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Daring to be different Plus:

Rutherglen Winery Walkabout 9th-10th June 2012 F O O D & W I N E • E N T E R TA I N M E N T • T H E AT R E • M U S I C • A N D M U C H M O R E 12,000 copies circulated through the Yarrawonga Chronicle/Corowa Free Press and delivered to accommodation and selected tourism outlets in Yarrawonga-Mulwala/Corowa-Rutherglen and surrounding district.



Afternoon Tea Dance with High Society Jazz Orchestra young and old! 

Wikipedia tells us… A tea dance, or thé dansant (French: 
literally dancing tea) is an afternoon or early- Join us at the Wangaratta Performing Arts Centre where we reinvent the era
of tea dresses, lounge suits and ‘petites evening dance.


raditional refreshments were tea and coffee, champagne cup and claret-cup, fruit, sandwiches, cake and biscuits. 
The musical feature was a live orchestra and the dances performed included waltzes, tangos and by the late 1920s, 
The Charleston… 
In Wangaratta we are bringing this delightful afternoon soiree
back in style for

fours’ for a luxurious 
afternoon of music, food, champagne (or tea!) and great company. Book a seat or a table and bring along your best
afternoon tea. Prizes will be awarded for the ‘best spread’! 
No BYO drinks as drinks will be available at bar prices. 
This event will take place in the Memorial Hall on Sunday, June 3 from 2pm 
- 5pm. 
All tickets $25.



High Society Jazz Orchestra is a regular performer at the Wangaratta Jazz Festival.


Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend friday


 CiRCA is a thoroughly new kind of circus: daring, breathtaking,
and cheeky. This extraordinary troupe has left the high top
and drum roll behind and stripped circus bare – and its
bold new vision is taking the world by storm. Rapturously
acclaimed around the globe, this is movement at its most adventurous – with a cabaret twist and larrikin’s flair. 
Combining high energy, sound and innovative audiovisual projections, seven of the world’s best performers present
jaw-dropping acrobatic feats. It’s dangerous, skilful, 
immediate and powerful… but above all it’s intimate

Class of ‘59 Music 8:00pm

Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend

Biddies Comedy 7:30pm WEdnESday


All tickets $65

friday Class of ‘59 Music 8:00pm




Dorothy the Dinosaur - Beach Party 10:00am

AuGust july



A$40 Conc$35 Grp 6+ $35




Cliff joins the Beatles with marty rhone | 8:00pm A$60 Conc$55 Grp 6+ $55



the Grigoryan Brothers Music | 7:30pm



Biddies Comedy 7:30pm


the Dancer’s Company - Don Quixote | 7:30pm


A$51 Conc$43 WEdnESday youth 26& under$33 C17& under$25


A$51 Conc$43 youth 26& under$33 C17& under$25

C$20 Grp 6+ $35



ThurSday All tickets $60 Bugalugs Bum thief | 6:30pm


All tickets $15 Grp 4+ $12.50

All tickets $15 Grp 4+ $12.50

Bugalugs Bum thief | 10:00am, 1:00pm


the Dancer’s Company - Don Quixote | 7:30pm

Drama | 7:30pm All tickets $22.50 Grp 6+Conc $20.25 A$40 $35

Christine Anu Music | 8:00pm

tom Burlinson A$35 Conc$30 C $20 Music Grp6+$30 8:00pm A$55 Conc$50



the Grigoryan Brothers ThurSday Music | 7:30pm

WEdnESday Grp 6+ $50

Dorothy the TuESday Dinosaur - Beach Party 10:00am Diving for Pearls 22

All tickets $60

A$40 Conc$35 15 & under $20 Group 6+ $35


is adult $40, concession $35, student/child (15 & under) $20, group 6+ $35.

Christine Anu Music | 8:00pm

A$35 Conc$30 C $20 Grp6+$30

Circus | 7:30pm

What’s On Winter 2012

Arts centre on Wednesday, June 20 at 7.30pm.


A$40 Conc$35 CirCA Grp 6+ $35


All tickets $22.50 Grp 6+ $20.25

All tickets $65



A$40 Conc$35 15 & under $20 Group 6+ $35


and real. 

