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Using an email to fax service If you do not have a fax machine at home or in the office, and you have to send a fax as soon as possible, you can use an email to fax service. You do not need to have a fax machine to perform this; the document you are sending must be a soft copy for this to work. VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol technology now enables you to send faxes over the net. This technology is supplied by the same companies that let you call internationally through softphones or devices plugged into your laptop or computer. Various online fax services let you send faxes via their site or by means of specific clients or applications you can download. Across devices Some VoIP clients let you send faxes via their interface, and free services are also accessible. These clients can be for the Computer or your mobile device, so make the most of every way you can send a fax for free. Sending a Free Fax In the event you decide on to send a fax by means of a site, you need to input the fax number you are contacting and attach the documents you want to transmit. Often, there is a text box where you'll be able to type your fax in directly. You need to keep in mind, however, that with free services, there is a limitation. There is a set quantity of faxes you'll be able to send in a single day. Free services typically only let you send 1 to two faxes each day. Check your format Take note of the document formats the free fax website lets you send. Not all file formats are supported, and you might need to save your faxes in a different format just so you'll be able to use the application. Send only Free Fax internet sites don't normally let you get faxes from others, merely send them. You'll find that permit this, but these are typically embedded functions in the VoIP clients you download. Upgrade If you find, however, that the free services are not enough for your needs, you can avail of paid services to step up the amount and quality of faxing you can do. The same web sites that offer you the free services let you upgrade to a paid account for various packages which will suit your requirements. Paid email to fax services both give you your own fax number, which could be local or toll free. You will be also sometimes given email accounts through which you'll be able to view and send your faxes. There are many extra features that a paid service can give you, including multiple

sending and receiving of faxes, e-mail notifications, and fax forwarding. You're also given an internet account so it is possible to manage all of your faxes, regardless of whether you sent them or they had been sent to you. These also allow you to store your faxes online, so it is possible to view them anytime you want with different devices. The number of faxes you can send also increases, and you can pick which plan will suit your requirements. Indeed, sending faxes has turned out to be a lot easier, and email to fax even lets you send them at no cost.

How to use an email to fax  
How to use an email to fax  

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