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A Celebration to Benefit

Our Blue Ribbon School

March 22, 2014 • BB King Blues Club • Times Square, NYC



General Information Schedule of Events 6:00PM - Doors open, silent auction begins 7:45PM - Live Auction 9:30PM - Silent auction ends 5

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BB King Blues Club The 2014 PS199 PTA Blue Ribbon Bash & Auction


March 22, 2014 ∙ BB King Blues Club


What is the Blue Ribbon Award?..................................................................................

Fun, Flexible and Friendly Soccer The most prestigious after-school soccer program for kids ages 2 through 10.

Our philosophy is that soccer can build confidence in children. Through teamwork and a positive attitude, coaches not only bring their technical skills to classes, but they create so much laughter and so many friendships that the kids come running back each week for more! Understanding that the New York lifestyle is a busy and rigorous one, we remain flexible and reliable. We’ve been known to create classes based on the needs of our families. Coach Fher personally monitors each class, working with the members of his staff to create the best experience we can. We specialize in private groups and are the most wanted program in schools. If you would like a program at your child’s school, please contact us and we will tailor our program and rate for you.

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General Information

What is the Blue Ribbon Award? The National Blue Ribbon Schools Program recognizes great American schools. Founded by the US Department of Education in 1982, the National Blue Ribbon Schools Program recognizes public and private elementary, middle, and high schools where students perform at very high levels or where significant improvements are being made in students’ academic achievement. A National Blue Ribbon Schools flag overhead has become a mark of excellence in education recognized by everyone from parents to policy-makers in thousands of communities. Since the program’s founding, the U.S. Department of Education has bestowed this coveted award on more than 7,000 of America’s schools.

The Blue Ribbon Award Ceremony was held during November in Washington, DC. Accepting the commemorative plaque for the school was our beloved 2nd Grade teacher, Peter Rockwitz.

As U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan stated during the Award Ceremony held in Washington, DC, “Excellence in education matters and we should honor the schools that are leading the way to prepare students for success in college and careers,” said Secretary Duncan. “National Blue Ribbon schools represent examples of educational excellence, and their work reflects the belief that every child in America deserves a worldclass education.” Why does our school excel? An exemplary and dedicated team of teachers, administrators and support staff provide the backbone of PS 199’s success. Beyond that, parent involvement is what puts a good school on the path of greatness. Our active, supportive, and generous parent body provides the additional talent and resources that allow a higher level of student enrichment. Thank you, our Blue Ribbon Parents. Think of the achievements like this that you make possible as you bid at tonight’s auction! State Senator Brad Hoylman attended January’s PTA meeting, presenting a plaque to Principal Katy Rosen honoring PS 199 for its recognition as a Blue Ribbon School and proclaiming January 23, 2014 as PS 199 Day in New York’s 27th District.

The 2014 PS199 PTA Blue Ribbon Bash & Auction


March 22, 2014 ∙ BB King Blues Club

The Blue Ribbon Award

These most recent awards were bestowed upon only 286 public and private elementary, middle and high schools across the nation. Eighteen of these are located in New York State; PS 199 is the only school located in Manhattan.

General Information

PS 199,

the Jesse Isador Straus School, is an exemplary, high-performing neighborhood K–5 elementary school on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Our mission is to teach children to become lifelong learners, to strive for high standards and to appreciate the need for understanding and tolerance in our diverse world. Our school cultivates a rigorous learning environment where children collaborate and hold themselves and each other accountable to the highest standards of performance. Disciplined work habits and accountability become personally meaningful to each member of our school community. All of the staff members work so that each child feels safe, recognized and respected.

From hanging artwork in the hallway to helping with healthy cooking projects or attending class writing celebrations, parents are regularly involved. Parents and staff see the value in working together and communicating every step of the way. This extended community drives our school forward.

We are also committed to teaching our children to become caring, responsible citizens who will thrive in a diverse society. We believe this is an important responsibility of education. Our school building is one of the first NYC barrier-free schools. As such, we provide a unique setting that serves orthopedically challenged and learning-disabled students, offering a broad range of services to many students. Wherever possible, special needs students join our regular education students for content area studies and enrichment classes. Our student-to-student Mentoring Program pair general education and special needs students during regular school hours and twice a week after school. The long lasting bond formed between these students illustrates our greater goal of teaching students to be caring individuals with respect and empathy for everyone.

PS 199 is proud to have been the recipient of several grants in recent years, allowing us to weave hands on technology instruction into the curriculum. We now have an interactive whiteboard in every classroom, giving teachers and students access to internet resources and visual learning experiences. We also received a grant to renovate our library and increase the number of computers in the school. The 50-year-old facility was enhanced recently when the parent body raised funds to create a beautiful outdoor garden that doubles as an open-air classroom.

Each child’s social and emotional development is also considered a crucial aspect of our school life. Conflict resolution strategies, including peer mediation, are taught and integrated into the framework of our entire learning community. Using a literacybased program, we promote respect, community building, and teach awareness and understanding of feelings.

PS 199 is an outstanding public elementary school in a vibrant neighborhood. The resources of New York City play a vital role in the success of our children’s education. PS 199 has partnerships with numerous arts organizations, including Vital Theatre, Lincoln Center Institute, National Dance Institute, New York Philharmonic and Landmarks West. Teaching artists from these organizations enrich our students’ lives by exposing them to different forms of art and creative expression.

A vital component of our success is parental involvement. The school is a collaboration between faculty, parents and students. This is realized through our active School Leadership Team, Parent-Teacher Association and direct parent involvement. From the moment you walk through the doors of PS 199, you see parents actively participating in their children’s education.

PS 199’s outstanding academics and corresponding test scores, its links to the community and its focus on individual students make it a sought-after elementary school in Manhattan. Our school motto, embraced by students, staff and families alike is: “Work Hard, Be Kind.” These words drive the work of our community every day.

The 2014 PS199 PTA Blue Ribbon Bash & Auction


March 22, 2014 ∙ BB King Blues Club

About PS 199

Our school has many beloved traditions that involve curriculum and community, including beginning and end of year picnics, holiday celebrations, a Diversity festival, and student publishing parties. There is also an annual day trip to historic Philadelphia for the fourth graders and a team-building 2-night trip to an environmental education camp for our fifth graders. Reading Buddies is a weekly program where students in senior classes read to students in junior classes. It is a highlight of the week for all students involved. Throughout the year, parents are welcomed into their children’s classrooms to celebrate student writing, view project based museums, or see dance and chorus performances.

Our foremost goal is to give all children access to a wide repertoire of learning tools. We recognize that children learn at different rates and in different ways. We are constantly studying new approaches and refining our practices to meet the needs of all our students. Our heterogeneous classes hum with purposeful conversations, in partnerships and small groups, giving the students opportunities to hear from one another and revise their ideas after considering new information and various points of view.




· Performance tracking technology · Stadium seating, theatre lighting · Complimentary shoes & towels



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Letters & Recognition

Dear PS199 Parents and Friends, Welcome to the annual PS 199 auction! In this catalog, you will be delighted to find many tantalizing items on which to bid. The items that are offered have all been generously donated to this festive fundraising event, sponsored by our PTA. You can get a bargain and help the school at the same time! All of the proceeds are used to benefit the children at PS 199.

The Auction Committee has worked for months, planning the party and collecting items to sell. There is a long and not very glamorous list of tasks that go into making the auction a success. I send my heartfelt thanks to everyone who is contributing to the event. To Kathy Sayko and the legion of volunteers that made it happen, I give my deepest gratitude. Bid high! Bid often! Come to party if you can and join the celebration! Yours truly,

Katy Rosen Principal

The 2014 PS199 PTA Blue Ribbon Bash & Auction


March 22, 2014 ∙ BB King Blues Club

From your Principal

This year we are celebrating the 2013 National Blue Ribbon Award that was bestowed on our school in November. One of only 286 schools nationwide, PS 199 was recognized for the outstanding academic achievement of our students. We are all so very proud of the children. The partnership between the families and the teachers has made our school one of the best in New York City and now we can say one of the best in the country as well!

POINT YOURSELF IN OUR DIRECTION 211 Avenue A • New York, NY 10009 • 212.388.9844 Facebook: Destination Bar NYC • Twitter: @DestinationBar PROUD SPONSOR OF THE PS199 AUCTION


Winning Bid.

Proud sponsor of the PS199 PTA Auction

PLEASE DRINK RESPONSIBLY. Russian Standard® Vodka. Product of Russia. 100% Grain. 40% Alc/Vol. ©2013 Imported by Russian Standard Vodka, NY, NY

Letters & Recognition

Dear Friends, Welcome to a very special PS199 Auction, a Blue Ribbon Bash celebrating our school’s national recognition by the US Department of Education. It will be a night of fun, friendship and celebration of all that makes PS 199 an amazing school and a special community. The auction highlights the breadth of talent, passion and dedication of our school community. The event is made possible thanks to the tireless work of our Auction CoChair, the Auction Committee, the Class Project team leaders and countless volunteers.

When you support the auction and our sponsors, you are supporting Katy, our teachers and everything the PTA does to give every PS199 child a first rate elementary school experience. Have a great time, remember where your dollars are going and bid generously!

Eric Shuffler and Eve Fogel Your PS 199 PTA Co-Presidents

The 2014 PS199 PTA Blue Ribbon Bash & Auction

∙ 11 ∙

March 22, 2014 ∙ BB King Blues Club

From your PTA

A special shout out to our teachers and staff for their willingness to contribute their personal time as auction items. The teacher play dates are always a huge hit and another reminder of how fortunate we are to have staff that willingly goes above and beyond.

TOSYJ Lempert_TOSYJ Lempert 4/2/12 3:22 PM Page 1

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Letters & Recognition

Dear PS 199 Friends: We are delighted to present the 2014 PS 199 Blue Ribbon Bash and Auction. Proceeds from this event fund the majority of the PTA’s budget, and your generosity is what allows PS 199 to provide the essential support and beloved enrichment programs our children and teachers need every day. The Auction is all about our kids - PS 199’s kids and the road we pave for their educational success.

