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Palm Springs’ Janice Hayes and Eric Ciceron take their Buddy Holly all the way to a Westminster “Best in Show” win. Oh, and the pooch is also our city’s first-ever canine mayor!


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4 PSILOVEYOU | Summer 2023
Chamber CEO Nona Watson and
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cover story
Married couple Janice Hayes and Eric Ciceron pose with their prize-winning pup, Buddy Holly, in the back yard of their Palm Springs home. See
by Daniel Vaillancourt on page 8.
5 24 26 30 27 39 8 12 14 22 23 Contents PALM SPRINGS CHAMBER OF COMMERCE SUMMER 2023 PUP STAR Palm Springs’ Janice Hayes and Eric Ciceron take their Buddy Holly all the way to a Westminster “Best in Show” win. Oh, and the pooch is also our city’s first-ever canine mayor!
David A. Lee doing what he does best. Daniel Vaillancourt

Dax Davis Chamber President

From Your Chamber President

While the “dog days of summer” are in the rearview mirror for most Americans, and knowing we are nowhere near the high-temperature finish line, I am reminded of my first summer in Palm Springs and a conversation with one of my co-workers, the legendary broadcaster and Grammy award winner Don Wardell.

It was the third or fourth in a string of 120-plus days as I walked into the radio station after several out-of-office meetings. Don was making his way to the studio to begin his afternoon radio show. After exchanging pleasantries, my complaining about the heat began. Don, being the English gentleman that he is, let me run out of gas. He then said something that changed my mindset of our desert summers forever. In his English accent, and in a commonsensical tone hidden with a bit of a laugh at the end, he said, “You are absolutely right, Dax. It is hot. But let us not forget, this incredible heat is what keeps this place from turning into Orange County.”

I stood in a daze for a couple of seconds as I processed what he said. It never occurred to me that the summer heat — the thing most of us full-time residents despise — is actually what keeps our valley in balance. Those sweltering triple-digit temperatures June through September are what insulate Palm Springs and surrounding cities from becoming one overgrown, overpopulated metropolitan area. Nothing against the OC. I love the place. Just not enough to live there. And the reasons I don’t are the exact reasons why I choose to make my home here in the Coachella Valley. The close proximity to Los Angeles and San Diego — combined with 350-plus days of sunshine-filled, clear blue skies — make Palm Springs a vacation epicenter, which is great. Yet the scorching and oppressive heat is why all but a few of our visitors keep their permanent residences elsewhere.

So the next time you are greeted with the “hot blow dryer in the face” when walking outside, or when you realize you’ve already sweat through your clothes pushing the grocery cart into the grocery store, rather than cursing our desert summers, instead raise your favorite ice-chilled drink to the priceless insurance policy provided to us all courtesy of the summer heat. It’s what will keep Palm Springs from ever earning the distinction as “one of the most densely populated places in America.”

Nona Watson

Our Chamber CEO

Each year in June, your Palm Springs Chamber’s board of directors and staff go on a two-day retreat. This is the best way for all of us to not only explore emerging issues, but to solidify goals and priorities. It also allows for focused discussion and strategic thinking about programs and services that fit our community and our members. We zero in on ways we can continue to be a “champion chamber.”

The retreat also allows our staff time to shine. We put together a video that highlights our accomplishments during the preceding 12 months, leading our board, step-by-step, through the ongoing efforts that enable us to hit the bullseye of every target previously set. This year’s was quite the video. Our membership continues to grow, with more than 1,285 members making our chamber the largest chamber in the valley. A survey of our members found that networking is a high priority, and we were rated highest in this area, which was very satisfying, to say the least.

Our Business Expo and Taste of Palm Springs was rated number one on our members’ list of values to their business. Leads Lunches and mixers continue to grow in popularity, and our Police and Fire Appreciation Luncheon and Annual State of the City both showed record attendance. Finally, our three co-workspaces continue to sell out, and the sophomore season of our “Rock the Park” concert series brought tens of thousands of visitors and residents to our downtown on perfect, monthly midweek nights.

Your chamber has an amazing team that makes all this success possible. My favorite quote from legendary American basketball coach John Wooden is this one: “It is amazing how much can be accomplished if no one cares who gets the credit.” That’s what makes this chamber a champion among chambers!

Before I go, please let me also sing the overdue praises of the creative team that helps bring this quarterly glossy magazine to you: Writer-Editor Daniel Vaillancourt, Creative Director Maru Palmersheim, and the fantastic photographers — all of whom contribute their gifts to these winning pages.

