that is comprised of more than 40 plus gas stations and convenience stores, dozens of car washes, and a multitude of restaurants and shopping centers across California. He has also ventured into development and architecture through his Black Gold Builders Group and Black Gold Engineering, and employs an estimated 700 people not only in the desert but throughout California. Clearly, as his companies’ names imply, this is a born winner who can turn anything into black gold. Yet, humble to a fault, he is quick to give credit to God, to members of his community, and to his family: his parents, his four grown children, and particularly, his wife of nearly 30 years, Susana. “I never believe it’s me. It’s her,” he says of his

HollyCal Productions

Born on December 30, 1970 in a rural farming village in the state of Uttar Pradesh in northern India — population 241 million, just in that state! — Chandi recalls walking miles with his siblings daily to be schooled under the shade of a large eucalyptus tree in a makeshift outdoor classroom.

All in the family (left to right): Nachhattar Singh Chandi, son Davinder Singh Chandi, daughter Amandeep Kaur Chandi, mother Puran Kaur, daughter Angelie Kaur Chandi, son Gurvinder Singh Chandi, father Kewal Singh, and wife Susana Chandi.

admirable victories, adding that while he did face adversity and took many a huge risk, “she’s a very, very, very strong person. If I ever make a mistake, she will not let me hide it. We go fix it. I love that about her.” Chandi immediately turned to his family for support when Matzner approached him about becoming the next chairman. Because if there’s one thing Chandi is first and foremost — before businessman — it’s family man. “At first, I thought, ‘Wow!’ And then I spoke to my wife, I talked to my kids. ‘What do you guys think? It’s going to be challenging, and it’s going to take a lot of my time. I want to make sure you are all on board with me.’” Within 24 hours, Chandi told Matzner — whom he calls both friend and Godfather — that his answer was a resounding “Yes!” In serving not only as chairman of the Film Society but in looking forward to overseeing the upcoming film festival and its star-studded film awards gala, Chandi sees his challenges as threefold. First, he wants the Film Society to remain financially sound. “I am used to giving away money,” says the generous philanthropist who counts Martha’s Village & Kitchen, FIND Food Bank, Angel Light Academy, and the General Patton Memorial Museum among the many charities he supports. “And here I am, now fundraising on behalf of this

nonprofit organization that has been very lucrative for 35 years.” Secondly, Chandi says in one breath that he wants to neither rock the boat nor do harm to either the film festival’s or awards gala’s respective reputations, or to the hundreds of people who contribute to their respective triumphs. “I don’t think it’s right for me to start making changes unless it’s absolutely necessary,” he affirms. “We have very loyal audiences, vendors, suppliers, partners, sponsors, and employees, all of whom have contributed to build this world-class brand. And I know we are all working together and rooting for one another’s success.” Lastly, the new chairman wants to ensure that film awards attendees — and the hundreds of fans who gather across the street from the Palm Springs Convention Center hoping for an autograph from, or at the very least a glimpse of, their favorite movie star — get a fittingly scintillating redcarpet experience that rivals the festivals of Berlin, Cannes, Sundance, Telluride, Toronto, and Venice. He’s certain he can deliver. “Basically, I want to be very handson and learn every step of the way,” he says. “I have Harold 100% by my side. We speak literally every day, often many times a day. Any question I have, I know he has the answer.” PSILOVEYOU | Fall 2023


Chandi also mentions three other invaluable individuals upon whom he knows he can lean for support: Artistic Director Liliana Rodriguez, Film Awards Director of Operations & Producer Christina Sasse, and Managing Director Rhea Woodson. “In addition to Harold, those are my three go-to persons,” he says with a warm smile, quickly adding that his gratitude also goes to the entire PSIFF team for its invaluable efforts and assistance during this transition.

While at press time it’s still too early for Chandi to divulge any details about the films shown during the festival in early 2024, or about the celebrities who may appear to receive trophies at the film awards on the dazzling evening of January 4, he can confirm that, after skipping the ceremony last year, longtime emcee, “Entertainment Tonight” personality, and part-time desert resident Mary Hart will return to do the honors.

As we wrap up our early-August morning chat, Chandi pinches himself when he thinks back to his childhood in India, where as many as 50 village children would gather outside to watch a movie on a black and white television set, one of the youths climbing up one of those stately eucalyptus trees to position the antenna just right to enable the best reception. Some four and a half decades later, here he is under the starry skies of Palm Springs, poised to take the stage shoulder to shoulder with perhaps such esteemed cinematic luminaries as Annette Bening, Emily Blunt, Bradley Cooper, Penélope Cruz, Adam Driver, Colman Domingo, Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert DeNiro, Robert Downey Jr., Jodi Foster, Ryan Gosling, Taraji P. Henson, Carey Mulligan, Cillian Murphy, Julianne Moore, Paul Mescal, Joaquin Phoenix, Natalie Portman, Da’Vine Joy Randolph, Mark Ruffalo, Saoirse Ronan, Peter Sarsgaard, Emma Stone, Jeffrey Wright, and Barbie herself, Margot Robbie. “I’m more excited than nervous,” he concludes, beaming. “Because when nerves happen, that doesn’t help. I’m very excited!”

Chandi’s Favorites Movie genre Action films. However, I also love films of any genre that teach important life lessons. Male movie star Liam Neeson. His acting versatility amazes me. Female movie star Angelina Jolie. She’s displayed her acting talents in a variety of different genres. Movie It’s hard to say. One of my absolute favorite films has to be “Slumdog Millionaire.” Not only for the cinematography, but more importantly, for the message it gives — to not change one’s noble/pure heart no matter the odds against you. “Taken” is also a film that moves me. A father’s love for his family is one of the greatest forces in the universe.


PSILOVEYOU | Fall 2023

President’s Circle


PSILOVEYOU | Fall 2023

Thank you to the following Chamber members without whom many of our programs would not be possible.