We have received many incredible donations, and you will surely find a number of “must have” items among the live, silent and online auctions. Please help us achieve our fundraising goals by carefully reviewing this catalog as well as the online auction items, and participating enthusiastically in the bidding process. Our auction committee is a dedicated team of communication and marketing experts, solicitation bulldogs, organizational wizards, and many other talents who have worked tirelessly through the year to make all of this happen. They bring the school motto “Work Hard, Be Kind” to life with but one change - the addition of “Laugh Often.” Especially as a new member of this committee, I am most grateful for their professionalism, energy and friendship. If you are looking for a rewarding way to be more involved in the school, I encourage you to join our team. A tremendous thank you to all the Auction supporters amongst the PS 199 community: Our parents, teachers, staff, students, friends, family, sponsors and advertisers. On behalf of the kids: Thanks a million - a Blue Ribbon million!

Kathy Sayko Auction Committee Chair

The 2014 PS199 PTA Blue Ribbon Bash & Auction

∙ 13 ∙

March 22, 2014 ∙ BB King Blues Club

From your Auction Committee

As the only elementary school in Manhattan awarded this year’s Blue Ribbon distinction by the US Department of Education, we have dedicated this year’s auction to honoring this achievement. The Blue Ribbon Award is a testament to how special the PS 199 community is and how much our PTA’s contributions directly affect our children. We are all very fortunate to be a part of this exceptional school.

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Letters & Recognition Committee Chair: Kathy Sayko


A special thank you to: Eve Fogel and Eric Shuffler, PTA Co-Presidents Katy Rosen, Principal

Allison Sansoucie, Parent Coordinator Aris Puente, Technical Support

New York Soccer Coach Fher Ramapo Country Day Camp

CORPORATE SPONSORS Spring Lake Day Camp Sports & Stuff


EVENT SPONSORS Russian Standard Vodka

West Side YMCA

Tonnie’s Minis

PARENT SPONSORS Alan & Lily Frishman – Blue Ribbon Julie & Jean-Marc Bellaiche Andrew Klopp & Kathy Sayko – Blue Ribbon Katherine Bruck & Tom Hourican Paulomi Shah and Daniel Katzive – Blue Ribbon Lara & Scott Bursor Sharon Stulberg and Jon Fish - Blue Ribbon Lisa Ballard Nicholas Badagliacca & Alessandra DiGiusto - Blue Ribbon Magdalena Laski Karaoglu Paula & Norman Turkowitz Angeline Huang & Mark Higgins Russell & Denise Fink Betsy & Steven Hart Sai Satav & Siddharth Swarup Bhaswan Kurra & BinduVasudeva Soo Young Oh & Kanako Kakihara Bradley Lempert Yaw and Yelena Debrah Cedric & Nathalie Portier Ania and Ronen Schwartzman Eric Shuffler & Amy Bressler Davie & Sean Baccei Erica Lubetkin Emily & Gary Ramsay Gabriel Weintraub

The 2014 PS199 PTA Blue Ribbon Bash & Auction

∙ 15 ∙

March 22, 2014 ∙ BB King Blues Club

Committee & Sponsors

Class Projects: Tuyen Lehmann Communications & Graphic Design: Michael Vooss Donations: Lara Bursor Live Event Coordinator: Kathy Morgenstern Special Advisors: Dana Grant, Ann Nioche Sponsorships: Geraldine Artaud, Gigi Grobstein Solicitations: Angeline Huang Registration & Technology: Phil Belena, Debra Belena Catalogue Layout & Design: Vooss Hanemann Associates, Inc. Catalogue Advertising Coordination: Sean Baccei Goodie Bags: Heather Bogen, Denise Fink, Andrea Kann, Michael Karyo 50/50 Raffle: Ed Aldridge Volunteer Coordination: Wendy Gregory Event Master of Ceremonies: Simon Letchford Our Support Team Superstars: Marianna Huang, Victoria Kopper, Deborah Moelis, Andrea Steinkamp, May Yee, Jennifer Zana, Holly Zinn, Andy Guttentag and Step Visual, Sonji Astorga, Lailo Varsa...and the countless other volunteers who help make this event possible.

Salutes PS 199: New York's Blue Ribbon School!

You Will Hear the Dierence

Letters & Recognition Camp Waziyatah Camp Wekeela Campbell Music Studio CardioFit4Kidz Carol Molesworth Central Park Bike Tours Central Park Taekwondo Century 21 Department Store Chelsea Piers Cherise Bright Children’s Museum of the Arts Christina Richards Citarella Classic Kids Photography Colette Hall Contemporary Posters Corbins Crusaders Sports Club Costco Cozy’s Cuts for Kids Crowd Goes Wild Crystal Clean Housecleaning Services Dana & Evan Grant Dalissa Canario Danielle Cione David Engel’s Pirate School David Lasday David Siegel Day Camp in the Park Deerkill Day Camp Denise Albert Dennis Fischer Diana Berrent Photography Dina Berrin Discovery Programs Diversity Committee of PS199 Dorka Echevarria dot Dr. Arman Roksar Dr. Jed M. Best Dr. Kathleen Wentrack Dr. Larry Wender Earth’s Best East Hampton Golf Club Eastside Westside Music Together Eden Village Camp Ed’s Chowder House Edward & Tuyen Lehmann Elite Island Resorts Elizabeth’s Neighborhood Table Embrace Your Space NYC Emily Hanson Emily & Ryan Stark Empire State Building Observatory Endless Vacation Rentals Enhance Your Style Equinox - Pure Yoga Equinox Fitness Club Eric Shuffler & Amy Bressler Erin Gregorek Eruan Salon Eve & Sean Fogel

The 2014 PS199 PTA Blue Ribbon Bash & Auction

∙ 17 ∙

Fastbreak Kids FDNY - Engine 40/Ladder 35 Feline Day Spa Flywheel Sports Frames Bowling Lounge Francoise Bazaar Frederic Fekkai - Soho Fred’s Restaurant Gabriela’s Restaurant Gate Hill Day Camp Gayle Slonim GHD Professional GK Framing Group Glen Dornoch Waterway Golf Links Good Body Fitness Grandaisy Bakery Hampshire Country Club Harmony by Karate Harry’s Burritos Heidi & Jonathan Cohen Hidden Valley Camp Holly Zinn & Adam Friedman Hookline Fish Company Hotel Beacon Hudson River Orthodontics ibidPREP Imagine Swimming Instituto Cervantes International Krav Maga Jack E Ohs NYC Jack Rabbit Jacqui Brown Jason Taylor Foundation Jason Zimba JCC in Manhattan Michael Grenert Jennifer Carter-Campbell Jennifer Kain Jennifer Lee Photography Jennifer Zana Jenny and Francois Selections Jo Ann & Bernard Park Joanie Leeds Joanna Vargas Salon Joanne Trattoria Jodi’s Gym JoEllen Shuleman Jolly Oak Julia Derek Julie’s Rentals and Sweet Shop Kaitrin Egger Karma Kids Yoga Kathy Sayko & Drew Klopp Katy Rosen Kenneth Chen Portraits Kickboard USA Kids At Art Kids Creative Kids of Summer Sports Kidville Kim Laudati Skin Care

March 22, 2014 ∙ BB King Blues Club

Donors & Sponsors

11B Italian Restaurant 16 Handles 57th Street Chiropractic & Family Wellness Center 92nd Street Y Camps ABC, Inc. Ahern Construction Alessandra DiGiusto Alex Rosas Allison & Steven Yacker Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater Alyssa & Gary Apple Amanda Pisano Amanda Rabain American Girl American Museum of Natural History American Symphony Orchestra Amy Wigler Amy’s Bread Anat Almani Andrea Steinkamp Andrea Kann Andrea Posner-Sanchez Andrea Wan Angel Feet Angeline Huang & Mark Higgins Ann & Marc Nioche Apple Seeds Asphalt Green Assemblymember Linda B Rosenthal Bagels n’ Co. Ballet Academy East Ballibay Camps, Inc Bandwriting Collective Barry Theiler Baseball Center NYC Beirn Benihana Betty Leigh Reiki Big Apple Pediatrics Bikram Yoga NYC Bin 70 Wine Borough President Gale Brewer Bowlmor Lanes Boy Meets Girl Bradford Renaissance Portaits Bradley Lempert BrainPOP LLC Brendan Beseda Brick Kiln Kitchens LLC Brigitte Nioche Broadway Bounce Kids Brooklyn Boulders Brooklyn Bowl Brooklyn Cyclones Baseball Club Bulldog Ball Club Cafe Cluny Cafe Luxembourg Camp Canine Inc. Camp Hillard Camp Kinder Ring Camp Schodack

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The 2014 PS199 PTA Blue Ribbon Bash & Auction

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Sharon Chung Shauna Fitzgibbons Signature styles salon Simply Sports SKNSpa SmartSitting Smooth Synergy Soul Cycle Sound Body & Soul SPAdet Speed Square Home Repair Sphatika Sports & Stuff Spring Lake Day Camp Sprinkles Cupcakes Stacy Rosen Stacy Silver Staten Island Children’s Museum Steve Madden Stoopher & Boots Style by Tiffani Super Soccer Stars SwimJim Inc Tamara Cella Tara Thorne Telepan Restaurant The Carousel of Languages The Craft Studio The Estee Lauder Companies Inc. The Little Gym The Meatball Shop The New York Chiropractic Life Center The Pearl The Steve Wilkos Show/ NBC Universal The Stomp Company The Techno Team The Viand Cafe Thread Salon Tom Ford Beauty Tony’s Di Napoli Top of the Rock Observation Deck Topal Orthodontics Trump - Wollman Rink Urgent Care Manhattan Vanderbilt Tennis Club Vardy Orthodontics VCN Fitness Venci Petkova Virgo Pilates Vital Theatre Company Voice Wealth Management WABC Walt Disney World Company West End Synagogue West Side Kids West Side Taekwondo West Side YMCA ‘wichcraft Worldwide Pants Wrap iT YogaWorks Yogi Beans Yorkville Youth Athletic Association