In this issue, we turn the spotlight on another champion: Buddy Holly, the Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen who lives right here in Palm Springs, and who — with the assistance of his owners Janice Hayes and Eric Ciceron — helped beam our stellar desert brand far and wide when he won “Best in Show” at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show (televised and made available online to untold millions) last May. We definitely think this canine cover boy was ready for his well-deserved close-up. After all, he is the one and only canine mayor of Palm Springs we’ve ever had!

So, enjoy, dear reader. And remember: This magazine is made for you and the many Coachella Valley entrepreneurs who make it their joyful mission to cater to your every need. See you again in the fall!


Aaron Jay Young PSILOVEYOU | Summer 2023 5
Alpha Media – Palm


Palm Springs’ Buddy Holly makes his breed proud by becoming the first PBGV to win the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

8 PSILOVEYOU | Summer 2023
David A. Lee Hayes, Buddy Holly, and Ciceron in their Palm Springs home.

May 9 of this year was the day a lifelong dream came true for longtime Palm Springs resident Janice Hayes. That’s the day Buddy Holly — the six-year-old Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen (PBGV) she’s loved, cared for, and trained alongside husband and fellow breeder, trainer, and handler Eric Ciceron — became the first of his breed to win Best in Show at New York City’s 147th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

It was as a young girl in her hometown of Gloucester, Virginia that Hayes had the ah-ha moment that would set the course for her life. “My dad is absolutely the person who taught me everything about dogs, about compassion and empathy for animals,” she says, sitting with Ciceron and Buddy in the living room of their beautiful Palm Springs home. “We always watched Westminster, but the one year I remember so clearly is when I was 9. I was like, ‘I’m gonna be there one day.’” Her father assumed she meant she longed to attend the eminent exhibition — the second-longestrunning American sporting event after the Kentucky Derby — as a spectator. “I said, ‘No. I’m going to win Best in Show!’”

professionally. She’s never looked back, showing dozens of them at Westminster (competing for Best in Show two times previously), at the U.K.’s prestigious Crufts (winning Best in Breed with another PBGV in March of this year), as well as at other, less famous but equally important competitions throughout the U.S. over the last 30 years.

It was while watching Crufts online in 2018 — where Buddy was competing as a one-

year-old puppy — that Hayes first laid eyes on him. “The way he moved so beautifully really caught my eye,” she says. “He’s just one of those really cool dogs that lives to show and loves it. I just knew we had to work together one day.”

By the time Buddy joined Hayes and Ciceron at their home here last November, he’d already been crowned, not only at Crufts, but in Ireland and Australia. Little did Hayes

Soon after, Hayes was working with dogs
PSILOVEYOU | Summer 2023 9
“It’s the experience, the hands-on skills from all the years she’s been doing it.”
Kaitlyn Price Hayes and Buddy Holly at Westminster last May. Hayes overwhelmed by the win. The official champion shot. John Ashbey Kaitlyn Price

know the road to Westminster’s purple and yellow ribbon would be so swift.

After shepherding Buddy to wins in California, Oregon, Arizona, and Texas from January through April, Hayes and Ciceron were ready to bring him to the Arthur Ashe Stadium of the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Queens, where Westminster is held.

It must be said that Buddy was bred in the U.K. by Sara and Gavin Robertson, and that he is co-owned by Hayes and Ciceron alongside Lizzie Cadmore, Donna Moore, Cathy O’Neill, and Penny Peterson, all of whom share in the expenses related to this pricey sport that yields no purse for champs.

Upon Buddy’s arrival at Westminster, the excitement was immediately palpable. “He’s a new dog in America, so no one on the East Coast had seen him,” says Hayes. The results were impressively instantaneous. On the first outing of the two-day affair, Buddy won both Best in Breed and Best in Group (among other hounds), which ensured his place as a contender in the finale the next evening.

The other six groups vying for the peak prize are Herding, Non-Sporting, Sporting, Terrier, Toy, and Working. Most observers — including Hayes and Ciceron — believed the Pekingese (Toy) would prevail. “On her last walk-up, she looked at Buddy really hard,” recalls Hayes of judge Elizabeth Sweigart, whom she greatly admires, as do the majority of people in the sport. “She went down to the Pekingese, and then, when she came back, she kind of looked at him again. And so, I was like, ‘Oh, my gosh. I’m going Reserve [second place].’”

But it was the Pekingese that was named runner-up. Hayes then understood Buddy had a real shot. She just had to remember to keep breathing. When Sweigart intoned, “Best in Show tonight … is the PBGV,” Hayes broke down into tears of joy, and kissed and cuddled her pup. They’d done it!

