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Move over Justin Bieber, and forget about Miley Cyrus, they are sooo last year compared to our fave artists. . .

Julia Nunes


JULIA NUNES player le ule uk & r ge sin old rea -y 21 e th s, Julia Nune covers on her p po r he ed ss re og pr s ha , rk Yo w Ne from career. al sic mu ed ck wi a o int l ne an ch e ub uT popular Yo blicity around pu of y nt ple d an t ou s um alb e re th With let will ar st e ub uT Yo is th at th t be e W the world. your head. in k uc st ng so xt ne e th of r ite wr be the


• Plays the piano, guitar, ukulele, and melodica • She holds dual USA - Portuguese citizenship. • Has shared the stage with Ben Folds, and Weezer • Does covers of her favorite bands, such as Say Anything, Spoon, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, and Destiny’s Child. • Her YouTube username ‘jaaaaaaa’ was the result of holding down the “a” key randomly after the “j” key, the first and last letters of her first name. • Participated in the Vlogbrothers’ Project4Awesome, where she donated one her hand knit hats, which raised $1,250 on Ebay,

Lights s g n o s e v a f r ou • DRIVE MY SOUL • SAVIOR • ICE • FEBRUARY AIR • I OWE YOU ONE

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by Gayle Friesen


by Meg Cabot Mia Thermopolis is your average urban ninth grader. Even though she lives in Greenwich Village with a single mom who is a semifamous painter, Mia still puts on her Doc Martens one at a time. Then Mia’s dad comes to town, and drops a major bomb. Turns out he’s actually the prince of a small country! And Mia, his only heir, is now considered the crown princess of Genovia! And if this news wasn’t bad enough, Mia’s mom has started dating her algebra teacher, the paparazzi is showing up at school, & she’s in a huge fight with her best friend, Lilly. How much more can this reluctant Cinderella handle?

Things are not going well for Jes. Her mother is getting re-married and is totally pre-occupied with the wedding. Her best friend is “in love” and has no time for her and, her other best friend Sam, wants to be more than a friend. In the middle of all of this, her soon to be step-sister, Angela, moves into Jes’ room. Angela seems to be perfect perfect hair, perfect teeth, perfect everything ­but Angela turns out to be a perfect liar. Jes has to find a way to deal with her world turning upside down with apparently no allies to come to her aid. Being resourceful and talented Jes works to find a way.


by Sydney Halse Andersen Melinda Sordino busted an end-ofsummer party by calling the cops. Now her old friends won’t talk to her, and people she doesn’t even know hate her from a distance. The safest place to be is alone, inside her own head. But even that’s not safe. Because there’s something she’s trying not to think about, something about the night of the party that, if she let it in, would blow her carefully constructed disguise to smithereens. And then she would have to speak the truth.

y t u a e B


All of this brand’s 150-plus products are either 99 or 100 percent natural (the “natural bar” on every label tells you the exact percentage), and most of its packaging is created from recycled materials.

The first beauty company to manufacture using 100 percent wind power and the largest purchasers of organic ingredients in the world.

Around since 1985, way before it was cool to be green, all of the brand’s products are biodynamic (which is a step above organic) and use ingredients grown and harvested on its very own farm in South Australia.

A natural skin-loving balm used to moisturize, soften and protect dry or chapped skin. Naturally scented with Tangerine oil. Apply liberally to lips, elbows, hands - or anywhere that needs a little extra loving care. Reapply as needed. $15, Jurlique

Need an energy boost in the morning, but don’t wanna drink coffee? Lather on some Extra Energizing Citrus & Ginger Root Body Wash from Burt’s Bees. It’ll perk you up and make you smell amazing! $8, Burt’s Bees

This unique daily shampoo adds body to fine hair—without stripping, build-up or static electricity. Formulated with peppermint and rosemary, Its pure plant aroma naturally energizes and motivates your mind and body. $9.50, Aveda

find the right bra â—Š Run a tape measure snugly under your rib cage, just under your breasts â—Š Add 5in to the measurement, then round up to the nearest even number.

Measure across the fullest part of your breasts Subtract your band measurement from this number.

How To Makeover

A Plain T-Shirt

And Jeans If you’re anything like me you’ve ripped apart your closet 5 times in a morning and STILL found nothing to wear. It’s easy to think you immediately need to go out and buy all new clothes, but trust me you don’t. The answer instead is to accessorize. A plain white (or black) shirt and your favourite jeans are all you need to start.