March 22, 2014 ∙ BB King Blues Club

Donors & Sponsors

Kolor Salon Kramer Portraits, New York Krav Maga Academy KT Collection Kumon of Midtown West Math & Reading Center Kuncio Orthodontics La Vie Zen Spa Lailo Varsa Lara & Scott Bursor Launch Math and Science Centers Lauren Becker Lawrence Limb DMD, David Levine DDS, Pediatric Dentistry Laurie Newman Le Pain Quotidien Leah McRae Lia Schorr Skin Care Inc. Liberty Science Center Lincoln Center Corp. Fund Lincoln Ristorante Lisa Donovan Little Chopins LLC Little Orchestra Society Little Pim Little Shop of Crafts Live with Kelly Lizabeth Sostre Loi Looney Louie Loretta Chon & Jinho Yim Lori Sunshine Louise Xerri Lucy Kriz & Thomas Smith Manhattan Fencing Center Marcy Dawson Mark Micalizzi Marlene Farkas & Jim Balcom Master Bike Shop Maury Max Weintraub Melanie Colon Melissa Fields Melissa Katzman Michael Blum Michelle & Jason Gere Michelle Berkovitz Michelle Hill Mila Dau Miranda Schubert Miriam Salat Modern Martial Arts Modern Pinball NYC Mohawk Mountain Ski Area Momoya Monica Polanco, LMT Mount Vernon Hotel Museum and Garden MyClean Nadine & Michael Gerber Nail by Young Nancy & Jake Jacobsen Nancy Deakin

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General Information

Silent Auction Procedures 1. The Silent Auction will begin at 6:00pm and close at 9:30pm. Once the bid sheets are pulled no more bids will be allowed 2. Each Silent Auction item will be represented by a bid sheet showing the item, number, description, minimum opening bid and minimum raise. 3. A bid is entered by writing your Paddle number and bid amount on the bid sheet. To constitute a valid bid, bidding must start at or above the minimum bid. Each increase must be made in the stated amount described on the bid sheet. Be sure to check your bid status on the respective bid sheets throughout the evening. 4. Items are to be sold to the highest bidder at the close of bidding. The Auction Team reserves the right to remove invalid bids, resolve disputes, or withdraw the offering. 5. Restaurant certificates do not include gratuity, tax or alcoholic beverages unless otherwise stated. 6. There will be no price slashing and bids will not be accepted below the minimum bid.

The 2014 PS199 PTA Blue Ribbon Bash & Auction

7. Once the bid sheet has been removed from the table at 9:30pm, no bribing or coercing the volunteer into allowing you to place a final bid. Please, no pen hoarding. Live Auction Procedures 1. The Live Auction will begin at approximately 7:45pm. All bar service will be suspended during the 30 to 45 minute Live Auction. Please be courteous to active bidders, spotters and the auctioneer and refrain from excessive talking during the Live Auction. 2. The Auctioneer reserves the right to announce conditions of sale, to open the bidding at a minimum price, and to reject any bid that, in his opinion, is not commensurate with the value of the item offered. 3. The bidder must raise his/her bidding paddle visibly to the Auctioneer to engage in the bidding process for an item. 4. The highest bidder acknowledged by the Auctioneer shall be the buyer. The buyer shall immediately assume all risk and responsibility with respect to the auctioned item. Online Auction 1. The Online Auction web address is: 2. Registration at Bidding for Good is required to participate in the Online Auction. If you have previously participated in past online auctions at Bidding for Good, you do not need to register again, but you must verify your credit card and email address. 3. The Online Auction will end Tuesday, March 25th between 9:3010pm, with staggered end times by category. 4. Final invoices for your Online winnings will be emailed to you immediately following the close of the Online Auction. 5. Redemption for Online items will be during the week of March 31st -April 4th. 6. Remember the Online Auction is a fundraiser. Creating usernames that do not tell your identity promotes bidding though anonymity. Nobody wants to outbid their friend. Banking and Redemption 1. There will be no redemption the night of the auction. 2. Invoices will be distributed via kidmail during the week March 24th. 3. Please remit payment promptly, preferably by check, through kid mail or by delivering to the Auction Mailbox located in the main office at school. You may pay using your credit card at Redemption. Contact us at with any questions or concerns. 4. Redemption will take place the week of March 31st-April 4th. Redemption will be in the auction room in the school basement. This includes redemption of live, silent and online auction items. 5. Items will be forfeited if not picked up during the redemption period unless prior arrangements are made. 6. No items will be released without proof of payment. Miscellaneous 1. Every effort is made to make the payment and redemption process as simple as possible for you. Please be understanding and patient as sometimes things get busy and we are all volunteers. 2. The PS 199 PTA has the ability to accept credit cards, however it is not Fee Free. Paying by check helps the PTA save money. If you are able to pay by check, please consider doing so, however, the PTA is grateful for your participation no matter your form of payment. Thank you for your continued support! Have a wonderful evening.

∙ 21 ∙

March 22, 2014 ∙ BB King Blues Club

Rules & Procedures

General Rules and Procedures 1. All sales are final. No exchange or refunds on auction items are permitted unless specifically noted. All items are to be sold “as is.” The PTA makes no warranties or representations of any kind with respect to any of the items or services. Please read all specifications and limitations carefully. 2. Every reasonable effort has been made to describe each item carefully. A full description of each item is posted in the Bidding For Good website. Values for the items being auctioned are estimates only. There is no warrantee or representation of any kind as to the correctness of description, genuineness, authenticity, condition, quality or fitness for any purpose. 3. Upon purchase, the buyer waives any claim for damages against either the PTA or the donor of the property or services. Neither the PTA nor the donor is responsible for any personal injuries or damage to property that may result from the utilization of the property or services. Any damage to the donor’s property shall be the responsibility of the buyer. 4. Unless otherwise specified, trips and vacations require advance reservations and are on a “space available” basis and valid for one year from date of auction. 5. All dates and times are to be arranged by the purchaser at the mutual convenience of the donor and purchaser unless otherwise stated. Certificates are not redeemable for cash. 6. The Silent Auction will be conducted via bid sheets placed at tables showcasing the items (or a representation of the items) for bid. Please refrain from removing any bid sheets from their assigned table. 7. Bidding paddles will be issued to you at check in at the Auction. Your bidding paddle will be required in order to participate in the Silent and Live Auctions, Ribbon Pull and Fund-A-Need. 8. The value of the purchased item(s) will be indicated on your final invoice distributed through kid mail the week immediately following the Event. Your charitable contribution to the school is the amount paid for the item or service in excess of its fair value. Consult your tax advisor as to the deductibility of individual items. Please keep your receipt for tax purposes. The Internal Revenue Service recognizes the PS 199 PTA as a nonprofit institution. 9. Bidders must use their assigned bidding numbers; there is only one bidder per number.

Be a winner even before you bid! Check out these opportunities while you’re celebrating at the Blue Ribbon Bash & Auction...

Ribbon Pull/Fund A Need

Ribbon Pull You’re guaranteed to win something when you grab a Blue Ribbon at the Ribbon Pull. Everyone who plays is guaranteed a fabulous prize varying in value. Pull one for only $25 - This is a fun way to support PS 199 without worrying about being outbid!

Fund A Need Our recess coach Brian is such a superstar that we want to add another! Currently, the PTA funds one coach who organizes games and plays with the kids during recess. But with well over a hundred kids in the yard during recess, we’ve heard from a lot of parents who suggested we fund a second coach. We agree, and Fund A Need has set a goal of $7,500 to cover half the cost of the second recess coach. If we can meet this goal, we are confident we can cover the other half in next year’s budget. Help fund this second coach by pledging to Fund A Need.

March 22, 2014 ∙ BB King Blues Club

∙ 22 ∙

The 2014 PS199 PTA Blue Ribbon Bash & Auction


50. 2 House Seats to Katy Perry Concert $500 Everybody let’s hear you Roar! Saturday, July 12, 2014, 7:30 pm at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey! Katy Perry’s Prismatic World Tour is stopping in our neighborhood and you and a guest can see Katy live. Russell & Denise Fink Eve & Sean Fogel 51. 7-Course Tasting Dinner for 8 at Loi Restaurant $2,000 Experience a 7-Course Tasting Dinner with Wine Pairing for 8 people at Maria Loi’s, Loi Restaurant. Enjoy Maria’s authentic Greek cuisine with a modern twist. Your taste buds will rejoice through each course of finely prepared foods presented with absolute perfection. Expires 3/22/15. Excludes Saturdays and Mondays. Gratuity not included. Loi

53. Meet David Blaine Priceless Meet and Greet with one of the world’s most exciting illusionists and endurance artists. Blaine has been most recognized for his high profile feats of endurance. Now it’s your turn to meet with the man who has been buried alive, frozen in time and performed all over the country with magic tricks that boggle the mind. Enter if you dare into a private magic session for 20 minutes at his downtown office and receive a signed deck of cards afterwards. Time and date to be mutually agreed on. Expires 10/13/14. Denise Albert 54. North Carolina Beach Cottage with World Class Golf $3,200 Enjoy a week’s stay at a Sunset Beach, NC cottage, taking long walks on sugar-fine sand and golfing at three of the top local golf courses. Sunset Beach is a small island, located near the NC/SC state border. The cottage sleeps 10 (4 bedrooms), with a gourmet kitchen, and is located a short walk to the beach. In addition, enjoy golf at three different world-class golf courses: 1) Experience golf for four at Dan Maples masterfully designed The Pearl’s two championship golf courses-The Pearl East and The Pearl West (nominated “Best New Public Course” by Golf Digest). Also enjoy four 30-minute video swing analysis sessions taught by golf pro Mike Benson. 2) Get ready for your foursome at the award-winning Ocean Ridge Big Cats Golf courses-Lion’s Paw, Panther’s Run, Tiger’s Eye and Leopard’s Chase (ranked in the Top 10 among GOLF Magazine’s “Top Public courses State by State” for 2012). 3) Enjoy golf for four at the Donald Ross designed Glen Dornoch Waterway Golf Links in Myrtle Beach (known to be the toughest finishing holes in the area & ranked by GOLF Magazine as “One of the Top 20 courses in South Carolina”). Finally, enjoy the use of beach bikes for four, and ice cream at Julie’s Sweet Shop, the local island store. Four Green Fees, Cart Included at the Pearl; expires 3/1/15. Four Green Fees at Glen Dornoch Waterway Golf Link; must pay cart fee at course; not valid March - May or October; expires 12/31/14. Four Green Fees, Carts Included, at Ocean Ridge Plantation Golf; expires 3/31/15. Four 1-Hour Bike Rentals or Two 1-Hour Fun Cycle Rentals at Julie’s Rentals & Sweet Shop Kathy Sayko & Drew Klopp The 2014 PS199 PTA Blue Ribbon Bash & Auction