LO CAL: Movie Theatres Fall means fine film! Here are six local movie palaces where you can catch the hottest Oscar hopefuls. BY DANIEL VAILLANCOURT

Annette Bening, Emily Blunt, Jessica Chastain, Bradley Cooper, Penélope Cruz, Adam Driver, Colman Domingo, Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert DeNiro, Robert Downey Jr., Jodi Foster, Paul Mescal, Carey Mulligan, Julianne Moore, Joaquin Phoenix, Natalie Portman, Da’Vine Joy Randolph, Saoirse Ronan, Mark Ruffalo, Peter Sarsgaard, Emma Stone, and Jeffrey Wright. These are just some of the A-list movie stars who will be lighting up silver screens around the world during this Oscar season. And where better to see them all than in your own back yard, at one of six first class movie houses we have in the desert. What do you mean you haven’t seen Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie in “Barbie” yet? What on earth are you waiting for? Get thee to a theatre now!

Cinemark Century at The River and XD 71800 Highway 111, Suite A-137, Rancho Mirage, CA 92270 760.836.1940, cinemark.com

Screens: 15 Special Features: Luxury lounger recliners (electric-powered, plush, and oversized for maximum moviewatching comfort), Cinemark XD auditorium (premium large format with the biggest wall-to-wall screen in the building and 11.1-layer multichannel surround sound for the ultimate viewing experience), expanded concession offerings (including hot foods and alcohol), an arcade with a variety of fan-favorite games. Weekly Specials: Every Tuesday is Discount Tuesday, where ticket prices are 50% off weekend prices. Anything Else? Each year, the Oscar Movie Week Festival is held, where customers can see the best picture and best animated and live action short film nominees in the theatre, during the week leading up to the Oscars telecast. Sold are both individual tickets and a digital festival pass, which grants access to all nominated films.


PSILOVEYOU | Fall 2023

Moviegoers in the area can also get the most out of their visits by joining Movie Club for star-studded benefits. For just $11.99 per month, plus tax where applicable, members receive exclusive benefits, including a 20% discount on concessions and a monthly movie credit with rollover and no expiration.

Cinemark Century La Quinta and XD 46-800 Washington Street, La Quinta, CA 92253 760.771.5682, cinemark.com

Screens: 12 Special Features: Luxury lounger recliners (electric-powered, plush, and oversized for maximum moviewatching comfort), Cinemark XD auditorium (premium large format with the biggest wall-to-wall screen in the building and 11.1-layer multichannel surround sound for the ultimate viewing experience), D-BOX Motion seats (providing moviegoers with a complete immersive dimension to the cinematographic experience by perfectly synchronizing the action on the screen with individual motion control in the seats), expanded concession offerings (including hot

foods and alcohol), a private party room that can be easily booked online for cinematic birthdays and events (and includes exclusive, discounted concessions for up to 20 guests). Weekly Specials: Every Tuesday is Discount Tuesday, where ticket prices are 50% off weekend prices. Anything Else? Each year, the Oscar Movie Week Festival is held, where customers can see the best picture and best animated and live action short film nominees in the theatre, during the week leading up to the Oscars telecast. Sold are both individual tickets and a digital festival pass, which grants access to all nominated films. Moviegoers in the area can also get the most out of their visits by joining Movie Club for star-studded benefits. For just $11.99 per month, plus tax where applicable, members receive exclusive benefits, including a 20% discount on concessions and a monthly movie credit with rollover and no expiration.

Mary Pickford Theatre is D’Place 36850 Pickfair Street, Cathedral City, CA 92234 760.328.7100, dplaceentertainment.com

Screens: 14 Special Features: D-Box (motion active chairs), 7.1 all-digital, homemade ice cream, food (pizza, sandwiches) made fresh to order, and specialty corn. Weekly Specials: Senior Wednesdays are $7.25 for any movie (includes a popcorn or coffee). Tight Wad Tuesdays are $5.95 for almost all films. Anything Else? Special events aplenty: operas, anime, boxing, Ultimate Fighting Championships, concerts, anniversary film celebrations, live shows, Q&As, and more!

foreign film or arthouse movie is shown each week. Weekly Specials: All beer, wine, and cocktails always just $10. Anything Else? It’s the only theatre in the desert that uses real butter on its popcorn. It’s also the official home of the following: the Palm Springs International Film Festival, ShortFest, the American Documentary and Animation Film Festival, the Arthur Lyons Film Noir Festival, Cinema Diverse, and the Reel Women’s Film Festival, in addition to the Desert Film Society.

Regal Palm Springs 789 East Tahquitz Canyon Way, Palm Springs, CA 92262 760.323.4466, regmovies.com

Screens: 9 Special Features: Of those nine auditoriums, numbers One to Seven have stadium seating with pleather seats and plenty of leg room. Auditoriums Eight and Nine have plush seats and are similar to private screening rooms, with 47 seats each. Current Sony digital projectors will soon be transitioning to laser projectors throughout. The concession stand offers a variety of food, as well as beer and wine. Weekly Specials: Every Tuesday is Value Day, where any movie is $5.95, and popcorn is 50% off with the Regal Crown Club card (see below). Anything Else? The Regal Crown Club card rewards system is free to join, and points accrue with each purchase for free tickets, popcorn, drinks, etc. The Regal Unlimited program offers unlimited movies for a low price each month, as well as 10% off concessions. Finally, this cinema hosts the Palm Springs International Film Festival every January.