Trendy? - how about a cute vest.

Athletic? - throw on a hoodie.

Dressy? - try a knit sweater.


D.IY. cut off shorts

Find the jeans. If you can’t dig up an old pair of jeans that still fit, buy a pair off a clearance rack or at a thrift store. The only important thing is that they fit around your waist and butt.

Cut the legs off, and use a ruler to make sure it’s straight! Cut a bit lower than the desired length. The extra length will be taken off while you are making the length of the legs even, or when you’re fraying the ends.

To fray the edges use sand paper along where you cut. To give your shorts a worn vintage look, put the shorts on a brick, and use sand paper to rub a hole through wherever you think looks best.

f f u c a h t i w r longe short and fr



To bleach the shorts, throw them in the bathtub or a bucket, and fill with enough water so that your shorts are completely submerged. Pour 1-2 cups of bleach in, and slosh the water around to mix in the bleach. Wear gloves! Let the shorts sit in the bleach water until they are the desired color. When the shorts are done bleaching, RINSE THEM OUT. If you don’t wash the shorts, the bleach will continue to fade the color.

To get the right length, find your favorite jean shorts and lay them on top. Match up the crotch seams. Cut a little bit longer as mentioned to allow for fraying.

Haven’t flown a kite since you were a tot? You’re missing out! It’s not easy to keep that thing gracefully floating up there-but that’s what makes it fun! Fly your on a hill or in an open field, where the wind is at its strongest.

Have a water fight. Get all your pals together, and designate teams or go every man for himself. Then grab your water guns, water balloons, buckets, hoses and whatever else you’ve got and... ATTACK!

Hit the kiddie section of the dollar store, and buy a few bottles of bubbles and some cool bubble wands. You're never too old to blow bubbles!

Have your lunch picnic style. Nothing beats hanging out on a blanket with your pals. Have everyone pack their favorite snacks, and don’t forget the Frisbee!

Go backyard camping - sleepovers in the house are so last year. Call your pals, pitch a tent, grab some sleeping bags, and head out your back door. Looks up some traditional campfire songs and tales. Have a blast sleeping under the stars-while enjoying the indoor plumbing just steps away!

Don’t Forget • Tablecloth or blanke t to sit on • Forks, spoons, and kn ives • Cups • Napkins or a roll of pa per towels • Sunscreen • Wet wipes • Cold bottles of wate r and juice (freeze overnight)




s a z z i P Pita

apart and pulled d e n e p o , ts ad pocke • 6 pita bre pita rounds 12 to create sauce • Jar pizza i, olives, a cheese ll s, pepperon m • Mozzare o ro sh u s like m ato etc. • Topping , sliced tom p in layer of bell pe pers t. Spread th

cookie shee gs. Place on greased other toppin s d d n an u se ro e a e it g. Place p nkle with ch and bubblin on pita. Spri se is melted e e pizza sauce ch l ti n u r in oven under broile

e k i l t o . N . Can o r e h a irl he s G r d e e e p n n or Su rls on t e n o y E v e r d e r Wo m a T h e s e g i o r l d , a n d W o nn a m e o n e ? r o c k m y wy o u r s t o o ! you few pages hopefully next

in a li f e h , e u s r u a t p lo t t o L a k e C it y , U V a il , a p u to a lt e n i g a vA t 1 5 , le f t Sa n d r a is e d ,o w b o a r d li u G F a y e o a r d in g . e e n b o r n S k i a n d S n t o p a in t s n o w b s h e h a d ba d r e a m . V a ilt h e c a n v a s it p a id w h e r e d o t o c h a s e v id e d F a y e a r d in g . A n dlf a t t h e C o lo r a m y h a s p r o in s n o w b o o u n d h e r s e r d in g is A c a d ee v e lo p m e n t y e a r F a y e f u t s n o w b o a le s t o r y h e r d c a u s e t h is O ly m p ic s . Bli n i’ s in c r e d ib t a in . o f f b e u v e r 2 0 1 0 o f F a y e G uo f f t h e m o u n V a n c oe b e g in n in g a r t o n a n d ju s t t hv e r y a n d h e of bra

Faye gulini Sign: Aries

2 ch 24th, 199 B-Day: Mar y lt Lake Cit a S : n w o t e Hom fy Stance: Goo


* Entered Her first comp when she was only 10 years old * Placed 12th in the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Snowboardcross

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