∙ 23 ∙

March 22, 2014 ∙ BB King Blues Club

Live Auction

52. July 4th in Washinton DC Priceless VIP July 4th Experience in DC -- You and your family will be VIP guests to a live televised July 4th concert and fireworks display on the National Mall. In addition, enjoy two nights at the Washington Court Hotel (located within walking distance to the Capital and the Mall) for the evenings of July 3-4. Eve & Sean Fogel

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Auction Items 55. FDNY Party for Ten Kids Priceless This is a chance of a lifetime for ten children to visit the FDNY and have a party. The children will tour the firehouse and eat lunch with the firemen of Engine 35/Ladder 40! Lunch will be provided. No more than four chaperones. Must be scheduled during a mutually convenient time. Expires 8/31/14. FDNY - Engine 40/Ladder 35 56. East Hampton Golf Club Round of Golf for Four $1,400 Enjoy a round of golf for four at the ultra-exclusive East Hampton Golf Club, located in East Hampton on the eastern end of Long Island. The championship golf course was designed by Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw. The Coore/Crenshaw team carved the 6,400 yard, 18-hole course out of an already impressive pastoral landscape. Call in advance to schedule. Restricted to Monday through Thursday in month of July. Blackout dates are Memorial Day Weekend, July 4th Holiday, Columbus Day and 8/1/14 through 9/2/14. Expires 10/30/14. East Hampton Golf Club is a walking only golf course; caddies are mandatory and electric or pull golf carts are not allowed. Caddie fees are included. East Hampton Golf Club 57. Cocktail Party for 20 Hosted by Angeline Huang and Mark Higgins $3,000 Enjoy an intimate gathering with your guests in an elegant setting. You and your host will customize the beverages and hors d’oeuvres to your liking. No one will leave hungry or thirsty. Expires 3/22/15. Angeline Huang & Mark Higgins

59. 7 Night MGM Grand Las Vegas Penthouse Escape $2,158 What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! Stay for 8 days / 7 nights OR split your time up into TWO three-night stays at the Deluxe Studio Suite in the MGM Signature Towers located at the MGM Grand on the Vegas Strip! Located on a penthouse floor, you’ll have gorgeous views from your private balcony on the 30th floor, an exclusive pool to swim in and use of the nearby MGM’s Grand Pool Complex for more time in the water. Want to see a show? Two tickets are waiting for you to see Cirque du Soleil’s The Beatles LOVE at the Mirage Hotel. And what about a restaurant to make your stay even more enjoyable? Hang out at Tao, where the stars eat, and enjoy a 3-course dinner for two. This is the ultimate Vegas getaway, don’t miss out! Allow at least 120 days notice required for desired dates. Winner is responsible for personal charges (e.g. room service) and $30/ day maid fee. Sleeping arrangements for four include a king bed and queen sleeper sofa. Show tickets expire 9/30/14; subject to availability. TAO Asian Bistro offer not valid holiday weekends. Expires 3/22/ Gary Culliss and Shauna Fitzgibbons

The 2014 PS199 PTA Blue Ribbon Bash & Auction

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March 22, 2014 ∙ BB King Blues Club

Live Auction

58. Custom PS 199 Monopoly Set Priceless PS 199 Parent, Jacqui Brown, a true Creative, has designed a PS 199 Monopoly board game, complete with trips to the principal’s office and a chance to own The Gym. This board game is one-of-a-kind and your family will cherish it forever. Jacqui Brown


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Auction Items CLASS PROJECTS - LIVE K-108 (Cella): Neighborhood Alphabet Priceless K108’s Neighborhood Alphabet was created by the entire kindergarten class. Each student took to the streets around PS 199 to capture the letter they were responsible for finding and photographing. Can you figure out where each letter was taken? A sign from the local fruit stand, your favorite yogurt, coffee or pizza spot, a bench in Riverside Park, parts of buildings and fixtures along the streets. The students got really creative with their choices!

102. Faces of K-112 (Rosen) Priceless Collage of children’s portraits on a 20x20 canvas.

106. 1-212 (Katzman): Little Buttons-Big City Priceless The skyline of New York is always stunning but the children of 1-212 have captured the beauty of NY in a whole new way. Using buttons, the children recreated buildings throughout the city. This is a one-of-a-kind wall hanging or headboard that will be as cute as a button in any home! Size: 51”X19 ¾”X1”

103. K114 (Gonzalez): Our Class in the Windows Priceless Our project was inspired by the iconic New York photograph “Girls In the Windows,” by photographer Ormand Gigli taken in the 1960’s. This project features photographs of the kids of K-114 posing in a setting familiar to our beloved UWS neighborhood- a brownstone. The brownstone was artfully constructed by the class using a variety of mediums including paper and crayon. The resulting piece is a tribute to New York and all of the great friends and smiles of K-114. The 2014 PS199 PTA Blue Ribbon Bash & Auction

105. K118 (Pisano): Outburst! Priceless To make Outburst! we used small wood shapes (circles, ovals, teardrops) and paint pens. Each child was given as many wood shapes as there are letters in their first names. They used colorful paint pens to decorate the shapes any way they wanted to. After they decorated them, they wrote their first names, one letter per shape. The shapes were later arranged in random order so that no names are obvious. A photo book accompanies Outburst! with images of the children’s artwork prior to it being arranged randomly. You can use the photo book to play an “I Spy” type of game to find all 26 names. There is even one name written in Japanese and one name written in Chinese. Enjoy!

107. 1-214 (Jimenez): Check Mate! Priceless This is a Tournament No.5 Staunton European Wooden Chess Set. It measures 18.5x 18.5 when open. The board folds in half and is a storage box for the wooden chess pieces. The self portraits were created by each child and Ms. JoAnn and Ms. Gigi.

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March 22, 2014 ∙ BB King Blues Club

Class Projects

101. Everything You Ever Needed to Know: K-110’s How-To Guide (Sharpe) Priceless Miss Sharpe’s class put together a “how-to” book. Miss Sharpe taught a lesson about following how-to directions and then the kids picked topics and wrote their own how-to’s.

104. K116 (Zucker): Silouettes d’Amour et Joie Priceless A heart-shaped collage comprised of snapshot silhouettes of each child of K116.

Auction Items 110. 1-220 (Vatkina): Our Architecture Adventures Priceless The children of Ms. Vatkina’s class created this stunning architecture masterpiece with little replicas of their buildings surrounding our beloved school PS199. Each child brought a picture of their building and based on it created a colorful free interpretation of that image on foam core, we then mounted the buildings on a beautiful 24x30 shadow box. This is a one a kind piece that immortalizes their unique creativity at 1st grade! The lucky winner will go home with a memorable piece of artwork.

109. The Faces of Class 1-218 (Fields) Priceless The children drew self-portraits which we printed onto fabric and incorporated into a colorful quilt using the children’s seating assignment on the class rug to organize the portraits. The rug is about 50”x60”.

111. 1-222 (Fischer): Colors of Me Priceless “Colors of Me” is a vibrant 4 x 6 ft creation that can be used as a sturdy floor rug or a wall hanging. Class parents cut out over 2000 felt circles and the children assembled and sewed them into more than 400 “circle flowers”. Each circle flower represents the colors of an individual child - colors in their room, colors of their favorite characters, colors of their sports team, and colors that simply make them feel happy. All the unique combinations were then put together to create a single piece that radiates their energy!


200. 2-204 (Rabain): Winging It Priceless For our project, we created a large shadow box with 28 butterflies - one made by each student. The students also created an accompanying book on butterflies where each student chose a butterfly type and depicts a brief study.

201. Rockwitz: 2-206’s Guide to New York Priceless Mr. Rockwitz’s 2nd grade class has captured the essence of our fantastic city, New York! They have created a video and guide book of the best the city has to offer. The children drew pictures of their favorite places to visit in the city, described them in detail and sang and danced too! You don’t want to miss the landmarks, sounds and sights through this incredible package. This package includes photos and songs documented on a music video and a guide book as well as a metrocard in a custom designed wallet so that you can be The 2014 PS199 PTA Blue Ribbon Bash & Auction

inspired to visit many of these attractions. Let’s raise money for our fantastic school while exploring the best city in the world through the eyes of Mr. Rockwitz’s talented class. One lucky family will take home this one of a kind package.

202. 2-208 (Hall): Home Sweet NYC Priceless Class 2-208 presents a collage of block prints depicting a history of New York City residential architecture. This project brings together the children’s work with the Architecture Institute and printmaking techniques learned in Ms. Dau’s art class. Using vibrant inks, each child created their own print on high quality, 100% cotton printmaking paper. The prints were then mounted onto museum matboard and framed in 24” x 30” black wood. The result is a beautiful collage, a memento of the children’s second grade year, and a work of art in and of itself.

∙ 29 ∙

March 22, 2014 ∙ BB King Blues Club

Class Projects

108. 1-216 (Deakin): You are My Sunshine Priceless Ms. Deakin’s class cut out letters and decorations from recycled cereal, granola, pizza boxes and more to spell out the first lines of the song, “You are My Sunshine”. Look closely and you’ll also see the children’s favorite characters within the picture as well. Something sunny, bright and fun for everyone!

Auction Items 203. 2-210 (Egger): Ready, Set, Fly! Priceless Ms. Egger’s students created these colorful birds, all made from recycled boxes that the children brought in. Pieces were cut and then the children assembled them - each lovely and colorful bird is a representation of themselves and identified with their names. The kids will enjoy seeing their classmates and teachers perched or in flight! The tree is also made from recycled cardboard. Bring this beautiful piece to your home, you will enjoy it for years to come!