CiRCA will perform at the Wangaratta Performing

What’s On Winter 2012

CirCA Circus | 7:30pm


High Society Jazz Orchestra is a regular performer at the Wangaratta Jazz Festival.







thief | 6:30pm

Bugalugs Bum thief | 10:00am, friday 1:00pm

All tickets $15 Grp 4+ $12.50

All tickets $15 Grp 4+ $12.50


Bugalugs Bum ThurSday iBunyip All tickets $15 6:30pm Grp 4+ $12.50


iBunyip All tickets $15 10am & 1:00pm Grp 4+ $12.50


Also appearing at the WAnGArAttA PerforminG Arts Centre this winter: tom Burlinson Music 8:00pm

june Sunday 24 TuESday 26


WEdnESday 27


A$55 Conc$50 ThurSday Grp 6+ $509

Wangaratta Players ~ Back to the 80’s

st Bernard’s Primary school

friday 10

Wangaratta Players ~ Back to the 80’s

st Bernard’s Primary school

SaTurday 11

Wangaratta Players ~ Back to the 80’s

friday 17

iBunyip iBunyip northern rivers Academy of music 6:30pm 10am & 1:00pm

Pulsate mid year concert




Cliff joins the Diving for Pearls friday 29 with marty Wangaratta District studio of Dance Beatles Drama | 7:30pm rhone | 8:00pm july A$60 Conc$55 Sunday 29 Grp 6+ $55

A$40 Conc $35 C$20 Grp 6+ $35 ostinato

for further details visit

SaTurday 18





northern rivers Academy of music All tickets $15 All tickets $15 Grp 4+ $12.50 Grp 4+ $12.50

Wangaratta Performing Arts Centre 33-37 Ford Street Wangaratta P: (03) 5722 8105

Also appearing at the WAnGArAttA PerforminG Arts Centre this winter:



Barooga's Strings Jamie Redfern performs live at Music Festival ClubMulwala Some of the world's greatest guitarists will headline the inaugural Strings Music festival at Barooga on June 22 to 24.

Don't miss one of Australia's most popular entertainers when Jamie Redfern performs at ClubMulwala's Morning Melodies on Wednesday, May 30.



rom the first moment he hit the small screen on the original Young Talent Time Jamie Redfern has been a star. He amassed more awards and accolades than one could imagine including 2 Royal Command performance invitations, 22 gold records, the most popular Australian single of the year, the most popular Australian album of the year, and the much coveted Logie award. In the 1970s whilst touring with Liberace, Jamie Redfern, took the USA by storm. Elvis Presley called him the best boy singer in the world, Sammy Davis Junior publicly agreed Today Jamie, who is regarded as a living legend and an Aussie icon, is happily married to wife Judy, and has two beautiful daughters, Hayley and Taylah. Together, Jamie and Judy (a former model and professional dancer) manage The Australian Showbusiness Academy and Jamie Redfern Entertainment which produces Jamie Redfern's Superkids Television show for Foxtel's Aurora Channel 183, as well as many other live events.

Jamie Redfern. Jamie Redfern will perform at ClubMulwala on Wednesday, May 30. Members $15, non-members $25, includes lunch and show from 10.30am.

Fri p Cheallz18th May Thri

at the Termo with dj Jarred

from 8pm

Sun May 2oth a r r a Y r o f h Searcing or Queen Mul K Karaoke of from 1.30pm to register Grand final winner $500

95 Belmore Street, Yarrawonga Ph: 03 5744 3025

hil Emmanuel, brother of Tommy, Dean and Carruthers, Geoff Achison and The Souldiggers and a pioneer of Aussie rock instrumentals Kevin Borich are just a few of the renowned names performing over the three day event. The festival has been organised by the Barooga community, Berrigan Shire and the Barooga Sports Club as a major tourism event and will feature all aspects of stringed musical instruments that you can strum especially guitars, electric and acoustic, and slide guitars. “We wanted to hold a music festival that not only fitted in with the established festival calendar around Australia but also that added something extra,” Greg Ferguson from the organising committee said. “We were also happy to hold it in June despite it being in the middle of winter because we knew we could utilise all the great covered areas at the Barooga Sports Club as a venue so rain won't affect us.” Major concerts featuring the legendary performers will be held on Friday and Saturday nights at the Barooga Sports Club while the Barooga Hotel will keep the entertainment going on Saturday afternoon. The Friday Forum will provide an unforgettable 'surprise' element, this year featuring most likely future stars which you won't want to miss. The performers will

Geoff Achison, one of Australia's finest blues vocalists and guitarists.

line up again on Sunday for the Big Breakfast to finish the weekend. The festival will also have trade shows, with retailers, demonstrations, clinics and workshops so the public is invited to dust off that old Gibson from under the bed or Maton from on top of the wardrobe and bring it down for the experts to value or show you how to play it. There will also be a massive Saturday market at Lions Park and an art show at the Barooga Golf Club over the weekend.