“This is the biggest dog show in my world,” says Hayes, who admits it’s all still a blur, and that she’s yet to watch the replay. “It’s just so huge at that level. It was more than I could

ever have dreamed of. Yes, I’d always dreamed about doing it one day, but to do it with a dog and a breed that I have so much passion for — a breed that’s never done it. That’s the part I did not plan for.”

The title is a huge win for PBGVs the world over, and for Buddy himself, whose pedigree — not to mention physical and psychological perfection — obviously paved the way to triumph. But connoisseurs fathom the magnitude of the part Hayes played as well.

“It’s the experience, the hands-on skills from all the years she’s been doing it,” says Ciceron of his wife, beaming. “It’s the hand on the leash, the slight angle, the look, the turn of the shoulder. These tiny little things can just travel down that lead and make the dog perform at its top level. Janice just has complete mastery of all of it.”

While Buddy — who was sworn in as Palm Springs’ first-ever canine mayor on July 10 — has retired from dog shows in the U.S., he’ll still make public appearances coast to coast, to both delight his fans and serve as an animal rights advocate. While Hayes admits

he’ll miss performing now that he’s “a normal pet who just sleeps on the bed, totally chill,” by accompanying her on the road to other competitions, he’ll still be able to feel part of that electrifying world.

Clearly, the couple are not retiring. They’ll keep marketing The Barker, their line of organic, eco-friendly grooming products. They’ll also keep breeding, raising, training, and showing dogs of many breeds, surely heading back to Westminster sooner than later. But for Hayes, this first win — handed down by Sweigart — means everything.

“A lot of women show, but at the top, it’s very male-dominated,” she reveals. “I’ve always held my head down, done my work, and shown my dogs in the best condition I can. But I’ve also taken a lot of losses when I shouldn’t have. So, to win under another woman who fought her way up in the boy’s club and completely held her own, never wavered, and always commanded respect — to win under someone like that at this show, for me, feels like I’ve finally earned the respect of people who can see I did it the right way.”

10 PSILOVEYOU | Summer 2023
David A.Lee At City Hall, Janice Hayes holds Buddy Holly shortly after his swearing-in ceremony as the first-ever canine mayor of Palm Springs on July 10. Flanking them are Councilmembers Ron deHarte, Jeffrey Bernstein, and Lisa Middleton, and Mayor Grace Garner.
"He’s just one of those really cool dogs that lives to show and loves it."

President’s Circle

Thank you to the following Chamber members without whom many of our programs would not be possible.

12 PSILOVEYOU | Summer 2023





Balooja’s Foundation

323.823.3891 – sal@

As his beloved, three-pound Silky Terrier Bailey (AKA Balooja) was succumbing to various ailments, owner Sal Valdepeña promised the pooch to seek out, care for, and place dogs suffering from major medical maladies. The resulting, desert-based nonprofit Balooja’s Foundation also does intervention work with low-income families and members of the homeless community, providing complimentary vet care, as needed.

At-Home Pet-Sitter:

Jared Watson


From Jared: “I specialize in overnight stays for those on vacation, traveling for work, etc. My primary job allows me to work remotely, giving me availability to provide tons of love for your pets. Staying in your home (Palm Springs, Cathedral City, Rancho Mirage, Palm Desert) enables me to maintain its upkeep, including watering plants and cleaning. This approach ensures your pet and home receive love and care in your absence.”


Barkingham Pet Hotel California

73650 Dinah Shore Drive, Palm Desert 92211


This locally owned luxury pet resort and spa in Palm Desert serves all desert cities. Its expertly trained staff boasts more than 30 years of experience providing comprehensive pet care. Whether your dog checks in for day care or a lengthier stay, boarding options abound. Also available are grooming as well as training via the American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizen program, the standard in behavioral schooling for dogs.

14 PSILOVEYOU | Summer 2023
In a dog-friendly town such as Palm Springs, owners can find all the goods and services they could ever need to pamper their four-legged besties


Miriam’s Poochella

1504 S. Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, 92264


Owner Miriam Lenz says, “We can be summed up in a single word: selfless. Our staff does not care if your dog has been pampered since its eyes first peered into sunlight, was rescued from an uncertain circumstance, is old and in need of assurance, or young and full of vitality. Every pet and every owner is treated with the love and respect all God’s creatures deserve.