Regal Rancho Mirage and IMAX The Palm Springs Cultural Center at the Historic Camelot Theatre 2300 East Baristo Road, Palm Springs, CA 92262 760.325.6565, psculturalcenter.org

Screens: 3 Special Features: Live music five nights a week (Sunday through Thursday) in the upstairs lounge, where dinner selections from Mildred’s Café (an homage to Joan Crawford and “Mildred Pierce,” get it?) are served. Theatre One boasts the largest silver screen in the valley (yes, even larger than IMAX, and it’s been in operation since 1967). In season, one new

72-777 Dinah Shore Drive, Rancho Mirage, CA 92270 844.462.7342, regmovies.com

Screens: 16 Weekly Specials: Every Tuesday is Value Day, where any movie is $5.95, and popcorn is 50% off with the Regal Crown Club card (see below). Anything Else? The Regal Unlimited program offers unlimited movies for a low price each month, as well as 10% off concessions. The Regal Crown Club card rewards system is free to join, and points accrue with each purchase for free tickets, popcorn, drinks, etc. PSILOVEYOU | Fall 2023


Right in the Hart of Palm Springs BY KAY KUDUKIS


n between Alejo and Amado, at 310 Palm Canyon Drive, is a statuesque marquee-style portico with a terracotta barreltile roof, and blue and yellow glossy ceramics wrapped around the base of the arched openings. High above, a red and white logo next to big block-style letters announces that John Hart, one of Los Angeles’ top-five real estate firms, has come to town. What makes them so special is in the line that lives underneath that name: Real Estate Redefined. For Harout Keuroghlian, CEO, founder, and principal broker of JohnHart Real Estate, expanding to Palm Springs made all the sense in the world. He’s been coming here for over 25 years and loves it so much he bought property. And now he wants to help you do the same. And he wants you to do it Palm Springs style — enjoying a glass of champagne in his new space that’s like being in one big living room. “We want everyone to understand the market,” Keuroghlian says, “whether you’re looking for investments for yourself or your kids, or looking for a starter home. You might consider one in Palm Springs rather than a onebedroom condo in the worst part of L.A. — that might be a great option. But no one’s giving buyers that information. What I’m most excited about is showing sellers and future owners that they don’t need to settle for average. Our brokerage comes with thousands and thousands of people in our database.” Clearly, Keuroghlian is solidly confident in his team’s ability


PSILOVEYOU | Fall 2023

to move the market. That means more opportunities for Palm Springs agents that share their same passion. “We attach ourselves to agents that understand our systems, our protocols, and our ethics so our agents feel confident in their referrals,” he adds. So, what is it that JohnHart is redefining for Palm Springs? Keuroghlian is very vocal about that: “I read a NARS [National Association of Realtors] article saying a good portion of their agents are the ‘two to three transactions a year’ types. This puts their clients at a disadvantage because they’re not hiring experienced agents. These agents haven’t seen the overwhelming problems that can happen, so they have trouble explaining the A-Z process for their clients. We’re here to represent these clients properly. With our support staff, even agents that practice occasionally can use their expertise to give their clients the service they deserve. And they will have exposure to all of the agents at our other locations.” He points to homes stagnating on the Palm Springs market for 90 days as proof that people aren’t getting the service they deserve. “We’re a completely different kind of brokerage that never stops pushing.” He also believes Palm Springs homes are undervalued. He’d be happy to tell you why. You can reach out to him personally on his cell at 818.500.7793. Whether you're a homeowner, buyer, or just PS-curious, he’s always available for a chat.

“We want everyone to understand the market, whether you’re looking for investments for yourself or your kids, or for a starter home."


Prime your palate for a sensory-indulgent night out in Downtown Palm Springs at the brand-new modern wine lounge, the latest invigorating addition to The Block.


here’s something coming to the Palm Canyon strip that has been missing for a very long time: a proper wine lounge. Luckily, longtime resident Noah Mamet dreamed of a high-end wine lounge in the heart of Palm Springs, and the former U.S. ambassador to Argentina knew how to get it done. The result is Canopy Wine Lounge.

single vineyard zinfandel from Amador County. Literally crafted here in Palm Springs by Canopy’s resident winemaker, Josh Kelly, this wine is aged in amphora — an ancient clay aging vessel used in winemaking for thousands of years — and is one of the anchor pieces of the lounge. The rosé will be bottled, straight from the amphora, in December, just in time for the holidays.

Set for its grand opening on November 25, Canopy’s style was meticulously curated by one of the most recognizable names in midcentury modern design, Christopher Kennedy. He put his iconic Palm Springs touch on the space, keeping it sophisticated but unpretentious — built with an eye toward relaxation in an upscale yet comfortable environment. What’s he’s created here is Palm Springs’ newest hotspot.

Food pairings are a must, so expect the finest small tapas-style bites, such as authentic Argentinian-style empanadas with bright chimichurri, a reimagined caviar program featuring sustainably sourced California caviar, and a thoughtful charcuterie board of artisanal hand-selected meats and cheeses.

With patio views of the San Jacinto mountains, and Marilyn standing tall just a block away, it’s the perfect place for sipping world-class cabernet sauvignon or a crisp Champagne. Perhaps most unique is Desert Wren, their rosé produced in-house, a 22

PSILOVEYOU | Fall 2023

In addition to the magic that Christopher Kennedy brings to all of his spaces, the wine adds an elevation that compliments the upscale decor. Let’s talk about why the wine they serve is also deserving of its own accolades. Canopy Wine Lounge brings together wines from unique landscapes rarely experienced from your average wine shelf.

Take, for instance, Otronia, an Argentinian winery at the frontier of Patagonia that sits at the farthest (and southernmost) reaches at which a grape vine can survive. This stress and toil create bright, expressive wines while retaining character and depth. And Alkina, arguably the most interesting winery in the world, in the Barossa Valley of Australia, sits on some of the oldest soils in the world, lifting flavors left dormant for millennia.

"Canopy Wine Lounge brings together wines from unique landscapes rarely experienced from your average wine shelf."