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Featuring Australia’s best known stringed performing artists Featuring Australia’s best known stringed performing artists Featuring Australia’s best known stringed performing artists FRIDAY: Featuring Australia’s best stringed performing artists • Deknown aF nR&ID CaArrYustringed : Featuring Australia’s best performing artists F R ID • D•eknown A Y :thers aBn &W Calk • Deanen& rreurthers

Carruthers • •FriBdeanyW Fo alk Featuring performing artists rustringed em • Geobest r Ben W ff Ac•h•Fisknown Featuring Australia’s Australia’s best known performing artists alkestringed ri r d o a n y & F F o th R eru • G off A• FridaID Sm ouldiggers A Y : y F c o h ru is • Geeo m o n&ID &A aFnR ff•ADcheis thY e Souldigg • D•eanon&&Cathrreu:Sth oeurs ld ers Ben W Caarr lkueth ers iggers r F R • ID : BT •SA Ae:Y eR n Fri D Y RFA d aUID alk yW r o ru A • Geoff •A• YAie DeFariFn :m :ers rdine) & Y Ja C c d • h D a a is m rr R y Y D o Ja uSm U F e A n c th T o a n & n ru (i D SA • & er th R d G Y C e en U e A a B o D rr on:Ja T • ff AchSA •isBoT R uth uge UW SA en eld rd riginge) rs l e

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Rutherglen winery walkabout 9th-10th JUNE 2012 Rutherglen Winery Walkabout is the community’s favourite party celebrating its 38th anniversary this year making it Victoria’s oldest wine festival! For just $25 purchase the official Winery Walkabout Tasting Glass and wristband online or from any of the 20 participating wineries. This is the ticket to spend the Queen’s Birthday Weekend tasting the latest new release wines, enjoying great entertainment and live music, indulge in gourmet dinners and burgundy breakfasts and participate in fantastic community events like barrel racing in Main Street Rutherglen, the Farmer’s Market and Rotary Club Market and the infamous Rutherglen Grape Stomp!

Rutherglen Wine Region 1. All Saints Estate All Saints Rd Wahgunyah 2. Anderson Winery Chiltern Rd Rutherglen 3. Buller Wines Three Chain Rd Rutherglen 4. Campbells Wines Murray Vlly Hwy Rutherglen 5. Chambers Rosewood Barkly St Rutherglen 6. Cofield Wines Distillery Rd Wahgunyah 7. Gehrig Estate Wines Murray Valley Hwy Barnawartha 8. John Gehrig Wines Gooramadda Rd, Rutherglen 9. Jones Winery & Vineyard Jones Rd Rutherglen 10. Lake Moodemere Vineyards McDonalds Rd Rutherglen 11. Morris Wines Mia Mia Rd Rutherglen 12. Mt Prior Vineyard Gooramadda Rd Rutherglen 13. Pfeiffer Wines Distillery Rd Wahgunyah 14. Rutherglen Estates Drummond St Rutherglen 15. Stanton & Killeen Wines Jacks Rd Rutherglen 16. St Leonards Vineyard St Leonards Rd Wahgunyah 17. Scion Vineyard Slaughterhouse Rd, Rutherglen 18. Valhalla Wines All Saints Rd Wahgunyah 19. Vintara Wines Frasers Rd Rutherglen 20. Warrabila Wines Murray Valley Hwy Rutherglen


Anderson Winery Saterday & Sunday 9am Join father & daughter winemakers, Howard & Christobelle Anderson for a full sit down breakfast - bacon, light fluffy scrambled eggs (free-range), roasted tomatoes & mushrooms, homestyle relish, plunger coffee) with a glass of our white or red sparkling. $20pp, bookings essential. 02 6032 8111

NO. 2 ON THE MAP Anderson Winery


Cofield Wines Saterday & Sunday 9am Looking for somewhere special to kick start your morning? Why not join the Cofield Cru for our Sparkling Burgundy Breakfast. Get amongst the barrels and enjoy a three course gourmet breakfast by The Pickled Sisters Cafe matched perfectly to our Signature Sparkling and table wines. $65pp / Cellar Circle Members $60pp. Bookings essential. 02 6033 3798

Sunday afternoon - Display of classic sports cars. Mini & shuttle bus only, no coaches.