Grooming Products:

The Barker

The Barker is the line of premium, organic, ecofriendly products — shampoo, conditioner, collagen treatment, healing balm — from Eric Ciceron and Janice Hayes (see cover story p. 8). Frustrated with the cancer-inducing chemicals used in most grooming products, the couple of champion owner-breeder-trainers developed a single system that can be used on the most sensitive of skin in all breeds and on all coats. It relieves irritation and dryness and helps repair and strengthen hair. They use it on their own top-winning show dogs.

Pet Photographer:

David A. Lee 323.363.4463

Lee, who shot Buddy Holly and his owners for this month’s cover, isn’t just the longtime official photographer of Palm Springs Modernism Week and various other big events throughout the valley. He can also immortalize your pooch via portraiture.

Mobile Grooming:

Red Rover Mobile Pet Grooming


Lifelong animal lover Scott Mueller has performed more than 15,000 dog groomings in a career that has spanned the last 17 years. At appointment time, he’ll roll up to your door in his customized, fully equipped, self-contained, climate-controlled Mercedes-Benz van, where he’ll not only cut, shampoo, and dry your dog, but brush-out coat, clip nails, clean ears, and express glands.

Pet Store:

Posh Pet Care

844 North Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, 92262


This popular pet emporium is a one-stop-shop where you could spend literally hours perusing everything from bowls, bedding, and beautiful attire to food, leashes and collars, carriers, grooming products, and a never-ending assortment of toys, toys, toys. Oh, and they groom too!

PSILOVEYOU | Summer 2023 15
Palm Springs Art Museum & Annenberg Theater 101 Museum Drive, Palm Springs CA 92262 Wednesday, September 20 5:00p.m. - 9:00 p.m. Indian Canyon Golf Resort,1100 East Murray Canyon Drive, Palm Springs FREE Tribute Band Concert featuring KINGS OF QUEEN 6:30pm – 8:00pm Free with wristband from the Taste of Palm Springs Bring your blankets and chairs Experience those songs the world has come to love! Join us! Wristbands $30.00 Available at More than 40 Valley Restaurants • Wine and Beer Tasting Cocktail Bar • Live Entertainment • Over 100 Local Businesses Business Expo Taste of Palm&Springs ANNUAL STATE OF THE CITY Reception & Business Awards Celebration Tuesday, October 17, 2023 Reception - 5:00 – 6:00 pm. Program - 6:00 – 7:00 pm. Tickets: $80.00 • PICK!
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April 6 – 14, 2024 $3,299 July 20 – 28, 2024 $3,499 October 12–20, 2024 $3,299 For more details and reservations contact Nona at the Palm Springs Chamber of Commerce (760) 325-1577 • Roundtrip international airfare & Tax • 9-day deluxe tour package • 4-star hotel accommodations • Breakfast & lunch • Deluxe bus • Fluent English-speaking tour guides • Entrance fees to attractions Full itineraries online at Plan now to join Palm Springs Chamber group for this once in a lifetime Greece adventure. Please call Nona at the Palm Springs Chamber at 760-325-1577, email your registration form to Website Tour Operator: Citslinc International, Inc. 1-844-262-1100 Email Website Join US For An Adventure ALL TRIPS INCLUDE: Lisbon • Obidos • Fatima • Coimbra • Porto • Guarda • Evora Dubrovnik • Split • Trogir • Zadar • Zagreb • Trakoscan VERY SPECIAL 9-DAY PACKAGE 9 DAYS, 8 NIGHTS INCLUDING HOTELS, MEALS, DAY TRIPS, AND AIRFARE FROM LOS ANGELES ITALY PORTUGAL CROATIA Rome • Vatican • Florence • Siena • Pisa • Venice • Milan

A Message From the City Manager

Dear Palm Springs residents:

As the fall season approaches, I am pleased to report that on June 29, the Palm Springs City Council unanimously approved our biennial budget for the fiscal years 2023-2024 and 2024-2025, which comprises about $1.04 billion in spending, including funds to hire new firefighter/EMTs and police dispatchers, a renovation for the city’s public library, and the beginning of important bridge and road widening projects that are muchneeded due to frequent closures related to flooding, sandstorms, and heavy wind. I am grateful to the councilmembers for their input and policy guidance. They have continued to support the city of Palm Springs by providing the resources we need.

Per State law, our budget is balanced. It includes additional important features that:

Strengthen our overall public safety services.

Provide more resources for the arts, parks and recreation, facilities, and internal service needs.

Funding for staffing increases at our rapidly expanding international airport.

Add capacity to our economic development, city planning, building inspection, code compliance, and sustainability efforts.

Support work to further address affordable housing and homelessness.

Increase capital expenditures for road improvements and infrastructure.

And allow for the hiring of more employees throughout the organization.