204. 2-234 (Bleichman): New York in Check Priceless The students created a 3-D chess set to celebrate the city they live in using iconic city buildings and landmarks as chess pieces with taxis and NYPD cars serving as the pawns. The chess board is mounted atop a 3-dimensional platform over a waterscape supported by 2 city bridges.

Class Projects

Don’t Forget the Online Auction! It doesn’t matter whether you bid up a storm or struck out trying, there are still plenty of items waiting for you at our Online Auction, which began March 10th and will be up and running until March 25th at 10:00 PM. You must register with a credit card with Bidding for Good - - before you can place any bids. The closing times of items are stagered to give everyone a chance to follow and bid on multiple items. Here are the closing times for the various catagories: 9:30 PM - For Kid’s, For Your Pet, Memberships 9:35 PM - Food & Drink, Jewelry & Accessories, Kid’s Sports Classes 9:40 PM - Entertainment, Kid’s Parties 9:45 PM - Gift Cards, Health & Fitness 9:50 PM - Kid’s Classes, Miscellaneous, Professional Services 9:55 PM - Electronics , Kid’s Camps, Spa & Beauty 10:00 PM - Dining, Kid’s Education Classes

The 2014 PS199 PTA Blue Ribbon Bash & Auction

∙ 31 ∙

March 22, 2014 ∙ BB King Blues Club

Thanks to PS199’s amazing teachers, talented staff, great parents, and all of our super-cool friends! We love hanging out with you! - The Klopp Brothers (Patrick & Charles)

Auction items KIDS ONLY 500. Sports & Stuff Trip Season Pass $1,500 Get a pass for your child to enjoy ALL trips Sports & Stuff has to offer - any day school is closed, including Election Day, Veterans Day, Columbus Day and all other holidays! Must be a PS199 student. Expires 6/20/15. THE AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM SPECIALISTS Sports & Stuff 501. Make a Splash! A Pre-Summer Mini-Swim Program $265 Is your child ready for his/her summer swim camp test? Scared of the water or just needing to get to the next camp swim level? Kathy Morgenstern, Director of the JCC Manhattan Swim Program, and her trusted instructors will take your child and make him/her swim ready! Get your child ready for summer swimming with this immensely popular program at the JCC in Manhattan! 4-day swim intensive Pre-Summer Mini Swim Program for children ages 4-10 yrs. 4-days, 1 hour M-Th (4-5p); Either June 9-12 or June 16-19. Expires 6/16/14. JCC in Manhattan


1001. Extra Recess with Assistant Principal, Louise Xerri The winning bidder’s child and his/her entire class will enjoy some extra fun time with P.S. 199’s Assistant Principal, Louise Xerri, while enjoying some delicious popsicles! Expires 6/22/14. Time must be arranged with classroom teacher.


1002. Solar Car Make and Take with Ms. Schuleman Ten kids will build a solar car with PS 199 Science Teacher, Ms Schuleman. Recommended for 4th and 5th graders. Expires 6/15/14. 90-minute workshop must be held on a Thursday after school or a Saturday morning.


1003. Mad Science Make and Take with Ms. Schuleman Ten kids will create play dough and gak and engage in other science explorations with PS 199 Science Teacher, Ms Schuleman. Recommended for 2nd and 3rd graders. Expires 6/15/14. 90-minute workshop must be held on a Thursday after school or a Saturday morning.


1004. Special Art Lesson with Ms. Dau A group of 4 to 6 students will come to school for a special art lesson with Ms. Dau. Lesson includes painting or printmaking with special materials. Expires 6/26/14.


1005. Art Teacher for a Day with Ms. Sullivan Spend a day in the art studio. Your child can give a lesson to younger children, participate in class with another grade or just assist Ms. Sullivan. Lunch provided if you wish. Day of the week depends on what the winner wants to do in the art studio and also Ms. Sullivan’s schedule. Expires 6/26/14.


The 2014 PS199 PTA Blue Ribbon Bash & Auction

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March 22, 2014 ∙ BB King Blues Club

Silent Auction

1000. Principal for a Day Priceless You or your child get the chance to go behind the scenes at PS 199 for a day. The winner will speak on the PA system and have an opportunity to observe all the “Blue Ribbon” teaching and learning that happens in our school on any given day. Expires 6/26/14.

Thank you to our wonderful PS199 teachers this year! Ms. Berkovitz Mr. Beseda Ms. Vatkina

The Strausman Family Kate, RJ, Will and Jane (Alumni)

Auction Items 1006. Playdate with Ms. Cella K-108 Priceless A two hour after school playdate of the student’s choosing; ice cream, movies, manicure, trip to the zoo - the possibilities are endless! Up to 2 students. After school: Monday-Thursday. Expires 3/22/15. Priceless

1008. Shake Shack Date with Ms. Katzman 1-212 Ms. Katzman may be new to our school but she is already adored by all. She will take three lucky children on a playdate. They will go into Central Park and play and then enjoy a frozen treat at Shake Shack. Don’t miss this opportunity for your child and two friends to shake up one afternoon with Ms. Katzman. Expires 6/26/14.


1009. Afternoon with Melissa Fields and Dalissa Canario 1-218 An afternoon playdate with Ms. Fields and Dalissa Canario. Good for your child and two friends. Expires 6/26/14.


1010. Afternoon Outing with Ms. Vatkina 1-220 Your child and two friends will get to spend the afternoon with Ms. Vatkina doing an activity selected by the group, plus ice cream! Expires 6/26/14.


1011. Afternoon with Mr Fischer and Iris 1-222 Your child and up to two friends will spend the afternoon with Mr. Fischer and Iris. Kids choice: playing in the park or going to the movies. Expires 6/26/14.


1012. Book Shopping with Ms. Rabain 2-204 Your child and a friend will join Ms. Amanda Rabain as she spends a couple of hours after school browsing the bookstore and eating cupcakes! For 1st - 5th graders. Expires 6/26/14.


1013. Afternoon Out with Ms. Hall 2-208 Spend the afternoon with Colette Hall. Your child and two friends will choose an activity! Date and activity to be determined. Expires 6/26/14.


1014. Movie and Ice Cream with Ms. Egger and Cherise 2-210 Have an outing with Ms. Egger and Cherise! Your child and two friends will join them for a treat at 16 Handles and a movie at Lincoln Square. A day not to be missed! Date to be agreed upon. Expires 6/26/14.


1015. Ice Cream with Ms. Lapide 3-312 Enjoy ice cream around the UWS with Ms. Lapide after school. Your child and two friends will go to their favorite place and have a delicious treat! Up to 3 students. Expires 6/26/14.


1016. Afternoon with Ms. Lauren Becker 3-316 Spend the afternoon with Ms. Lauren Becker. Your child and up to two friends choose an activity then enjoy some treats at 16 Handles. Expires 6/26/14.


The 2014 PS199 PTA Blue Ribbon Bash & Auction

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March 22, 2014 ∙ BB King Blues Club

Silent Auction

1007. An Afternoon with Miss Amanda K-118 Don’t miss this opportunity for your child and a friend to have fun with Ms. Amanda one afternoon. The children can decide how they want to spend the afternoon. Go for ice cream, head to Central Park, or play games - it’s their choice! Miss Amanda will arrange the date and time of the playdate with the winner. Up to two children. Expires 6/26/14.

Auction Items Priceless

1018. Lunch with Ms. Stacy Silver 3-320 Your child and one friend will have a 2-hour playdate and pizza lunch with Ms. Silver and her 5 year old son, Amitai, at Ms. Silver’s house or somewhere else to be agreed upon. Expires 6/26/14.


1019. A Playdate with Ms. Hanshew and Family 4-304 Your child and up to two friends will spend the afternoon with Phoebe Hanshew. Chase Sula around the park, share some tasty treats, and maybe even tickle baby Bo. An afternoon in June 2014 will be mutually agreed upon.


1020. Movie and Ice Cream with Sharon Chung 4-306 Your child and a friend will enjoy a fun outing at the movies (children’s choice) followed by ice cream sundaes with Ms. Chung. Expires 6/26/14.


1021. Movie and Ice Cream with Ms. Newman 4-308 Your child and a friend will spend the afternoon with Laurie Newman (née Sherman) enjoying some ice cream and a movie near school. After school in June 2014.


1022. Afternoon with Brendan Beseda 4-310 Your child and a friend will spend a weekday afternoon in May with Mr. Beseda. Kids choose an agreed upon activity. Expires 6/1/14.


1023. Day in the Park with Ms. Gregorek 4-314 After school your child and up to three friends will go to Riverside Park and bring their favorite board game to play and snack on some homemade treats baked by Ms. Gregorek. When the sun starts to set it will be time to head home! Expires 6/26/14.


1024. Movie and Ice Cream with Michelle Berkovitz 5-332 Your child and a friend will enjoy a fun day at the movies (children’s choice) followed by ice cream with Ms. Berkovitz. Saturday, date to be agreed upon. Expires 6/22/14.


1025. Afternoon with Tara Thorne Priceless Join Tara and one of her FANTASTIC students from Class 120 for a great afternoon. Plan the adventure together! Past adventures have included: Chuck E. Cheese, Dave & Busters, playground and ice cream, pizza and cupcake making. Up to 4 children plus one of Tara’s students. Expires 6/26/14. 1026. Lunch Date for Two with Leah McRae and Her Class Leah and the children of her special forces class are ready to have a lunch date with your child and a friend. Two lucky children will have lunch during the school day with Leah and her amazing team of helpers and students. The winner of the lunch date can even decide what’s for lunch. Expires 6/26/14.


1027. Playdate with Ms. Deakin 1-216 Priceless Your child and a friend will choose a special activity to be determined. Join Ms. Deakin on a special adventure! Your child and a friend will not be disappointed. Expires 6/26/14.

The 2014 PS199 PTA Blue Ribbon Bash & Auction

∙ 37 ∙

March 22, 2014 ∙ BB King Blues Club

Silent Auction

1017. Movie and Ice Cream with Rachel Baer 3-318 Your child and two friends will attend a movie of their choice and enjoy ice cream sundaes after school on a Monday with Ms. Baer of 3-318. Expires 6/26/14.

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Auction Items 1028. Movie and Pizza with Pat Bleichman and Dorka 2-234 Your child and a friend will get to spend some extra special time with Pat and Dorka. Expires 6/26/14.