Gehrig Estate Wines Monday 9am Recovery Session, with “Brook the Creative Cook”. Fabulous cakes and pastry with complementary Coffee to recharge your batteries before heading home. 02 6026 7296

The original “Photo on a Bottle” and Dancing in the Juke Box Tent. Friday 8th June ONLY – Annual Giant Warehouse Sale 9am – 5pm.


Chiltern Visual Art Exhibition 2012 Proudly Presenting

June 8 to June 12 2012

Memorial Hall Conness St Chiltern Official Opening 7pm Friday June 8 Awards Announced 8pm $10 Entry (includes refreshments)


10 Chiltern Tourist Information Centre

20 8

14 9

(03) 57261611

NO. 16 ON THE MAP St Leonards Vineyard

Wine tasting, Private wine tasting for Wine Club Members and their guests (booking essential), Fortified Masterclass with the Winemaker Dan crane at 2pm ($15pp; booking essential), Self-guided Tour of the winery, Live Music 12pm-4pm, Jumping castle, face painting & clown for the kids.

CONCERTS : Saturday James Reyne Live: Boys Light Up, Reckless, Errol, Slave $30 Entry. Sunday The Potbelleez Live: Don’t Hold Back, Hello, Are You with Me $20 Entry. DJ Sammy B 12pm both days, Headline Acts approx 2.30pm.

‘Get smarter and have fun! The famous trivia night is back at the annual Young Bloods Wine Down. The evening will be catered for by the Pickled Sisters Cafe and there will be great prizes to be won. You will also be able to sample a selection of fine progressive wines and meet the younger winemakers of Rutherglen, The Young Bloods. $80pp. Bookings essential – phone 1300 787 929 or visit,

The Great Australian Barrel Rolling Competition

Sunday, June 10 From 10:30am. High Street Rutherglen - Wanted: Competitors! Individuals or teams of 4. Come and test your strength; grab a barrel and let’s see ya roll it end over end! All competitors will receive a complimentary bottle or wine, courtesy of the Winemakers of Rutherglen. Free entry (limited) and conditions apply. Entries and enquiries: Matt Wicks: 0447 327 333 or matt@mwicks. com.


NO. 18 ON THE MAP Valhalla Wines

The Infamous Rutherglen Grape Stomp

Celebrate Anton’s Danish roots at Valhallathe great hall in the sky where fallen warriors would feast and drink! Taste and purchase fabulous Trahna Farm smoked meats. Relax aboard the Valhalla Longboat while enjoying great live music.

NO. 11 ON THE MAP Morris Wines

Sunday, June 10. From 1pm. High Street Rutherglen - Get down and get grapie! Bare foot ‘grape stompin’ at its best. Squashem with your partner and the team with the most juice down the hole, wins! Free entry (limited) and conditions apply. From 2pm - See the celebrity Grape stomp. Who is the “Pollies” in the traders this year? Entries and enquiries: Matt Wicks: 0447 327 333 or

NO. 4 ON THE MAP Campbells Wines

‘Benjalu’ playing from 12-4pm both days. Moscato Winebar on the lawns serving Moscato cocktails and other tempting treats. ‘Live in the Moment’ Momento Photobooths are on site to capture your Walkabout memories!

NO. 20 ON THE MAP Warrabilla Wines NO. 6 ON THE MAP Cofield Wines

NO. 5 ON THE MAP Chambers Rosewood


Pit your cocktail making skills against Nick Rose of Richmond’s Qualia. Lounge in the 9th Chambers Challenge. Live music with ‘The Marque’ from 12pm. Browse the handcrafted garments from the local “Spinners & Weavers”.

Local Band “Slippery When Wet” will be playing live and loud from 12-4pm daily. Regional produce & Handcrafted specialty markets set up all weekend 10-4pm

NO. 7 ON THE MAP Gehrig Estates Wines

Horse & Hounds. “Tally oH”, experience the colour and excitement as the Hume Hunt Club set off. 11am SUNDAY.

