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CV+ Portfolio 2017

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Michał Przychodzeń

B.Arch. e-mail telephone nationality date of birth adress online portfolio photography blog writing blog interests

Michał Przychodzeń + 48 501 205 649 Polish 27.09.1993 ul. Czwartek 8/8, 20-124 Lublin lomography, graphic design, writing, ambient, psychodelic rock, hitchhiking, competititions

fot. Magda Hrebecka

Education ~ 2018 09.2016 - 02.2017 02.2016 10.2012 - 02.2016

expected master’s degree in architecture master’s scholarship | Universidade do Minho | Escola de Arquitectura | Guimarães | Portugal master’s studies | Wrocław University of Science and Technology | Wroclaw | Poland bachelor’s degree | Wrocław University of Science and Technology | Wroclaw | Poland | graduated with engineer architect title


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10.2016 - now

03.2017 - 08.2017 (6 months)

1.2015 - 09.2016 (9 months) 10.2015 - 12.2015 (3 months)

Apollo Architectural Services, Chris Charris | freelancer address: 52 Gatehill Road Northwood| telephone: 01923 841937 e-mail: | website: responsibility: technical drawings Heinle Wischer und Partner | architectural assistant responsibility: executive drawings address: ul. Kościuszki 82/14, Wroclaw, Poland | telephone: +48 71 750410 e-mail: | website: Heinle Wischer und Partner | intern responsibility: competitions Pracownia Architektury Głowacki, Tomasz Głowacki | intern address: Emila Zegadłowicza 39B/1, Wroclaw, Poland | telephone: +48 71 729 06 36 e-mail: | website: responsibility: competition

07.2015 - 10.2015 (3 months)

Kożuchowski Architekci, Jan Wojciech Kożuchowski | intern address: ul. Czechowska 4 p.9, Lublin, Poland | telephone: +48 501 234 578 e-mail: | website: responsibility: public buildings conceptions and technical drawings

07.2014 - 10.2014 (3 months)

Pracownia Projektowa Jokto, Marcin Wowrzeczka | intern address: ul. Kazimierza Wielkiego 15/41, Wroclaw, Poland | telephone: +48 888 187 688 e-mail: | website: responsibility: technical drawings

12.2007 - 11.2008 (9 months) video gaming website | freelancer address: ul. Bukowińska 22b, Warsaw, Poland | telephone: +48 22 380 13 13 e-mail: | website: responsibility: reviews of mobile video games | username: michalp

Skills design graphic languages

Autocad, Revit, Rhino, Sketchup + Vray, 3DS MAX + Vray Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign polish: mother tongue | english: fluent in writing and speaking | german: basic

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Awards & selected architectural competitions Observatory | nationwide student competition | Polish Association of Architects competition for the best diploma project of the years 2016 & 2017 | Nomination + Honourable mention + Publication


City Hall and Treasure Office in Opole | professional competition | team: Maciej Bąk, Małgorzata Biernacka, Łukasz Kaczmarek, Łukasz Orłowski, Michał Przychodzeń, Anna Stryszewska-Słońska | 1st Prize | Publication in ARCH (No 6 , November - December 2016), Architektura & Biznes | Construction will begin in 2017


Museum of Underwater Archaeology in Łeba | professional competition | team: Łukasz Kaczmarek, Małgorzata Oleśkowska, Ewa Plucińska, Michał Przychodzeń, Anna Stryszewska Słońska, Edzard Schultz


Town hall in Gorzów | professional competition | team: Rebeka Czaja, Ewa Plucińska, Michał Przychodzeń, Anna Stryszewska-Słońska, Edzard Schultz, RobertWitczak | 3rd Prize


120 hours | international student competition| team: Łukasz Kaczmarek, Ewa Plucińska, Michał Przychodzeń


Regional Center of Cultural Management| professional competition | team: Aleksandra Demidowicz, Małgorzata Oleśkowska, Michał Przychodzień, Edzard Schultz, Anna Stryszewska-Słońska, Paweł Szyszka | Honourable mention


Square in Legnica | professional competition for the development and revitalization the Square in Legnica | team: Dominik Angerman, Tomasz Głowacki, Marcin Mierzwiak, Jakub Piszczek, Michał Przychodzeń, Katarzyna Śleboda| 2nd Prize


Zawalna | professional competition | team: Janusz Bułat, Michał Przychodzeń, Sara Vandewalle, Sara Zapotoczna | Exhibition in the Museum of Architecture in Wrocław