1029. Friday Crafternoon with Stacy Rosen Stacy Rosen will take four students back to her classroom to make some crafts, make and enjoy a healthy snack and take some photos and print them. Expires 6/26/14.


1030. Afternoon with Ms. Cione and Brenda Your child and a friend will join Ms. Cione and Brenda for an afternoon activity of their choosing. Children only. Expires 6/26/14.



1501. Russian Standard Vodka Gift Set $60 Receive a bottle of Russian Standard Vodka Platinum (750 ml) and a set of two copper mugs for the perfect “Moscow Mule” cocktail. Na Zdorovie (To Your Health). Russian Standard Vodka USA 1502. Baking Around Dessert of the Month for Three Months $180 Receive three months of desserts made by PS 199 parent, Ann Nioche. Her irresistible treats can be redeemed one at a time or all at once. If you are having a dinner party or an event, her desserts will make the perfect ending. Choose from an assortment of desserts. Pick up at PS 199. Dates to be arranged. Months may be combined. Expires 6/26/14. Ann & Marc Nioche


2000. Four Tickets to NEWSIES on Broadway $650 Four tickets to the Broadway show Newsies, Row N, May 7, 2014 at 7:30pm. Winner of the 2012 Tony Awards for Best Score and Best Choreography. NEWSIES combines explosive music, high-energy dance and an inspiring New York success story to create a musical you don’t want to miss. Amy Wigler 2001. Private Violin or Piano Performance with Anat Almani $3,000 60 minutes of private performance for violin or piano by PS 199 parent, Anat Almani. Named as one of the “gifted young violinists who are among the vanguard leading the march of violin art into the 21st century” by Henry Roth in his book entitled Violin Virtuosos from Paganini to the 21st Century, Almani began her violin studies at the age of five with her father, Isaac Malkin. By the age of six, she was already performing as soloist with orchestras. At ten, she embarked on her first world tour. Winner must have a piano - tuned prior to the performance. Location has to be within New York City (Manhattan). Date to be agreed upon between artist and winner. Anat Almani The 2014 PS199 PTA Blue Ribbon Bash & Auction

∙ 39 ∙

March 22, 2014 ∙ BB King Blues Club

Silent Auction

1500. Chocolate AND Wine $685 Dark Chocolate Tasting with David Siegel Taste and learn about the worlds finest chocolates. Join chocolate impresario and PS199 dad, David Siegel, for a Professional dark chocolate tasting at your home. Mixed Case of Wine from Jenny and Francois Selections Jenny and Francois Selections is one of the most exciting wine importers today and a leader in the natural wine movement. Enjoy a mixed case of wine selected by the experts. This offer is for up to 12 people, but you can pay extra for a bigger group tasting. Blackout dates: July, August, September. Expires 3/22/15. Jenny and Francois Selections David Siegel

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Auction Items 2002. Four Tickets to Of Mice and Men on Broadway James Franco and Chris O’Dowd star in the Broadway revival of John Steinbeck’s classic. Tickets are for Tuesday April 1, 2014.

2003. Four Tickets to If/Then The Musical A contemporary new musical set where choice and chance collide. Tony award winner Idina Menzel stars. Tickets are for Wednesday April 9, 2014.



2503. Four Tickets to NY Giants Game $400 Take the family (of 4) to a 2014-2015 Season Giants game at MetLife Stadium and sit aisle seats, lower tier on the goal line. A mutually agreed upon regular season game will be selected once the 2014-15 schedule is announced. Allison & Steven Yacker 2504. NY Knicks vs. Washington Wizards April 4th Two Tickets Don’t miss the Knicks vs Washington Wizards on Friday, April 4, 2014 at 7:30pm in Madison Square Garden. Watch from Section 114, Row 11, Seats 1 and 2. Nancy & Jake Jacobsen


2505. Brooklyn Nets vs. Cleveland Cavaliers, Two Box Tickets $310 Have you been to NYC’s newest arena? Here is your chance! Enjoy two box seats at the Nets/Cavaliers Game on March 28 at 7:30 pm in Barclays Center. Level A, Suite A54, Row GA, Seats 1 and 2. Heidi & Jonathan Cohen

The 2014 PS199 PTA Blue Ribbon Bash & Auction

∙ 41 ∙

March 22, 2014 ∙ BB King Blues Club

Silent Auction

2501. Two Tickets to a New York Jets Game Two tickets and a parking pass to a regular season New York Jets game. Seats: Section 134, Row 6. Upon the announcement of the new season schedule, winning bidder will be offered two different game dates to choose from. Jo Ann & Bernard Park

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4/20/12 11:26


GETs IT DONE ...and so do i!


TOWN DENTAL CENTER 105390-1.indd 1

4/20/12 11:26 PM

Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker 1995 Broadway New York, NY 10023


Auction Items TRAVEL, LEISURE AND ACTIVITIES 3000. The Ultimate NYC Staycation $1,250 Two Orchestra House Seats to ANY Broadway Show (Expires 7/1/14) Unbelievable opportunity to attend a fabulous Broadway show of your choosing! You pick the show, time and date. Refinery Hotel One Night Stay in the Atelier Executive Suite (Expires 4/1/15. Based on availability. Black out dates apply.) Enjoy a night in Deluxe Double or the Atelier Executive Suite at this historic Hat Factory-turned-Chic-New York Hotel plus a welcome amenity. The Refinery Hotel i s located in the Fashion District and has its own gastronomic micro world: a prohibition style “tea” lounge, a world class silver coffee trailer, a signature restaurant and a rooftop bar. Cafe Cluny $200 Gift Card This new West Village hot spot is the latest from Lynn Wagenknecht, Judi Wong, and Steven Abramowitz; the team behind The Odeon and Cafe Luxembourg. Cafe Cluny Refinery Hotel Max Weintraub

3002. DC Visit with Charlie Palmer Dinner for Two Priceless Enjoy a wonderful and special experience in DC, our nation’s capitol! Spend 2 nights at the Capella Hotel in Georgetown with deluxe accommodations and breakfast for 2. Enjoy a fabulous dinner at Charlie Palmer’s Restaurant and an exclusively private tour at the Smithsonian or the Capitol Building. A DC experience not to be missed. Expires March 22, 2015. Eve & Sean Fogel

BEAUTY, FASHION AND WELLNESS 3500. Mother’s Day Treat for The Best Mom at PS199 $1,000 Haircut by THE Paul Labrecque Paul Labrecque has been recognized by Vanity Fair as one of the countries Top 3 stylists! Your hair is in good hands with this award-winning visionary. Paul Labrecque’s salon and spa locations offer the best of New York beauty without pretense. Located on the West Side, East Side and Midtown. Olive and Bette’s $250 Gift Card Outfit your summer wardrobe now with the hottest clothes around. Fill your closet with the selections from the “ultimate closet” - Olive and Bette’s! Facial at Joanna Vargas Salon Choose either Triple Crown Facial or Oxygen Facial at the Joanna Vargas Salon. Joanna Vargas has worked on celebrities, supermodels and the chic women of New York City with her own brand of facials that will make you look younger and will give you firmer skin without going under the knife. Joanna’s non-invasive techniques and use of all natural and organic skin care products will give you the results you want, clean, clear and glowing skin. Expires 2/26/15. Joanna Vargas Salon Olive & Bette’s Paul Labrecque Salon The 2014 PS199 PTA Blue Ribbon Bash & Auction

∙ 43 ∙

March 22, 2014 ∙ BB King Blues Club

Silent Auction

3001. 7-Night Stay at Paradisus Punta Cana Resort, Dominican Republic $3,300 Enjoy a deluxe junior suite with king size bed or two full beds and a sunken living room with pull-out couch and private terrace or balcony. Steps to the beach and pool. Golf, tennis, scuba, bikes, kids’ adventure park (rock climbing, trampoline, archery), as well as other daily activities included. Concierge services available - private, priority check-in, reserved beach “palapas” with towels, dinner reservations made for you, and access to kids zone (drop off). Black out dates - Easter and Christmas weeks. All resort activities included. Food and drink not included. Expires 12/31/14. Edward & Tuyen Lehmann

Auction Items 3501. 14 Karat Gold Square Earrings $3,350 A pair of 14 karat yellow gold and multiple stone inlay earrings by designer Asch Grossbardt. The exquisitely executed square shaped earclips are hand-set with mother of pearl, black onyx, coral, lapis and malachite inlays forming an intricate mosaic pattern of superb craftsmanship. Bradley Lempert

3502. 14 Karat Gold Bead Necklace $2,000 14 karat yellow gold bead necklace composed of 122 round gold beads alternating between a fluted and polished bead pattern ranging from approximately 9.8 to 5.9 mm in size strung on a yellow gold oval link chain. The necklace measures approximately 30” in length with a total weight of approximately 17.3 grams. Bradley Lempert

3504. Beirn Jenna Bag $395 This trendy Beirn Bag is sure to set you apart on the streets of NYC! Rock your look with this Royal Blue Water Snake Bag. Beirn

3505. Private Flywheel Stadium Cycling Group Class $1,440 Host your own Spin Party at this private group class for up to 45 people at soon to open Lincoln Center Flywheel Stadium Cycling. You are in for the ride of your life at our state of the art studio featuring Flywheel’s signature stadium style seating and our proprietary TorqBoard. Of course, every Flywheel ride includes complimentary towels and cycling shoes. Time to Fly to the Upper West Side! Needs to be scheduled outside of existing class times within hours of operation. Expires 3/22/15. Flywheel Sports

ELECTRONICS 4000. Nook HD+ 9” Tablet $149 The best in reading - now with the best Android apps, games, movies, music & more. Stunning 9” Full HD Display. 16GB of built-in storage and even more when you add a microSD Card.