Create your own Winery Walkabout Tour


Hop on and off as you like in a safe and easy tour of the wineries. Passengers can interchange buses at the Rutherglen Wine Experience. Make sure you’ve got a seat! Purchase your Rutherglen Winery Walkabout TAC Shuttle Bus ticket for $25 per day (local areas of Rutherglen, Corowa or Wahgunyah) or $30 per day (Outlying areas of Lavington, Albury, Wodonga, Howlong, Mulwala, Yarrawonga, Bundalong, Wangaratta & Chiltern). Make sure you utilise the ‘Wine Cloak Room’ provided at the Rutherglen Wine Experience. Purchase wine at any of the 19 participating wineries and let your bus driver do the work for you - exchange your wine purchase for a ticket and then get your wine back at the end of the day before heading home! To book on the TAC Shuttle bus please go the

Rutherglen winery walkabout 9th - 10th june 2012

Visit Rutherglen Estates during Winery Walkabout and experience our full range of wines for tasting. Taste some back vintages of our Renaissance Range with winemaker, Marc Scalzo, both days at 12pm & 2pm. Toun Thai Food Catering will provide delicious Thai food, musician Paul William Ray and his band will entertain AND unique to Rutherglen Estates is our very own Plucka Duck. Take a chance and spin Plucka’s wheel, you never know what you might win!

02 6032 7999

special EVENT

Community Events

Live entertainment and Music, Craft stalls and more.



Rutherglen Young Bloods Wine Down Saturday 9th RUTHERGLEN MEMORIAL HALL

NO. 3 ON THE MAP Buller Wines

13–35 Drummond Street Rutherglen Victoria

Proudly Presented by Chiltern Tourism & Development Inc and supported by local business and the Community of Chiltern, Victoria.

Helicopter Joy Flights with Adam Cassin from Discovery Helicopters. The great golfing Hole in One competition. Test your skills to win a barrel of Muscat. Dance the day away with the George McFloyd Blues Band.


Cellar Door Open until 6pm all weekend

Exhibition hours: 10am-4pm Saturday June 9 - Tuesday June 12 Entry : $5.00 adults Under 15—Free

NO. 15 ON THE MAP Stanton & Killeen Wines


The CHILTERN ART AWARD A Non-Acquisitive award of $1000 for the Best Work Exhibited

Live music in the marquee Saturday & Sunday by acclaimed musician Paul William Ray and his band playing an eclectic mix of rock and country! Hot coffee cart – “the main mugachino” (Sunday only). Take a chance and spin Plucka’s wheel, you never know what you might win.



Vintara Winery Saterday & Sunday 9am Join us for a Vintara breakfast feast. Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon and a glass of Vintara 2006 Sparkling Elan. Have an ogre appetite? Order the big breakfast with scrambled eggs, bacon sausage and tomato relish and a glass of Vintara 2006 Sparkling Elan. $25pp. 0447 327 517

NO. 14 ON THE MAP Rutherglen Estates




Valhalla Wines Sunday 9am Berserker Breakfast - A feast fit for a Viking served with a glass of warming mead. Join Valhalla and the local Wahgunyah Football Club for an open air breakfast out at the wood fired oven. Coffee to follow. $25pp. Bookings essential. 02 6033 1438


Enjoy a personal tasting within an intimate cellar door. Groups – small groups accepted by prior arrangement only. Call Jan on 0417 053 649 to arrange.



Lake Moodemere Monday 9am BONFIRE BREAKFAST: A delicious feast of local produce including eggs, ciabatta, gourmet sausages, bacon, mushrooms, and hash browns, accompanied by our New Release Frizzante style Tiara, and a big country bonfire. $22pp. Bookings Essential. 0260329449

dinners Valhalla Wines Sunday 6.30pm MUZIKWIZ NIGHT Anton & Antoinette invite all “Music Gurus” and contenders to our Music Trivia night. Compete for the MuziKwiz title with your team. Cost: $30 (includes glass of wine & gourmet BBQ snack)Bookings essential 02 6033 1438

NO. 17 ON THE MAP Scion Vineyard & Winery



John Gehrig Wines Saturday & Sunday 9am-11am. Join the Gehrig Family and the team from the King River Café of Oxley for an egg & bacon roll to kick start your day for walkabout! Hot drinks also available. 02 6026 8228

NO. 13 ON THE MAP Pfeiffer Wines

Private wine tasting for Wine Club. Members and their guests (booking essential). 11am-Shiraz Masterclass with our Winemaker Dan Crane ($15pp; booking essential). VIP Wine Club area. 11am Saturday & Sunday - Tour of the Castle with winery owners. 12pm4.30pm Live Music. Jumping castle, face painting & clown for the kids. Cheese tasting at Indigo Cheese Co.