If you’re any kind of oenophile, you’ll recognize the names of some of their winemakers: Michel Rolland, Philippe Melka, Matt Sands, Alberto Antonini, and Juan Pablo Murgia. And the wineries that encompass the Canopy offerings stand apart from the crowd: the remarkably diverse pinots and chardonnays from Waypoint in Sonoma County, grenache and semillon wines from the aforementioned Alkina, and many more. But an especially big draw will be the little-seen Lithology from Napa Valley, a collaboration of Messieurs Rolland and Melka, featuring the vineyards of Andy Beckstoffer. This is a winery that routinely pulls perfect 100-point scores from critics, and those wines will be available (by the glass!) as well. Noah Mamet is hoping to share a glass with you from his own aptly named winery, Gran Diplomat. Noah’s Argentine project produces a rich cabernet sauvignon, spicy malbec, and a very refreshing (and soon to be very popular) rosé produced from world-class grapes. If you’re lucky enough to stop in on an evening he’s in the lounge, feel free to ask him about his time in Argentina, and the award-winning grapes he grows at the base of the majestic Andes mountains, one of the most unique wine-growing regions in the world. With our season just around the corner, and the holidays shortly thereafter, downtown is going to be buzzing with happenings. With Canopy a mere three-minute walk from the Palm Springs Art Museum, across the street from the Downtown Park where live concerts are held, and a grape seed’s throw from all of the great restaurants Palm Springs has to offer, there’s never been a better time to enjoy fine wine and scintillating conversation with friends old and new. Whether you’re into cab or chianti, caviar or crudité, Canopy has something for you. And it’s ready to introduce itself and add another elegant touch to the neighborhood. Look for their website soon at canopywinelounge.com.

Canopy Wine Lounge 175 Palm Canyon Drive, Suite 150 3:00 to 11:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday 3:00 p.m. to 12:00 midnight Friday and Saturday 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Sunday

Grand Opening: November 25, 2023

PSILOVEYOU | Fall 2023


A Message From the City Manager As we head into the fall season, I want to take this time to give a big thank you to our residents, first responders and city staff for their magnificent response to Tropical Storm Hilary. Just two months ago, with the more than 70,000 sandbags distributed to residents who filled them at the sand pit behind City Hall and elsewhere, we were in full emergency operations center response mode, positioning resources into place, checking on facilities, and trying to determine the right time to close the important arterials at Gene Autry, Indian Canyon Drive, and Vista Chino. We knew that an unprecedented amount of rain was headed directly toward us, and that localized flooding was inevitable. Fortunately, the decision to close those three main arteries paid off and we were able to avoid the many life-threatening swift-water rescues (and other major weather-related issues) that we encountered four years ago during the Valentine’s Day storm of 2019. What we couldn’t have predicted was a train derailment out near the I-10 freeway, the actual closure of the freeway itself, as well as the severe damage to Indian Canyon Drive. However, I am pleased to report our hardworking streets and public works crews stepped up immediately to get the roads open as quickly as possible. We’re also extremely thankful to Governor Gavin Newsom, who visited with key city staff at City Hall just hours before the storm to offer his support. For decades now, your city council has been working diligently in partnership with the Coachella Valley Association of Governments (CVAG) and other regional, state, and federal partners to secure 26

PSILOVEYOU | Fall 2023

funding for new bridges along the gateway arteries. We have long understood how frustrating these road closures can be for Coachella Valley residents, and following our meeting with Governor Newsom, a letter was sent to his office requesting assistance with funding for a new elevated bridge along Indian Canyon Drive, the roadway that consistently receives the most damage during wind and storm events. Our application for funding has been submitted and we remain hopeful. The time for a new bridge along Indian Canyon Drive is now — and we are working hard to make it happen. Despite all of these obstacles — and most importantly, I want to thank you, our residents, for your tremendous response heeding our warnings to prepare for the storm by filling sandbags, staying home, avoiding dangerous driving conditions, and helping your neighbors in need — your engaged participation made all the difference, and we are proud to have been able to provide critical safety services to our Palm Springs community during the unprecedented event that was Tropical Storm Hilary. It is in great part thanks to your efforts that we made it through the downpour! Finally, if you have not already, I want to take a moment to remind you once again to please sign up for Palm Springs Public Safety Alerts. Signing up for these alerts allows you to get the latest information on road closures, weather-related events, and more. It’s also the best way to get the most up-to-date information during an emergency. Visit palmspringsca.gov, “In the Spotlight,” to register. Stay safe, everyone and thank you for making Palm Springs like no place else! Scott Stiles Palm Springs City Manager

at East Tahquitz Canyon Way and Palm Canyon Drive while supplies last. Jingle Mingle in the Park Friday, December 1 4:30 to 5:15 p.m. Crafts for youth, performances by the Dancing Christmas Trees, holiday music and caroling! And then, at 5:15, the lighting of the city of Palm Springs’ tree.

It’s time to prepare for fall and winter festivities in Palm Springs, so mark your calendars for these fun and free special events highlighting the city’s diverse LGBTQ community, a powerful and poignant tribute to our veterans, and the ringing in of the holiday season with “Jingle All the Way” extravaganzas surrounding the spectacular 31st Annual Palm Springs Festival of Lights Parade. Below is all the information you’ll need. 37th Annual Greater Palm Springs Pride Parade Sunday, November 5 10:00 a.m. It runs along Palm Canyon Drive, from Tachevah to Amado Road. Greater Palm Springs Pride runs Novembrer 3-5. pspride.org Drive-Through Luncheon for Veterans Friday, November 10 11:00 a.m.- 1:00 p.m.

Parking lot of Palm Springs City Hall, 3200 E. Tahquitz Way. All veterans welcome, free box lunches available while supplies last. For more information, visit palmspringsca.gov. 26th Annual City of Palm Springs Veterans Day Parade Saturday, November 11 3:30 p.m. The parade runs along Palm Canyon Drive. This year’s theme is “Honoring All Who Serve.” A patriotic concert and fireworks finale at Palm Canyon Drive and Amado Road will immediately follow the parade, which will once again be broadcast live on NBC Palm Springs. psveteransday.com Jingle All the Way Kickoff at VillageFest Thursday, November 30 6:00 p.m. Browse the vendors at VillageFest and get that one-of-a-kind holiday gift! Pick up your free jingle bells at the VillageFest Booth located

12 New Pickleball Courts Coming to Demuth Park Palm Springs is getting 12 new pickleball courts for the community! To meet the demands of the fastest-growing sport in America, the city’s parks and recreation department is working with a local Coachella Valley design consultant, Kimley Horn, to conceive a professionally planned pickleball area for Palm Springs. The city currently has 12 pickleball courts at Demuth Park, located at the intersection of Mesquite Avenue and Vella Road. The courts are highly used year-round by players of all skill sets. The capital project will enhance the 12 existing courts and add 12 new courts to create a cohesive 24-court pickleball court facility with lighting, seating, shading, landscaping, and amenities for both users and spectators. The project is currently in the design phase, with public outreach meetings being scheduled for fall 2023, and construction anticipated for 2024. Funding for the project is allocated from Quimby Act funds and Palm Springs Measure J funds.