Opengap 2016: a house for...| international student competition | team: Michał Przychodzeń, Sara Zapotoczna


The minimal unit | nationwide student competition| team: Kasia Oskroba, Michał Przychodzeń


Cool School | international competition for students and professional architects| team: Łukasz Kaczmarek, Anna Klimczak, Ewa Plucińska, Michał Przychodzeń, Patryk Ślusarski, Sara Zapotoczna


Skyscraper Competition - eVolo international design competition for students and professionals | team: Marta Mochniak, Michał Przychodzeń, Patryk Ślusarski, Sara Zapotoczna


Velux Light of Tomorrow International VELUX Award 2016 for Students of Architecture | team: individual work

Other achievements, publications and exhibitions 2015

Dean’s undergraduate scholarhip for the best students


Group exhibition organised by Global Biennale of Graphic Design “Golden Bee” | Poster


Publication of illustrations in poetry book “Ósme piętro” | 400 volumes printed


Solo exhibition of architectural drawings related to the “Lublin Renaissance” | Places: Geleria po 111 schodach in Lublin, Faculty of architecture at Univer sity of Technology in Wroclaw


Nationwide Zbigniew Herbert art competition | Drawing competition | II prize | Award of the Lublin Mayor | publication in the LIAS website | exhibition


Solo exhibition of architectural drawing and photography | Place: Gallery Inred in Lublin


Photography competition “W Tobie jest światło” (Light with you) | I prize


Photography competition “Bliskie spotkania z przyrodą” (encountering nature) | I prize

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Table of contents


Observatory Academic project - Bachelor’s degree


Panoptikum Academic project - Multi-family building


Endless International student competition


Velux International student competition


House for a blind person International student competition


Vizela Academic project - Erasmus scholarship


Zawalna Nationwide professional competition

30- 31

Evolo International student competition


Builder Nationwide student competition


Centre of cultural management Professional competition


Town Hall in GorzĂłw Professional competition


Square in Legnica Professional competition


Townhall in Opole Professional competition


Technical drawings Townhall in Opole, 36 Elgood Ave


Others Lomography, posters, illustrations/drawings, writing

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44 -49

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OBSERVATORY Bachelor’s degree


~ student works ~

he idea of the project brings observers one step closer to the processes of existence, life and death. In section the building is a function describing life processes. Plan is a circle, a geometric figure which is a symbolic meaning of infinity. After linking both of this planar geometries and making from them spatial form, we get the building structure. The exhibition inside pavilion shows a full period of annual plants. From the seeds to the degradation and death which suports the start of a new cycle. Responsibility: everything. Tutor: dr inĹź. arch Ada Kwiatkowska. Honourable mention


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Idea model


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Machine room


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30 m




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PANOPTIKUM Academic project


he multifamily building is a definition of diversity. The main stimulus which influenced design process was adjacent environment. The site was located between two quaint buildings erected at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. Tennant’s buildings included a collection of miscellaneous windows. The idea of the building assumes that elevation is a reflection of the dwellers. How does it work? 1. Catalogue. Shapes, sizes of the windows from adjacent buildings are converted into contemporary models. 2. Decision. With an advice of an architect, residents decide where implement windows, which size and shape use. 3 Mozaic. The elevation is a reflection of the dweller’s diversity. Each of the inhabitants is able to personalise his flat. Wooden sub construction allows modifying system and location of the windows in the future. Team: individual work. Responsibility: everything.

Panoptikum windows.

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Tennant’s windows.

Panoptikum (eng. Cabinet of curiosities)

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ENDLESS International student competition


~ student works ~

he task of “120 Hours” 2016 edition was to design “a house without function”. Each of us has an intimate depiction of our own house. Our proposal is a sum of these subjective, personal emotions. It is a collage created from a of plethora thoughts, dreams, images, sounds and tangible stimulus. Our proposition is an abstract space which would allow you to sneak between a myriad of private ideas of the House. Team: Łukasz Kaczmarek, Ewa Plucińska, Michał Przychodzeń. Responsibility: whole project.

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VELUX 2014 International student competition


bandoned silos in Wroclaw have been selected as a site for Velux 2014 competition. Six derelict cylindrical containers were arranged as an intriguing space based on light features. Interiors play on various characteristics of light like intensity, colour, exposure, contrast. Team: individual work. Responsibility: whole project

~ student works ~

Silos I




Silos II

Silos IV

Silos III

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Silos V

Silos VI

Silos III Low lux factor, closed roof, the only source of light are holes at eye level.