You can find all the details about the budget on our website at finance-treasury/budget.

Since joining the city of Palm Springs in March, I have been continually impressed with the outstanding work of our city council, staff, and commissioners — and I am very optimistic as I look forward to the future of our wonderfully diverse and inclusive community. We are now better poised to deal with any challenges that may arise. The future is bright.

Speaking of a bright future, I am delighted to report our city’s first-ever Canine Mayor, Buddy Holly, was recently sworn in. As many of you know, Mayor Buddy, a Palm Springs resident, is the winner of the prestigious “Best in Show” top prize at the 147th annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in New York City. As part of his canine mayoral duties, he’ll be attending lots of special events and spreading smiles, laughter, and joy wherever he goes. You can read more about this month’s canine cover pooch in the pages ahead. Buddy’s mom, Janice Hayes, tells me he’s excited to serve as an ambassador for pet-friendly Palm Springs and to meet his many adoring fans — and is ready to make us all proud. He’s a real superstar!

As always, if you have questions or suggestions for the City Manager’s Office, please reach out via email at

All the best,

22 PSILOVEYOU | Summer 2023

Grant Funding in the Works to Address Weather-Related Emergencies That Close Indian Canyon Drive

In an effort to address flooding, sandstorms, and other emergencies that close Indian Canyon Drive at the wash for hours and days at a time, the city of Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley Association of Governments (CVAG) are partnering to launch a project to help safeguard the safety and accessibility of our road infrastructure.

CVAG’s Addressing Climate Change, Emergencies, and Sandstorms (ACCESS) initiative is focused on keeping lowwater crossings open during weather events. They are starting with improving the resiliency of Indian Canyon Drive, which in turn will help improve public health and safety and the overall quality of life for residents of and visitors to the Coachella Valley.

CVAG will submit an application this summer for funding

from the California Transportation Commission’s Local Transportation Climate Adaption Program, and if awarded, the money will be used to install bridges with arch culverts that allow sand to circulate and elevate vehicles above flood zones. The proposed bridges would also include walking and bike paths, and solar-powered shade structures along the entire corridor, supporting greater regional active transportation.

The total program funding for the grant is $296.5 million, with a maximum of $50 million awarded per project. Project award notifications will occur in fall 2023. Securing outside funding is critical to getting this project built, and Palm Springs city officials are working closely with CVAG to get the state’s support for funding.

VillageFest Fall Hours Kick Off

Thursday, October 5


If you’re looking for something fun to do this fall, come on down to Palm Springs VillageFest!

The popular street festival, which runs along Palm Canyon Drive downtown every Thursday night between Baristo and Amado Roads, starts an hour earlier beginning Thursday, October 5. Hours of operation will then be from 6:00 to 10:00 p.m.

Look for special events this season, including the annual Halloween Spook-tacular on Thursday, October 26, featuring live entertainment, trick-or-treating, and a costume contest for kids.

Consistently voted the best weekly street fair in the Coachella Valley, VillageFest attracts thousands of residents and visitors, offering more than 200 vendors offering art, handcrafted items, and unique food. Local shops, galleries, boutiques, and restaurants stay open late.

For more information, please visit

PSILOVEYOU | Summer 2023 23

City of Palm Springs Launches new Weekly R.I.S.E Initiative to Assist Unhoused


The city of Palm Springs continues to develop bold programs to address homelessness. The most recent step is the launch of a new weekly outreach initiative called Resilience, Inclusion, and Support for Ending Homelessness (R.I.S.E.)

This new program is a weekly collaborative outreach that partners with multiple city and county departments, local health care providers, and other local services in an effort to offer unhoused residents assistance with housing, substance abuse, mental health care, and medical treatment.

The initiative takes place every Wednesday in Palm Springs, from 7:00 to 9:00 a.m., with the two primary focus areas located at the Gene Autry Wash and the Flood Control Channel along Dinah Shore Drive, east of Crossley Road.

Program partners include Tenet Healthcare, DAP Health, Desert Healthcare District, Martha’s Village and Kitchen, Jewish Family Services, Operation Safe House, Riverside University Health System, and many more.

Since the program first started in early June, a steady flow of unhoused individuals have received medical treatment and help setting up other vital appointments, as well as assistance with obtaining identification, birth certificates, social security cards, and a host of other much-needed services.

“The word about the R.I.S.E. program is spreading among Palm Springs’ unhoused population, and in the coming months, we expect more and more homeless residents will benefit from this important new initiative,” said Palm Springs Homeless outreach Coordinator Roman Ruiz.