Come Jingle with Santa! Sunday, December 3 12:00 noon to 2:00 p.m. Get a jump on your holiday shopping in downtown Palm Springs, and come meet Santa near the Marilyn statue in the Downtown Park. Breakfast with Santa Saturday, December 16 8:00 a.m. Palm Springs Pavilion, 401 S. Pavilion Way. Bring the whole family for a free breakfast and visit with Santa Claus, and participate in fun holiday activities. To register, visit palmsprings ca.gov or call (760) 323-8272.


Fall & Winter Festivities

31st Annual Palm Springs Festival of Lights Parade Saturday, December 2 5:45 p.m. The city’s signature holiday event, which travels down Palm Canyon Drive, features twinkling lights, magnificent marching bands, spectacular floats, huge Macy’sstyle holiday floats, and Santa Claus. It will be broadcast live on NBC Palm Springs. psfestivaloflights.com

To help players new to the sport — or veterans desiring to improve existing skills — the city currently offers instructor-led pickleball classes, with online registration for beginners through intermediate and up. Additionally, the city has a pickleball ambassador program. Ambassadors can be seen wearing special “Ask Me” t-shirts on the courts, so feel free to ask them for any help with using the courts, rotations, and order of play during busier times. Questions about the pickleball courts and classes can also be emailed to the parks and recreation department at pickleball@palmspringsca.gov.

PSILOVEYOU | Fall 2023


CHIEF ALVARADO: I grew up in Sylmar, a neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley in Northern Los Angeles County. It’s a working-class neighborhood deeply rooted in culture, faith, and tradition. I was raised by strong women, my single mother and beloved grandmother. I still managed to get into trouble, spending all day outside running with my version of the Little Rascals. One day, we set a palm tree on fire with fireworks and the L.A. Fire Department responded. I was in awe of the siren, truck, and the quick-acting firemen who saved the day, my behind, and probably our house that day. But I didn’t get off easy. The firefighters gave me a good, old-fashioned chewing out. I was five years old. From that day forward, I knew I would one day ride on that big red truck, saving the day too.


Palm Springs Chief Paul Alvarado and his wife Kitty


A Chat With New Palm Springs Fire Chief Paul Alvarado

Chief, you have been leading the Palm Springs Fire Department just under five months now, and shortly after your arrival, our community was faced with an unprecedented emergency thanks to Tropical Storm Hilary in late August. Fortunately, we did have some advanced warning, which made all the difference. Talk about how your team of first responders handled the emergency, and what you learned about them…and our community.

It was truly a 24/7, changing minuteby-minute week. We mobilized Palm Springs Fire Chief Paul Alvarado began from the minute we were informed his new position in May of 2023. Chief that there was potential of a lifeAlvarado comes to Palm Springs from the threatening weather event hitting city of Long Beach, where he served for our beloved city. We came up with a 27 years, working his way up to assistant plan that included everything from fire chief. In Long Beach, Alvarado helped handing out sandbags to bringing in lead the Fire Prevention Bureau; served a team of swift-water-rescue-trained as liaison to Long Beach Airport, where firefighters to imbed with our SWR he was responsible for emergency team. And stayed informed. But operations; and served as fire chief to really, the preparation starts long the Port of Long Beach. He also happens before an emergency happens. We to be married former NBC Palm Springs are fortunate to have a fully trained general assignment reporter Kitty Alvarado, and equipped fire department that who over the last decade has become a never misses an opportunity to much-loved member of the Coachella step up their game with the latest Valley community. Chief Alvarado and training, whether it’s 70 degrees or Kitty have two adult sons, who are both 115. But they say the best of the best first responders, and a much loved Cairn rise during a crisis, and that’s what Terrier named Bette Davis. PSILU sat down every member of this department with Chief Alvarado to learn more about did. Their quick actions and ability to him and his plans for the Palm Springs Fire put community before themselves Department. saved many lives. I call them the PSILU: Chief Alvarado, please tell us bravest. But they are more than that. a little about yourself. Where did you When everything — and I do mean grow up — and what made you want everything — was thrown their way, to become a firefighter and public they shined brightly. They are truly servant? heroes.

PSILOVEYOU | Fall 2023

And as far as this community, I saw a lot of things that blew me away. The people of Palm Springs banded together and took immediate action, too. They not only went out to get necessary items in case they’d be stuck at home, and sandbags to secure those homes, but also made sure their neighbors would be OK. They communicated and helped each other fill sandbags, heeded all the warnings, and after the storm, helped each other clean up. Their actions saved lives, too. We are a team. We can’t do this without them. And they stepped up big time. I’m proud of this community and our department. Now that you’ve been here almost six months, what would you say are the fire department’s biggest strengths, and what are some projects you’d like to implement moving forward? It’s hard to choose what our biggest strengths are because this is a wellrounded department, but I would say hands down it’s the people who make up this department. They are the department. And are the finest, smartest, hardest-working, grittiest, toughest, kindest group of firefighters I have ever worked with. They genuinely care about giving the best service to every person they are called to treat — whether it’s a homeless man or a resident who lives in the Movie Colony. And on top of that, this team has specialized training in airport emergencies, swift-water rescue, search-and-rescue, paramedic care, and of course, firefighting. They take their training seriously because, unlike other firefighters, they work in extreme conditions, and simply walking outside in their gear in 115 degrees can exhaust the average person. But they’re not average. They’re the best of the best. Moving forward, I want to make sure our fire stations are more comfortable and modernized, to not only make sure our finest have the best, because this is their home away from home, but also to accommodate a diverse workforce. What are some lessons you’ve learned during your career in firefighting, and what are some of the characteristics you think make a good fire chief? This job requires you to learn constantly and not be complacent. You must stay ahead of the latest techniques and technology that