Rutherglen winery walkabout 9th-10th JUNE 2012 dinners Jones Winery & Vineyard Saturday 9th Judgment at Jones (Australia meets France). Join us for a private screening of Bottle Shock, depicting the infamous “Judgment of Paris” blind wine tasting. In keeping with the theme, we will compare our Jones wines to French wines from Bordeaux. All accompanied by gourmet offerings from Jones Café. for more details. $120 including wine and bus from Rutherglen/Corowa. Bookings essential. 02 6032 8496


NO. 1 ON THE MAP All Saints Estate


NO. 9 ON THE MAP Jones Winery & Vineyard

Be dazzled by an exhilarating performance from the Flying Fruit Fly Circus who will present their 2012 graduates in 3 shows at 11am, 1pm and 3pm on Sunday 10th June only. Helen Hay’s garden art will be featured on both days.

NO. 10 ON THE MAP Lake Moodemere Vineyards

Après Ski Moodemere featuring traditional Gluhwein and live acoustic music by rising stars Mel Taylor and Monica Crozier. The Australian Ski Season begins at Lake Moodemere! The Great Lake Moodemere Hole in One - Try your luck for a Hole in One – hit into Lake Moodemere and win $1000 worth of wine!

NO. 11 ON THE MAP Morris Wines

Live entertainment and Music, Craft stalls and more.

Backbeat Drivers from Canberra will be performing live, Marg’s delicious preserves and wonderful handicrafts will be available, Sue Fenn’s photography. Why not ask for a picture of your group to remember your weekend.

Bus Starting Points 8.45am lavington coles car Park, Union rd 8.55am albury Qe2 square, dean st 9.05am wodonga civic centre, hovell st 9.15am wodonga Birralee carpark, melrose drv 9.35am howlong golf club / motel 9.40am howlong, courthouse hotel 9.45am morris wines (drop off) 9.55am rwe (drop off) 9.00am mulwala, mulwala ski club 9.10am Yarrawonga town hall 9.20am BUndalong, service station murray valley hwy 9.45am campbell’s wines (drop off)

9.55am rwe (drop off) 8.55am wangaratta the centre, chisholm st 9.30am chiltern , motor inn, main st 9.20am corowa south store 9.25am corowa lions Park edward st, 9.25am corowa river st Bus stop 9.30am corowa, rivergum caravan Park honour ave 9.35am wahgunyah caltex service station 9.45am stanton & Killeen wines (drop off) Drop-off at same point will be between 5pm and 6pm. All buses will return to the Rutherglen Wine Experience at 5pm

Rope’m & Ride’m Bush Dance

Sunday, June 10. Starts 7pm. Rutherglen Memorial Hall - No BYO. Bar provided. Cost: $60 pp. Inc - 3 Course meal. Band: Briagolong Bush Band. Theme: Cowboys and Cowgirls! Get your 1st bottle of local wine for only $10 and we’ll throw in a free souvenir glass! Come on you “cowboys” and “cowgirls”! It’ll be a great night’s entertainment you won’t forget! Bookings and enquires: Matt Dunne: 0418211876 or Mdu20166@

Rutherglen Rotary Country Fair

Sunday, June 10. 9am – 4pm Grab a bargain from one of over 300 plus stallholders at this year’s Country Fair. Produce and crafts stalls, an animal nursery, a variety of food stalls, 244 by buskers and music make for a carnival atmosphere to be R enjoyed the whole family. G 211 Stall holder enquiries please log onto Rutherglen Rotary web site B 125


Why Pfeiffer Wines is a MUST DO this Winery Walkabout

Rutherglen Winery DIN Walkabout

✔ We’ll have new vintages, old “pfavourites”

Purchase your tickets online

9th & 10th June 2012



and our award winning wines to try and buy.

✔ Our Seriously Pink Slushies and Moscato tent are BACK!

✔ Take your memories home with the original “Photo on a Bottle”.

✔ Access to the Reserve Tasting Area is only $10pp (Wine Club Members “pfree”).

✔ Plus, dancing in the Juke Box Tent, hot food, great coffee, salty snacks and sweet treats!