Silos V Low lux factor, a hole at the tttop to which leads a ladder missing 10 rungs, once a day, the ladder is visually completed by bands of light shining through the knock holes.

Silos VI Average number of lux, wind moves the turbine, which drives the rotation of the oblong prism. Prism floods the interior with light incident at different angles.

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Silos I High lux factor, fully glazed roof, hundreds of multicoloured balloons filled with helium.

HOUSE FOR A BLIND PERSON International student competition


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orego the visual logic. Follow your senses. Flollow your instincts. Play like a child. You cannot look at this house, you cannot understand it. You have to feel it. Take a deep breath, sit down comfortably and close your eyes. Travel to the world of your imagination. The infinite connections between your brain synapses can offer you more than the visual perception of the world you have known as yet. The sense of space you can create within your mind can be far more complex than those your eyes can see. Can you trust your visual perception? How can you be sure that the visual image of an object is its only essence? You can understand this house only relying on your intuition. Follow your inner child. Team: Michał Przychodzeń, Sara Zapotoczna. Responsibility: whole project.



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Pacifique pool

Forbidden emptiness

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Dining room

ZAWALNA Professional competition


he main goal of the Zawalna competition was to design a public space adjacent to the Odra river. Our strategy was to create one coherent spatial sign; single element guiding and attracting pedestrians to space.Along “The Wall” we designed pavilions with selected functions.These activities came from the competition brieff, formed on public participation.”The Wall” changes.The system is created with series of different barriers; openwork to open to the views on the riverbanks or solid to eliminate street noises Team: Janusz Bułat, Michał Przychodzeń, Sara Vandewalle, Sara Zapotoczna. Responsibility: conception, plans, details, schemes.


Pavilions dividing the space

Reduction of the noise

Pedestrians and traffic orientation

~ student works ~

Functions and its relations


~ 26 ~

Wall as an axis

Rhythm and perforations


View corridors

~ student works ~

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VIZELA Aacademic project


~ student works ~

he site dedicated to our atelier was an abandoned factory in Portugal town,Vizela. Our first step was to clean up a factory with Vizela citizens as part of a participation process to attract the attention of the city inhabitants.The further process assumed design intervention.The method of each intervention has been based on simple and low-costs solutions as cleaning, painting and preserving the most valuablecharacteristics of the factory. Cleaning process has been divided into three levels of maintenance. Zero: no cleaning. First: removing old plaster, debris and moss. Second: painting white. Intervention was arranged to emphasise the contrast between cleaned and untouched areas. By removing the debris an accessible space opened for citizens. was created. Project was based on the participation with people of Vizela. This part of work was solely the beginning. It was a spark which will lead to the continuation of reclaiming factory to the city. Effects of our work has been publicated in local press. Special thanks for support to Vizela Town hall and Radio Vizela. . Team: Eva Caridade, Michal Przychodzen, Sara Venda. Responsibility: whole project.


Abandoned factory before our intervention.


Graffiti inside the factory.


Design team with volontiers.


Cleaning process.


Abandoned factory after our intervention.


Contrast between wall fragments.

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Debris inside the building.


Building interior after cleaning.


Refurbished fragment.


Refurbished and unrefurbished




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~ student works ~


EVOLO International student competition


~ student works ~

he state of emergency is our answer to evolo 2015 competition. Our intention was to present manifesto than a real proposition on how to solve the crisis in the East. Russian aggression toward Ukraine is an issue commonly avoided by the European Union. Conflict is based on posession of teritory, money and of course power. This is a very complex situation but one thing is obvious - common people suffer the most. Our project shows what may happen to Ukraine if we do not react to the current situation. We have created a screenplay showing this country taken part by part. People running away from their homes taken by the enemy, looking for a shelter in the last remaining place of their land - the skyscraper which is built by the refugees- which we show in the project. Each floor is big enough to fit in the whole heritage that all the refugees will take with them - churches, monuments, houses, so that at the end of the war the whole Ukraine and its legacy will be preserved in one huge skyscraper. The aim of our work was to attract international attention to the problem of the conflict which seems to be ignored by world public eye. Team: Marta Mochniak, Michał Przychodzeń, Patryk Ślusarski, Sara Zapotoczna. Responsibility: conception, plan, collage scheme, section visualization.