can better serve and protect residents. But experience has taught me that building relationships is what matters most. Whether it’s taking extra time to meet with a colleague, mentor a rookie or forge strong bonds with neighboring agencies. That is what will help you share laughter on good days, help you manage a large incident with ease, and have someone to go to when you need help solving a problem. Being a good leader requires acknowledging that we are in it together and that no one can do this alone. We need one another. No man is an island. Steel sharpens steel. They make me better, and I hope I do the same. The Palm Springs Fire Department has an 85-year tradition of serving residents. What do you find most unique about the department? The extraordinary sense of community and tradition! Residents look upon our firefighters as their friends and neighbors, and are extremely grateful for their service. And our firefighters see our community members as allies and as part of the team. Our firefighters have a long tradition of organizing special events that are beloved community get-togethers, like the Annual Fish Fry and the Easter Egg Hunt. In addition, our firefighters participate in city parades like Gay Pride and the Festival of Lights, and actively engage with our residents,

businesses, and the ONE-PS neighborhood organizations regarding fire safety, prevention, and emergency preparedness. It has been phenomenal to see how PSFD has forged these important relationships. And, in fact, many of our ONE-PS neighbors have joined the department’s Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). Palm Springs is one of the most welcoming and inclusive communities I have ever been a part of, and I am thankful we have a city council, residents, and businesses that take the well-being and safety of our community seriously, and are engaged in the process. Bonus Question for Kitty Alvarado PSILU: How did you meet Paul and tell us what made you fall in love with him. KITTY ALVARADO: It was a beautiful day at Temecula High School, 1992. I was a sophomore, Paul a senior. During lunch, I was in our quad hanging out with friends when I felt someone staring at me. I kept looking around. Maybe it was my imagination, I thought. But I couldn’t shake it. This energy was strong. Then suddenly, our eyes met. It was Paul. I fell head over heels in love with Paul the very instant our eyes connected. Yes, he was tall, handsome, with a beautiful smile, like Rocky Balboa meets Tom Selleck. But everyone is beautiful when they are young. This was something I couldn’t explain. I felt like I had seen him

before in a dream, and he was my forever, a part of my soul. He says he told his friend John, “Who is that? That’s the girl I’m going to marry.” Lucky for us, we both knew John and he introduced us. Paul didn’t waste time telling me how he felt. He would’ve married me that day if he could have. He’s a genuine, take-action kind of man who never allowed anyone to disrespect or hurt me or our boys. He made me feel safe and like together, we could conquer the world. My ride or die. He always told me he would be a firefighter. He was my hero, so I never doubted he could save the world. I was there when he became a reserve firefighter, through his first academy, and I helped fill out all of his applications and helped him study for tests, promotions, and certifications. And it’s been amazing to watch him grow from that handsome teenager I met in high school into a first responder and leader. It’s true that the more things change, the more things stay the same. He is still that man of action who makes sure those under his command and care are treated with dignity and respect, and he would give his life to protect those he’s entrusted to serve. I always feel like the luckiest girl in the world. I got to marry my hero and have that once-in-alifetime kind of love. But now Palm Springs has it, too! And I don’t mind sharing him with Palm Springs, a community I love. He’s now your ride or die, too. Lucky us.


PSILOVEYOU | Fall 2023


Right Thing

Jerry Upham, Walter Clark, Escarlett Ramirez Orellana, and PSPD Chief Andy Mills.


April “Do the Right Thing” award recipients Escarlett Ramirez Orellana, Landon Kuykendall, and David Anacan.

Nurturing Youth and Strengthening Communities Do the Right Thing program arrives in Greater Palm Springs. In an era clamoring for positive change, the arrival of Do the Right Thing (DTRT) in Greater Palm Springs is a resounding call to action. With its unwavering commitment to uplifting youth, strengthening community bonds, and celebrating virtuous conduct, this program stands as a guiding light, illuminating the path toward a brighter future. With more than 70 chapters spanning the United States, England, and Germany, DTRT champions the significance of acknowledging achievements and attitudes that contribute to the betterment of society, while promoting interaction between young individuals and law enforcement agencies. DTRT Greater Palm Springs Chapter President Terri Ketover says, “As founder of the original DTRT program in 1990 in Miami, Florida, I am proud of the program’s 33-year proven track record. During this time, it has recognized more than 500,000 children nationwide. Police chiefs from around the U.S. attest to the importance of the programs in their cities, and the demonstrated effects they have witnessed both in the behavior of children and the relationship of their officers with the community.” One has only to attend a monthly ceremony to see the impact it has, when these young people are applauded by an audience of

PSILOVEYOU | Fall 2023

family, friends, community leaders/elected officials, and police officers in recognition of their accomplishments. Palm Springs Police Chief Andy Mills says, “Terri Ketover brought a time-tested program to PSPD that is designed to reward good behavior among school-aged children. Through positive reinforcement, it seeks to improve the behavior and academics of students in Palm Springs. The stories of just how wonderful our kids are inspire all of us to be more kind, civil, and supportive. We are all better people, as a result of Do the Right Thing.” The heart of the initiative lies in its nominative process. At dotherightthingps. org, parents, teachers, and community members can shine a spotlight on exceptional students via the “Nominate a Student” tab. With a monthly capacity for 350 nominations, a selection committee chooses five students, granting them distinguished recognition at the Palm Springs Police Department. Their achievements are celebrated through plaques, prize packages, and accolades thanks to a list of esteemed program sponsors. They are also featured in a special segment on KESQ’s Desert Chat with Sandie Newton, achieving the superstar status they deserve for doing the right thing!