“Through community collaboration and working together, the goal is to create a future where everyone has a place to call home.”

To learn more about the R.I.S.E. initiative and what the city of Palm Springs is doing to address homelessness, visit

Alaska Airlines Announces Nonstop Service from PSP to New York (JFK) Beginning December 14


tart spreading the news! Alaska Airlines recently announced new seasonal nonstop service from Palm Springs International Airport (PSP) to New York City’s John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) in Jamaica, Queens beginning December 14, 2023 through April 22, 2024.

Southern Californians are eager for more nonstops to the East Coast, and the convenient morning departure from New York City allows flyers to arrive in Palm Springs refreshed and ready to get out and the up soak the sun. In fact, Alaska has more flights to sunny Palm Springs than any other airline.

FlyPSP and start planning your travel to the Big Apple! Book today at

24 PSILOVEYOU | Summer 2023 R.I.S.E

flyPSP In Focus: Iconic past, innovative future

From the day our Wexler-designed terminal welcomed the world to Palm Springs, our community’s unwavering support has helped us achieve historic passenger growth.

That’s why we are so excited to share the next chapter of our story.

Having recently launched our new brand and a well-designed, traveler-focused website, we have embarked on a journey to restore the forgotten joy of air travel while remaining true to Wexler’s mid-century vision of “an airport built for people, not planes”.

This summer, we’ll begin that journey to reveal an airport true to itself yet raising the bar to deliver an unrivaled travel experience.

From the moment you arrive at the terminal and breeze through security, our familiar, gorgeous open-air courtyards will welcome you into a transformed space designed to take your travel experience to the next level when our work is complete.

Reimagined with a focus on local, fresh, and fabulous, we will have doubled the number of restaurant offerings and expanded the number of shopping experiences that reflect the style and mindset of Palm Springs.

Local icons Trio and El Marisol will present their timeless and artfully prepared cuisine in a relaxed brunch-style environment. Our shops will soon feature an abundance of local products from your favorite stores in Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley, along with unique products that put the magic of Joshua Tree Park at your fingertips.

Throughout our reimagined airport, you’ll find sophisticated cocktails and locally brewed craft beer served in intimate spaces. For those just starting their day, our partner, Coachella Valley Coffee, will offer selections of their latest roasts to gently awaken your spirit and set you on your way.

If you forgot something for your trip or want to share a bit of Palm Springs, you will find newly renovated and reimagined shops, new Duty-Free Shopping, and the convenience of Amazon Walkout Technology in select shops.

There’s so much more that we’d like to share with you, so please check out for all the updates!

So just as you were with us at the very beginning, we hope you join us on this journey aspiring to set the Palm Springs Standard for air travel.

Palm Springs Homeless Navigation Center Moving Forward

A much-needed new homeless navigation center is moving forward in the northern part of the city. The facility on McCarthy Road will include 80 prefabricated residential interim units and two rehabilitated buildings onsite. The units will include kitchenettes and bathroom facilities. Sixty-five units are designated for the general population of persons experiencing homelessness, and five units are designated for families experiencing homelessness.

An additional 10 units are designated for transitional-aged youth experiencing homelessness. The homeless navigation center also includes a children’s play area, general parking, green space, hardscape, and landscape. Building 8 will be used as an early entry facility, housing individuals who are waiting to be placed in the independent living modular units. Building 24 and Building C will include operations and services.

80 residential interim housing units

Complete wraparound services (onsite)

Referral required from either El Cielo Access Center or Early Entry Facility

May stay until permanent housing is available

Guests transported to transit facilities (or drive out allowed with staff approval)

This is not a drop-in center. The facility will be by referral only for unhoused individuals to move into modular units when they become available.

Services provided will include:

Assistance with obtaining permanent housing and housing, and/or program placement.

Assistance with securing health insurance/ benefits, disability, social security, and other benefits.

Assistance with job- and employment-related services, skills training, and application assistance.

Coordination of access to other support services such as cash and non-cash benefits.

Case management to clients based on their individual needs and desires. Case managers will continue to follow up with clients for up to six months after they leave the facility.

Family reunification program

Transportation assistance.

Assistance with food stamps, birth certificates, and identification cards.

Vouchers for clean clothes and laundry service.

Utilization and management of Homeless Management Information System, a data tracking system.

Collaboration with other agencies to offer many specific services, like physical/behavioral health services, including medical care, dental care, and counseling.

The new homeless navigation center is expected to serve as many as 80 unhoused residents at any given time. For more information, please visit programs.