9th and 10th June 2012


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167 DISTILLERY ROAD WAHGUNYAH VICTORIA AUSTRALIA 3687 TEL: (02) 6033 2805 FAX: (02) 6033 3158


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Jon Stevens returns to the Ski Club

Join the buzz at Pfeiffers

Popular rocker Jon Stevens and his band returns to the Mulwala Water Ski Club on Saturday, June 2.

feiffer Wines will be humming with activities this fun-filled June long weekend with lots to keep you entertained. Firstly, arrive early to grab yourself a bargain with the annual Pfeiffer Wines Giant Warehouse Sale. This will take place at the winery on Friday, June 8 between 9am and 5pm only. Don’t miss out! Over both Saturday and Sunday, visit Pfeiffer Wines in the main tasting tent to sample their new vintages, old “pfavourites” and award winning, James Halliday reviewed wines. Or for something special visit the talented Pfeiffer winemakers for a chat and tasting in the Reserve Tasting Area (only $10pp Wine Club Members “pfree”). You should seriously pop by the Pfeiffer Wines Pink and Moscato tent for their seriously popular Seriously Pink Slushies and ever popular Pfeiffer Moscato. There


tevens has been a regular performer in the region supporting acts such as Jimmy Barnes on the Red Hot Summer Tour, headlining on his own or with his band. The former Noiseworks lead singer and temporary frontman for INXS can rock with the best of them as well perform classic blues and soul numbers as shown on his latest album Testify, released in November last year. Stevens also received critical acclaim for his performance as Judas in two productions of Jesus Christ Superstar. Don't miss Jon Stevens and his band, live and free at the Mulwala Water Ski Club on June 2.

In its 38th year Rutherglen’s Winery Walkabout is shaping up to be the best yet!


You never know who you might meet at Pfeiffer Wines on the Winery Walkabout weekend. will also be dancing in the jukebox tent where you can play the songs you want, when you want them. Keep those energy levels up with fresh Jasper coffee, hot food (with a vego alternative available), salty snacks and sweet treats. At the end of your visit, take your memories home with you with the original

“Photo on a Bottle” or by collecting the 2012 Pfeiffer Wines Special Release Winery Walkabout Fortified Wine Pack. For all the details check out the Pfeiffer Wines website au, jump on to the Pfeiffer Facebook page, follow them of Twitter or call the winery on 02 6033 2805.

Enjoy the bustle at Rutherglen Estates Cellar Door Jon Stevens performing at the Ski Club on the Red Hot Summer Tour 2011.



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Birthday Parties

Rutherglen Estates is the place to be on the June long weekend for the annual Rutherglen Winery Walkabout.


utherglen Estates is hosting a premium tasting area at the cellar door with winemaker Marc Scalzo, where he will taste some of winery's back vintage Renaissance wines. There will also be delicious Thai food available courtesy of Toun Thai Catering. Live entertainment will be provided by Paul William Ray and his band and don’t forget to come and spin the wheel for some fantastic prizes with Rutherglen Estates very own Phil ‘Plucka’ Chamberlain. Rutherglen Estates historic Cellar Door building was built as cellars in 1886 and was the site of Seppelts Wines for over 100 years. It is located on Drummond Street, in the heart of Rutherglen, and is also the Tuileries Complex – a cafe, five star restaurant, luxury accommodation and conference facility. For more information visit cellar@rutherglenestates.


Winemaker Mark Scalzo will host a premium tasting area at Rutherglen Estates during the Winery Walkabout.

cation Glow Bowling School & Vaup s Care Gro

OPEN 10am-LatE 7 dayS a WEEk FuN aNd ExCitEmENt FOR thE WhOLE FamiLy 1st Floor, Co Store Complex. Cnr Ovens & Reid Streets, Wangaratta (03) 5721 5555 -



MAY-JUNE 2012 calendar MAY

Wangaratta Performing Arts Centre – Happy Birthday Peter Rabbit

Allegro Theatre production of Opportunity Knocks Yarrawonga Town Hall

15 International Comedy Festival Roadshow Rutherglen Memorial Hall

17 Mulwala Water Ski Club – Tom Routledge

Wahgunyah Hall – Corowa Theatre Company’s ‘The River’ (7.30pm)

Allegro Theatre production of Opportunity Knocks Wilby Hall


ClubMulwala – Rodney Vincent

ClubMulwala – The Highwaymen Tribute

ClubMulwala - DJ Meridax

Mulwala Water Ski Club – We 3

Mulwala Water Ski Club – Ray Macartney

Royal Hotel Corowa – Open Mic Night

Royal Hotel Corowa – Open Mic Night

Criterion Hotel Yarrawonga - Intencity 8.30pm Wahgunyah Hall – Corowa Theatre Company’s ‘The River’ (7.30pm)

Howlong Country Golf Club – Paul Gibbs

Rutherglen – The Sweet Cycle Ride

27 Mulwala Water Ski Club

18 ClubMulwala – Paul

Criterion Hotel Yarrawonga – Chris Hogan 8.30pm

20 Wahgunyah Hall

ClubMulwala – Rodney Vincent

Royal Hotel Corowa – Open Mic Night Lines

Mulwala Water Ski Club – Outrage Wahgunyah Hall – Corowa Theatre Company’s ‘The River’ (7.30pm)