PSPD Chief Andy Mills, August award recipient Jersey Niro.

“Do the Right Thing” founder Terri Ketover with PSPD Chief Andy Mills.

The one-cent sales tax keeps giving back to our community. In 2011, Palm Springs voters approved Measure J, a one-cent sales tax increase that has funded hundreds of important citywide capital improvement projects, transforming the quality of experience for those who live, work, and play here. Over the past decade, Measure J tax dollars have supported the Downtown Revitalization Project and public improvements, including the new Downtown Park, which has become a wildly popular spot for residents and visitors alike to meet

up under a shady palm tree, enjoy a live concert or special event, or check out the much-loved adjacent Forever Marilyn sculpture and surrounding public art. In addition, Measure J has funded hundreds of miles of city street paving, new bathrooms at Demuth Park and Desert Highland Unity Center, the renovation of the fire station on LaVerne Way in South Palm Springs, the Welwood Murray Memorial Library, and the muchused dog park behind City Hall.

Coming soon, Measure J will help fund 12 new pickleball courts at Demuth Park, the renovation of the Palm Springs Public Library, and the restoration of the long-vacant historic Plaza Theatre in downtown Palm Springs. In addition, a stateof-the-art new kitchen for clients of Mizell Senior Center is expected to open in November.

Those projects and so much more are all brought to you by Measure J. For more information about programs and projects completed or underway, please visit psmeasurej.com.

Update on Indian Canyon Drive The city of Palm Springs has worked for many years in partnership with the Coachella Valley Association of Governments (CVAG) to address these frequent road closures, and with that in mind, an application was recently submitted to the state of California for $50 million in funding to construct a new elevated bridge along Indian Canyon Drive. Weather-related rain and sandstorm impacts have for decades caused frequent closures of the city’s gateway arteries along the washes at North Indian Canyon Drive, Gene Autry Trail, and Vista Chino, frustrating residents from all over the Coachella Valley and beyond.


Your Measure J Tax Dollars at Work

This much-needed regional project has long been in the works, and a letter seeking funds for the bridge at Indian Canyon was sent to the office of Governor Gavin Newsom following his visit to Palm Springs after Tropical Storm Hilary. The governor is well aware of the challenges the city faces

when it comes to bridging our three main arteries into Palm Springs, and he pledged his support. In addition, city officials met with Congressman Ken Calvert, who also pledged immediate assistance cleaning up Indian Canyon Drive following the storm. The city of Palm Springs hopes to hear back in November whether the $50 million for bridging Indian Canyon Drive receives approval. Work is also underway to find funding to bridge Gene Autry Trail and Vista Chino at the wash. The time is now — and your city council is committed to finding funding to bridge these important arteries so that residents and visitors alike no longer need worry about which roads are open. PSILOVEYOU | Fall 2023



PSILOVEYOU | Fall 2023

PSILOVEYOU | Fall 2023



PSILOVEYOU | Fall 2023

PSILOVEYOU | Fall 2023


PS Chamber New Members Casago Palm Springs 69646 Rochester Road Cathedral City, CA, 92234 (760) 333-5077 www.casagopalmsprings.com Tryst Bar & Lounge 188 S. Indian Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA, 92262 (760) 424-8323 www.facebook.com/ Trystpalmsprings Verde Cleaning, LLC 2323 W. Mescal #205 Phoenix, AZ, 85029 (602) 402-0439 www.verdeclean.com aqua rela Serving the Coachella Valley Palm Springs, CA, 92262 (425) 829-7987 www.aquarelabrazil.com Farmers Insurance Federal Credit Union 2255 N. Ontario Street Ste. 320 Burnank, CA, 91504 (714) 391-3218 www.figfcu.org The River at Rancho Mirage 71800 Highway 111, Ste. A-208 Rancho Mirage, CA, 92270 (201) 468-2177 www.theriveratranchomirage.com

Deepwell Apartments 1680 E. Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA, 922 (760) 831-7349 www.atlasmgroup.com/ palm-springs Canopy Wine Lounge 175 N. Palm Canyon Drive, Ste. 150, Palm Springs, CA, 92262 (732) 266-7764 www.newfrontierwines.com Joshua Tree National Park Association 74485 National Park Drive Twentynine Palms, CA, 92277 (760) 987-7559 www.joshuatree.org Lucy’s Getaway (Vacation Rentals) 64978 Ray Court Desert Hot Springs, CA, 92240 (310) 739-5194 CarePatrol of Palm Springs P.O. Box 730 Palm Springs, CA, 92263 (760) 422-6296 www.carepatrol.com/advisors/ carey-zambrano Endeavor Sourcing Serving the Coachella Valley Palm Springs, CA, 92262 (310) 666-6805

Frederick L Parker Sun Run Solar Serving the Coachella Valley Palm Springs, CA, 92262 (626) 979-4577 www.sunrun.com

Mountain Productions 4751 E. Palm Canyon Drive, Ste. C, PMB 1039 Palm Springs, CA, 92264 (442) 933-9341 www.mountainproductions.pro

MSA Consulting, Inc. 34200 Bob Hope Drive Rancho Mirage, CA, 92270 (760) 320-9811 www.msaconsultinginc.com

Jeffrey Orr Law, PC 777 E. Tahquitz Canyon Way, Ste. 200-146 Palm Springs, CA, 92262 (760) 359-8157 www.jeffreyorrlaw.com


PSILOVEYOU | Fall 2023

Perry’s Fine Wines & Liquors 625-641 N. Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA, 92262 (508) 844-9440 www.perryspsp.com

CMG Home Loans 340 S. Farrell Drive Ste. A203 Palm Springs, CA, 92262 (760) 898-2589 joneric.com