26 PSILOVEYOU | Summer 2023

ONE-PS Invites Residents to Get Involved

It’s a great way to meet new friends and to make a difference in your neighborhood and community

Organized Neighborhoods of Palm Springs (ONE-PS) is comprised of representatives from the city’s 52 officially recognized neighborhoods — each with its own unique character and engaged residents who choose to make a difference in their neighborhood and city-wide.

ONE-PS meets the second Tuesday of the month (except in August) at 4:30 p.m. at the Palm Springs Police Training Center at 200 S. Civic Drive. These meetings provide the opportunity for neighborhood representatives, residents, city staff, and our elected officials to engage in conversation on issues of importance to the community. Each month features a presentation on areas of interest to our residents, from city departments including Code Compliance, Parks & Recreation, Police, Fire, Sustainability, Engineering, and outside organizations including the Coachella Valley Association of Governments (CVAG), Desert Water Agency (DWA), Palm Springs Disposal Services and more. The public is invited to attend these meetings.

ONE-PS provides neighborhood outreach through its officers and committees, and city-wide outreach through annual activities such as the annual ONE-PS Picnic & Community Expo, candidate forums for elections (including Palm Springs City Council, DWA, and Palm Springs Unified School District), and participation in Black History,

Pride, Veterans Day and Festival of Lights events. The group also organizes a highly successful annual Modernism Week home tour, which generates thousands of dollars in funds used in part for scholarships for youngsters attending Parks & Recreation summer camps as well as a vibrant neighborhood development fund.

For more information about how to get involved, email Office of Neighborhoods Manager Denise Goolsby at denise.goolsby@ or visit

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PS Chamber New Members

Chartwell Escrow, Inc.

201 N. Palm Canyon Drive Ste. 240 Palm Springs, CA, 92262

(760) 537-3434

Erkies A/C & Heating

72078 Corporate Way

Thousand Palms, CA, 92276

(760) 323-8786

R & R Palm Springs

555 E. Placer Road

Palm Springs, CA, 92264

(760) 636-9393,

A & A Brokerage, Inc.

120 W. Arenas #1

Palm Springs, CA, 92262

(209) 607-4054

Palm Springs Resort Homes

1301 N. Palm Canyon Ste. 101 Palm Springs, CA, 92262

(760) 260-8080

Azure Sky Hotel

1661 S. Calle Palo Fierro Palm Springs, CA, 92264 (760) 469-4498

Karma TMS PC

560 S. Paswo Dorotea Ste. 4A Palm Springs, CA, 92264

(951) 297-8375

PS Homeboys

108 S. Indian Canyon Drive

Palm Springs, CA, 92262

(760) 318-7388

The Webster

850 N. Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA, 92262 (352) 574-6049


1801 E. Tahquitz Canyon Way Ste. 100 Palm Springs, CA, 92262 (909) 967-6083,

Revel Palm Desert

74300 Country Club Drive Palm Desert, CA, 92260 (760) 350-3344

Gay Business Directory

68718 E. Palm Canyon Drive

Palm Springs, CA, 92262

(760) 324-8299

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224 E. Arenas Road Palm Springs, CA, 92262 (760) 320-1266

Sunlogix Energy

38698 El Viento Road Palm Desert, CA, 92211 (760) 844-6507

Danny Dek Photgraphy

1291 Tiffany Circle Palm Springs, CA, 92262 (562) 304-3704

Sandwich Spot, The 276 N. Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA, 92262 (760) 778-7900