The 2014 PS199 PTA Blue Ribbon Bash & Auction

∙ 45 ∙

March 22, 2014 ∙ BB King Blues Club

Silent Auction

3503. 14 Karat Gold Button Style Earrings $3,500 A pair of 14 karat yellow gold and multiple stone inlay button style earrings by designer Asch Grossbardt. The elegant dome shaped earclips are hand-set with various mother of pearl and lapis inlays creating an intricate mosaic pattern of meticulous craftsmanship. Bradley Lempert

Auction Items 4001. Nook Simple Touch GlowLight $99 Weighing less than 7 ounces, this is the lightest NOOK ever. GlowLight delivers optimized reading light whenever you need it. The 6” E Ink display lets you experience just-like-paper reading at its best. With exclusive Best-Text Technology, words are super crisp and clear, whether GlowLight is on or off.


5001. Jennifer Lee Photography - Portrait Session $700 Jennifer creates images that are natural and reflect your child’s personality - images that will immediately evoke a memory of a certain stage or age and make those moments eternal. As part of this unique photo package, you will receive a certificate for a mini session with Jennifer Lee, which can take place at Jennifer’s Upper West Side studio or in Central Park. Following the shoot, you will receive a link to a custom web gallery containing 20-30 photos. From this gallery, you can select your favorite images for enlargements and other unique gift items. The package includes a $100 credit towards enlarged photos, which make great gifts for grandparents and loved ones. AND, finally, the package includes an 11 x 14 Gallery Wrap Fine Art canvas to decorate your home with the ones you love most! Weekend appointments are not available. Expires 8/1/15. Blackout dates 9/1/14 - 1/1/15. Jennifer Lee Photography 5002. Lailo Photo Photography Session $480 Lailo is a portrait photographer and PS 199 parent, specializing inchild photography, maternity, headshots and engagement images. Enjoy one photo session with this talented individual. Dates valid 3/22 - 11/1/14, based on photographer’s availability. Package 1 - digital files are NOT included. Expires 11/1/14. Lailo Varsa

UNIQUE EXPERIENCES 5500. Best Friends Day $105 Nails by Young Manicure and Pedicure for each of you! Enjoy a relaxing manicure and pedicure from one of the Upper West Side’s best nail salons. Gratuity not included. Expires 2/24/15. Rachael Ray Show 2 Tickets Two tickets to be in the live studio audience of the Rachael Ray Show in her new Chelsea Studio on 26th Street. Expires 10/31/14. Must be 18 years or older. Nail by Young Rachael Ray Show

The 2014 PS199 PTA Blue Ribbon Bash & Auction

∙ 47 ∙

March 22, 2014 ∙ BB King Blues Club

Silent Auction

5000. Negotiate with the Best of Them! $3,540 Scotwork 3 Day Advancing Negotiating Skillls Training Class. Scotwork delivers advanced negotiating skills training to over 13,000 managers and executives each year. This flagship course, run over one evening and 2.5 intensive days, will give you the practical “street skills” to negotiate better deals in less time. It’s highly participatory, engaging and practical. Delivered by experienced negotiators and managers in 35 countries since 1975, it has consistently delivered an average client return on investment of over 10x the fee within three months, through saved time, improved margins and more closed business. Classes are held in Parsippany, New Jersey, as well as Chicago, San Francisco and a number of other major US cities. Participant will need to clear their calendar for the duration of this challenging and intensive training class, and provide their own transport and accommodation. Expires 12/31/14. Redeemable on any US public class (subject to availability). Scotwork North America

Auction Items 5501. 2 Front Row VIP Seats to Stars on Stage 2015 Priceless Exclusive tickets for next year’s Stars on Stage! Channel your inner Simon Cowell, Howard Stern, Heidi Klum or Mel B. in the center, front row seats for the 2015 Stars on Stage performance.

5502. Two Special Guest Passes to Good Morning America Priceless As special guests you are invited to be part of the studio audience and receive a tour after the show. Good Morning America tapes every Monday-Friday from 7 - 9 a.m. in their Times Square Studio. You will enter through the Stage Entrance door, have breakfast in the Greenroom and watch the show live on set. Provided there is no breaking news, all special guests will receive a tour of the studio, control room and audio room.

5504. CNBC’s Fast Money Studio Visit Priceless The winner and a guest of his/her choosing will be able to go to the NASDAQ studio in Times Square to watch CNBC’s broadcast of “FAST MONEY” up close and personal from the sidelines. They will be able to meet the trader hosts (Tim Seymour, Melissa Lee, GuyAdami, Karen Finerman, Pete Najarian, and Joe Terranova) and even talk about some stock ideas with Tim Seymour after the show’s broadcast. As the show doesn’t normally have a live audience, this is the chance of a lifetime to get up close in a TV studio, and potentially get some great money making stock ideas in the process! Winner will choose a date to attend the broadcast that is mutually agreed upon with the show’s production staff, no later than 3/23/15 5505. Tour of SiriusXM Studios in NYC $1,000 Guided tour of SiriusXM Studios located near Rockefeller Center. Tour is for up to 4 people and will include a behind the scenes look at how radio programs are run. Actual sit-in on shows will be determined based upon availability. Expires 9/1/14. Mark Micalizzi

5506. Fashion, Fun, Food and More with Fashion Designer, Stacy Igel, at The Soho House Priceless Boy Meets Girl, founder and creative director, Stacy Igel, will treat you and a friend to lunch at the Soho House with her to talk all about fashion, A-list celebs, the ins and outs of the bizness and more. Plus a surprise gift bag of Boy Meets Girl goodies! Date and time to be mutually agreed. Expires 3/22/15. Boy Meets Girl

The 2014 PS199 PTA Blue Ribbon Bash & Auction

∙ 49 ∙

March 22, 2014 ∙ BB King Blues Club

Silent Auction

5503. Two Tickets to the Ultra-Exclusive Sony Club $3,000 Two tickets to the Sony Club sushi reception and performance, featuring Maxine Brown. Perched atop the Sony Building on Madison Avenue sits the Sony Club. The area is a rarefied haven where executives and their guests eat, schmooze and conduct business while looking out on stunning vistas of Manhattan. Since her first hit, All In My Mind, in 1961, Maxine Brown has established herself as one of R&B’s most talented and dynamic performers. Now a permanent fixture on the R&B and Jazz scenes, in the spring of 2006 Maxine released her latest CD, “From The Heart” and has since performed in front of thousands of fans old and new. Wednesday April 2, 2014 Reception 6:00 pm; Performance 6:45 - 7:30 pm Lincoln Center Corp. Fund

Auction Items LIVE

61. Two Tickets to The Bruno Mars Concert at MSG $365 Bruno Mars is playing at Madison Square Garden on July 15th: The Bruno Mars Moonshine Jungle Tour. Pharrell Williams is the opening act. Here is your chance to see him - the concert is sold out! Two floor seats: Section 3 Row 10. Melissa Ince


1031. Gym Teacher for a Day Priceless One lucky P.S. 199 student will spend a fun-filled day helping to teach PS199 physical education classes with Mr. Regan. Expires 6/23/14. Ron Regan


1503. Chef Prepared Private Dinner for Two $500 A private dinner for two by a well known private chef, Filippo Dina. Dinner will include 3 courses plus an amuse. Food and liquor included. Chef Filippo Dina



2004. Morning with Michael and Kelly and Lunch at Luxembourg Priceless Four tickets to sit in the audience one of Live!’s shows with Kelly Ripa and former NFL player Michael Strahan. Entertaining and charming, this dynamic duo will be a show to remember. Studios are located on 67th and Columbus Avenue. Cafe Luxembourg $150 Gift Card In 1983 Cafe Luxembourg opened its doors to become the quintessential neighborhood bistro of the Upper West Side. This charming 90 seat restaurant glows in the warm light of Jean Perzel fixtures and antique mirrors. Located on 70th street just west of Broadway, Cafe Luxembourg entertains New Yorkers, celebrities and visitors alike. One time use only. Gratuity not included. Cafe Luxembourg WABC 2005. Kinky Boots Tickets and Autographed CD $700 Two excellent center orchestra house seats! Kinky Boots cast CD signed by Cyndi Lauper. KINKY BOOTS is the exhilarating Broadway musical that will lift your spirits to new high-heeled heights! Winner of six Tony Awards® including BEST MUSICAL. Inspired by a true story, KINKY BOOTS features a joyous, Tony-winning score by CYNDI LAUPER, direction and Tony-winning choreography by JERRY MITCHELL and a hilarious, uplifting book by four-time Tony winner HARVEY FIERSTEIN. Come join the sold-out audiences who’ve discovered why sometimes, the best way to fit in is to stand out! Winner needs to pick 4 preferred dates and give at least 10 days notice before the show time. Contact Roger Miller at Roger Miller & Lori Habas-Miller 2006. Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden 2 Tickets, April 18th $500 Two tickets to Billy Joel LIVE at Madison Square Garden on Friday, April 18th. Show starts at 8 pm. Seats are Section 212, Row 19, Seats 15 & 16. Heather & David Morris

March 22, 2014 ∙ BB King Blues Club

∙ 50 ∙

The 2014 PS199 PTA Blue Ribbon Bash & Auction

Auction Items 2007. Two Tickets to Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony $133 The 29th Annual Induction Ceremony is at Barclays Center on Thursday April 10th at 7PM. The ceremony will honor this year’s Inductees: Peter Gabriel, Daryl Hall and John Oates, KISS, Nirvana, Linda Ronstadt and Cat Stevens; as well as Ahmet Ertegun Award for Lifetime Achievement Inductees Brian Epstein and Andrew Loog Oldham; and Award for Musical Excellence Inductee The E Street Band. Section 207 Row 19 Seats 1&2. Robert Harris


2500. NY Mets Four Tickets Four tickets to an upcoming game. Guaranteed to be good seats! Contact the donor in advance. Alyssa & Gary Apple


2502. Hockey Stick Signed By Rangers Rick Nash Hockey stick signed by Rick Nash, right wing for the New York Rangers and five-time NHL All-Star. Nora Daly Filippi


2507. Sports Illustrated Book and Magazine Sports Illustrated Swimsuit: 50 Years of Beautiful plus a years subscription to Sports Illustrated. Aaron Woloff


2508. 4 Tickets to Yankees vs Angels Game $350 Yankees vs. Angels Friday April 25th. First pitch at 7:05 PM. Jim Beam Section 317 Row 2 Seats 16-19 Dean Vegliante