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BUILDER COMPETITION Nationwide student competiition


~ student works ~

he aim of the builder competition was to design dream house dedicated to the young generation. Together with Tola, We decided to design flexible space with crane used to rearrange functions closed in the boxes. This approach created a space which is easy to modify and personalise. Boxes can be rearranged or change for different models. The position of function can be changed with smartphone application or voice command. We assumed that affordable spot for the house is a parking lot near the city centre. Team: Antonina Dorobisz, Michał Przychodzeń. Responsibility: Whole project.

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~ student works ~

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SQUARE IN LEGNICA Professional competition


~ professional works ~

he main aim of the competition was to preserve the city square in Legnica. A key task was to redesign existing square with regard for a new underground parking lot. Our decision was to create a cubic volume enclosing the square together with a new town hall building and bus stop pavilion. Team: Tomasz Głowacki, Dominik Angerman, Marcin Mierzwa, Jakub Piszczek, Michał Przychodzeń, Katarzyna Śleboda. Responsibility: conception, underground parkin garage, sections, schemes. 2nd Prize.

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~ professional works ~

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he site of the competition led us to the final result. Form and the idea of our building resulted from the constraints we have encountered at the site. The complex was located near Bruckner Villa. We treated the old building as a precious object and priceless heritage. Following that our decision was to partially locate the cultural centre beneath ground level. Interiors are lit by glasses cubes rising above hilly terrain. The surface of pavilions reflect the surrounding historical garden. Team: Anna Stryszewska-Słońska, Małgorzata Biernacka, Aleksandra Demidowicz, Michał Przychodzeń, Paweł Szyszka. Responsibility: conception, plans, sections, 3d model of the Bruckner Villa. Honourable mention.

Entrance square, garden axis

Existing garden and buildings


~ professional works ~



Main functions


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~ professional works ~

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he project is an extension for existing town hall building. Our main objective was to close the gap in the unfinished block with modern infill. Levels of existing buildings varied. Based on that, we proposed to extend levels of the right wing of the building and joint them to the let wing height by a staircase and elevators. The form of the building is minimalistic. It was created with transparent double skin. Elevation is reminiscent of an abstract composition of black squares on white canvas, emphasizing the most important functions in the building like chamber hall. The new extension is a gentle conversation between the existing town hall and modern architecture. Team: Anna Stryszewska-Słońska, Edzard Schultz, Rebeka Czaja, Ewa Plucińska, Michał Przychodzeń, Robert Witczak. Responsibility: conception, communication between buildings (staircase and elevator), stairs 3d model, sections. 3rd Prize.

The town hall


Vertical connector



~ professional works ~

Closing a gap in the block

Courtyard and terraces


~ 38 ~

Vertical connector / communication

Thermal elevation



Level 0

Level 2

~ professional works ~



~ 39 ~

TOWNHALL IN OPOLE Professional competition


ompetition site was under strict area development plan restrictions. Our proposal consisted of two buildings. Both public buildings have been designed with operational customer services halls at the level zero. The form of the town hall and treasury department follows local plan restrictions. Taking it into account our proposition respects the axis marked by the wall tree which led to the main entrances of the buildings. Team: Anna Stryszewska-Słońska, Edzard Schultz, Maciej Bąk, Małgorzata Biernacka, Łukasz Kaczmarek, Łukasz Orłowski, Michał Przychodzeń. Responsibility: conception, site plan, sections. 1st Prize, construction will begin in 2017.

Pedestrian passage

Concrete elevations

Glass elevations

View corridors


~ professional works ~


Connector proposition 1

~ 40 ~

Connector proposition 2

~ professional works ~

~ 41 ~

TECHNICAL DRAWINGS Professional work


~ technical drawings ~

age number 44 consists executive drawing of a Town Hall in Opole. Project is an outcome of a nationwide professional competition which was won by Heinle Wischer und Partner architecture office. Executive drawings were prepared by a group of architects. Lead architects: Anna Stryszewska-Słońska, Basia Trojanowska, Małgorzata Oleśkowska. Assistants: Małgorzata Biernacka, Wojtek Chołuj, Adam Januszek, Łukasz Orłowski, Dominika Niewczas, Tomasz Padło, Joanna Pittner, Michał Przychodzeń, Patryk Ślusarski, Katarzyna Woszczyna. Page number 45 consists executive drawing of an extension designed for a single-family house near London. Work was prepared in collaboration with Mr. Chris Harris director of the Apollo Architectural Services.

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Michał Przychodzeń CV+ Portfolio xxxx

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Michal przychodzen cv portfolio 2017  
Michal przychodzen cv portfolio 2017