The Butterfly Factory

Palm Springs, CA, 92262 (818) 850-3830

Mendez Air Conditioning & Heating

72096 Dunham Way Ste. 1

Thousand Palms, CA, 92276 (760) 343-5041

Daniel Dwyer Real Estate

54695 Winged Foot La Quinta, CA, 92253 (714) 851-6281,

Caroline Polly Photgraphy

944A St Bimini Circle Palm Springs, CA, 92264,


540 S. Indian Canyon

Palm Springs, CA, 92262

(760) 534-7302

The Palm Springs Dispensary 690 Garnet Ave

Palm Springs, CA, 92262 (760) 574-1785

Smarter Property Managemnet

19300 Rinaldi Street, Ste. L Porter Ranch, CA, 91326 (818) 371-4980

201 N. Palm Canyon Dr Palm Springs, CA, 92262 (310) 722-6966,

Melvyn’s at Ingleside Inn

200 W. Ramon Road Palm Springs, CA, 92262 (760) 325-2323

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655 S. Main Street #361

Orange, CA, 92868

(657) 650-5410,

Financial Services

505 N. Brand Blvd. Ste. 360

Glendale, CA, 91203

(818) 974-3644

Sand C Business Development

2323 Calle Palo Fierro

Palm Springs, CA, 92264

(562) 900-9599

Pet Lux

1801 E. Tahquitz Canyon Drive

Palm Springs, CA, 92262

(760) 297-7747

Insurance Agency

611 S. Palm Canyon Drive

Palm Springs, CA, 92262

(760) 799-2423,

Health Markets Charise Karjala

72960 Fred Waring Drive, Ste. 21 Palm Desert, CA, 92260

(760) 831-2736 HealthMarketsCathedralCityCA.CAK

Rio Azul Mexican Bar & Grill

350 S. Inidan Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA, 92262

(760) 992-5641


AACal Realtors

590 W. Yorba Road

Palm Springs, CA, 92262

(760) 760-4092

Mar Vet Fire Protection

13039 Calle Amapola

Desert Hot Springs, CA, 92240, (760) 442-4029,

Shade Sails of the Desert

590 W. Yorba Road

Palm Springs, CA, 92262

(760) 760-4092

D&B Property Maintenance

408 Sandalwood Drive

Calimesa, CA, 92320

(760) 219-4058

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Community Information

Palm Springs City Hall

3200 E. Tahquitz Canyon Way

(760) 323-8299

Palm Springs Police Department

200 S. Civic Way

Direct Line (760) 323-8116

Public Information

(760) 323-8106

Palm Springs Fire Department

300 N. El Cielo Road

(760) 323-8181

Office of the City Manager

(760) 322-8362

Office of the Assistant City Manager/City Engineer

(760) 323-8202

Office of the City Council

(760) 322-8385

Office of the City Attorney

(760) 323-8205

Office of the City Clerk

(760) 323-8204

Request public records via email at

Office of Communications/ Public Information

(760) 323-8250

Office of Neighborhood Involvement

(760) 323-8255

Office of Special Program

Compliance/Vacation Rentals & Cannabis

(760) 322- 8383

Information Technology and Palm Springs Community Television

(760) 322-8397

Finance Department

Direct Line (760) 323-8229

Business Licenses

(760) 323-8289

Community and Economic Development

(760) 323-8259

Office of Sustainability

(760) 323-8214

Planning Services

(760) 323-8245

Public Works & Engineering

(760) 323-8253

Building & Safety (760) 323-8242

Maintenance & Facilities

(760) 323-8167

Code Enforcement

(760) 323-8177

Parks and Recreation

401 S. Pavilion Way (760) 323-8272

Demuth Community Center 3601 E. Mesquite Ave. (760) 320-6430

James O. Jessie Desert Highland Unity Center 480 Tramview Road (760) 323-8271

Palm Springs Public Library

300 S. Sunrise Way

(760) 322-7323

Welwood Murray Memorial

Public Library & Visitors Center

100 S. Palm Canyon Drive

(760) 323-8296

Palm Springs International Airport 3400 E. Tahquitz Canyon Way

(760) 318-3800

Palm Springs Animal Control (760) 323-8151

(760) 327-1441

Active animal assistance

Palm Springs Animal Shelter

4575 E. Mesquite Avenue

(760) 416-5718

Palm Springs Convention & Bureau of Tourism

277 N. Avenida Caballeros (760) 325-6611


Organized Neighborhoods of Palm Springs, ONE-PS


Desert Water Agency

1200 Gene Autry Trail South (760) 323-4971

LGBTQ Community Center of the Desert

1301 N. Palm Canyon Drive, Ste. 301 (760) 416-7790

Mizell Center

480 S. Sunrise Way (760) 323-5689

Palm Springs Chamber of Commerce

190 W. Amado Road (760) 325-1577

Palm Springs Disposal Services

4690 E. Mesquite Avenue (760) 327-1351

Palm Springs Unified School District

150 District Center Drive (760) 883-2700

Volunteer Palm Springs PO Box 5803 Palm Springs, CA 92263 760.902.2297


Code Enforcement (760) 778-8434


(760) 778-8469

Vacation Rental Compliance (760) 322-8383


Congressman Ken Calvert, 42nd District

73710 Fred Waring Drive Ste. 129 Palm Desert, CA 92260 (760) 620-0041

State Assemblymember

Greg Wallis, 7th District

41-608 Indian Trail Road, Ste. D-1

Rancho Mirage, CA 92270

(760) 346-6342

Riverside County Supervisor

V. Manuel Perez, 4th District

Coachella Valley District Office

73710 Fred Waring Drive, Ste. 222

Palm Desert, CA 92260

(760) 863-8211

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