3506. Summer Essentials Tote $1,200 Designer Thale Blanc Tote Bag filled with an assortment of summer essentials. Includes beach sarong, Chloe sunglasses, and a variety of prestige beauty & sun products. Lucy Kriz & Thomas Smith 3507. WoodYa Sunglasses $150 Wood Ya Eyewear is inspired by water, watersports and lake-living. WoodYa’s goal is to produce a superior product that floats -- you no longer have to worry about your sunglasses sinking when you’re on the lake, at the beach, or relaxing by the pool. A part of Wood Ya Eyewear’s mission is to produce a 100% sustainable product that is Eco-Friendly. Each of pair of sunglasses is handcrafted from Black Cherry lumber that has naturally fallen in Pennsylvania. Once the wood is dry, each pair of wooden sunglasses is handcrafted from scratch in the WoodYa shop in Fenton, Michigan. Besides floating, Wood Ya Eyewear offers a timeless Cherry Wood finish that gives fashion a new meaning. WoodYa Eyewear

The 2014 PS199 PTA Blue Ribbon Bash & Auction

∙ 51 ∙

March 22, 2014 ∙ BB King Blues Club


2506. It’s Football Time in Sunny Florida! Priceless Two tickets to any JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS 2014 pre-season or regular season game in Jacksonville, FL. This package includes PRE-GAME FIELD PASSES and a $200 gift certificate towards a one night stay at any hotel in Jacksonville! The Jaguars are scheduled to play the GIANTS in Jacksonville but they will also play the Colts, Titans, Texans, Dolphins, Browns, and Steelers during the regular season. At least a 3-month lead time to assure game of your choice is suggested.

Auction Items 3508. Henri Bendel Beige No. 7 Quilt Zip Straw Tote $450 Crafted with genuine Napa leather and soft woven straw, the No. 7 Quilted Zip Tote is a designer handbag that makes a serious fashion statement. Finished with custom Henri Bendel gold hardware and expandable exterior zippers, this versatile luxury handbag has ample storage space for all of your essentials. Henri Bendel


3509. Henri Bendels No. 7 Cat Eye Sunglasses and Accessories Bag $163 Henri Bendel No. 7 Cat Eye sunglasses in dark brown and cute brown and white strip small cosemetics bag. Henri Bendel

3510. Henri Bendel Brown Snake Stripe Chiffon Scarf Beautiful brown Henri Bendel Snake Stripe Chiffon scarf. Henri Bendel


3511. Christian Dior Women’s Bon Voyage Sunglasses Brown Tortoise shell sunglasses Michelle & Jon Sternchos


3512. Cole Haan Men’s Sunglasses Tortoise shell C 668 Style Michelle & Jon Sternchos


3516. Jo Nayor Design Gray Jade Bracelet Trio Hand strung with gray jade round beads and gunmetal crystal accents created by PS199 mom Jamie Nayor. Jo Nayor Designs


3517. Jo Nayor Design Black Onyx Bracelet Trio Hand strung with black onyx round beads and midnight crystal accents created by PS199 mom Jamie Nayor. Jo Nayor Designs


3518. Jo Nayor Design White Jade Bracelet Trio Hand strung with white jade round beads and gold crystal accents created by PS199 mom Jamie Nayor. Jo Nayor Designs


March 22, 2014 ∙ BB King Blues Club

∙ 52 ∙

The 2014 PS199 PTA Blue Ribbon Bash & Auction

Auction Items UNIQUE EXPERIENCES 5507. The MOMS Mamarazzi Event Starring YOU Priceless Have an up close and personal meeting with an A-list celebrity at the April 8th The MOMS Mamarazzi event - previous celebrities have include Tina Fey, Hugh Jackman and Will Smith. Rumor has it that Rob Lowe will be there (shhh - don’t tell anyone). Don’t miss out on this special experience. Two passes to this intimate event will go to the lucky winner. Valid 4/8/14 only. Denise Albert 5508. Rangers Game and Broadcast Booth Visit Priceless Winner will receive two tickets to a mutually-agreed upon NY Rangers home game at Madison Square Garden during the 2014-15 regular season, as well as Ranger paraphernalia and a visit with the NY Rangers radio broadcasters Kenny Albert and Dave Maloney. Meet Kenny Albert, one of the most versatile sports broadcasters in the country, and talk the talk about the Rangers, Knicks, Nets, Mets, and Yankees! Kenny Albert, son of Marv Albert, has become a fixture in the New York Rangers radio booth, calling play-byplay action since 1995. Albert, the only play-by-play broadcaster who currently calls all four major sports, has described the action for over 1,500 professional hockey games over the last two decades. Meet Dave Maloney, long time Ranger favorite and now the Blueshirts radio color commentator.

The 2014 PS199 PTA Blue Ribbon Bash & Auction

∙ 53 ∙

March 22, 2014 ∙ BB King Blues Club


5509. Diversity Committee Collage Priceless The Diversity Committee invited kids and parents of PS199 to write a phrase or words that are meaningful to you and your family or simply translate the motto of our school “Work Hard - Be Kind”. The collage is a 16”x20” canvas - with tributes to PS199 in over 30 languages. Diversity Committee

Thanks Ms JoAnne and Gigi for such a wonderful year! We’ve learned so much! - From Class 1-214

Class 3-320 thanks Ms. Silver & all of our teachers for making PS199 a great place to learn!

Dear Ms. B, We hope your first year at PS 199 has been as wonderful as the year we have had with you! You’re the Best!

Ms. Berkovitz’ 2013-2014 5th Grade Class

Ms Binkowitz You are an amazing and inspiring teacher! Thanks for making our last year at PS199 so special! Class of 2014

Our thanks to PS 199’s teachers and staff for all their hard work and dedication. - The Fogel Family


.! G . r M , n k yo u

e mp L m a S Lo ve,


Thank you Mr. Fischer, Ms. Chung, and all the teachers and staff at PS199. We love school!

Layla and Bella Bursor

We are so proud of you Jordy! We love you more than all the chocolate in the world! Love, Mommy, Aba, and Emmi Thank you PS 199 for being a great place to learn!

-Eric Shufer and Amy Bressler

Hayden, How you’ve grown! We love you and the amazing “Little Hay” you’ve become. Love, Dawa, Mommu, and Banna

Congratulations to PS199’s Blue Ribbon Graduating Class of 2014! May your futures be brighter because of the foundation that was built within these walls. All our best wishes, Katy Rosen, The PS 199 PTA, and all the faculty, teachers, parents, families and friends whose hands so happily held yours during these elementary school days.


    

       



   


LOOKING TO MOVE? I’M HERE TO HELP. Whether you are looking to buy, rent or sell, I can help with any of your real estate needs. As an experienced Upper West Side agent and a 10-year veteran to the NYC real estate business, I am a true neighborhood specialist. I look forward to putting my expertise to work for you.


Licensed Real Estate Salesperson 250 Park Avenue South, 12th Floor, New York, NY 10003 O: 212.685.7777 I C: 917.450.8178 I

CITI HABITATS Citi Habitats is a licensed real estate broker. Equal Housing Opportunity.

You’ve seen the work we do... WE NEED YOU!


Help us plan the most exciting event of the year! WHY? The auction accounts for 60% of the money raised by the PTA. The PTA helps to pay for enriching the education of our kids by fully funding the following programs: • Art programs such as The Lincoln Center Institute, Vital Theater, National Dance Institute and Center for Architectural Foundation. • Technology and Science Programs. • Assistant teachers and part-time teachers. WHAT? The auction has three components: ONLINE AUCTION is accessible to friends, family and the public to bid. This starts early and ends late for plenty of chances to bid. SILENT AUCTION occurs at the live event using electronic devices. LIVE AUCTION includes class projects inspired by our children, plus unique and priceless experiences.


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HOW? We need EVERYONE to chip in…starting now! • VOLUNTEER on the auction committee. Anyone interested in working with a great team of parents on this important fundraiser is welcome. • CONTRIBUTE an item or service from your own business. • BECOME A SPONSOR and receive great exposure to the PS199 families and community to promote your business or services. • SOLICIT local businesses for donations • ATTEND AND BID - That’s the most fun of all! WHEN? March 2014 WHERE? We are keeping some things a surprise! Visit the auction committee page at for more info and e-mail to volunteer.

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W put us to work for you! VOOSS HANEMANN ASSOCIATES, INC.

Advertising • Creative Design & Copywriting • Media • Marketing Brand Management • Customer Experience Analysis • Corporate and Crisis Communications

It’s a great gift to be part of this special community. Thank you, PS199!

We love you, Caroline!

The Silberfein Family Congratulates MATTHEW

Hustle. Hardwork. Hustle. Teamwork. Hustle, Empire.

(646) 872-1441

And His 5th Grade Classmates On Their 2014 Graduation!

Jason & Jordan Ramsay love P.S. 199!

In honor of our Superhero Harrison. With love, Nona and Papa

Thanks, Mrs. Rosenbloom, for being such a great teacher.

Andrew Guttentag COO/Partner 519 8th Avenue 3rd floor, New York, NY 10573 Direct Line: 917.710.7301 -

Christina Richards Certified Rolfer 212 362 8939 Release Realign Resolve Pain before


U R AWESOME GABE! Love, Mom, Dad & Sebastian

To: Harrison and Maxwell Reinisch ENJOY EVERY DAY! Love, hugs and kisses, Grandma Molly and Grandpa George Pollack




The PS 199 Science Center Greenhouse Committee ! congratulates ! the PTA Auction Committee!!

Spring is here.!

JOIN THE FUN SUMMER CAMP AT THE WEST SIDE Y With something unique for every age group, we can help provide a foundation for continued learning during summer months. For more information, please visit


(AGES 3.6 - 6)


(AGES 5.5 - 11)


(AGES 12 - 14)


(AGES 7 - 12)

Tennis, Basketball, Soccer ARTS CAMP

OPEN HOUSES APRIL 26 10 AM - 3 PM MAY 17 10 AM - 3 PM

(AGES 7 - 12)

West Side YMCA •

5 West 63rd Street, New York, NY 10023 • 212-912-2600

PS199 Auction 2014 eCatalogue  

The Official Program and eCatalogue of the PS199 PTA Blue Ribbon Bash and Auction.