– Maurice Milani

Yarrawonga Farmers Market at the foreshore

23-27 Wangaratta Festival of Dance

30 ClubMulwala – Morning

ClubMulwala – Maurice & The Rumour Royal Hotel Corowa – Open Mic Night


Allegro Theatre production of Opportunity Knocks Yarrawonga Town Hall

24 Mulwala Water Ski Club – Mark Haze

18-27High Country Harvest Beechworth

ClubMulwala – Phil Dalby Royal Hotel Corowa – Open Mic Night

25 Mulwala Water Ski Club – Mystical Groove

19 Mulwala Water Ski Club – Regular Boys

ClubMulwala – Maurice & The Rumour Wahgunyah Hall – Corowa Theatre Company’s ‘The River’ (7.30pm)

26 Mulwala Old Time

ClubMulwala – DJ Jarrod Elliott



ClubMulwala – Cloud Nine

Mulwala Water Ski Club – Freeway

ClubMulwala – RPM

Corowa RSL Country Music Roundup

Yackandandah Cinema

9 Winery Walkabout Rutherglen


Mulwala Water Ski Club – Eagles Tribute Show

Mulwala Water Ski Club – The Undecided

Criterion Hotel Yarrawonga - Enterouge 830pm

ClubMulwala DJ Meridax

ClubMulwala – DJ Vitz

17 Corowa RSL Country

Corowa Horse Races

Yackandandah Old Time Dance


ClubMulwala – The Tenace Duo

Mulwala Water Ski Club – Maurice Milani



Mulwala Water Ski Club – Jon Stevens & Band

20 Wangaratta Performing

Arts Centre-Circa (a new kind of circus)


ClubMulwala – DJ Jarrod Elliott

Mulwala Water Ski Club – Scott & Amanda

Wahgunyah Speedway

Rutherglen Country Fair

ClubMulwala – DJ Supple K

11 Queen's Birthday Long

Criterion Hotel Yarrawonga - Wazza 10pm

14 Wangaratta Performing

Weekend (Vic)

Arts Centre Guy Sebastian

Wangaratta Performing Arts Centre Kitty Flanagan Senior Citizens Hall – Ballyregan (Irish singalong music) 3pm6pm

19th May – Chris Hogan 830pm 9th June – Enterouge 26th May – Intencity 830pm 16th June – Giant 440 2nd June – Wazza 10pm 23rd June – Intencity

Music Roundup

10 Winery Walkabout

21 Royal Hotel Corowa – Open Mic Night

ClubMulwala – Rodney Vincent

Mulwala Water Ski Club – Smithers

22 ClubMulwala – Yes No Maybe

Mulwala Water Ski Club – Play It Cool

Wangaratta Performing Arts Centre - Christine Anu

22-24 Barooga’s Strings Music Festival

What’s On at the Cri

830pm 830pm 830pm

$12 Lunches Monday-Friday Kids Party Saturday night Live Band from 8.30pm Packages AHA AWARD WINNER FOR BEST OUTDOOR available Sunday Roast Lunch & Dinner AND NON-ENCLOSED FACILITY 2009 Newly renovated Bar and Dining areas. 1 Belmore Street, Yarrawonga Phone: 03 5744 3839

Yarrawonga - Giant 440 8.30pm

Melodies Jamie Redfern


15 Criterion Hotel

Film Night

31 Mulwala Water Ski Club


Mulwala Water Ski Club – Fat Sam & The Toothpick

Music Roundup

22 Arts Rutherglen Fine

Wangaratta Performing Arts Centre – Happy Birthday Peter Rabbit

Fri & Sat Open til 1am

Music Roundup

16 Corowa RSL Country

14 Corowa RSL Country


– Corowa Theatre Company’s ‘The River’ (2.30pm)

– Touch & Go

8-12 Chiltern Visual Arts


F R E E Rutherglen Winery Walkabout 9th-10th June 2012 FOOD & WINE • ENTERTAINMENT • THEATRE • MUSIC • AND MUCH MORE 12,000 copies circu...


F R E E Rutherglen Winery Walkabout 9th-10th June 2012 FOOD & WINE • ENTERTAINMENT • THEATRE • MUSIC • AND MUCH MORE 12,000 copies circu...