BeLocal Coachella Valley Serving the Coachella Valley Palm Springs, CA, 92262 (949) 521-3401 www.n2co.com

Palm Springs Cooking School Palm Springs, CA, 92262 (760) 895-7788 palmspringscookingschool.com

Change Your Mind Professional Clinic 126 Cairo Street Palm Springs, CA, 92264 (727) 600-2749 www.blakehealing4u.com

Valley Funeral and Cremation Center 19465 N. Indian Canyon Drive Ste. #3A Palm Springs, CA, 92262 (760) 668-7426 www.valleycremationservice.com

Palm Canyon Resort and Spa 2800 S. Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA, 92264 (760) 229-9124 www.diamondresorts.com

Sweet Baby J’ai Presents Serving the Coachella Valley Palm Springs, CA, 92262 (818) 888-9166 www.sweetbabyjai.com

Palm Springs Concert Association P.O. Box 1502 Palm Springs, CA, 92223 (262) 707-2520 www.psconcerts.org

Cicada Fine Art Gallery 901 N. Palm Canyon Drice Ste. #107 Palm Springs, CA, 92262 (619) 618-6757 www.cicadafineart.com

Saybrook University 55 Eureka Street Pasadena, CA, 91103 (888) 308-0032 www.saybrook.edu Zadie Cafe 400 E. Tahquitz Canyon Way Palm Springs, CA, 92262 (760) 507-1797 www.zadiecafe.com VACAYA 3403 Ambassador Drive Palm Springs, CA, 92262 (310) 633-4097 www.myvacaya.com

Not So Innocent 2100 N. Palm Canyon Drive Ste. #B100 Palm Springs, CA, 92262 (760) 322-0999 www.notsoinnocent.net Trevor Wayne 901 N. Palm Canyon Drive Ste. 105 Palm Springs, 92262 (323) 533-1666 www.trevorwayne.co Scan to view the full directory of Palm Springs Chamber of Commerce members

PSILOVEYOU | Fall 2023



PSILOVEYOU | Fall 2023

Community Information Palm Springs City Hall 3200 E. Tahquitz Canyon Way (760) 323-8299 palmspringsca.gov Palm Springs Police Department 200 S. Civic Way Direct Line (760) 323-8116 Public Information (760) 323-8106 pspd.com Palm Springs Fire Department 300 N. El Cielo Road (760) 323-8181 Office of the City Manager (760) 322-8362 Office of the Assistant City Manager/City Engineer (760) 323-8202 Office of the City Council (760) 322-8385 Office of the City Attorney (760) 323-8205 Office of the City Clerk (760) 323-8204 Request public records via email at cityclerk@palmspringsca.gov Office of Communications/ Public Information (760) 323-8250 Office of Neighborhood Involvement (760) 323-8255 palmspringsneighborhoods.com

Community and Economic Development (760) 323-8259 Office of Sustainability (760) 323-8214 Planning Services (760) 323-8245 Public Works & Engineering (760) 323-8253 Building & Safety (760) 323-8242 Maintenance & Facilities (760) 323-8167 Code Enforcement (760) 323-8177 Parks and Recreation 401 S. Pavilion Way (760) 323-8272 Demuth Community Center 3601 E. Mesquite Ave. (760) 320-6430 James O. Jessie Desert Highland Unity Center 480 Tramview Road (760) 323-8271 Palm Springs Public Library 300 S. Sunrise Way (760) 322-7323 palmspringslibrary.org Welwood Murray Memorial Public Library & Visitors Center 100 S. Palm Canyon Drive (760) 323-8296

Office of Special Program Compliance/Vacation Rentals & Cannabis (760) 322- 8383

Palm Springs International Airport 3400 E. Tahquitz Canyon Way (760) 318-3800 palmspringsairport.com

Information Technology and Palm Springs Community Television (760) 322-8397

Palm Springs Animal Control (760) 323-8151 (760) 327-1441 Active animal assistance

Finance Department Direct Line (760) 323-8229 Business Licenses (760) 323-8289

Palm Springs Animal Shelter 4575 E. Mesquite Avenue (760) 416-5718 psanimalshelter.org


PSILOVEYOU | Fall 2023

Palm Springs Convention & Bureau of Tourism 277 N. Avenida Caballeros (760) 325-6611 VisitPalmSprings.Com

Palm Springs Unified School District 150 District Center Drive (760) 883-2700 psusd.us

Organized Neighborhoods of Palm Springs, ONE-PS one-ps.org palmspringsneighborhoods@one-ps.org

Volunteer Palm Springs PO Box 5803 Palm Springs, CA 92263 760.902.2297 volunteerpalmsprings.org

USEFUL CONTACTS FOR OTHER COMMUNITY SERVICES AND ORGANIZATIONS Desert Water Agency 1200 Gene Autry Trail South (760) 323-4971 DWA.org LGBTQ Community Center of the Desert 1301 N. Palm Canyon Drive, Ste. 301 (760) 416-7790 thecenterps.org

CITY HOTLINES Code Enforcement (760) 778-8434 Graffiti (760) 778-8469 Vacation Rental Compliance (760) 322-8383 ELECTED OFFICIALS

Mizell Center 480 S. Sunrise Way (760) 323-5689 mizell.org

Congressman Ken Calvert, 42nd District 73710 Fred Waring Drive Ste. 129 Palm Desert, CA 92260 (760) 620-0041

Palm Springs Chamber of Commerce 190 W. Amado Road (760) 325-1577 pschamber.org

State Assemblymember Greg Wallis, 7th District 41-608 Indian Trail Road, Ste. D-1 Rancho Mirage, CA 92270 (760) 346-6342

Palm Springs Disposal Services 4690 E. Mesquite Avenue (760) 327-1351 palmspringsdisposal.com

Riverside County Supervisor V. Manuel Perez, 4th District Coachella Valley District Office 73710 Fred Waring Drive, Ste. 222 Palm Desert, CA 92260 (760) 863-8211

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